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re-incarnated White Buffalo Calf Woman AND Earth Mother of the Lost Tribe of Israel

May 27, 2014


Anyone care to talk about Dark Spirits?

by James Little: Joe, by tradition men and women carry the clan of their mother. Clan members do not marry one another. LaDuke’s mother Betty Bernstein holds no native ancestry, who is Jewish (Hollywood Betty Bernstein LaDuke). Winona’s father claims to be of the Bear Clan. Yet, Winona claims to also be of the Bear Clan. I guess she declares her clan identity after her fathers hijacking of the Medicine Wheel teachings that turned out his BearTribe Children , that is morphing again as you pointed out with the help of government handlers to create more abuse of culture and traditions by new teachings targeting the youth and unknowing again.

Hijacked , Twisted, Abused, the teachings of other Nations Ancestry for Vincent’s Hollywood Jet set publications. Winona of the delusional Bear Clan was taught well.

Note: SunBear – Vincent LaDuke’s Bear Tribe BS

The so called medicine man who never taught his BearChild Winona the Anishinabe Language …. Guess “they” were too busy yelling “Have Blanket Will Travel” while holding out Give to Me Grifter Cups to the Holy_Wierd Jet Set and others as they blazed a path for people to follow and condone the bastardizing of Culture, Tradition and Beliefs by way of appropriation for  self serving needs.


Comment Reply from White Earth Enrollee to Blog Entry: James Abourzek’s Tin Solders Still Feeding on the Nations

“Do_Not expect the Pony Riding NDN’s to address such, they are too busy prancing up and down the XL pipeline dog and pony show using white guilt tactics while they pretend to be concerned about the environment and appropriate culture and identity, to grift more money from good hearted people that trust in the likes of the Mrs. Green Energy Queen.”

I know who you speak of and it’s not lost on me for one minute. Using the spiritual front to appear as something noble for mass consumption is reckless & disrespectful. Seems one so called “spiritual man” couldn’t properly care for the horse he rode in on and the horse suffered from that negligence. Add his dalliance when around the women and one can see exactly what kind of pedestal this buffoon has put himself on.Then there’s the question of what really went on during some of the outings of the past when young men were approached by this “holy man” in a manner that would please an abusive Catholic priest???

Seems being an NDN who rides a horse to save the land while ignoring all else that is wrong is the way to go in absolving one’s guilt and reputation. Assimilation works well for these types and pays better than an hourly wage.

Note: Comments at Blog Entry


It is astonishing how many people follow the lead and support Winona LaDuke and her Honor the Earth grifter scams such as the XL and SandPiper Pipeline Gimmie Donation gigs , many not having a clue about her consistent appropriation of ancestry, culture, traditions while she and her “co-hearts” such as the Indigenous Environmental Network (Marty Cobenais and Goldtooth who do the same) that work hand in hand with the likes of George Soro’s and the Rockefella’s , who are driving for a one world currency / one world order.

The pipeline issues are about who is trying to gain total control of the oil transport sector and those so called activist posers knowing this , continue to abuse ancestry and traditions to assist the goal of total control, because “it’s” a cash crop for them to deceive trusting people by way of cultural appropriation.

Such a mockery to the Nations they are, while they sit back and watch and assist the growth of the escalating violent crime statistics within our communities by way of their corrupted teachings and mis-representation of ancestry that the youth follow and believe in.

People should be asking people like Winona LaDuke and Marty Cobenais to start being real activists and start taking care of those within the Nation in our back yards, in place of riding around playing NDN.

Anishinaabe Spiritual Horse Ride? (called the Triple Crown because it has 3 legs to the ride) A dog with 3 legs, has more spirit and loyalty to the Nations than that 3 Legged Dog and Pony show.


Note: Used Encyclopesia Salesmen & Silence of the Lambs


There is something “absolutely wrong” when people in “grand” positions push justice for murdered innocents such as Annie Mae, Perry Ray and so many others to the side, as they continue to play the political realm of appropriation tossing beliefs, culture and traditions to the curb as “they” continue to try and raise themselves to new heights of “grandeur” , rising through the support of government handlers like Abourzek’s working group…..

