The Tainting of Real Estate & Real Estate Extortion


A Correlation between Two Points and William Jacobson’s Property

 Two Points Property Land Acquisition, A Historical Profile of the Land & Title Transfer.


Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe created the real estate mess that the Robinson Two Points property is in, and as such, public money (environmental trust money / public money) should_not be utilized to title the property back to the tribe. 

 The Tribe should own up to the real estate mess it created by Tainting_Real_Estate_Projects and clean up that mess with its own tribal funds.


  • Two Points Titled to Reservation Risk Management
  • Two Points then Titled to Skipp Finn as USA (indian) Trust land
  • Skipp Finn is convicted, sentenced to federal prison, and expelled from his Senate Seat for theft of federal funds and other charges. The Federal funds were  earmarked for tribal constituents channeled through the reservation created and owned insurance company Reservation Risk Management
  • Two Points years later was then taken out of USA Trust for Finn with approval by LLBO Tribal Council, and listed as private fee land for Skipp Finn’s intent of a real estate project. Two Points property was is separated into several lots as private fee land
  • Skipp Finn enters partial title ownership with Daniel Piprude and Geneva Properties, then eventually releases all interest in property to Piprude. Finn walks away from property with  a Mint.
  • LLBO Tribal members start public campaigns Tainting Piprudes Real Estate project with Sacred Land and Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe Migration myth, lies and deception
  • Piprude sells Property to Ed Robinson and the LLBO Tribal members including leadership re-initiate public campaigns to Taint Robinsons Real Estate with same rhetoric
  • Grant Goltz, a former LLBO cultural preservation employee conducts spatial analysis/archeology study of the Two Points property and re-iterates “Sacred Land” , Last Stopping Point myths, lies with his phase 1 and phase 2 study conclusions. This act brings real estate development to a complete halt, tainting the real estate more.
  • The Minnesota Historical Society through partnerships utilizes Goltz’s study and Taints the Robinson Two Points Property more with a request to list the Two Points Property as a National Historical Site. (Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program)
  • LLBO receives a $657 thousand dollar grant through the Minnesota Historical Society partnerships, to purchase the Two Points Property. (Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund)
  • Ed Robinson offers Two Points Property to LLBO for $600 thousand, LLBO refuses offer, and returns funds allocated for purchase 3 years later.
  • Levi Brown LLBO environmental dept. submits request to the LCCMR for 1.5 million, to purchase the Two Points Property and Title the land to LLBO. This request approval is based on an outright lie (SchoolCraft) , with support and help from former LLBO environmental employee John Persell (who’s wife is a LLBO member) , who at the time of the request and voting for approval of the LCCMR , was a district 5a  representative for Minnesota House of Representatives, and a member of the LCCMR  Commission
  • In 2016 Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation submits a 7 million dollar request to work hand in hand with LLBO for Fisheries Habitat program at Two Points.


2017 – The acquisition of the 2 Points Property on Leech Lake Otter Tail Point has been approved by the LEGISLATIVE-CITIZEN COMMISSION ON MINNESOTA RESOURCES (LCCMR) to be purchased for 1.5 million dollars, through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund which is funded by state lotto monies, to be titled to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe


Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund

2017 Request for Proposals (RFP)

Project Title: Leech Lake Natural Resource Multi-Benefit Conservation Acquisition (ENRTF ID:174-G)

Total Project Budget: $1,500,000

Proposed Project Time Period for the Funding Requested: 1year july 2017 – June 2018

Project Summary: Acquisition and protection of 45.27 acres, 0.67 miles of shoreline of high quality aquatic and wildlife habitat and the historic meeting place between Henry Schoolcraft and Anishinabe people.

SchoolCraft was Never at Two Points

This comment by Levi Brown in the request for acquisition to the LCCMR committee is a lie and  the LCCMR partially based its decision on that lie. Also, It is obvious there was non-transparency of the historical profile of the property title transfers to the LCCMR Committee.

