One of the primary aspects of a sound Spiritual Foundation; is the ability to confront some of humanities ugliest illness’s eye to eye head on, without tossing your cookies, to contain or kill it off, while_not_allowing your world views and ideologies to be compromised or consumed, to serve “it”.

That above is a primary concept not_being given to the youth with teachings such as that of Eddie Benton Banais’s Spin about 7 Grandfathers & 7th/8th Generation Prophecies (or whatever generation it is suppose to be nowadays) , Phil Lane Jr’s Talking Circles along with Leonard ShowDog SunDance ceremonies mixed teachings for When the Condor meets the Eagle Prophecies , nor from the recent conjured White Bison Org indoctrinated HOG WASH based on healing for so called Generational Trauma.

Welcome to “their continuance” of Myth, Lies & Deception that fall right in line with the new ager teachings  of Vincent LaDuke’s Bear Tribe and Bear Children and Dave Courchene’s Mud Turtle Lodge’s Seven Sacred Laws and the Eight Paths of the Medicine Wheel.

Which is one reason WHY total collapse of identity is resulting for the youth who are con’d into following the supremacy teachings and everything is peaches and creme teachings from those with self serving agenda’s.

Over the past 40yrs The spiritual shake and bake by those previously mentioned has not done squat for reducing the violence on one another in the communities. DO_NOT EXPECT any change to occur by such institutionalized rhetoric , that is except for the statistics of violent crime and assaults on one another to continue escalating for those who follow “their” lead.

The anger and hatred witnessed , from those who have taken the hook line and sinker of those quazi fruit-loop teachings, that have come to the realization they have been betrayed,  far exceeds the anger and hatred those kids had before being con’d into the brainwashing hype.


Programed for failure to ensure the continuance of Federal Funding that is promoting Self-Genocide while people pretend to call for accountability and responsibility of ill acts, the continuance of brainwashing programing scripts  through the likes of that  Syrain Peddlers son James Abourezk >  Mohamed Shahabuddeen & Maha Jweied who continue to set the stage for altering world views, ideologies and  beliefs to garnish support of Sharia Law…. do your research ….


“The history of Islam in West Africa can be explained in three stages, containment, mixing, and reform. In the first stage, African kings contained Muslim influence by segregating Muslim communities, in the second stage African rulers blended Islam with local traditions as the population selectively appropriated Islamic practices, and finally in the third stage, African Muslims pressed for reforms in an effort to rid their societies of mixed practices and implement Shariah.” ~Margari Hill, Stanford University, January 2009~ ( Hill is Muslim, and Director of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative – muslimarc org)

Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system

sharia law
Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system
* In the United States today, there is a system of courts which is just outside of the federal and state court systems, known as the American Indian Tribal Courts. The Tribal Courts deal with criminal, civil and family court issues, and have their own lawyers, judges, and court officials. The Muslim Community can learn from the experience of the American Indian Tribal Court System as we attempt to implement Muslim Family Law in North America. (….)
Family Courts
Since our concern is primarily with family law, let us examine some issues of family law in tribal courts. The same matters considered to be part of Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, support, custody, adoption, legitimacy, abuse etc.) are covered in tribal courts. (….)
In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which radically changed the relationship between state courts and tribal courts. One result was that tribal courts had greater jurisdiction in the placement of adopted Indian children. Many tribal courts were created just to take advantage of the greater powers given then by the Indian Child Welfare Act. (….)
Numerous local and regional social service organizations have been created to address problems of American Indians and work with tribal courts. In short, a vast network of support organizations has been developed which strengthens the tribal court apparatus.
Although the Muslim community in North America is vastly different from the Indian community, I feel that in developing a plan for the implementation of Muslim family law, we can in some ways imitate the paradigm of the tribal court system and its supporting network.
In particular, I recommend that as a first step, supporting organizations dealing with Islamic family law be established immediately.
A professional association of Muslims in the law field (of whatever specialty) is a must. A law school students’ support group should be formed, and Muslim youth should be encouraged to enter this field.
A second step would be to establish institutes in the U.S. which can supplement legal education with courses in Islamic family law. At the same time, pressure should be put on law schools to include courses in Shariah taught by Muslims…. (extracted in part from here)

4 Responses to “HOG WASH IN HOT GAS”

  1. rezinate Says:

    “Over the past 40yrs The spiritual shake and bake by those previously mentioned has not done squat for reducing the violence on one another in the communities”

    Forty seven years.to be specific….since the formation of AIM.

  2. jpwade Says:


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