The Continuance of – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation

in ref to blog entry July 12, 2015 Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth

“do not take me for a fool: next i will be hearing your working groups efforts are in no way affiliated with Sandy White Hawk and White Bison org’s morphed teachings from Mr. Bahis (offshoot of islam beliefs) Phil Lane Jr and working groups who all tie back as tin soldiers to that Syrian peddler son James Abourezk (adviser to Obama), Maha Jewied (DOJ) along with Mohamed Shahabuddeen …. Get Real eh?”

Dec. 3rd 2015 – Sandy WhiteHawk Arrives

Truth Healing and Reconciliation at it’s finest , dished out by the continuance of militant domestic terrorist programing , No? – Nothing like kids that are taught to throw out Sick Medicine under the pretense of Prayer eh?

Tonight in Bemidji at the Northwest Minnesota Foundation , Truth Healing and Reconciliation presentation sponsored by MN. Dept of Health – PeaceMaker Resources & Northwest Minnesota Foundation.

Quite interesting, stared down by one thug at the front of the room, to the point i stood up and addressed his confrontation. Guess he did not care for my comments relative “Generational Trauma” …. Upon leaving some young kid at the outside of the doors burps out “what is your problem, i will pray for you”. Replied “save your prayers, i do not want them, do not pray for me.”

The kid shaking her fist burps again, “i will kick your F@$&$ing AS%^ !

paraphrased in short form; – addressed whitehawk on when do we start the clock of generational trauma, do we start it as per anton trurer’s comment “500 years of misery”, or before that time-frame, since we enslaved, stripped one another of ceremony, language, ect before and after european influence on this continent, at what point do we stop playing the victim and start owning up to some of our own actions in place of pointing the finger at a select government, religion, and group of people. (Whitehawks talk was filled with christian bashing, government bashing, white people rhetoric) , then i asked whitehawk if she had any european ancestry, she replied french, i questioned a recent interview you said did not want white people involved with “truth, healing and reconciliation” , she said she has healed since then , i mentioned you have been on your spiritual journey for 20+ years and you throw out a part of your own ancestry like it is nothing. she tried to deni it, until i mentioned the interview with raven – make no bones about it and stated you must have healed yourself in 6 months then eh?

she was so broken up with that discussion, she flipped through the remainder of her slides reading only 2 or 3, as she flipped through those she did not want to discuss (because her b.s was addressed with my questions and comments) , clyde bellecourts mug showed up, i questioned was that clyde bellecourt, she said yes i know clyde, i replied ‘i am aware” , thats when the thug started staring me down, since he continued to stare at me i stood up, he continued, i took a step forward and addressed him on his act of confrontation, “be careful when you target someone, they might just stand up and address you on doing so” , he questioned “you have a problem” , i expressed to the room “excuse my interruption, but i will not be intimidated by anyone” , What a Joke that show was. Source:


It is good to work with people that are so direct with Truth

as per the inbox msg sent to me below the asterisk (a reply to the Truth Healing and Reconciliation Meeting in Bemidji) , where Dr. Anton Treuer expressed the groups efforts with addressing paintings that include 1st Nations people in gov. buildings, the groups progress with reducing racism by creating public sign language in Ojibwe, that is Treuer and friends that accuse non-tribal communities as being Racist, along with the working groups of Clyde Bellecourt, Sandy WhiteHawk & that Syrian Peddlers son James Abourezk & BJ Jones (advisers of the Lakota Peoples Law Project). That is BJ Jones who is Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge Paul Day’s working buddy, who along with Dr. Anton Treuer sit at the side of the self declared GRAND CHIEF Eddie Benton Banaise and “their” Grand Medicine Society team of the Three Council Fires.

**** inbox message ****

“Little Truth, Zero Reconciliation, Piles of Hate…No Healing

Good for you Joe. You are a true warrior to stand up to this BS
indoctrination machine that continues to spread half truths and utter lies while refusing to address the primary sickness that needs to be addressed before ANY healing can happen.

If I had stood up in that room, I would have added to your comments, “Why don’t we talk about the real sickness? A Sickness that is colorblind and affects people from every walk a life. A sickness called rape, incest and pedophilia…a sickness that CONTINUES TO HARM OUR CHILDREN MORE THAN ANY OTHER TRAUMA out there.


The blame other people game has to quit. This problem can
not be legitimized, no matter how hard you try to make excuses for it.  This is the REAL TRAUMA THE KIDS ARE FACING. And, the problem is not  isolated to indigenous communities, but it certainly is an epidemic  there that no one is willing to confront.

