Holy_Wierd Red Road SunDanceTV

“Anything that makes you strong is good, it’s a good thing”

A teaching from SunDanceTV’s RedRoad character, who the actor says he portrays,  a person who is broken and misunderstood.

i guess that depends if a stronger Sicko is a good thing

“Scene: “What Makes You Stronger – THE RED ROAD , After noticing Junior’s black eye, Phillip has some advice for his new little brother.”

get this, a previous episode,  a scene is titled “Sacrifice Hurts” (coined after the sacrifice people make during ceremonies such as the SweatLodge , SunDance, etc.) and the last episode for this season is “The Journey to the Sunrise” (coined after the journey people walk in the after world)

The brotherhood , it’s a good thing right?


A Stinking Joke …. with a theme , episode and sub titles referenced to 1st nations spiritual and living teachings , interpreted by the colonial mindset , to thrust and bastardize identity and beliefs deeper into the pits.

One of the latest and greatest brainwashing scripts built on appropriation , not that it is unexpected from the broadcast company AMC cable channel SunDanceTV, who’s foundation resides with the likes of Robert Redford and Rainbow Media (now AMC) , a subsidiary of Cablevision, who’s founder Charles Dolan who’s family owns the “Cleveland_Indians”.

It will be interesting to see what kind of garbage worldviews this script turns out for 1st nations youth that follow and re-enact the  “SunDanceTV Red Road” teachings.

It will likely churn out ,  more cabbage patch china dolls that look like they just came out of the cable show “LA Ink” shop as they strut around acting like “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Soprano’s all mixed into one.

A new fad of zombies to come from the same producers that created “Breaking Bad”,  the sympathy flick of the man (ex-school teacher) with cancer, that turned into a meth dealer , involved with all sorts of murder and mayham, as he was portrayed as doing what was necessary for the good of “his cause”. get it?


If people can not see or understand how holy_wierd through government handlers continues to alter identity, how the beliefs of the Nations are being altered to coincidence with  actions of so called 1st Nations hero’s, i.e how people are being led by “programming” scripts to think and believe they are “Walking the Red Road”

Then; Welcome to the real world script that will coax  people into being participants of.

“The Red Road is a 2014 drama that airs on SundanceTV. The first season, which premiered on February 27, 2014, consists of six one-hour episodes”


To understand how holywierd initiates and re-iterates teachings, beliefs, i.e the indoctrination methods for age group, to next age group , to next age group, consider,

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first re-released in 1944. This re-release set a tradition of re-releasing Disney animated features every seven years, and Snow White was re-released to theatres in 1952, 1958, 1967, 1975, 1983, 1987, and 1993. The film was restored for its 1987 fiftieth anniversary re-release; a more comprehensive digital restoration was done for the 1993 re-releas”

Very quaint how this b.s script of inferred red road teachings  was released on the same day and month that the wk2 seige (Feb 27) , i.e at a time of the year when News hype releases about AIM’s actions are at it’s highest , honoring the actions of so called 1st nations hero’s who’s mentality is based on greed, violence and hatred.


So sad that so many people will “get with the program” …. and further degrade identity and beliefs. you can Bank on LRI gobbling that garbage of a script up and promoting it as honor , considering the world views and mentality of LRI and the Lakota Peoples Law Project (the ripple effects of ex-senator James Abourezk’s AIM) falls right in line with such b.s programing , as in LRInspire’s teachings about “spiritual weapons”

The latest script of programing to transform and create,  murdering, lying, rapist, thugs into so called 1st nations hero’s.  Sad that it continues in so many ways , and even more sad that so many people do not realize and will support and follow lead, promoting higher levels of self-genocide.


With all Seriousness !!!!

From the MasterMinds of VOOM High Definition


“Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight”


6 Responses to “Holy_Wierd Red Road SunDanceTV”

  1. rezinate Says:

    In a world where “reality” shows pandering to to the prurient interests of couch potato voyeurs hold sway reality is anathema, it is an irritant that goes against the grain.
    This particular series may or may not be of that genre but said couch potatoes will believe it to be an accurate portrayal, much the same as they do most of the tripe that is presented.
    Of interest to me is that inspite of what has come to light Redford has never made any attempt to correct or admit the obvious inaccuracies in the “cutting edge” Incident at Oglala – most current and notable that the mystery assassin Mr. X was as phony as everything else related to AIM – that being the case it should be presented as a work of fiction, a low budget melodrama.
    Maybe the integrity of such admissions in pursuit of “truth” is thought not to apply to celebrities or “liberal” news outlet.
    The road is indeed red, covered with the blood of AIM victims.
    All strength has it’s foundation in truth, whether it be strength of character or deed, anything less than that is pretense.

  2. FICTION AND MELODRAMA | Rezinate's Blog Says:

    […] https://jpwade.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/holy_wierd-red-road-sundancetv/ […]

  3. Wade Keezer Says:

    Show em’ no mercy, brudda’! These parasites and the fools who follow and prop them up cause me to wonder much more b.s. can be dished out before the stench becomes too overwhelming? You, I and others smell it for what it is but it seems not to bother the ship of fools proudly sailing on a sinking ship.

    So much for human intelligence and common sense???

  4. jpwade Says:

    Wade, yep, the sundance rhinestone cowboy kid and friends, going for the next generation , to hail and spiritually seduce with lieing , thieving, rapist , thug so called hero’s for the nations. It’s not as if enough damage has been done already with their b.s con of lies and myths about Mr. X. and all the other garbage they use for “kid programing”

  5. jpwade Says:

    merci Rezinate, VOOM HD is alive and well, luv your comment “Truth stands, it remains, perhaps battered and bruised, but like the nations….. remains.”

    Note (2004): Cablevision Awards Lockheed Martin Contract for Five A2100 Satellites – “NEWTOWN, Pa., Nov. 29

    — Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been awarded a contract by Rainbow DBS Company LLC, a
    subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC), to build its next
    five geostationary telecommunications satellites. Designated Rainbow Ka-1
    through Rainbow Ka-5, and situated at their final orbital locations of 62W,
    71W, 77W, 119W, and 129W degrees, the satellites will provide direct broadcast
    services across the continental United States (CONUS)


  6. CBC & Redford – Cowards Backing Cowards | Influenced to Death Says:

    […] (Robert Redford) starts its new tv series titled after the 1st Nations spiritual teachings “the Red Road” , about an ex-con drug dealing murder, portrayed as some form of 1st nations her…. […]

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