It is what it is …. Who will be next to become the token of fame as 1st nations so called hero leaders through the support and promotion from the likes of hollywierd’s indego girls and “their” promo gigs to save as “they” say Mother Earth ?

yep holy_wierd teachings and indoctrination coming from mr. holy_wierd SunBear, Vincent LaDuke’s daughter who today claims to be of the Bear Clan, not to forget SunBear’s start at an experimental college in Davis, Calif. where Vincent conjured up his Bear Tribe and Medicine Wheel spins from his so called visions and dreams (aka: Acid Trippin late 60’s-70’s freak ceremonies) , with daughter doing the road trips to learn about traditions. That same experimental_college where yrs later Dennis Banks became a chancier when gov. Brown gave Banks amnesty for yrs.

The experiment continues , it’s just a different spin of Jim Jones brainwashing b.s (who’s peoples church came into play during those same yrs, with support of the same government handlers) , and those at the lead who are pulling the strings of bastardizing culture, tradition and beliefs have not changed, thou their puppets of appropriation continue to call out with their spiritual seduction crap as they set themselves up to be political cigar handlers of the bear tribe. LOL!

Who will “they” toss to the curb next?


Note: SunBear’s Bear Tribe b.s


Think about it, Winona and friends support and promote those who are directly responsible for the murder of innocent people, Annie Mae a native woman of the Mi`kmaqi Nation , the murder and hiding away to this day t Perry Ray Robinson Jr,  who marched with MLK, and other innocents as reported by Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter Matthew King. Raising those directly responsible for the murder of innocents , those responsible so called hero’s that went on to conduct ceremony with the blood of  innocents on their hands. Praised and raised  to the level of hero’s and promoted their teachings for upcoming generations to follow and believe in. While Winona and friends say they are concerned about Mother Earth and all other.

As per Wino’s loving memories and admiration for those who have brought some of the most profound wraths on the Nations in these modern times.




Wino knows the XL is not going through any Lakota Reservations

Easy to stand up and Vow we will die to stop it eh?

The SandPiper Pipeline is cutting through White Earth Rez,

Will Wino Vow the same for her Rez and get support from White Earth who she continues to use and abuse  to follow her as such ???

Don’t Count on It, LOL!

It is Evident Winona has Never_Learned

“You can not have one foot in the Sacred, and the other foot in Darkness” ~Suzanne Dupree, LookingBackWoman~


Some people’s beliefs have become so twisted, they no longer can grasp the basics of “being” Human.


Who is Connected to Who

PEOPLES FORUM, April 1976 ( Web Link)
Peoples Temple Minister Receives National Award
Rev. Jim Jones has been named as one of the nation’s 100 Outstanding Clergymen by Religion in American Life, a large and highly regarded inter­faith organization. Jones, who estab­lished the Peoples Temple Christian Churches (all part of the 1.4 million member Christian Church [Disciples of Christ] denomination,

of which FBI Director Clarence Kelley and several U.S. Senators and Congress­men are a part), met with

Vice Pres­ident Rockefeller at an awards dinner in New York.

The Vice-President extended his congratulations to Jones and then expressed his appreciation for the churches’ human service min­istry.

* Banks Rally – Sat.
With placards and banners calling for “No Extradition” and “Drop the Charges,” thousands will join together this Saturday on behalf of Dennis Banks, leader and co-founder of the American Indian Movement (AIM).
The march will proceed to the Civic Cen­ter Plaza for a 1 PM rally at the State Building, where Banks himself will be speaking. Lehman Brightman, leading Native American educator and the man who gave Banks sanctuary in California, will also address the rally.

Other speakers will include Rudolfo “Corky” Gonzales, William Kunstler, and John Trudell.

**** Kunstler and John Trudell , go figure ****

Note: Peoples Forum, vol. 1, no. 1


In later yrs. it looks like Jim Jones and ex-senator Janes Abourzek with Rockfella’s working groups , had a falling out with Jones, a tad bit of time after Abourzek and friends lobbied Israel to release from their jail a PLO/lebanise? terrorist , who was then flown to Jim Jone’s peoples temple in Jonestown..

