AIM Liberated NO ONE Except Themselves


National Congress of American Indians charter Members at the Constitutional Convention Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colorado, November 15-18, 1944




LLTC Kid: “AIM did a lot of good for indians”

Joe: “Really? , What did AIM do for the Nations?”

The kid went on to mention most all that which the Leaders of the National Congress of American Indians, which was founded in 1944, accomplished for their 16 years of hard work, that JFK utilized to create his administrations Indian Point 4 Program.

In the midst of the kids rant, a question was posed, “Have you ever heard of, or were you taught  about the National Congress of Ameircan Indians – (NCAI) ?”

LLTC kid Replies: “No”

Joe: “do your own research, and quit robbing those honorable leaders of credit for their accomplishments and handing it to a bunch of  AIM thugs that showed up 10yrs after the JFK – NCAI agreements.

October 28, 1960 – Letter on Indian Affairs from Senator John F. Kennedy to Mr. Oliver La Farge, President, Association of American Indian Affairs

“The program which my administration will support will not write Indian reservations and their population off as not worthy of any help ….

We pledge ourselves vigorously to a program of development of Indian communities, as suggested in the Indian point 4 program.

Specifically, we would-”  …. continue reading  –

Common Ground Working Relationships were finalized with offerings to the U.S government from the NCAI in 1963

March 5, 1963 – President John F. Kennedy welcomes the National Congress of American Indians




Anyone think it is time to start telling the youth and the public , the truth, in place of continuing to of sugar coat the actions of those who hijacked the spirituality of 1st nations , that spirituality which today is the foundation of sickness that continues to migrate and prosper by the way of the bastardized cultural beliefs, worldviews and ideologies put into play since the 70’s , that today is the foundation of so called healing….

Just great eh? Healing and traditional values that are taught which were built on  ill spilt blood of innocents. Remember it was not just Annie Mae, many had to endure the same as her, as they stood fast with expectations of ancestry, in place of complying with sickness.

Published on Dec 14, 2015

by: Annie Mae’s daughter – Denise Pictou Maloney


It is Absolutely Pathetic that Academia continues to brainwash the kids with teachings of sickness that AIM through Ward Churchill implemented , keep in mind AIM conducted a Sundance just after murdering Annie Mae (and the same for others executed by AIM) & to this day, her pipe is still in “their” possession after repeated request from family for it to be returned , to this day still being abused with ceremony

those teachings that were implemented after

Frank Fools Crow’s home was  burned and  kicked to the curb by AIM

and after  Calvin Dupree retired ….



It is mind boggling that so many people continue to be sympathetic to Spiritual Abuse at it’s Finest , especially those within government positions who continue to enable the migration of SICKNESS !

Sad as it is, Today even the NCAI representatives follow the lead of AIM’s Old Guard Mentality

John Trudell, National AIM Leader during the years of Reign of Terror across indian country,  along with the remainder of the shAIMless , can grovel on into eternity searching for his soul that he tossed away years ago.


 Racist, Racist, Racist – Cards Still in Play

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare -It is time to stop blaming the past. Historical racism is only relevant if you want it to be. You can choose to be bigger and better than that. My children of heritage are just as strong, smart, and capable as any other citizen of the United States – and they are NOT perpetual victims, incapable of happiness due to what happened 150 years ago. Shame on anyone who thinks – or teaches – otherwise.

Being proud of roots means being proud of all of ones roots. Most tribal members are less than 50% anishinabe. My husband was of the few left in his generation that were 100% Leech Lake. Very few are today – although I have some nieces that are. We have taught our children that their entire heritage is valid and worth studying. ALL their ancestors – the ones of good character – are worth admiring and emulating – no matter the heritage.

But God is the only entity worthy of high honor.

This is a true rebuttal of racism – to recognize that race is only a data point, not a definition of who a person is. When we allow race to define us, we are embracing and upholding racism.
As Martin Luther King once noted – the content of one’s character is much, much more important than the color of one’s skin.


