LBW re: Peltier pardon, Redford appeal to Obama

by: Suzanne Dupree , LookingBackWoman

A voice of reason needs to weigh into the debate/controversy of Robert Redford’s support of AIM and mainly Peltier. Of his desire to make history fit his agenda, rather than the facts; which I need not remind anyone of AIM, their cohorts in
crime who desire that truth can be made into whatever the “leaders” want it to be for their and their handlers’ agenda, rather than the facts.

Redford needs Peltier freed to fit his career agenda, not anything else. Redford bought into the Peltier/AIM lies hook, line and sinker and his film (1992) is a stinker, because the truth has prevailed despite many’s best efforts to cover it
up and make everyone in AIM into heroes, rather than exactly what they were in the 1970s, to current interference in real Indian issues… serial murderers’ of authentic Native leaders who opposed AIM’s urban, militant domestic terrorism, while taking over Indian country for their handlers.

The real reason AIM’s Attorney General of South Dakota, Brandon Johnson called off the renewed investigation into the Robinson and Aquash murder cases is clearly a move to prevent real investigation from tracing whom in the Liberal Democrats food chain was spinning the show, who was really pulling the strings for AIM/leadership to get away with countless murders, so the U.S. government via Indian Affairs could do the natural resources & land grabs, much like what
is now occurring with the Bundys’ in Nevada, BLM overreach – Harry Reed (D) and the federal gov’t’s land grab – water way in Texas – !

Under this administration, which makes Nixon’s look like a choir boy with his White House corruption, is never going to allow a crooked Democratic senator heading Indian Affairs to be outed as the master mind of the whole AIM legacy, while not being a true American, but a Serian or Lebanese depending on what article from the 1970’s you read from. Back to those old Middle Eastern values of a peddler’s son – wanting all the candy in the jar and having no conscience of whom was to suffer for him ‘having it all’.

In the world where he originated from, he would have no hands at this point in time from all the candy he has stolen from the very people he was supposed to look after and protect – the real villain is he and his son, who have made a mockery of our judicial system and laws for their profit.

It is really all about where you are from, where you originated from, your people’s History. If you are not from America, you will not have American values of freedom and liberty.

Another example of this hypocrisy is Redford wanting Peltier freed – what impact would Peltier’s freedom have in Redford’s life other than giving legitimacy to the lies in Redford’s film on Mr. X – which turned out to be another Hollyweird lie spun out into the world – meant to misguide and confuse.

Redford and Hollyweird would no more want the release of Charles Manson, who preyed upon Hollyweird, Manson did this over their rejection of him…why want the freedom of the Charles Manson of Indian Country – Leonard Peltier? Manson/Peltier – both men are unrepentant serial murderers and why is there not love and support for Manson, making him into a faux political prisoner like there is with Peltier?

Hollyweird thinks they can judge better than the victims of AIM’s and their handler’s atrocities and assault on our authentic Native values and spirituality?

Look at AIM, really look at the old photos and articles on AIM… AIM was created by the government to take over Indian country from within – AIM is the Hollyweird concept of who Hollywood thinks we are – just an illusion, a staged event, just like Wounded Knee!

We must reach past Hollyweird’s illusion and step into reality – the true history of events, the real roles everyone played in the “take over” by AIM and the U.S. government of what was uniquely ours – our culture, history and spirituality.

We need not bend to the superficial world of Hollyweird or their flawed interpretation of who we are as Native people. All our Native legends and stories have done is make money for people like Redford and Hollyweird, without any thought outside themselves of the cigar store Indian image Hollyweird and Redford have perpetuated for decades upon the silver screen.

So Hollyweird/Redford – back off, stick to trying to entertain us, you step in it everytime you try to politically sway us – We the People…

First it was Wounded Knee and Native Americans, faux and authentic combined, and used for as much ink propaganda as possible –

Now it is Benghazi, fast and furious to ‘get past’, ‘to ignore’, to ‘cover up’… good luck with that, if the American public has not learned from us Indians, from how we have been treated, just remember, YOU ARE NEXT!

So the more Redford and Hollyweird pushes the ‘Free Peltier’ agenda upon us, maybe we Indians should petition Obama to free Manson, just to be fair to Hollyweird’s hypocrisy, eh?



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