“Most of the reserva– reserves of coal and uranium left in USA are on Indian territory. This is what Senator McGovern is bringing out, and Sen. Amourzek [James Abourzek] is the reason why all of the treaties with Indians have now been made null and void, but even such liberal sell-outs going along with it as Senator [Edward] Kenne– Kennedy. ” ~Jim Jones ~

source: JonesTown Tape # 398 , News and commentary (August 29, 1978) ,

for all the squawking and resistance about transporting oil by trucking , rail, shipping, or pipelines , etc …. Maybe the industries should just start air-lifting the oil, at least if a negative incident were to occur , everything on ground/water would be toast, with no need for clean-up operations, making way for new green growth.

yep, we have come a long way from the 1970’s PBS version of the crying NDN , today we have the likes of the Bear Clan Green Energy Queen propping herself in front of wind mills that supply heat for paint and glue, or prancing about on ponies. Cultural appropriation is Vial Selfishness …. Donate, Donate, Donate to that bad medicine which is trashing the Nations from within , that is your choice.


gsoros Enjoy the Kool-Aid: Soros Tides Foundation Under Investigation for Funding Foreign Radicals – May 10, 2012

George Soros is currently under investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for funding foreign radicals for nefarious endeavors.

The Tides Foundation, a Soros charity, is accused of being a “clearinghouse for foreign donors that want to donate here but do not have Canadian charitable status.”

Ross McMillan, president of the Tides Foundation in Canada (TFC), confirmed that “information requested of us by CRA does not appear to be random – many of the questions concern international funding, projects of interest to international foundations, and contractors and projects with views that are not always aligned with government perspectives on both social and environmental policy.”

Note: Soros Tides Foundation Under Investigation for Funding Foreign Radicals


Is William Kunstler mentioned in this article, the same person in the previous post about Jim Jone’s Peoples Temple and the rally for Dennis Banks, YOU BETCHA ….

By Steve Baldwin, Exclusive to Western Center for Journalism

“Also receiving Tides funding via the Peace Strategies Fund is the Center for Constitutional Rights, headed by long-time Marxist psychopath William Kunstler. CCR opposed every effort by the Bush Administration to make it difficult for terrorists to operate in America. One Tides press statement announced that CCR was educating people “about the dangers posed by government anti-terrorism activities.” In other words, the U.S. government is the threat, not Islamic jihadists.”

Note: Who Funds the Radical Left In America?


Nations can not be totally conquered until their identity and beliefs have been altered to serve the dominate control …. Get It?

What is Ecotheology / the Eco Faith?

Ecotheology is a form of constructive [personal note: constructive?) theology that focuses on the interrelationships of religion and nature, particularly in the light of environmental concerns. Ecotheology generally starts from the premise that a relationship exists between human religious/spiritual worldviews and the degradation of nature. It explores the interaction between ecological values, such as sustainability, and the human domination of nature. The movement has produced numerous religious-environmental projects around the world.



Eco Faith 101 – “How Stuff Works” is getting a new facelift. From the 70’s a major shift and support towards appropriating teachings of ancestry arose through holy_weird and the likes of Vincent LaDuke’s Bear Tribe and other media avenues that have coerced appropriation of 1st nations belief attributes, such as the chiffon butter commercials with jingles of “It’s not nice to fool mother nature”, that commercial that also expressed “it’s not butter , it’s chiffon!”

So many people fail to realize how beliefs have either been buttered and screwed or chit upon by the likes of those who followed the lead of that appropriation, that is to say those like Phil Lane Jr. and Eddie Benton Banais (AIM props) who followed the path of corrupting identity similar to “SunBear’s” teachings based on his dreams and visions that were conjured at an experimental college in Davis Calif. back in the 70’s.

Teachings today that have merged with talking sticks (Druid/Celtic origin) , answering feathers that has morphed the RainBow Tribe into birth. Yep, “It’s not Butter it’s Chit Upon!”

AND today we have Ecotheology (Faith) arising through the daughter of SunBear who is drunk on appropriation fame, Wino LaDuke setting herself up as a indigenous economist to be the Green Energy Queen for Soros / Rockefelle’s updated “How Stuff Works” with twists of “Spiritual Seduction” ….

The latest and greatest consumption of the child’s soul and digging into the wallets of trusting people through concerts and Freak Show’s!

For Example:
Earth Stewardship: Environmental Justice – In 2012, this congregation voted to adopt an eco-theology covenant by church vote. Look for many green aspects to blossom [note i.e Green Energy Technology] as we live out our covenant with the Earth!

COVENANT: The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof: (Psalm 24:1) In your creation is our redemption. In your living water is our abundant life.

Give, Give, Give to support and endorse political attachments for George Soro’s and the Boyz which includes ex-senator James Abourzek and his entourage of tin soldiers


hteIndego Girls and now “Rising Appalachia” , tooooo stinking funny! , You can also Bank on those AIM cloaked zealots getting in on this action also while they will sing and dance to the tunes of the LionKing.

