Anoya Does It Not?

Rant about , Annoying Anoya and Friends he wants to , and is helping.

POSERS! pushing to be

“GateKeepers of PipeStone”


Let’s start with James Anaya’s recent visit to Leonard Peltier and Propping Peliter up as an Honorable person , deserving of Parole.

Report from James Anya , edit’s by moi in brackets

Meeting with Leonard Peltier
24 January 2014

USA (24 January 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya {another puppet for ex-senator James Abourzek} ,  today met with Leonard Peltier at the federal penitentiary located in Coleman, Florida where Mr. Peltier is {rotting where he belongs} incarcerated .

Mr. Peltier is an {murdering, lieing, thug presented as a} activist and leader in the American Indian Movement and was convicted in 1977 following the deaths of two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents {that were executed  while pleading for their life} during a clash on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. After a trial that has been criticized by many as involving numerous due process problems {that today ignore the fact that Peltier admitted to the murder while bragging to Kamook Nicholas and Annie Mae Pictou Aquash}, Mr. Peltier was sentenced to two life sentences for murder, and has been denied parole on various occasions {and in 40yrs has never provided any sherd of additional information to prove Peltier’s so called innocence}. Pleas for presidential consideration of clemency by notable individuals and institutions {that support Peltier , the murdering lieing thug, who holds no tribal membership,  while trying to gain recognition for themselves as being concerned for 1st Nations} have not borne fruit.

In his 2012 report, “The situation of indigenous peoples in the United States of America”, {the James Abourzek Puppet} Professor Anaya recommended that measures of reconciliation with the country’s indigenous peoples should include efforts to identify and heal particular sources of open wounds {dripping with the blood of murdered  innocent people by the likes of Peltier, AIM, i.e Abourzek’s tin soldiers} that they continue to experience {because of  the bastardization of beliefs, culture and traditions from Peltier, AIM and their support groups of the puppet master , that support and honor trash}, including new or renewed consideration for clemency for Leonard Peltier {while the Puppet Master and friends continue to profoundly trash identity and spiritual well being of 1st Nations people because of people like “Anoya” who are unable to stand on his own, when it is needed most}.

Anyone notice over the last few years, each time the shAIMster , old guard mentality  scrips are put into play, “Anoya” shortly shows up with his rants of support as icing for their cake scams?

**** A FB Post Prompts A Rant ****

 Kira Young: “FYI any and all people who have been participating in the Phil Fontaine conversation here is another dimension:

All the sundance chiefs from Leonard Crow Dogs Sundance signed this declaration…’It is our responsibility to protect and care for these elements in accordance with our own sacred Laws and Traditions, and in doing so, maintain our spiritual relationship to the land, water, plants, animals, our ancestors, all of our relations and future generations,” reads the d…eclaration, obtained by Indian Country Today Media Network. “We therefore will defend our land and exercise our own Laws and Traditions from all directions to oppose in all Tar Sands pipeline and tanker projects, and the Tar Sands development itself, all of which threaten the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of all of our relations.’” ~FWII.NET~

The Rant Begins !

jwJoe Wade: yep, that is Mr. Baha`i, (Phil Lane Jr.)

**** 2-7-2013 – From  in box messages ****
Exposing the frauds (Phil Lane Jr. & Faith Spotted Eagle) illegal manipulations!

(personal names removed)

Wopila for asking Phil Lane that question about him carrying Crazy Horse’s Canunpa bundle.

I recently had a conversation with him regarding traditional protocol.
I am Ihanktunwan (Yankton) and we had a general council meeting just before Faith Spotted Eagle, and his (Phil Lane Jr.’s) “dog and pony show” they called an International Treaty meeting.
They used the peace treaty between the Pawnee and Yankton to manipulate their way into jumping on the STOP KEYSTONE bandwagon for personal gain.
I know traditional protocol and there are 6 Yankton Chiefs that signed this treaty that is not about the whole “Sioux” Nation but only about the personal problems between the Pawnee and us, Yankton.

