“The only thing missing so far is that Hill hasn’t labelled himself a chief, or given himself a Hollywood style name – but the day is still young and maybe his mentor Banks can cobble together an honoring/naming ceremony.

Maybe Hill can become an altar boy to Banks “spiritual leader” ministry, maybe they can share the remnants of the sacrificial wine that is the blood of AIM victims as they change into yet another costume in the sacristy following a black mass.” ~Rezinate~

Rezinate's Blog

Frank DeLuca/Blackhorse…..the nowhere man, as in nowhere to be found, as in reposing in the comfort of an anonymity provided by immunity from prosecution and or the witness protection program.

DeLuca/Balckhorse once sought for shooting two federal agents and an assortment of other crimes apparently felt that becoming an informant paid greater dividends than going to prison – and seemingly it has.

Hasn’t been seen or heard from in literally decades, a fact leading to speculation that he must have provided a virtual treasure trove of information.

The crime he was sought for couldn’t have been any worse unless he actually killed the agents, and yet he walked. A high profile shooter attempting to gun down federal agents and somehow he and his pursuers found a way to overlook such a transgression.

Kind of a head scratcher, like Dave Hills ability to walk away from bombing Mt. Rushmore, a federal…

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