Tribal Leaders and the New McCarthyism

By Scott Kayla Morrison, President of CERF

I just finished reading Margaret Truman’s Women of Courage. The book profiles women of courage in American history. Margaret Chase Smith was one of the first to stand up to Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the 1950’s. As I was reading about Sen. McCarthy, I couldn’t help but compare his tactics to modern tribal leaders. McCarthy had his Communists. Tribal leaders have their racists. Both raise ugly clouds over those so labeled. Unlike McCarthy, tribal leaders show no sign of being censured by anyone.

McCarthy has been called the “most gifted demagogue ever bred on these shores.” He found a magic wand to focus attention on him during the Cold War era: the word “communist.” He found them everywhere, working in government, holding public office, the film industry. The word brought fear and loathing by the American people, and brought fear to those accused of being communist. Many careers and lives were ruined because of McCarthy.

For five years, he captured the American psyche and held it hostage. He was a hero to most but a villain to a few. During the height of his rein, he “walked, then, with a heavy tread over large parts of the Constitution of the United States, and he cloaked his own gross figure in the sovereignty it asserts and the power it distributes.” said one commentator.

Tribal leaders’ magic wand is the word “racist.” In the era of political correctness, being labeled a racist creates much the same fear in the recipient as being called a “communist” did in the 1950s. Jobs are lost, lawsuits are filed, and businesses are destroyed. Tribal leaders, like Sen. McCarthy, know this. They know the power they wield and, like Sen. McCarthy, wield it very efficiently. Like McCarthy, it is used exclusively for their own benefit. Unlike McCarthy, no one is stepping forward to rein in the power of the tribal leaders. Where is Margaret Chase Smith when you need her?

Tribal leaders use the label “racist” to stop any legislation that would bring accountability to tribal governments or constitutional freedoms to tribal members. The word silences the press that threatens to expose the corruption of tribal administrations. The word snips at criminal indictments of tribal leaders in an effort to cut off any accountability for actions. The word has power, but it has only the power the American people assign to it. It is time we take back the power from the word. Let’s call a spade a spade. We are doing a disservice to tribal members when we allow tribal leaders to sidestep responsibility by using the word “racist.” As long as tribal leaders can use the label “racist” to stop accountability, we are encouraging a culture of corruption in Indian Country.

With Regard and Respect …. Listen !!!!

Scott Kayla Morriosn

(murdered 2 weeks after this speech)

Part 1

Part 2

Anyone Care to Discuss the Current Push for State Counties to receive a bigger cut from State Tax’s on Tribal Gaming Revenue & how  support of such  from the Tribes, is influencing decisions for Mutual Agreements of Understanding?


The Spiritual Movement of Audrey Thayer – The one that Bites

Comment Reply to Blog Entry

jpwade Says: –

Review and note how “Yelling Racism” has been used to evade accountability.

(relative post deleted from the WTC fb site at the same time Audrey Thayer and Al Nygard were invited into the group to speak, i guess they did not care for the direct correlation of Audrey’s Hero’s (AIM tactics) to Audrey’s tactics, or did not care for the correlation to one of the root causes of child sexual abuse and violence at places like Spirit Lake, ND. i.e at reservations that Al Nygard has implemented his programs and refuses to address the blatant causes of abuse epidemic’s, where children are now being murdered, go figure ….

Joe Wade > WTC fb page:
the peoples movement started off with women in the st.paul/minneapolis area addressing peace officer abuse towards 1st nations people, a non-native man joined in with their efforts assisting with collecting arrest reports to show the statistical differences. As that working group moved forward with public awareness of the concerns, momentum was built that started to open up dialog for communications, learning, understanding to create needed change. The peoples movement was eventually hijacked by the likes of Banks, Bellcourt ect. who turned communications into violence and declared AIM as their “own”.

There is no question the peoples movement was needed and it’s initial actions were very positive until those communications turned into violence.

