without a doubt it is not likely one can find scum and filth lower than Dennis Banks here on Leech Lake Reservation.

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As can be seen with the various links, all dealing with the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr at WK2, it is reaching a global audience, and that’s a good thing.

Bad news for AIM though as they have only two options, either crank up the propaganda machine or go silent.

A perfect time for Dennis Banks to waddle back on stage, microphone in hand and go on about it isn’t AIM’s position to talk about who killed who during a “war” as he did at the cartoonish Peltier conference for human rights.

Seems to me that’s all they’ve done for four decades while failing to mention those they killed.

Wrong again DB, but then that’s your forte, being wrong- such talk is indeed common and most often leads to prosecution, and to characterize WK2 as anything other than a criminal holocaust committed by you and…

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