Targeting PipeStone for Ownership of 1st Nations Children Indoctrination

In ref to LRI’s fb post – The National Council of Native American Church is pushing to stop appropriation of 1st Nations Ceremony through legislation. Great this means the NAC is going to dis-assemble – considering those working groups are some of the biggest cultural appropriators in modern times. Perhaps LastRealIndians will also dis-assemble considering they are in the same pot of B.S Sacred Cow Crap Spiritual Seduction!




**** Note Blog Entry Jan 2015 what this is actually about:
Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines – ” The Making of the Pan American Indian Caliphate – Yep James Abourezk the son of a Syrian Peddler, and his son Charlie, along with AIM, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, LastRelIndians and Russel Means Lakota Republic with Arvol Looking Horse, Faith Spotted Eagle, etc …. are pushing for legislation to set laws , who can or can not conduct ceremony, who or who not can quarry PipeStone, who or who can not carry a medicine bundle , unless the “Chosen” are sanctioned by the Grand Poo-Pah’s of that self declared lame excuse of christian Abourezk and his working groups.”

**** Note Blog Entry Feb. 2014 what this is actually about:
Anoya Does It Not – “POSERS! pushing to be “GateKeepers of PipeStone”

**** Note Blog Entry Oct. 2014 what this is actually about:
Being Played Like Pawns – “So why did Obama end up at Standing Rock instead of the Green Grass (ask Arvol or Mr. Bahi) , then a make a 24 hr stop in the twin cities , one of the core regions of AIM recruitment. One reason is because that FAKE ARVOL, Phil Lane Jr. and friends of LastRealindians and the Lakota Peoples Law Project are pushing to take control of the PipeStone Quarries so that “they” along with government handlers can try to control the Sacred ….”

**** Note Blog Entry Dec. 2014 what this is actually about:
CME Group Comod Cheese – “Would anyone like to talk about those same working groups in the last post who are currently driving to take control of the PipeStone Quarries, through legislation that will make laws to dictate who can or can not hold sacred pipes, who or who can not quarry pipestone, who or who can not conduct native ceremonies …. that is the current drive by those working groups to set the likes of Arvol Looking Horse (Standing Rock is home of Arvol and Chasing his Tail) with his entourage of AIM spiritual cow crap medicine men like Crow Dog to be the GateKeepers of the Sacred by dictatorship through Russel Means Republic of the Lakota self declared leaders of “pan american indian spiritual grand poo pah’s) (which contains no women)

there is much more than what people realize about Obama’s so called strengthening of working relationships with the Nations …. and this i can promise you if the Joker and his working groups are successful …. the Tribal members of the Nations will see carnage as never seen before”


Que Sera Sera ….


It is ABSURD for these clowns to attempt CREATING FEDERAL REGULATION FOR 1ST NATIONS SPIRITUALITY , while at the same instance “THEY STAY SILENT” to protect “their own American Indian Movement brotherhood” PEDOPHILES, the tin soldiers FOR that Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk who works hand and hand with them to this day as noted in “their” collaborated working relationships along with the Lakota Peoples Project for developing and promoting the new ICWA proposed regulations ,



American Indian Movement  Thomas Francis LeBlanc is networked as part of the working group of Sandy WhiteHawk (another James Abourezk Tin Soldier) for “Bring the Children Home”  …. go figure eh?

Promoting Sickness through the Arts

Tom LaBlanc – A case-study of Tom LaBlanc, a peace activist, in pursuit of “Oneness”
By Hiroko Akiba – Spring 2005 – extracted in part: “Creating a world of peace through the arts …. “Art is another key since it provides a way to communicate that often cannot convey with words.” “Do something better in indigenous way.” “Nurture the spirit, in the ‘Dakota’ way of education.

“he beats the drum for spiritual ceremonies, such as wiping off the ceremony. This is a Dakota Indian ceremony to cease the violence and embrace all the life (“No more tears,” 2004). During these ceremonies, he beats the drum for world peace.”

LINO LAKES — Over 100 attendees gathered for the performance of a Native American culture-oriented play at Centennial Middle School on Feb. 19.

The play, “Bring the Children Home,” written and directed by Minneapolis resident Marcie Rendon, includes singing and spirits, and tells the story of a child born into a violent and uncertain world. It portrays the importance of family and the guidance of elders to exhort youth to a beneficial and positive life path. The play embodies allegorical references and fully developed characters with original, fresh language.

The performance was enacted by Raving Natives Productions, a group that Rendon was able to develop by applying for and receiving grant money.

