BrainWashed into Abusing our Sista’s

sistas coffe cup

In response to a reply on the 4-25-2014 NY Times Article, “Who Killed Annie Mae?”

“cointelpro isn’t all that…they sent in Douglas Durham who testified against Dennis…is it Anna Mae and Perry “Ray” Robinson’s fault that Dennis was gullible and got played by the feds?”
~P. Shephard 4-24-14~

There was and is nothing gullible about Dennis Banks , he knew exactly what he was doing and continues to know exactly what he is doing, Dennis and his co-hearts or anyone can try to pass off responsibility and accountability with whatever words they choose, that does not negate those guys set into motion some of the most horrific trends/habits for the youth of the Nations to follow, (included with their_acts of executing/murdering innocent people) and look at our community violent crime stats today, which are very much a result of “their” teachings and actions , and from those who follow, promote or are sympathetic to what they continue to do.


Here in this community we use to help/tend Sister , i.e (E. “Grace” Fairbanks/Atkin) , who was about 8yrs? above Dennis in age, during Dennis’s youth Sista tried to help him out and it is evident her teachings never took with that sick piece of crap. She had not much good of anything to say about Banks, i.e to say Banks was full of illness as a teenage kid, and even more so today (that’s what he chose to nurture).

As per the NY Times article, Dennis Banks and “co-hearts” continue to try and prey on trusting, vulnerable or weak people through acts such as;

“He put tobacco in a three-foot pipe, slowly took several puffs and then handed it to me. “It tends to put visitors at ease,” he said.

It’s just the way of that leech lake , spirit sucking idiot.


It really is astonishing how bent some people’s minds have become, polluted with deception, lies and myths, to the point they no longer can grasp the basics of what “being” a human is about. Welcome to the new RedRoad ….


In closing, in her final days , all Sista “Grace” wanted was to be left alone to tend her garden and do her bead work, that AIM ndn illness from within the community booted her to the streets out of her own home , none of the so called community member were willing to assist her , mostly due to fear of retaliation from the AIM indoctrinated mindsets/worldviews , 3 people helped her with her personal belongings to family on the other side of the rez at Mission Community, where 6 or so mths she later contracted cancer (stressed-out) and died in the year 2000 , at the age of 74.

Sister and the HeadWaters – Spring 2014

Of all she had to leave behind when she was thrown out of her home, (no one allowed re-entry to her home), she was mostly concerned about her tomato’s, she said “do not let them get my tomato’s” , those tomato’s were picked and brought to her and she was most pleased. (note: some not giving a flip of the consequences also retrieved Sista’s household items)

Sista said she did_not ever want to go back to Onigum, ever. Thou as the norm goes for some people, they gathered in strength of unity while they paraded her about with acts of concern and endearment for her burial there.

Thank goodness some people still understand what Sista’s garden is about and refuse to be participants of or tin soldiers for that sickness in the article that says.

“I don’t know if I would participate in some sort of getting-rid-of-the-person,” he said. “But I would say, ‘Take care of this.’ Or, ‘Take the guy out, and I don’t want to see him again.’ ” ~Dennis Banks~

That above about Sista , was during the days Dennis Banks returned to Leech Lake rez and set up residence at H. Monroe’s home front in Onigum,  as he sat back and watched his local tin soldiers do their work.


What preceded Dennis Banks return to Leech Lake Reservation

During and after the Leonard Peltier trials, where Peltier was convicted for  executing FBI agents with a bullet to the head at close range , as they laid on the ground wounded , Holy_Wierd through Gov. Jerry Brown of California gave Dennis Banks the fugitive  asylum and did not extradite Banks for state/federal charges in S.Dakota .

Holy_Wierd promoted through their illusion propaganda  corrupted beliefs and teachings from the likes of that spirit sucking idiot and his co-hearts such as Leonard Petier, thus setting up a bastardized identity for “NDN” youth to follow and believe in.

In 1983 George Deukmejian succeeded Brown as governor of California, who during his campaign for governor ,vowed to extradite Banks to South Dakota to for federal/state charges. When Deukmejian won the election, Dennis Banks ran to upstate New York to the Onondaga of the 6 Nations, who gave Banks sanctuary from  prosecution.

In 1984, Banks surrendered himself to S. Dakota and was sentenced to 3rys, and given parole after serving 18mths.  Afterward Banks conducted alcohol abuse and  youth programs at Pine Ridge reservations in S. Dakota, before returning to Leech Lake Reservation years later, to spread his spirit sucking illness that continues to bastardize the identity, world views and mentality of too many people.


The after effects of that spirit sucking idiots work at Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge – 2009

The teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150 percent higher than the national average. Children as young as 6 have reportedly attempted to take their own lives. In 2009, the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe declared a suicide state of emergency. The emergency still exists.

Spirit Lake – 2011

Epidemic of Child Sex Abuse, Minimized for Years

(note blog entry The Aftermath of AIM)


On the Campaign Trail for Leech Lake Reservation’s 1st Chairwoman

“He robbing us, he is doing it improperly , illegally”

~Dennis Banks~


For Sister I Often Stop ….

Perhaps someday people will realize how they have been brainwashed into abusing our Sista’s and One Another.


6 Responses to “BrainWashed into Abusing our Sista’s”

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  2. rezinate Says:

    “I don’t know if I would participate in some sort of getting-rid-of-the-person,” he said. “But I would say, ‘Take care of this.’ Or, ‘Take the guy out, and I don’t want to see him again.’ ” ~Dennis Banks~

    Sounds a lot like that statement take care of this baggage related to Annie doesn’t it?
    Then there’s also that remark by Means that Banks could make people disappear.

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