I asked Phil Lane Jr why they did NOT first go to all the descendant families of those chiefs to consult with them on using this treaty?
I know they didn’t because I am a descendant of one of those Chiefs – Mad Bull.He blew me off and changed the subject to how important stopping Keystone was.

His co-conspiritor (sp), Faith who may be a descendant of another chief – Struck By The Ree, used this treaty without the knowledge of the other descendant families and the whole Yankton people, and went to the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, wrote a resolution there and made it appear that we sanctioned her actions, passed it, legally (all 7 treaty delegates are to sign each resolution and only 4 signed it.
She was the 5th but she does not represent or was sanctioned by us to do such a thing.

As I said before I thank you for asking him this because I know that they know nothing about traditional and treaty protocol and profoundly and blatantly disrepect it by doing and saying the things they do and say.
I hope that he doesn’t blow you off the way he did me.
Keep up the good work of exposing frauds as will I.
Wopila Tanka!


jwJoe Wade: April, 2012 , “Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples visits Rosebud” ~Lakota Country Times~

“The two-day session was moderated by Bill_Means of  the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). The Special Rapporteur came to South Dakota “to discuss issues of human rights, human rights are something we are born with,” Means told the gathering.”

“Sicangu Lakota Itancan Leonard Crow_Dog (pictured at right) addresses James Anaya (pictured at left) during a Hunka ceremony held at Sinte Gleska University.”

“We are subject to continual terror since the 1851 treaty,” stated Faith_Spotted_Eagle, an Ihanktonwan tribal member from the Yankton Sioux Reservation. “As recent as 2010, the United States (US) tried to violate our rights with an action to disestablish us [as a reservation] in the Supreme Court. Consultations are tainted and diluted.”

“In a statement issued at the conclusion of his visit, Anaya said “I also heard many stories about the significance of places that are sacred to indigenous peoples, places like the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona and the Black Hills in South Dakota, which hold profound religious and cultural significance to tribes.”

After Anaya’s recent visit to  Peltier and his call of support for clemency, it is obvious “he” is playing right along with James Abourzek’s AIM and it’s ripple effects such as LRI , the Lakota Peoples Project, FWII , Republic of the Lakota, Protectthesacred (created by the appropriation of the previously mentioned Yankton/Pawnee peace treaty), etc



Joe Wade: Faith Spotted Eagle has recently picked up the ball to try and get legislation going  to establish Laws, to control the pipestone quarries, past push was by the republic of the Lakota (russell means and friends), it’s just now “they” are putting a woman up front to try and turn pipestone into a “controlled substance”

While at the same instance Say_Nothing about the quarries  that are selling hordes of red stone, misrepresenting it as pipestone. and using that exploitation as a foundation for the need to protect sacred objects (pipes), and to protect sacred land (pipestone quarry), ALONG with trying to get legislation started to establish Laws for native ceremonies.

i.e to say James Abourzek’s AIM will be the gatekeepers for pipestone and ceremonies  across the lands according to “U.S Law” , if they ever pull off their charades.

AND with Anaya’s recent support over the last few years, never addressing their “SCAMS” , equates to another puppet for Abourzek and his entourage of government handlers



Joe Wade: in part below, the initial push to control pipestone, what “they” fail to mention is people like Crow Dog who is known to “adopt” people, give them  a head dress , pipe and bundle, and a title “sundance chief” , as has been doing in south america and here, will  get a pass on any U.S government laws if the were put into place, thou if laws were to go into place, $10,000 as charged in the past by Abourzeks puppets , could very well be 10 fold , as in $100,000 to continue their bastardization of spiritual teachings and beliefs. , Cute eh ?