Her [Marcie Rendon] current projects include a short play that has been translated into Ojibwe, a murder mystery, and a piece for the St. Paul History Theater, written with one of Raving Native’s performers Tom LeBlanc, an internationally acclaimed Dakota poet, playwright and songwriter.



Lets Give Ownership of PipeStone and Ceremony through Federal Regulation to those who continue to promote SICKNESS!  To include Bringing the Children Home to the likes of American Indian Movement member Thomas Francis Leblanc and the  working groups of Abourezk.

Quite the Working group of pedophiles eh? , a bit of insight to Tom Leblanc mentioned in the press release for “Bringing Our Children Home” who has NO_REASON OR BUSINESS BEING AROUND CHILDREN,
Video Published on Feb 26, 2016
Tom LaBlanc at ASANDC Neighborhood project
**** 2013
Solicitation -Internet or Computer – Communication describing Sexual Conduct with Child – Enter Case Number Case No. 62-CR-11-2944 @
2013 – Dakota poet Thomas LaBlanc sentenced for Internet solicitation of 15-year-old
**** 2014
Appeals # Case Number: A13-0653
2014 State appellate court reverses St. Paul man’s cybersex conviction
Anyone need to say Go To Man here? – We can thank the Mn. appeals judge for overturning that conviction and releasing that sicko back into the communities as a “honorable person” eh? 
It is interesting to note that Mn. Appeals Court Judge Stauber NEVER served as a judge prior to being appointed in 2008. ~ Source~
“Judge Stauber worked as a solo law practitioner in Duluth from 1977 to 1982. He also worked part-time as a public defender from 1978 to 2006. He was a partner and senior attorney of the law firm Stauber and Lien from 1982 until his appointment to the Court of Appeals. He has also worked as a district court referee, a MnDOT condemnation commissioner, and a Guardian ad Litem.”

Government Protected

American Indian Movement – 1978 – Thomas Leblanc

 tl longest walk


Want to guess who this working group member is posting to on fb with his so called Poetry?

tl fb post1.jpg


Jesus Blessed Him??? ….

tl fb post2.jpg



At ALL COSTS lets bury the fact that many of the people affiliated with receiving Federal Funding TO ADMINISTER the promotion, advancement  and development of the new ICWA regulations, the joint jurisdiction of county and tribal courts (MAU’s), programs to address Violence Against Missing and Murdered Women, programs for Obama’s Gen-I Initive (youth building) , etc ….
Anyone need to say hello Mr. Saturday Night Live Minnesota Senate for Indian Affairs Al Franken along with Tom Daschle and James Abourezk on this?
It would be a good idea to check the “FACTS” in STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS A13-0653 unpublished opinion File No. 62CR112944
U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N
Appellant challenges his conviction of soliciting a child to engage in explicit sexual electronic communication in violation of Minn. Stat. § 609.352, subd. 2a(2)(2008). Because the circumstantial evidence was insufficient to support appellant’s conviction, we reverse.
Appellant Thomas Francis LaBlanc exchanged sexually explicit internet messages with D.S., a minor born June 23, 1993, from January to August of 2009. D.S., who lived in Missouri, was 15 years old for some of that time. Appellant was in his sixties.
Appellant and D.S. first communicated on the social networking site MySpace, and also used email to engage in explicit cybersex and exchange nude pictures before D.S.’s 16th birthday.
D.S., who never told appellant his exact age, claimed to be 16 on his MySpace profile. D.S. also revealed facts indicating that he was no older than 16: he told appellant that he was in tenth grade, he was not permitted to drive “till 17 or 18,” and he was too young to enter an age-restricted online chat room.
Appellant made several statements indicating that he was concerned about D.S.’s age. Appellant told D.S. “wish u was legal age” in a message in which he asked D.S. to “talk cryptic” because he was concerned that someone might be monitoring his emails.
In two other messages, appellant told D.S. “your underage and im caution” and “the law runs this stuff, so I must respect that, and think, I better be the adult with you and, step back till u r of age.”


Marcie Rendon with Thomas LeBlanc – Jan 2015

Marcie Rendon

Just Great …. Lets have Regulation of 1st Nations Ceremony so that the likes of James Abourezk > LRI > Sandy WhiteHawk > Thomas LeBlanc can have total control of giving the future youth generations proper Cultural Teachings through the Arts with Marcie Rendon , the so called Elders that protect one another for bending the youth over a barrel. 



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