Slipping into Darkness while Laughing at the Moon

It’s called the 16th annual whereas in Reality it is the 13th , which reminds me of Winter Count, the 13th moon, a time of reflection, a time of review, a time of recording a yearly cycle of events.

Quite ironic how deep the degradation has become for sum, considering the  history that preceded the 1st Annual Onigum PowWow, and the foundation on which that 1st Annual  PowWow was initiated.

For the 13th Moon; Drum , Song and Dance by day, captured in glossies for promotions that are masking  treeline activities of  night , where Ranting, Slamming substance abuse 49’er’s get together and  come to life in  Darkness. Something that would not be tolerated by those who actually hold Deer to ancestry’s expectations.

When people organize events such as POW WOW’s , it is their responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of activities, i.e no alcohol, no drugs, even at night in the treeline where Sum Drum Care “Takers” who demand and are Honored (paid) by day to “perform” , do so in the Dark with the flavor of substance abuse at no charge …. i.e to say this one only costs  the presence of peoples souls.

Yep, a few days prior to the 13th annual , the community buried a young woman who’s life came to an end from substance abuse, ironic that this 13th annual has within it’s  presence, the growth of laughing at the Moon while slamming away at the Drum.

What else is expected when people follow the lead , bastardized teachings and world views handed down to them from “Pigs with LipStick” ….


Lot of Healing going on here eh?

“You can not have one foot in the Sacred, and the other foot in Darkness” ~Suzanne Dupree/LBW~

What will the next cycle of 13 , that is the Winter Count (13th moon) of this craziness bring to the community? …. Expect it to get more Chilling!


5 Responses to “Slipping into Darkness while Laughing at the Moon”

  1. Influenced to Death | Influenced to Death Says:

    […] blog entry Aug 3, 2414 – Onigum’s 13th Annual PowWow – Slipping into Darkness While Laughing at the Moon […]

  2. Where “It” has Gone For Sum | Influenced to Death Says:

    […] blog entry Aug 3, 2414 – Onigum’s 13th Annual PowWow – Slipping into Darkness While Laughing at the Moon […]

  3. rezinate Says:

    From your blog of last year- Onigum’s 12th Annual PowWow – Where “It” has Gone For Sum

    “In reference to modern day aspects of a pow wow, there was a bit more the older guys desired, they wanted the “wild west bill show, rodeo concepts” out. There was no grand entry, no parading of flags and no royalty concepts of putting one above the other. In the drum arbor, eating, cigarette smoking & foul language was not tolerated (respect). The MC was to be removed to rid the regimental drive of song and dance. The intent was to have 4 drums at any given time in the arbor, i.e to have the drum set the pace for song and dance in place of a ring leader (MC).”

    Couldn’t agree more that should be the way of it- any place Banks, AIM, or any of the rest of that crowd attempt to intrude becomes a wasteland, some post apocalyptic vision of the future.
    The Primma Donna wanted to arrive in a canoe singing and drumming? Always the attention whore huh?

  4. jpwade Says:

    yes, much has been lost by too many , because the desires of the old school types have been completely ignored for the sake of wallet motives, and sad that some who are considered the old school types are no different than that attention whore, for example: one of those 4yrs of gatherings , a so called old school type (mr. tradish) asked paraphrased, “how much is paid for bringing out my staff” , a reply was given “you are welcome to bring your staff out , there is no money for doing such” , mr. tradish replied “then i will leave it in the truck” , and in return mr. tradish recieved “if you want to leave your friend in the truck, that is your choice” …. and he did just that, guess he does not dance with his friend for attention , unless he can whore “it” out , no different than Banks ….

  5. Influenced to Death…by the American Indian Movement! | Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog Says:

    […] blog entry 8-20-2013 –  Onigum’s 12th Annual PowWow – Where “It” has Gone For Sum blog entry Aug 3, 2014 – Onigum’s 13th Annual PowWow – Slipping into Darkness While Laughing at the Moon […]

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