Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines


Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW)

Address’s the Executive Office’s that are assisting with the creation of Hate Machines ….


During the week of the 2014 Christmas Tree Lighting ,  First Nations gathered at the White House for the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference, shortly  after Obama’s visit to Standing Rock Reservation (that included a UN-scheduled 24 hr. visit to the Twin Cities which is the core recruitment center of  AIM, then came the  Dec. 11-14th 2014 – 14th National Indians Nations Conference – Justice for Victims of Crime in Calif. 

It’s a good day for Wellness Courts eh?


Letter to Eric Holder, re: His ICWA Statement at White House Tribal Nations Conference, Dec 3, 2014

USAG-Eric-Holder-2014U.S Attorney General Eric Holder Vowed to give Permanent Jurisdiction of Multi-racial Children Across the Nation to Tribal Governments on Wednesday, December 3, 2014.
He made this vow in remarks during the White House Tribal Nations Conference in Washington, DC. Below is a response from a Parent – the Chair of the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare.

Attorney General Eric Holder;
Re: Your statement during the White House Tribal Nations Conference, Dec. 3, 2014, in regards to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

What is consistently left out of the ICWA discussion is the civil rights of United States citizens of every heritage – those enrolled in tribal communities and those who are not – who do not want tribal government interference in their families. Shortsighted placation of tribal leaders ignores these facts:

1. 75% of tribal members do NOT live in Indian Country
2. Most families falling under tribal jurisdiction are multi-racial, and
3. Many families have purposefully chosen to raise their children with values other than those currently popular in Indian Country.

Federal government does not have the right to assign our children to political entities.

Further, federal government does not have the right to choose which religion, customs or traditions a child should be raised in. This holds true for children who are 100% a certain heritage, let alone children who are multi-heritage. It holds true because we are a nation that respects the rights and freedoms of every individual citizen – no matter their heritage.

Please recognize that while we agree with you that “any child in Indian Country – in Oklahoma, or Montana, or New Mexico – is not fundamentally different from an African-American kid growing up in New York City” – neither is any child fundamentally different from a Hispanic Catholic, German Jewish, or Irish Protestant child growing up in any U.S. city or rural town. In fact, most enrollable children in America have Caucasian relatives – and many live with their Caucasian relatives. My own enrolled children are no different from their fully Caucasian cousins or their cousins with Filipino heritage. Children are children – with fundamentally the same emotional and physical needs. We agree 100% with you.

We also agree no child “should be forced to choose between their cultural heritage and their well-being.” Tragically, that is the very thing federal and tribal governments are doing to many of these children.

Enrollable children – and at times even children who are not enrollable but are targeted by a tribal government anyway – are currently forced to accept what is purported to be their cultural heritage – at the expense of their safety and well-being. This has even been done under the watchful eye of the Justice Department, as in the case of 3-year-old Lauryn Whiteshield, murdered in 2013.

Concerning your directive regarding cultural heritage, the federal government does not have the right to mandate that my children and grandchildren – or any of the children whose families we represent – be raised in a home “suffused with the proud traditions of Indian cultures.” As parents, my husband and I had a right to decide that our children’s Irish Catholic, German Jewish, and “American” Evangelical heritage is all equally important. It is the parent’s choice, not the government’s, as to how our children are raised (Meyer vs. Nebraska, 1923; Pierce vs. Society of Sisters. 1925)

My name is Elizabeth Sharon Morris. I am the widow of Roland John Morris, a U.S. citizen of 100% Minnesota Chippewa heritage who was born and raised on the Leech Lake Reservation, speaking only Ojibwe until he started kindergarten. I am the birth mother, grandmother, foster and adoptive mother to several enrolled or eligible members, and an aunt and sister-in-law to dozens. Our home was an accepted ICWA home for 17 years and we raised over a dozen enrolled children in it.
I am also the Chairwoman of the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, a national non-profit founded by my husband and myself in 2004. CAICW represents children and families across the nation who’ve been hurt by federal Indian policy – most notably ICWA – and who, as U.S. citizens, do not want tribal government control or interference in their families.

