REPLY TO Steve Hendricks’ Reply to the NYT article re: Who Killed Anna Mae Aquash? April 2014

by: Suzanne Dupree , LookingBack Woman

As to Steve Hendrick’s NYT’s assumptions about the FBI’s bloody part in Indian Country, one only needs to realize his bias stems from his desire to profit from Indian Country’s
misfortune, like most cultural vultures.

Our thoughts are when Means knocked Steve’s glasses off at his earlier “Unquiet Grave” book signing, Steve must have also cracked his head and is now suffering the effects.

We suggest he joining hands with Brendon Johnson to skip down the yellow brick road to Oz, only to find the great and powerful Oz himself, is just a man behind a curtain named
James Abourezk.

Lots of smoke and mirrors and loud voice but a complete charade, nonetheless.

To write accurate history of any nation, you must have been there, or at least born before the event you write about, occurred.

Non natives who write these articles and books are writing from their limited believe perception of whom they think we as a people are, and are nothing more than cultural

Neither Hendricks, or the Attorney of South Dakota, Johnson, have enough truth or documentation to make an opinion or to shut down an investigation that would lead to yet another scandal for the Dems.

First it was Indian Country, now it is mainstream Americans, take back your country before they do to you what they did to us – genocide and manifest destiny of the 1 %! Remember
absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it has at all levels of humanity.

Point being, it was NOT the FBI, Steve and Brendon, whose bloody part that is troubling – it was the cigar store Hollyweird Indians’ government staged events which took over
Indian country for land and natural resources grabs.

That is the common sense knowledge we who witnessed the event first hand know for a fact.

And, that if the investigation into the collusion and premeditated murders of Anna Mae Aquash and Robinson continued, it would obviously lead back to the former Senator of South Dakota, who was heading the Committee on Indian Affairs, who originated from the Middle East, where corruption and graft is such a part of the political world.

Abourezk’s own actions by protecting and enabling AIM, shows us over the decades – they were his personal military force to take power away from Traditional Native leaders and
put it in the hands of his “boys”.

Enough said, eh?

LBW May 11/14

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