It is not ok to sell your  kids for sex so you have money for drugs and gambling. It is not ok to  make children have sex for your entertainment. It is not ok to have sex with a family member. It is not ok to allow little children to have sex because it makes them calmer or in the words of one Native councilor, “it’s ok, that’s how Indian kids show affection.” It isn’t ok when a mother teaches her underage daughter how to turn tricks. It isn’t ok when the current Leech Lake Human Services Director tells
people to “leave it alone” when they point out her underage niece is turning tricks. It isn’t ok for camp councilors to be told to burn the bloody mattress to cover up the rape of a man on a young boy because the man is related to someone in tribal government, especially when you threaten the child to keep quiet about it. Covering up this truth and continuing to blame these choices on the boarding schools, Christianity and white people is doing nothing to cure the sickness.

Enough of the blame and romantic notion that somehow Native people have some secret, extra special spiritual healing ability. A talking circle and “holistic” indigenous healing methods and sweats won’t solve a damn thing. Especially when after a sweat, the perpetrator heads home to rape again. Let’s just call the sickness out of the dark corners and empower our children to speak out against their abusers INSTEAD of telling them that they are resilient and will get over it just like you did. They won’t get over it. They will only go on to repeat the sickness.

Sandra White Hawk, you are a a self-serving, hate spreading individual that has the words “healing” and “reconciliation” completely twisted. Get over yourself and be thankful for the fact
that you HAD PARENTS, ADOPTIVE PARENTS that provided for you so that you are still alive today. That is more than many of the pitiful children can say that your works and lies are trapping in families that will continue to abuse them and blame it on boarding schools and white men. Quit deflecting the blame and make people own up to their own actions. Then maybe some REAL healing will begin.”

So proud of you for speaking out and standing up for the kids. Feel free to post my comments anywhere it will stir the pot.


And I have plenty more to say about the so called “traditional
adoptions” that Erma and her minions are promoting. Another “false” tradition being spread by the propaganda machine. Just another well- thought out ploy to obtain cash for kids.”



When people are unable to control their dog, because of hatred it carries ….. they should keep their dog on a leash! …. there is a big difference between seeding Protection and seeding Hatred …. just saying


In regards to parting  from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation , Truth Healing and Reconciliation presentation sponsored by MN. Dept of Health – PeaceMaker Resources & Northwest Minnesota Foundation on Dec. 3, 2015.

Nothing like kids that are taught to throw out Sick Medicine under the pretense of Prayer eh?

Not unexpected or out of the norm from those who are mentored with spiritual abuse.



in ref to blog entry July 12, 2015 Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth  regarding Mutual Agreements of Understanding and the Tribal flag raising in county courts.

   bpr Note fb post deleted at

  Bemidji PoliceReport fb page:

Joe Wade: “Wellness Courts and innovative court agenda’s such as the latest and greatest “early release program” that are spearheaded by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (who today is littered with Muslims collaborative support that are writing policy) are creating groups such as PeaceMaker .org to assist with implementing so_called “Native American Judicial Practices” into county courts. Singing songs and waving feathers over people’s heads is going to fix all this so called funding shortage right?

People might want to check the scoreboard for such success of reducing violence and strengthening family structure over the last 20yrs implemented by those same working groups, those agenda’s that are now being brought out of NDN country to main stream america’s doorstep under the pretense of holistic healing.”

The current push for mutual agreements of understanding with tribal courts to garnish federal funding support is a result from Congregational Members that follow Mr. Indian Affairs rep for the state of MN. (Berkley/Holy_Wierd hand picked) Al Franken and Team who are sympathetic to the act of public defenders needs being tossed UNDER the BUS! ….

to FORCE mutual agreements of understanding.


And in ref to blog entry July 2015 – “are you speaking of Linsey McMurrin who with Mark Olsen the pastor , both of the WTC who teamed up with Dennis Banks during “their” accusations towards Walker Mn. WHA school district, Walker town and Sheriffs department SCREAMING and trying to label them as RACIST back in 2012″

Note the dec. 8th 2015  – Walker Pilot Independent fb post about the Working Together Collation (WTC) new Coordinator

“Would Hope Torma be a working buddy of Becky LaPlante, of the Blandin_Foundation as noted in this blog entry?
It has become very evident the Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation group and support team is, and supported by the likes of Kristine Kolar,

Juanta BlackHawk – Wellness in the Woods


in ref to blog Aug. 23, 2015 – Honor the Earth Pedophilia Healers

“Board of Directors for Wellness in the Woods with Wino na’s

cherished and nurtured Medicine Man of White Earth, Mike Dahl

Juanita BlackHawk (top right)

Mike Dahl (bottom left)”

I neglected to mention Sharon Enjady Mitchell of that working group

here is a bit of the latest and greatest relative to promotions and exploitation of Spirit by that working group:

“Exploitation of Spirit at it’s finest …. It is mind boggling just how shallow some people can be and shAIMful how good hearted people such as the founders of Wellness in the Woods are used and abused to spread more sickness.