The facts are:
1) According to the last two U.S. censuses, 75% of tribal members DO NOT live in Indian Country. Many, like our family, have deliberately taken their children and left in order to protect their families from the rampant crime and corruption of the reservation system. These families do NOT want their children turned over to tribal authorities under any circumstances – and having made a decision to disassociate, should not have to live in fear of their children being placed on the reservation if the parents should die.

2) The abuses at Spirit Lake in North Dakota are well known, but it is also known that Spirit Lake is just a microcosm of what’s happening on many reservations across the country.

3) Gang activity involving drugs is heavy and rampant on many reservations. My husband’s grandson was shot and left for dead at Spirit Lake in July, 2013. To date, your Justice Department, which you’ve highly praised for its work in Indian Country, has not charged anyone for the shooting despite family knowledge of who was involved in the altercation. Many children have been dying within Indian Country whose names don’t make it to the media – and for whom justice is never given.

4) These abuses are rampant on many reservations because the U.S. Government has set up a system that allows extensive abuse to occur unchecked and without repercussion.

5) Many, many times more children leave the reservation system in company of their parents, who have been mass exiting – than do children who have been taken into foster care or found a home in adoption. But tribal leaders won’t admit many parents consciously take their kids out of Indian Country in attempt to get them away from the reservation system and corrupt leaders. It makes a better sound bite to blame evil social services

6) There are many documented cases of children who have been happy in homes outside of Indian Country and who have fought being moved to the reservation, and who have been severely traumatized after being forced to do so. Many in federal government are aware of these children but, as done with the reports of ACF Regional Director Tom Sullivan, have chosen to ignore them.

It is claimed the cause of crime and corruption in Indian Country is poverty and “Historical Trauma,” and that additional funding will solve the problems. Yet, crime and corruption are never made better and can never be made better by giving those responsible for the crime and corruption more money.
It’s time to stop listening to those with vested financial interest in increasing tribal government power, and admit the physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse of tribal members by other tribal members and even many tribal leaders.
Every time power to tribal leaders is increased, tribal members – U.S. citizens – are robbed of civil freedoms under the constitution of the United States. Equal Protection is a constitutional right.
To better protect children, we need to:

A. Guarantee protection for children of Native American heritage equal to that of any other child in the United States.

B. Guarantee that fit parents, no matter their heritage, have the right to choose healthy guardians or adoptive parents for their children without concern for heritage.

C. Recognize the “Existing Indian Family Doctrine” as a viable analysis for consideration and application in child custody proceedings. (See In re Santos Y, In Bridget R., and In re Alexandria Y.)

D. Guarantee that United States citizens, no matter their heritage, have a right to fair trials.

• When summoned to a tribal court, parents and legal guardians need to be informed of their legal rights, including USC 25 Chapter 21 1911 (b)“…In any State court proceeding for the foster care placement of, or termination of parental rights to, an Indian child not domiciled or residing within the reservation of the Indian child’s tribe, the court, in the absence of good cause to the contrary, shall transfer such proceeding to the jurisdiction of the tribe, absent objection by either parent…”

• Further, parents involved in any child custody proceeding should have a right to object to tribal jurisdiction. Many tribal members don’t take things to tribal court because they don’t expect to get justice there. For the Justice Department to deny this reveals the Justice Departments willingness to ignore how many tribal courts factually work.

• Under the principles of comity: All Tribes and States shall accord full faith and credit to a child custody order issued by the Tribe or State of initial jurisdiction consistent within the UCCJA – which enforces a child custody determination by a court of another State – unless the order has been vacated, stayed, or modified by a court having jurisdiction to do so under Article 2 of the UCCJA.

E. Include well-defined protections for Adoptive Parents equal to protections afforded families of every heritage.

F. Mandate that a “Qualified expert witness” be someone who has professional knowledge of the child and family and is able to advocate for the well-being of the child, first and foremost – not tribal government.

G. Because it is claimed that tribal membership is a political rather than racial designation, parents, as U.S. citizens, should have the sole, constitutional right to choose political affiliation for their families and not have it forced upon them. Only parents and/or legal custodians should have the right to enroll a child into an Indian Tribe.