February 20, 1972 , AIM did a march in gorden sd, and used people to generate violence resulting in burning of town buildings, AIM used the race card and past atrocities to try and justify their acts. Was it necessary and excusable for AIM to do so , NO!

March 9, 1972 , AIM ended up in wounded knee 1 yr prior to the wounded knee siege, with russell means borrowing a bus from the school district for a field trip and then using school kids to vandalize the museum and trading post, then Banks later showed up with older guys to vandalize again that resulted in 50+ thousand of artifacts being stolen and the trading post and museum being trashed. AIM again tried to justify their actions based “racism” and past atrocities. Even called the business owners “white racist” when those families included annishinabe ancestry. Was it right or should AIM be excused for their violent acts of stealing , trashing and labeling our own “white racists” , NO!

11-1-1972, AIM conducted a march to the BIA which drew people from all over who had a common interest to invoke change. That march turned into violence when AIM “seiged” the BIA building and ended up burning/stealing records (land and ancestry). AIM used the past atrocities, racist & sympathy cards to try and justify their actions for burning our own history and the government then gave AIM 60 thousand plus to leave, money that was suppose to be used as transportation money for people to return home. Money that has never been accounted for, and AIM escaped accountability and was excused for their actions of violence.

the AIM mentality used people to feed violence, was it necessary or right to burn and pillage our own history records, is that justifiable to do so based distant atrocities, accusations of racism, ect… NO!, yet AIM was excused and never held accountable.

Feb 27 1973 , AIM entered wounded knee where that “violence” again was nourished and fed resulting in innocent people being murdered within the wounded knee encampment , “again” they try to use racism, past atrocities to justify their actions, and people today still excuse them for the “violence” they use to promote hatred that has turned within. Perry Ray Robinson was murdered, Mannequin Man was hung on a cross and tortured on Easter Sunday and never seen again, Buddy Lamont was killed according to family members statements, Leo Wilcox was burned alive at Wounded Knee, etc ….

Federal Agents were murdered, Annie Mae was murdered, numerous other innocents were murdered, children were taught to support AIM or else and those who oppose to this day are still beaten, raped , etc , and the statistics continue to grow …. all this and more built on the foundation of passing blAIM on distant atrocities, accusations of racism and other to feed Violence and Hatred

hate and violence, hate and violence, hate and violence …. excused

“it” is so well embedded in way to many that have been indoctrinated with bastardized teachings of culture and tradition and values of what a human being is suppose to be.

Today in our community is an “old man”,who spent his whole life up to 2 or so yrs ago drinking, druging, sexually abusing women and children (even of his own family) , that is renounded as a “medicine man” , if one is not careful he will walk past your home and throw rusty nails in your yard (an attempt to keep people in fear by throwing bad medicine) , LOL! , its such a pathetic joke how morals and ethics have been compromised and how the continuance of violence and hatred is supported and endorsed by excusing the ill spirits fed by AIM and the people it has used. People actually honor this crap of a blAIMster.

quite amazing how the corporate-government has used our own, how our own can still not comprehend they are being used to further termination policies, controlled beyond any complete comprehension, so “i” will continue to isolate my”self” from all that garbage and continue trying to get people to “think”

Red Lake youth recently murdered one another, in Onigum not even a year past youth again murdered one another by stabbing from the “violence” that has turned within and still people want to throw out generational trauma as a cause for these instances. Trauma as a result of residential schooling which is one AIM’s calling card platforms that has been used and played over and over again since the BIA seige to “excuse” acts of violence is not the reason for the growth of violence within at current time.

As long as history teachings do not include the violence from the AIM mentality and actions, and as long as those violent acts are “excused” and hidden from dialog for those who need healing , nothing will change.

If people do not stop burying the truths in recent history and excusing those who have generated trauma in our current time , ill spirits will continue to consume the souls of children.


Q: What is the difference between the above writings on Racism and the CURRENT Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation rants on Racism?



There is never an excuse that will ever excuse compromising ones morals and ethics period. ~Denise Pictou Maloney~


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