Sealed Documents, such as those mentioned in this article, along with Rezinates past blog entries “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST” about Arlo Looking Cloud’s sealed documents recently released , equates Nation to Nation being “U.S Government to ex-Senator James Abourzek” , i.e to say the Nations do not even fit into “their” formula of Rights and Agreements.

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As a “sovereign” people we aren’t deemed to be sovereign enough to adjudicate important matters within our communities, from various levels of crime to enrollment in some cases without the threat of intervention.

That nation to nation relationship the government likes to make a pretense of really doesn’t exist – if it did as “sovereign nations” we would have been kept apprised, in the loop, related to such matters as the criminal prosecution of those who commit murder on our land.

There would be no sealed testimony like that of Thelma Rios following a plea bargain in the trial of John Graham, nor would any governmental agency presume to close a case after decades of either ineptitude or indifference as they have in the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. without having first “negotiated” nation to nation with us seeking a common understanding and agreement.

So much of this nation…

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