• Remove the words “or are eligible for membership in” 1901 (3)
• Remove the words “eligible for membership in” from 1903 (4) (b), the definition of an ‘Indian child’ and replace with the words “an enrolled member of”

Thank you for your willingness to hear our concerns and take action to protect our children and grandchildren from further exploitation.

Elizabeth Sharon Morris
Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW)
Cc: Tracy Toulou, Director, Tribal Justice
Members of Congress

Responses to “Letter to Eric Holder, re: His ICWA Statement at WH Tribal Nations Conference, Dec 3, 2014”

Michael Nygaard says:
December 15, 2014 at 3:44 pm

My nieces were kidnapped by their non-custodial mother. She is currently in jail on Parental Kidnapping charges and yet the girls remain on the reservation. They are with people they have only known for a few months because that is where their mother left them.

This is not right. We have custody orders from North Dakota, where both parents were residing, and they are being snubbed by the tribe.

The FBI arrested Tricia Bernice Taylor for Parental Kidnapping and yet left the children with her accomplices. How is this right? These girls belong with their fathers, not their uncle who is a know drug user.
PLEASE help us!!!






In regards to the above letter to Holder, also review:

Criminal Corruption continues at Spirit Lake

Child abuse on Native American Reservations  – Internet Radio Interview , http://chuck-morse-speaks.podomatic.com/entry/2015-01-08T17_19_24-08_00#.VK8xEt9NYx8.blogger

CAICW FBhttps://www.facebook.com/fbCAICW.org

Please Review – Dying in Indian Country

dying in ndn country


Update – Feb. 24 , 2014


“The BIA issued ‘new’ ICWA Guidelines today. among many things – it states that there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home.

Total disregard for the extended family of our multiracial children… the tribal government has complete right to interfere in our families”



(edit and updated 1-25-2014)

The Building of Abourezk’s Muslim 1st Nation Hate Machine


MAR 3 1973 – “Dennis Banks, Aim national field director, tells women residents of Wounded Knee, S.D. who were taken as political hostages, that they are in the middle of a war
Residents of Wounded Knee were locked down in a basement as Hostages. AIM claims they entered wk in protest of the tribal government, and conducts themselves as that below:The siege started with AIM members vandalizing and looting the Museum, Trading Post and Church and shooting up the exterior of residents homes. AIM then entered the homes locked and loaded, and forced 11 unarmed residents into one home declaring them political prisoners. AIM again labeled the Anishinabee women of those families as white racists to try and justify their acts of violence.The Trading Post and Museum:
* Everything was eventually looted or destroyed
* A Head Dress had the Eagle Feathers ripped out
* Historical items destroyed or stolen
* All other artifacts stolen or destroyed by AIM members
* Personal property and jewelry stolen
* Both buildings were burned to the groundThe Church:
* The priest was tied up and forced to watch AIM members desecrate the church altar that included urinating in flower vessels
* took the chalice and danced to drum and song throughout the night
* The Church was eventually burned to the groundNames of those who took the residents hostage:
* Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Carter Camp, Stan Holder
* Two Anishinaabe men related to the residents were guardsabove extracted from Hostage Interviews Tapes 1 & 2 at: http://woundedkneestory.blogspot.com/

In the 1970’s AIM (Richard TwoElk) raided the All Indian Powwow in New Mexico, forcefully taking over the Master of Ceremonies Stand , which set the standard that Native Gatherings and Ceremony were not to be conducted unless sanctioned by the American Indian Movement.

Yep, Lakota Richard TwoElk and his domestic militant terrorists went into the 4 corners region and started forcing on the Nations of those lands , Who and Who could not conduct.

(absolutely sickening eh?)


James Abourezk  advocating for and networking Terrorist Groups since the 70’s

peddlerFor example, Since the 70’s Abourezk has advocated support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) , Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and developed many working relationships with terrorist icons in the Arab states, the Ukraine, Cuba , etc …. , he was the 1st u.s diplomat to enter negations with Islamic icons since after the days of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War in support of terrorist groups.

