BED FELLOWS! — “Let’s not forget during Means one year tenure as a convict related to the Custer Court House staged event he spent it on day release at guess where? The Abourezk law office.”

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Posted by rezinate on March 24, 2015

Means also aided Jackley and others in law enforcement in the case, Jackley said.”

Okay, so Means “aided” the South Dakota Attorney General and “others”.

Who exactly are these others?

Could it be the CIA who he apparently felt comfortable enough with to approach them about supporting/funding his personal South American ventures in Nicaragua?

The CIA may be a kind of reach but there are those in ndn country of the non AIM persuasion who believe a possibility exists they were involved in some manner.

Was it the feds, or lower on the rung the BIA? How about his buddy Washington power broker James Abourezk?

Or his sugar daddy Bill Janklow who pardoned him?

Do attorneys as “friends” of the court qualify in some way as law enforcement?

If so would James and Charlie Abourezk be among…

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