Another adoption is that of Linda Kramer, of Boarderlands Ranch, who conducts Lakota Pilgrimages, which was initiated by the likes of Ben Rhodes who has direct ties to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), Freaky Stuff for such “adopted NDN’s and friends” that came into light during the Save Pe`Sla global fund raiser by LRI and the Lakota Peoples Law Project, who has ex-senator James Abourzek on their board of advisors, and his son Charlie who works for the group (yes, that’s Charlie who was at Bill_Means house, the nite AIM Leadership handed down the orders to execute Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, that AIM members were convicted of in 2004,2011. And let’s not forget Madonna ThunderHawk of the LPLP, who slapped Annie Mae around that same evening at Bill Means House (Russell Means Brother), prior to Annie Mae’s execution the following morning.

Freaky CoSM blog entry

HR 1851C

To adopt a law which prevents any and all exploitation and use of the Nakota and Indigenous Red “Indian” Nation’s sacred “Ih e Duta” (English translation “Pipestone”), the spiritual, Sacred Red Stone which makes up the stone, rock “bowl” portion of the Sacred Canunpa (misnomer “peace pipe”) of the Nakota Nation, for anything other than its intended use, and to prevent non-Indigenous, non-“Indian” peoples from harvesting and possessing the sacred Indigenous Red Stone known as “Pipestone”.

Be it enacted by the United States Congress;

The purposes of this act are to – –

(1) adopt a law which prevents any and all exploitation and use of the Nakota and Indigenous Red “Indian” Nation’s sacred “Ih e Duta” (English translation “Pipestone”), the spiritual, Sacred Red Stone which makes up the stone, rock “bowl” portion of the Sacred Canunpa (misnomer “peace pipe”) of the Nakota Nation, for anything other than its original intended use.

(2) prevent non-Indigenous, non-“Indian” peoples from harvesting and possessing the sacred Indigenous Red Stone known as “Pipestone.”

(3) develop and enhance positive relationships between the United States and Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples with respect to inherent Indigenous spirituality ie; Religious Rights and Freedoms, as regards to spiritual implements and articles and items concerning.



Joe Wade: There is a lot more to why Abourzek’s AIM murdered  Annie Mae other than one reason to protect Peltier or AIM leadership’s murder’s of innocnets, one other reason being “She” would not and does  not stand “with them or for them” with “their” garbage.

i.e to say the LRI, lakotapeoples law project, fwii, protecthesacred, republic of the lakota, etc, etc , etc, all have something in common they all have their moccasins on the ground, thou as a friend says “they have no sole’s” …. nor souls



Joe Wade: someone must have forgotten that in 1969 , “the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) gained tribal recognition from the U.S. government in 1969.”

that would be the Shakopee Mdewakanton  (Dakota)

June 2011 – Ihanktonwan Sacred Pipe (Canupa) Run to Pipestone Quarry and back to Yankton.

“They are running for protection of the sacred pipestone and to halt exploitation of it.”~Faith Spotted Eagle~

Aug 2012; re-establishing “homelands” at PipeStone

“After 150 years of exile, the Dakota return to Minnesota”

“Arvol Looking Horse, an elder from the Cheyenne River Tribe in South Dakota, led 11 eastbound riders on horseback over a crest on Hwy. 34 about 11 a.m. Two friends from Winona, Minn., Barbi Bell and Richie Swanson, held out a cardboard sign on which they had written: “Welcome Home.”

“Current Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton officially rescinded the exile order for the Dakota people…and this walk marks the first time in a century-and-a-half…that the Dakota have been officially welcome in Minnesota. “It’s a symbolic march for the Dakota people who were exiled out of Minnesota. We’re going home today.”

(more on the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe event)

“Pete Lengkeek, from Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, conducted a 38 plus 2 Memorial ride meeting for this coming December’s event.”

“Faith Spotted Eagle, along with Glenn Drapeau and John Wright, all members of the Treaty_Committee for the Ihanktonwan people, did a presentation on the Ihanktonwan history and position on the Pipestone_Quarries and the Brave_Heart Society.”