In the 70’s Abourezk with his working groups advocated for a terrorist held in Israel to be released, resulting in that person being flown to Jim Jones of the people’s temple, Jim Jones during those days also held working relationships with Dennis Banks and AIM.

It was during these days Abourezk started categorizing Palestine people as “indigenous” in order to garnish support for islamic terrorist icons from 1st Nations people on this continent, to this day Abourezk and working groups continue to promote those of Islamic Ideologies and worldviews as “indigenous people”.

Where is Syrian James Abourezk today in all this mess? , Sitting next to  Obama and Valarie Jarret as an adviser for foreign policy, along with Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill working groups, in support to the recreate a Islamic Caliphate (ISIS),  while the media and Obama’s gov. handlers push to change the ideology of americans by classifying current islamic attackers in our country today as “mental illness” …..

this country is full of basket cases that actually buy into their b.s script of social manipulation chaos.

1973 oil embargo: OAPEC started the embargo in response to the United States involvement in the Yom Kippur War. Six days after Egypt and Syria launched a surprise military campaign against Israel to regain territories lost in the Six Day War, the United States supplied Israel with arms. In response to this, OAPEC announced an oil embargo against Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Many an american was not supportive or happy with the Arab’s intent and actions for that embargo, creating animosity towards Arabs, a discontent rightfully justified considering Egypt and Syria attacked Israel.

Then came Abourezk with his politically correct b.s (demonizing the U.S and Israel) through the ADC to garnish support for the Baath party. the (pan, as in to move across) pan Arabism movement is the same model as to pan American Indianism initiated in the 70’s.

“Ba’athism – (meaning “renaissance”/”resurrection”) is an Arab nationalist ideology that promotes the development and creation of a unified Arab state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive revolutionary government. The ideology is officially based on the theories of Zaki al-Arsuzi (according to the pro-Syrian Ba’ath movement), Michel Aflaq and Salah al-Din al-Bita. A Ba’athist society seeks enlightenment, renaissance of Arab culture, values and society. It supports the creation of single-party states”

1974 January 10,   Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Syrian James Abourezk (puppet master behind AIM) in support of the Baath Party (a faction of the PLO): PLO/SLA > Islamic Brotherhood > al qaeda, hezbollah, talmud , taliban > Hamas > re-branded to ISIS: ….

“Taqa and other government and Baath party officials received Sen.James Abourzek. D-S.D., here for discussions of the Middle East conflict. While this represented the first visit to Baghdad by an elected American official since before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War”

To this day, through groups such as the Lakota Peoples Law Project (Abourezk and BJ Jones are advisers), Lastrealindians, and other so called 1st nations youth foster care advocate working group affiliates, the continuance of creating avenues to nurture children and the youth into hate machines resumes under the pretense of concern for traditional 1st nations values.

It takes a really sick mind to brag about palling around with terrorists

review: Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”

More Info on the Arab Peddlers Son can be located at lookingbackwoman.wordpress.com


Dying in Indian Country

2012 – Russell Means, Dennis Banks, James Abourezk, Clyde Bellecourt

aaa“SD Senator Abourezk was the one who, following Wounded Knee, assisted AIM leaders and pushed for creation of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, pushed for the Indian Child Welfare Act, and even had Russell Means working for him – on the Senator’s payroll – WHILE Means was currently incarcerated for his crimes.

Eric Holder announced on December 3, 2014, and DOI Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn announced more recently that they “will work to strengthen Indian families by finalizing new Indian child welfare guidelines for state courts and embarking on an effort to develop regulations that carry the force of law.”

Eric Holder had stated that he would find ways to make it “permanent” – so that subsequent Congress’s wouldn’t be able to change it easily.

Yes – it is true – and an increasing number of people are being affected as tribal leaders feign they are doing this for the “good” of the children.

It is NOT about the good of the children. It is about power and money – period.”