The utube video below is another angle by Rockefeller/Soros to garnish support for “their” political support for a one world order. that is how they will appropriate native beliefs and values , directed towards other “religious groups”

While viewing , keep in mind the teachings of RainBow Warriors, disney cartoons such as the lion king, etc, and all the shake n bake teachings from people like of Vincent LaDuke and his bear tribe along with other so called traditionalist mr. bahai phil lane jr. and the b.s pumped out by lastrealindians.

Read the video description and take it for what its worth, quite a bit of thought provoking comments within it. (even thou it is a bit biased)

i am all for green energy concepts, thou people really need to look into the by products and the environmental degradation for such production, i.e how lame the regulations are for the garbage that production is pumping out “un-regulated”.

How Stuff Works , takes on a new twist for the likes of the Green Energy Queen’s fathers experimental teachings that have bastardized culture, traditions and beliefs., a new level in the continuance of appropriating the teachings of ancestry.

Tides Foundation [Soros] Propaganda in your Church


When this stench is analyzed it makes one wonder when Wino will be declared as the combination of a re-incarnated White Buffalo Calf Woman AND Earth Mother of the Lost Tribe of Israel (the 13th Tribe).

It’s like Shake and Bake …. trusting , unsuspecting minds and souls tossed about after being microwaved by government handlers through VOOM HD media


Give a HOOT, Don’t Pollute our Communities or the youth as those portrayed in the comments at our local newspaper fb sites extracts for this blog entry.

Walker Pilot Independent

Bemidji Pioneer

LakeLand Public Television






REPLY TO Steve Hendricks’ Reply to the NYT article re: Who Killed Anna Mae Aquash? April 2014

May 17, 2014

by: Suzanne Dupree , LookingBack Woman

As to Steve Hendrick’s NYT’s assumptions about the FBI’s bloody part in Indian Country, one only needs to realize his bias stems from his desire to profit from Indian Country’s
misfortune, like most cultural vultures.

Our thoughts are when Means knocked Steve’s glasses off at his earlier “Unquiet Grave” book signing, Steve must have also cracked his head and is now suffering the effects.

We suggest he joining hands with Brendon Johnson to skip down the yellow brick road to Oz, only to find the great and powerful Oz himself, is just a man behind a curtain named
James Abourezk.

Lots of smoke and mirrors and loud voice but a complete charade, nonetheless.

To write accurate history of any nation, you must have been there, or at least born before the event you write about, occurred.

Non natives who write these articles and books are writing from their limited believe perception of whom they think we as a people are, and are nothing more than cultural

Neither Hendricks, or the Attorney of South Dakota, Johnson, have enough truth or documentation to make an opinion or to shut down an investigation that would lead to yet another scandal for the Dems.

First it was Indian Country, now it is mainstream Americans, take back your country before they do to you what they did to us – genocide and manifest destiny of the 1 %! Remember
absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it has at all levels of humanity.

Point being, it was NOT the FBI, Steve and Brendon, whose bloody part that is troubling – it was the cigar store Hollyweird Indians’ government staged events which took over
Indian country for land and natural resources grabs.

That is the common sense knowledge we who witnessed the event first hand know for a fact.

And, that if the investigation into the collusion and premeditated murders of Anna Mae Aquash and Robinson continued, it would obviously lead back to the former Senator of South Dakota, who was heading the Committee on Indian Affairs, who originated from the Middle East, where corruption and graft is such a part of the political world.

Abourezk’s own actions by protecting and enabling AIM, shows us over the decades – they were his personal military force to take power away from Traditional Native leaders and
put it in the hands of his “boys”.

Enough said, eh?

LBW May 11/14

LBW re: Peltier pardon, Redford appeal to Obama

May 17, 2014

by: Suzanne Dupree , LookingBackWoman

A voice of reason needs to weigh into the debate/controversy of Robert Redford’s support of AIM and mainly Peltier. Of his desire to make history fit his agenda, rather than the facts; which I need not remind anyone of AIM, their cohorts in
crime who desire that truth can be made into whatever the “leaders” want it to be for their and their handlers’ agenda, rather than the facts.