2013, it is apparent  that Dakota 38 +2 has gotten sucked into their charades and scams to be used as a tool , to turn ceremony and pipestone into a government controlled cash crop , to serve the teachings and corrupted beliefs from the tin soldiers who have shored up with government handlers.

it should be noted, at current time, quarry permits are given only to tribal members of any 1st Nation, non-native help for extraction is not allowed, no fee for stone removal, cost of extractor is their time and material, hand tools only, once removed the pipe makers will pass along ruminants of stone their work to family members or other for uses such as beadwork, dust for ceremonies, etc


It is obvious “who” continues  to appropriate from within …. and “who” their strings are attached to. Get Ready for upcoming pr support rants from the likes of Annoying Anoya

In Short, A Review of Recent Anoya Actions


Anoya , Arvol, and Lin the Pimp

Anyone recall Anoya jumping on the bandwagon with Arvol and shAIMsters at the twin peaks where a  so called spiritual fire  “they” claim was abused by Forestry?




 Joe Wade: a tad bit of history on Anoya, conducts a conference in the 4 corners region for ceremony and treaty rights, shortly thereafter , a few so called elders that were participants of the conference , start yelping about Ceremonial Rights at SanFrancisco peaks, then Arvol steps in squaking about genocide, while Forestry extinguished a “so called ceremonial fire, along with the working group of shAIMster misfits that left their pipe next to the fire , and then followed up with comments of “spiritual/ancestrial threats to Forestry.

Anoya steps up for treaty rights along with LRI and Lakota Peoples Law project for the global fund raiser to save Pe`Sla, for the “Lakota Nations” , which was eventually titled to Rosebud, which the purchase was secured months in advance when Shakopee offered assistance, (then Stanley Crooks died on the date of the scheduled auction, and it should be noted, that Chase Iron Eyes along with Rosebud Tribal members brought in for support , Borderlands Ranch (i.e Adopted Linda Kramer) ,who established her pay to pray spiritual ranch with Ben Rhodes (a Rosebud archeologist, who is potawatomi) that did a ceremony for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) , for the creation of the BlackHill Grail’s, for (that demonic freak show of rainbow warrior crap) , while Borderlands is also pushing a donations scam to aquire more land within Pe`Sla, so much for any other 1st Nation that held ancestry and connections to Pe`Sla eh?

Anoya then starts propping  up Phil, Faith, Arvol, Crow Dog , and the protectthesacred and the indian treaty council XL pipeline Dog and Pony Show

Anoya then “touches” on violence on indeginous women, then goes hush …. hush ….

Anoya then steps into Canada for Idle No More support , upon his final days there AIM torches Elsipogtog to close out his grand standing of international support for 1st nations peoples treaty rights.

the latest and greatest, thou am sure a few more side dishes to the above rant were missed,

Anoya , knowing what he knows PROPS up Peliter ,  if Anoya were to pull the blankets back a bit more, one would see Terrance Nelson and ex-senator Abourzek huggng up , tucked under the covers !


Bogus PipeStone Quarries

The reason the NDN Pony Riding Campaign Grifters  mentioned above,  are_not pushing for legislation to stop fake pipestone quarries, that are misrepresenting  red_rocks as pipestone, that is sold on the internet from outlets such as Ebay at large volumes, in all forms of craft work, to include fake pipes made of rock , is;

There is NO_Profit_In_It , for “Them”  to do such!!!

“They are running for protection of the sacred pipestone and to halt exploitation of it.”~Faith Spotted Eagle~

nothing more than another scam by the Old Guard Mentality


A True Intent for the Preservation  of PipeStone and the Canupa

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers

” Keepers was formed in 1996 to protect the Pipestone Quarries in Pipestone Minnesota for all Tribal People. At that time there were various groups around Indian country saying the Quarries should belong to them only and not all Tribal nations. ”
facebook site:


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