1993 – Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers 1st “public” Islmic Powwow

AIM goes Silent in regards to these PowWow’s and allows the continuance, WHY ????

m‘Pow-wow’ is a native Algonquian word, and was used to indicate a desire for Islam to become native to the American Continent’ ~Dar Al Islam~

1993 to 1995, a series of Pow Wow’s were held at Dar al Islam in Abiquiu, NM. The first Pow Wow was organized by Hakim Archuletta and Sheila Musaji. These brought together native born and immigrant Muslims from disparate groups to discuss common problems and attempt to work together. First truly grassroots gathering bringing together Muslims from different backgrounds to discuss how to overcome sectarianism and work cooperatively. Many ongoing projects developed from these gatherings.”

‘Pow-wow’ is a native Algonquian word, and was used to indicate a desire for Islam to become native to the American Continent. ~Dar Al Islam~


(update 5-2015)

USING ICWA to Implement Sharia Law


Among many things – the proposed ICWA regulations state there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home.

Total disregard for the extended family of our multiracial children… the tribal government has complete right to interfere in our families”

in regards to ICWA mentioned in the writings below  “Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system” , it should be noted if the ICWA regulations go into effect ANY CHILD of Persian decent that holds any degree of “indian” blood CAN BE HARVESTED BY TRIBES as an indian child, thus opening the door, creating avenue’s of need for SHARIA LAW IN TRIBAL COURTS.

below from the working group that started the first muslim pow wow’s in the U. S , supported by Abourezk’s tin soldiers

sharia law
“Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system”

“Family Courts

Since our concern is primarily with family law, let us examine some issues of family law in tribal courts. The same matters considered to be part of Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, support, custody, adoption, legitimacy, abuse etc.) are covered in tribal courts.

A major concern of Indian tribes used to be the large number of Indian youths from broken homes who were adopted into non-Indian families. Often a state court would assume jurisdiction and rule that the reservation environment was not in the best interest of the child. The Indian tribes strongly opposed this idea. Although they agreed that the environment of the reservation was harsh and poverty-stricken, they wanted the children to be raised by their extended families, as was the custom in Indian culture.

In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which radically changed the relationship between state courts and tribal courts. One result was that tribal courts had greater jurisdiction in the placement of adopted Indian children. Many tribal courts were created just to take advantage of the greater powers given then by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Marriage is one of the most common issues faced by tribal courts. A marriage conducted by a tribal court is valid anywhere in the U.S. An Indian couple wishing to divorce, and who live off the reservation, have the option of going to the state courts in the same manner as non-Indians, or returning to the reservation for a divorce. The second option is usually much quicker and cheaper.”

 ICWA was initiated using an economic framework with support from the Bahai of Seattle. Keep in mind The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam. Anyone who believes the proposed BIA ICWA regulations are about the mental and physical health of children, must have Rocks In their Head !!!! ….

(end of 5- 2015 update)


Mr. Bahai Phil Lane Jr.- Another Abourezk Tin Soldier

The Bahá’í was founded by Bahá’u’lláh, who claimed to be the prophetic fulfillment of Bábism, a 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam.


Phil Lane Jr. has been Bahai since the 70’s , passing himself off as a traditional lakota spiritual person, trying to ride the coat tail of his father Phil Lane Sr. , a true Lakota traditionalist.

Seattle Bahai – 1974, August 16-20 – Visit of Hand of the Cause Collis Featherstone and his wife Madge, from Adelaide, Australia. While here he joined the Bahá’ís in blessing the newly acquired land for Daybreak Star Cultural Arts Center at Fort Lawton in Magnolia.

The creation of this center was brought about by Bernie Whitebear and two Bahá’ís, Phil_Lane_Jr. and Phil_Lucas.

The acquisition of this land from_the_military for Native-American usage is led by Bernie Whitebear and Bahá’í Ruby Gubatayao. http://www.seattlebahais.org/history

Phil Lane Jr. introduced talking circles, talking sticks (which is of druid/celtic origin) , answering feathers into native teachings back in 70’s along with his “cultural program” for indian’s in prisons, thus turning out “medicine men” onto the reservations based on Mr.  Bahai’s beliefs and teachings.

Yep, that craziness has been fed to the youth for about 40yrs now (a few generations) and today is “considered” original traits/teachings of ancestry.