Just great eh? , promoting those same who honor the murder’s of Annie Mae, those who continue to use Annie Mae as a shoulder patch for promoting “their opportunist agenda’s” under the pretense of healing.

on the note of people moving on, there is a youtube video of Sharon Enjady Mitchell of leech lake rez posted at , , published by Ndigidreams LLC , posted to youtube by Lorna LaGue on Apr 27, 2015.

at time interval Mitchell quotes Annie Mae, along with images of Annie at time interval 2:20, as per Mitchell’s words “to quote one of my favorite women leaders” ….

It should be noted that Mitchell was one to brag about assisting Peltier make his way to canada for safety back in the day. Mitchell also supported Peltier, Arlo Looking Cloud, John Graham, AIM leadership along with AIM up until the day she moved on.

Mitchell knowing all the dynamics of AIM leadership ordering the execution, knowing Peltier shoved a gun in Annie’s mouth, knowing Annie’s pipe still remains with those associated with the murder who refuse to return it, continued to support those idiots.

That webpage Wellness in the Woods, is for support of rural health. Rural health concerns has recently received gobs of state funding here in Mn.

Lorna LaGue of White Earth rez , who posted the youtube video also no different than Mitchell is well aware of all that previously mentioned, and she along with other’s like Juanita BlackHawk (board of director for Wellness in the Woods) are directly supported and promoted by Wellness in the Woods.

“That’s a Political Issue” – A sad day for Nationhood when people start categorizing Murdered and Missing Women as political issues, No?

direct youtube link:


reply from Wellness in the Woods: “The goal of Wellness in the Woods is promote healing throughout and honor a great leader. We hold everyone in unconditional high regard.

Joe Wade > Wellness in the Woods: great lets blunder, rape, murder our women and teach the youth to unconditionally support and follow the path of those responsible and follow the path of those who say they are promoting wellness “We hold everyone in unconditional high regard.” – better check the scoreboard on what has changed within community from such stupidity.

Joe Wade > in closing ….
YouTube Issue reported: Hateful or abusive content > Promotes hatred or violence Timestamp selected: 2:20 – Additional details:

time int 2:20, Sharon Enjady Mitchell says to quote one of my favorite women leaders and incorrectly quotes Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and uses family images to promote Mitchell’s agenda of White Hate.

ref fb post from the daughter of Annie Mae for her mom’s words “The whole country changed with only a handful of raggedly-ass pilgrims …” at

Understanding Annie Mae, one would know if Annie wanted to pin point “White People” she would have done so.

As an example: A Pit Bull and a Poodle are dogs, thou very different in character and behavior.

Annie utilized the word “Pilgrims to categorize influence of Change”



in ref to blog entry July 19, 2015 – Truth and Reconciliation – Pick your Flavor

All to create tribal / non-tribal judiciary, education, health service systems through mutual agreements of understanding with state and county administrations …. under the pretense of 1st nations values, cultural traits and beliefs ….

“Shameful and Discouraging ….

Good Hearted People being Played like FOOLS!


Better check the clock of moral and ethical degradation that is being enhanced with the latest and greatest cohesive persuasion, holistic healing coming to your doorstep that will result in more civil unrest. Creating cognitive dissonance to generate more frustration and hate.

Today the Julian day number is 2,457,367

the opening timing of piano notes in Chicago’s song are symbolic of change that humanity has witnessed over the decades , some slow , others  fast, spuradic, easy, harsh, happy times of man’s existence ….


Considering the recent changes with the CME group out of Chicago (index of commodity exchange ) , one realizes there are reasons people hold perspectives such as that of – Jesus Just Left Chicago! ~ZZ Top~




There is a big difference between mentors who say

“So gently I offer my hand and ask, Let me find my talk, So I can teach you about me.”

and so_called mentors that continue to shove their hand in your pocket!

J. BlackHawk & S. WhiteHawk are sooooo TRANSPARENT it is ridiculous! – while “they” continue to seed White Hate & Christian Hate under the pretense of 1st nations identity ….

That is just the way AIM indoctrination is.


**** Poetry from a Beautiful Soul ****

**** A Soul worth following the teaching of  ****

I lost my talk
The talk you took away.
When I was a little girl
At Shubenacadie school.

You snatched it away:
I speak like you
I think like you
I create like you
The scrambled ballad, about my word.

Two ways I talk
Both ways I say,
Your way is more powerful.

So gently I offer my hand and ask,
Let me find my talk
So I can teach you about me.

~Rita Joe~

rita z frank

Frank Joe – photo in the background on the hutch glass

Z – discussing where to re-acquaint herself with the waters of the EasternDoorway


Some people ask , why  do we do what we do, short answer , we do so because of our regard to those before us, those of today and those of tomorrow.


 11th and 12th generation of Marguerite Membertou , the daughter of Marie Abenaki-Membertou

Rita – daughter of Angelina LeJeune-Bergeaux & 1st child, Christine –


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