Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor


When You Believe in Things You Don’t Understand, Then You Suffer!

Superstition Ain’t the Way ….

~Superstition – Stevie Wonder~

The truth and reconciliation psychotherapy brainwashing scripts have quite the affiliates with mountains and mountains of so called holistic healers (click for list).

Take your pick of flavor, Vincent LaDuke’s (SunBear) acid dropping hippie commune BearTribe and Children medicine wheel and astrology rhetoric, Phil Lane Jr’s Bahai’s (offshoot of islam) influenced talking sticks and answering feathers, Eddie Benton Banais (who recently declared all 1st nations of this continent as Anishinabe and that he is the direct bloodline of the knight temples) freemason influenced midewin which includes Billy BlackWell Sr’s hype of spirituality and ufo mix. Dave Courchene’s twinkie mix at his so called turtle lodge (which also includes bahais and fremason symbology and influence). All tied together with Circles of Healing as per the muslims at the top of the DOJ (Maha Jeweid who btw did child custody cases in Jordan as part of her internship before going to England) and her sidekick Mohamed Shahabuddeen that were instrumental with implementing Sharia Law in England …..

All to create tribal / non-tribal judiciary, education, health service systems through mutual agreements of understanding with state and county administrations …. under the pretense of 1st nations values, cultural traits and beliefs ….

It really is a Joke that people are having their world views, identity and ideologies altered by scripts while trashing 1st Nations identity, social manipulation scripts that tie all the way back to the early 70’s by people like that syrian peddlers son James Abourezk ….

Welcome to the latest and greatest of Kool-Aid BrainWashing!!!!


A morphed brainwashing model of the Jim Jones Peoples Temple  ….

James Abourezk – Jim Jones – Dennis Banks

Deja Moo! eh?

Anyone who believes this White Bison org b.s (which ties back to all that mentioned above ) shake and bake concoction for Circles of Healing will create any form of sound foundation to preserve identity MUST HAVE ROCKS IN THEIR HEAD!


 Chief” Bemidji – Truth and Reconciliation 

Bemidji City Council April 20th – Bemidji Plaque Content – Video

Bemidji City Council June 15th – Citizen Reply to Bemidji Council – Video


Shameful and Discouraging ….

Good Hearted People being Played like FOOLS!



Pick a Photo – for More Info



**** The Self Serving will never understand what a True Gentleman is about ****


“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People’s beliefs, values and traditions.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”


Those who appropriate are in reality, Not_Standing with Ancestry of the Nations

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