Those teachings today continue to be the foundation for toooo many so called traditionalist , that haven’t a clue of the foundation  those teachings are based on , it is , what it is , AIM Poison ….

also note blog entry 3-2013 – Four Winds of Bad Gas


20017 – Abourezk’s Hate Machine Powwow’s Cross the Big Pond

1st powwow gaza

2007 – Hamas conducting Powwow’s in Gaza , and to this day ripple effects of AIM, LastRealindians sympathizers and support continue to conduct powwow’s in Gaza. Cute eh?, Hamas Terrorists conducting pow wow’s to garnish support for thier attempts to annihilate israel , the Jewish people and anyone else who does not kneel to “their god”.


Terry Nelson and other leaders visit Iran , Oct 2012


“We are going to go where we need to go to be able to have the voice of the First Nations heard.” -Terrance Nelson-

“As the West seeks to continue to isolate Iran to contain its burgeoning nuclear program, a renegade former chief and other First Nation leaders are actively trying to engage the leadership of the Middle Eastern nation.

The outreach is led by Former Roseau River First Nation chief Terry Nelson, Canupawakpa Dakota Nation Chief Frank Brown, Dakota Plains Wahpeton First Nation Chief Orville Smoke and former Sioux Valley First Nation chief Ken Whitecloud. All want to visit Iran, which the U.S. State Department says sponsors terrorism, to enlist its help in combatting Canada’s human rights record in regard to aboriginal peoples.”

(above image Terrance Nelson AIM Leader Canada
with Chase Iron Eyes – 2013 – Idle No More)


2014 – LRI InSpire & ISIS InSpire

lri inspire

James Abourezk & BJ Jones are  Advisers for LRI & LRIS through the Lakota Peoples Law Project

BJ Jones who is Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge Paul Day’s working buddy. That is Paul Day who along with  Dr. Anton Treuer sit at the side of the self declared GRAND CHIEF Eddie Benton Banis and “their” Grand Medicine Society team of the Three Council Fires.


It should not be surprising that LRI Inspire came into existence/publication at the same time as Inspire by Samir Khan,

The magazine is called “Inspire” and intelligence officials believe that an American citizen named Samir Khan, now living in Yemen, is the driving force behind the publication.


The Hate Machine migrates through Hip-Hop

Rebel Music: Race, Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture

Chase Iron Eyes – Lakota, Standing Rock
Attorney, Native American Rights Activist, Founder of Last Real Indians.



2015 – LastrealIndians practicing “their” ideology of tolerance and peace on this continent

To think James Abourezk, BJ Jones, advisers of the Lakota Peoples Law Project with Chase Iron Eyes as an attorney, Ruth Hopkins as a Judge for Spirit Lake and friends are advocating for the protection of 1st Nations Children through ICWA , who are  garnishing support from U.S congressional members , is VERY DISTURBING.

Al Franken of Minnesota who represents the state tribes while he sits on the Indian Affairs Commettee (that committee initiated by Abourezk in the 70’s, during the same timeframe Abourezk birthed ICWA , when Abourezk’s AIM tin soldiers reigned  terror across indian country)  should make it clear to Indian Country he will not consider ANY input relative to Foster Care  AND will not support ANY legislation spearheaded by such “MENTALLY ILL” SICK PEOPLE !!!!

srLastRealIndians was birthed by James Abourezk & AIM Leadership just after the Dakota’s 2012 Center for Western Studies Conference , AIM 40yrs later. Shortly after that conference , the birth of LRI evolved through protest campaigns for the bogus accusations of KKK carving of an elder. Shortly after that failed racial uprising , LastRealIndians joined with the Lakota Peoples Law project for their  Global Scam fundraising gig to Save Pe`Sla.

NOW TODAY , LastRealIndians as portrayed by Cody Hall in the above image “Advance with your men , O keffiyeh-masked one” , endorses and supports the sickness in this Video that is promoted and perpetrated by Ayatollah , absolutely disgusting !!!!

