Remember, and as the vid at the end of this post says, It Aint Me!

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I do not consider myself as having been born in the USA – I have no patriotic songs to sing other than those of my own people.

I was born on the rez, on ndn land, of a sovereign people within imaginary lines to mark the  boundaries of not only this country but of land “alloted” to us- a people if not physically free then free and sovereign in our hearts.

I didn’t grow up with a phone of any kind, television, dvd player, or computer. No Sunday drives just for the sake of going somewhere, no MacDonalds happy meals, or Saturday matinees at the local  theater.

We didn’t observe the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Founders Day, Lincoln or Washington’s birthday or any other “national holiday”.

We remembered and would not, could not forget.

I grew up with an understanding of who and what I was, where I…

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