Redford needs Peltier freed to fit his career agenda, not anything else. Redford bought into the Peltier/AIM lies hook, line and sinker and his film (1992) is a stinker, because the truth has prevailed despite many’s best efforts to cover it
up and make everyone in AIM into heroes, rather than exactly what they were in the 1970s, to current interference in real Indian issues… serial murderers’ of authentic Native leaders who opposed AIM’s urban, militant domestic terrorism, while taking over Indian country for their handlers.

The real reason AIM’s Attorney General of South Dakota, Brandon Johnson called off the renewed investigation into the Robinson and Aquash murder cases is clearly a move to prevent real investigation from tracing whom in the Liberal Democrats food chain was spinning the show, who was really pulling the strings for AIM/leadership to get away with countless murders, so the U.S. government via Indian Affairs could do the natural resources & land grabs, much like what
is now occurring with the Bundys’ in Nevada, BLM overreach – Harry Reed (D) and the federal gov’t’s land grab – water way in Texas – !

Under this administration, which makes Nixon’s look like a choir boy with his White House corruption, is never going to allow a crooked Democratic senator heading Indian Affairs to be outed as the master mind of the whole AIM legacy, while not being a true American, but a Serian or Lebanese depending on what article from the 1970’s you read from. Back to those old Middle Eastern values of a peddler’s son – wanting all the candy in the jar and having no conscience of whom was to suffer for him ‘having it all’.

In the world where he originated from, he would have no hands at this point in time from all the candy he has stolen from the very people he was supposed to look after and protect – the real villain is he and his son, who have made a mockery of our judicial system and laws for their profit.

It is really all about where you are from, where you originated from, your people’s History. If you are not from America, you will not have American values of freedom and liberty.

Another example of this hypocrisy is Redford wanting Peltier freed – what impact would Peltier’s freedom have in Redford’s life other than giving legitimacy to the lies in Redford’s film on Mr. X – which turned out to be another Hollyweird lie spun out into the world – meant to misguide and confuse.

Redford and Hollyweird would no more want the release of Charles Manson, who preyed upon Hollyweird, Manson did this over their rejection of him…why want the freedom of the Charles Manson of Indian Country – Leonard Peltier? Manson/Peltier – both men are unrepentant serial murderers and why is there not love and support for Manson, making him into a faux political prisoner like there is with Peltier?

Hollyweird thinks they can judge better than the victims of AIM’s and their handler’s atrocities and assault on our authentic Native values and spirituality?

Look at AIM, really look at the old photos and articles on AIM… AIM was created by the government to take over Indian country from within – AIM is the Hollyweird concept of who Hollywood thinks we are – just an illusion, a staged event, just like Wounded Knee!

We must reach past Hollyweird’s illusion and step into reality – the true history of events, the real roles everyone played in the “take over” by AIM and the U.S. government of what was uniquely ours – our culture, history and spirituality.

We need not bend to the superficial world of Hollyweird or their flawed interpretation of who we are as Native people. All our Native legends and stories have done is make money for people like Redford and Hollyweird, without any thought outside themselves of the cigar store Indian image Hollyweird and Redford have perpetuated for decades upon the silver screen.

So Hollyweird/Redford – back off, stick to trying to entertain us, you step in it everytime you try to politically sway us – We the People…

First it was Wounded Knee and Native Americans, faux and authentic combined, and used for as much ink propaganda as possible –

Now it is Benghazi, fast and furious to ‘get past’, ‘to ignore’, to ‘cover up’… good luck with that, if the American public has not learned from us Indians, from how we have been treated, just remember, YOU ARE NEXT!

So the more Redford and Hollyweird pushes the ‘Free Peltier’ agenda upon us, maybe we Indians should petition Obama to free Manson, just to be fair to Hollyweird’s hypocrisy, eh?



BrainWashed into Abusing our Sista’s

May 1, 2014

sistas coffe cup

In response to a reply on the 4-25-2014 NY Times Article, “Who Killed Annie Mae?”

“cointelpro isn’t all that…they sent in Douglas Durham who testified against Dennis…is it Anna Mae and Perry “Ray” Robinson’s fault that Dennis was gullible and got played by the feds?”
~P. Shephard 4-24-14~

There was and is nothing gullible about Dennis Banks , he knew exactly what he was doing and continues to know exactly what he is doing, Dennis and his co-hearts or anyone can try to pass off responsibility and accountability with whatever words they choose, that does not negate those guys set into motion some of the most horrific trends/habits for the youth of the Nations to follow, (included with their_acts of executing/murdering innocent people) and look at our community violent crime stats today, which are very much a result of “their” teachings and actions , and from those who follow, promote or are sympathetic to what they continue to do.