Rebel Music Influence – O Keffiyeh Masked One


Part of  Abourezk’s working group WITH Rebel Music’s influence on the other side of the pond

“Kill the Settlers”


Rebel Music’s influence on the other side of the pond, a new song/video released Nov. 7 2014 that is going viral across the Arab states as well as within this country,“Car Intifada.” It encourages people to support Hamas/ISIS to use cars to run over Jews AND those who support the State of Israel (such as our troops).

It is interesting to note , the “Car Intifada” rock video song is gaining support by sympathizers of Hamas (support from those who are supporters of AIM, LastRealIndians, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, Honor the Earth) on this continent AND_NOW Hollwood MTV is heavily promoting Rebel Music’s Video Song (release date Thursday, Nov 13th) which is “their” spin about so called 1st Nations Hero’s.



More Christian Hate from Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers


Let’s get this right , Lastrealindians and its support groups support the murderers of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson jr. , raise those who ordered execution’s/murders of 1st Nations people to the level of role models, spiritual leaders, elders to confide in, while “they” protect child sexual abusers from prosecution, promote placing 1st Nations children back into the homes of child sex abusers, While “they” utter words such as “Traditional Natives” …..

Lastrealindian Christian Hate Basket Cases  !!!!

lri hateIs anything less expected from Lastrealindians, Lakota Peoples Law Project, Eddie Benton Banis Three Council Fires, and other support groups such as SunBear’s (Vincent LaDuke) daughter Wino na of the Bear Tribe and it’s Bear Children – Honor the Earth’s Green Energy Queen?

Just WHO is promoting Stockholm Syndrome ????

Back in the 70’s AIM burned out  HolyMan Frank Fools Crow and kicked him to the curb after he refused to Spiritually support AIM. AIM then took control of  SunDances  as per Clyde BelleCourts word’s ,  “we had to save Native Ceremonies from Christianity

Keep in mind, the Concordant of 1610 signified the joining of spiritual foundations, to support and protect one another …. at least for some people, just a tad bit of something that Fools Crow seemed to understand and support ( thou he was not a practicing christian, as per the protocols of the church/beliefs)”

ffc alterFools Crow giving the  Church a Lakota style Blessing 🙂

1975 – Holy Rosary Mission/Red Cloud Indian School


After the Wounded Knee Siege by AIM

AIM’s Spiritual Leader Leonard Crow Dog lobbied Fools Crow & was Denied

“Fools Crow refused Crow Dog, because he did not want the AIM urban militant domestic terrorist faction to control our Spiritual Legacy….he saw the sickness….and he saw the future of what would happen…he did his best to prevent it by conducting those WBCPC & Sun Dances 1970-1975…and passing the “Staff of Power” back to the women, but the men refused to recognize the transfer…..and now AIM are our so-called Spiritual Elders….though AIM is not, for they have the blood of the innocent on their hands, which is against Tetuwan Lakota protocols & teachings!.”

A tip of the iceberg of other reasons WHY Fools Crow Refused AIM

May 13, 1973 – Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI) – source

April 22, 1973, Easter Sunday – Cross hanging of a man inside Wounded Knee accused of being an informant. known inside discussion circles as “Mannequin Man” as described by Vernon Bellecourt who claimed the man hung and beat on the cross was just that, a Mannequin. Richard Two Elk: Mannequin Man was placed upon the cross, and beaten at the request of AIM/Wounded Knee security [note: Clyde Bellecourt was head of security] as an alleged informant.

A review of the transcripts and notations of personnel at RB1, on April 22, 1973 – and several days before and after, indicates that no individual fitting the description of Mannequin Man is brought out through RB1. Mannequin Man is now believed to be one of several missing Wounded Knee participants that are alleged buried there in unmarked graves. source


The Making of the Pan American Indian Caliphate

Yep  James Abourezk the son of a Syrian Peddler, and his son Charlie, along with AIM, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, LastRelIndians and Russel Means Lakota Republic with Arvol Looking Horse, Faith Spotted Eagle, etc ….  are pushing for legislation to set laws , who can or can not conduct ceremony, who or who not can quarry PipeStone, who or who can not carry a medicine bundle , unless the “Chosen” are sanctioned by the Grand Poo-Pah’s of that self declared lame excuse of christian  Abourezk and his working groups.





