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There are a few versions related to the circumstances of Perry Ray Robinson Jrs murder – another is the newly revealed one that Ray was tortured in addition to being killed.

Doesn’t surprise me if true, after all there is a version that AIM suspected him of being an informant. But then they suspected anyone who wouldn’t kiss their ass as being an informant.

If they would send their flunky Peltier to interrogate Annie Mae Aquash  at gunpoint I’d say  it was tactic they were familiar with.

A known fact is the “hanging or crucified man” – a man suspended on a cross and beaten for hours during AIM’s Reign of Terror at WK2 as a suspected informant.

A real act of bravery by the scum of the nations.

Now Dennis Banks, the man who never knew anything about anything, presents himself as a “spiritual leader”, Clyde Bellecourt professes to…

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