Here in this community we use to help/tend Sister , i.e (E. “Grace” Fairbanks/Atkin) , who was about 8yrs? above Dennis in age, during Dennis’s youth Sista tried to help him out and it is evident her teachings never took with that sick piece of crap. She had not much good of anything to say about Banks, i.e to say Banks was full of illness as a teenage kid, and even more so today (that’s what he chose to nurture).

As per the NY Times article, Dennis Banks and “co-hearts” continue to try and prey on trusting, vulnerable or weak people through acts such as;

“He put tobacco in a three-foot pipe, slowly took several puffs and then handed it to me. “It tends to put visitors at ease,” he said.

It’s just the way of that leech lake , spirit sucking idiot.


It really is astonishing how bent some people’s minds have become, polluted with deception, lies and myths, to the point they no longer can grasp the basics of what “being” a human is about. Welcome to the new RedRoad ….


In closing, in her final days , all Sista “Grace” wanted was to be left alone to tend her garden and do her bead work, that AIM ndn illness from within the community booted her to the streets out of her own home , none of the so called community member were willing to assist her , mostly due to fear of retaliation from the AIM indoctrinated mindsets/worldviews , 3 people helped her with her personal belongings to family on the other side of the rez at Mission Community, where 6 or so mths she later contracted cancer (stressed-out) and died in the year 2000 , at the age of 74.

Sister and the HeadWaters – Spring 2014

Of all she had to leave behind when she was thrown out of her home, (no one allowed re-entry to her home), she was mostly concerned about her tomato’s, she said “do not let them get my tomato’s” , those tomato’s were picked and brought to her and she was most pleased. (note: some not giving a flip of the consequences also retrieved Sista’s household items)

Sista said she did_not ever want to go back to Onigum, ever. Thou as the norm goes for some people, they gathered in strength of unity while they paraded her about with acts of concern and endearment for her burial there.

Thank goodness some people still understand what Sista’s garden is about and refuse to be participants of or tin soldiers for that sickness in the article that says.

“I don’t know if I would participate in some sort of getting-rid-of-the-person,” he said. “But I would say, ‘Take care of this.’ Or, ‘Take the guy out, and I don’t want to see him again.’ ” ~Dennis Banks~

That above about Sista , was during the days Dennis Banks returned to Leech Lake rez and set up residence at H. Monroe’s home front in Onigum,  as he sat back and watched his local tin soldiers do their work.


What preceded Dennis Banks return to Leech Lake Reservation

During and after the Leonard Peltier trials, where Peltier was convicted for  executing FBI agents with a bullet to the head at close range , as they laid on the ground wounded , Holy_Wierd through Gov. Jerry Brown of California gave Dennis Banks the fugitive  asylum and did not extradite Banks for state/federal charges in S.Dakota .

Holy_Wierd promoted through their illusion propaganda  corrupted beliefs and teachings from the likes of that spirit sucking idiot and his co-hearts such as Leonard Petier, thus setting up a bastardized identity for “NDN” youth to follow and believe in.

In 1983 George Deukmejian succeeded Brown as governor of California, who during his campaign for governor ,vowed to extradite Banks to South Dakota to for federal/state charges. When Deukmejian won the election, Dennis Banks ran to upstate New York to the Onondaga of the 6 Nations, who gave Banks sanctuary from  prosecution.

In 1984, Banks surrendered himself to S. Dakota and was sentenced to 3rys, and given parole after serving 18mths.  Afterward Banks conducted alcohol abuse and  youth programs at Pine Ridge reservations in S. Dakota, before returning to Leech Lake Reservation years later, to spread his spirit sucking illness that continues to bastardize the identity, world views and mentality of too many people.


The after effects of that spirit sucking idiots work at Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge – 2009

The teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150 percent higher than the national average. Children as young as 6 have reportedly attempted to take their own lives. In 2009, the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe declared a suicide state of emergency. The emergency still exists.

Spirit Lake – 2011

Epidemic of Child Sex Abuse, Minimized for Years

(note blog entry The Aftermath of AIM)


On the Campaign Trail for Leech Lake Reservation’s 1st Chairwoman

“He robbing us, he is doing it improperly , illegally”

~Dennis Banks~


For Sister I Often Stop ….

Perhaps someday people will realize how they have been brainwashed into abusing our Sista’s and One Another.