On Another Note – In Closing – Relative to Abourezk’s ICWA Agenda’s

What percent of Foster Care Financial Support through ICWA ends up in the Tribal Casino/Gaming Programs instead of in support for the children ????


Ask Abourezk WHY he worked so diligently while with the Indian Affairs Committee to grant “Federal Recognition” to Tribes that overnight popped up with Gaming Operations.

Yep, 1st Nations homes with 3+ foster children cycled out of the home on a continuing basis, to keep the home head count constant , with the Foster Parents at the Slot Machines just about EVERY NIGHT !!!!, wile THE REZ STREETS tend the Foster Children !!!!

AND What about those Tribal Foster Care Case workers , who are unable to locate “qualified foster homes/parents” , thus resulting in the Case Workers cycling up to 8+ temporary foster care children through their own Home.



An important lesson to learn is that everything we need is within ourselves” ~LookingBack Woman – Suzanne Dupree – Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth~

review: It’s like the blind leading the blind, both will fall into the pit as per Matthew …. 15:14

thou i prefer Frank Fools Crow paraphrased 

“you can have the shiniest most spectacular car in the world, thou with an empty tank you are not going anywhere”  

FCCOUCH(Frank Fools Crow –  1983)


located in 1880 in Illinois

located in 1880 in Illinois
“Mi`kmaq (Abenaki ,People of the Dawn) design of catlinite are found as far south as the Gulf and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky mountains, engraved with four hearts on both sides which could be an Osage design”


Get It ????

as she passed her aged hand over it’s surface,

she said “you can get someone to paint an image on it”.

Such a beautiful image remains in memory,

her hands, her voice, her love,

her ….




InSpire for ICWA – The Youth deserve Better !!!!

WHY do Congressional Members and Seats of the Executive Office continue to consider input during decision making process’s  from those of the Lakota Peoples Law Project , LastRealIndians, and “their working groups” such as those below, who are suppose to be representatives of Culture, Identity, traditions and Beliefs of 1st Nations Ancestry ????

 Do the Congressional Members and Executive Office Seats realize that by_confiding in such working groups



lri inspire
aim isiswinona AIMlri homegrown terrorists


The Next Baby Veronica Campaign – Dec. 27, 2014

Using Children Under the Pretense of Concern

Another Child Being turned into a Political Football


“Choctaw Chief Gary Batton took a personal interest in the case and ordered genealogy on the child’s family. After finding the results, he expedited tribal membership for the baby, the father and grandmother ”

“The chief has made this case a priority,” Silverstein said. “He has assembled a powerful group in the Choctaw Nation called the prayer warriors. In Choctaw culture, prayer warriors bring energy and numbers to a cause. The chief is using his microphone to circulate prayers for the family and to generate private donations to assist them.”

The Choctaw Nation  was a $2 billion enterprise in 2014


Nothing out of the Ordinary Here eh? …. Que Sera, Sera …. 


16 Responses to “Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines”

  1. jpwade Says:

    It has nothing to do with Sovereignty, It’s about the CON_TINUANCE of building hate machines.

    As per ““The solution to this hostile attitude toward the basic intent of ICWA is to give direct federal funding to the individual tribes to set up their own foster care with adequate oversight and get the state completely out of it,” he said.”

    IT_IS_ABOUT an avenue to STIMULATE GAMING PROFITS. http://www.nrc4tribes.org/news.cfm?a=241

  2. jpwade Says:

    a spin of Vincent LaDuke’s Bear Tribe spiritual seduction cow crap “Daniel Sheehan, general counsel for the Lakota People’s Law Project~ http://worldfutureinstitutelab.org/

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  6. Richard Boyden Says:

    Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:
    Outstanding revelation of the EVIL intent of a Hate Machine Creator and Muslim Allah Pedophile “Prophet” followers i.e. the American Indian “Fecal” Movement of Killers, rapists, and pedophiles!

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