On July 16th and 17th in 1832, 1st nite encampment was at the Pine Point area in the village of Flatmouth (noted in map FlatMouths House).  The 2nd nite was at label R in the map shown below.image1a.jpg

~ source:




SchoolCrafts map of Leech Lake was created from the assistance of the Ojibwe leader FlatMouth

(pg 258) – “CHAPTER XXVI. – Leech Lake is a large, deep, and very irregularly-shaped body of water. It cannot be less than twenty miles across its extreme points. I requested the chief to draw its outlines, furnishing a sheet of foolscap. He began by tracing a large ellipsis, and then projecting large points and bays, inwardly and outwardly, with seven or eight islands, and that peculiar feature, the, which I apprehend to originate in gigantic springs. The following eccentric figure of the lake is the result.”




SchoolCraft in later years published a follow up to his Summary publication , titled – “Narrative of an Expedition Through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake: The Actual Source of this River : Embracing an Exploratory Trip Through the St. Croix and Burntwood (or Broule) Rivers : in 1832.

In “Narrative” publication SchoolCraft notes Joseph Nicholas Nicolet’s 1836 expidition that isolated errors in Schoolcrafts distance measurements of the crow wing river. SchoolCrafts Narritive Publication was published after Nicolet’s 1836 expedition and SchoolCraft references Nicolet’s field notes to include elevation readings for the two point’s property (1380 feet).

It is interesting to note, nowhere in SchoolCrafts publications does he mention anything about a Ojibwe Village at the “Two Points” feature in  SchoolCraft’s map, nor does Nicolet mention such in his publications. Nicolet known for his extreme detail of mapping traits, does not exaggerate two point features of the OtterTail Point shoreline.

SchoolCraft’s map in cartography contains aspects that are considered “features mapping” , a map of feature points that are  relative to their position in real space, features of high interest are exaggerated such as the shoreline of two points in SchoolCrafts Map. SchoolCrafts published map has no distance scale.

Ojibwe Village in SchoolCrafts Map in Real Space

In SchoolCrafts Map , the inland water body on OtterTail Pt. is west_of Two Points, the  indian village is to the North_North_East of the inland_water_body.


This Image is a clip of Nicolet’s map within a GIS associated application. It is positioned in that application to scale as per Nicolet’s Map 1:1,2000,000

SchoolCrafts Map in this image is stretched (rubber banned)  to have it conform to accurate distance measurements of that application. (SchoolCrafts published map does not note scale)

The 2 maps are offset from the Robinson TwoPoints in the application aerial photography (OtterTail red outline with today’s major inland water body depression polygons filled in with blue).

The Ojibwe Village noted  in SchoolCrafts Map was_not at the Robinson Two Points property location as per a phase 1 and phase 2 archeology study assumptions published by Grant Goltz  in 2008.


The 2008 archeology study was commissioned by Mr. Ed Robinson and its conclusions have been exaggerated with myth and deception by the archeologist Grant E. Goltz to Taint Mr. Ed Robinson’s real estate.

For example:

Robinson Two Points is 6.8 miles as the crow fly’s from Waboose bay described in the phase 2 report. Two Ponts is 7.74 miles from Waboose Bay as per the winding of the shoreline distance.  (note the map above, and excel spreadsheet of distances)

The  3-4 miles referenced in Goltz archeological report is approximately at label ia or ib as noted in the map above. Yet – Goltz places the ojibwe village spoken of by Boutwell, at Robinson Two Points.

Phase 2 Study – page 9 says;

In 1834 the missionary William Boutwell traveled to Leech Lake with the trader William Davenport, who operated a trading post in the Pine Point area. They traveled up the Leech Lake River by canoe and reached the lake at 2:00pm , but the lake was so rough their loaded canoes could not stand the waves. They were obliged to go out of their way and coast a deep bay at the north end of the lake.

[this is a inserted note by me – the bay referenced, at the north of leech lake from the entry point of the leech lake river would be –  Waboose Bay]

“We entered the lake 3 or  4 miles from the bottom of the bay and while our course lay to the left, we were obliged to turn to the right and pole and paddle against the wind and waves till we reached the northwest part of the bay, when it came aft. Late in the day we reached what is called “the old encampment” from the fact that the whole band used formerly to encamp here when the Sioux were near”. …. (Boutwell 1834)


The ia or ib location is also referenced in the National Park Service  Historic American Engineer Record


Screen Capture Source:


Mr. Robinson’s commissioned the archaeology study / spatial analysis of the site (phase 1- 2007 & phase 2 – 2008)  – 2008 Study Summary:

The complete study is available from the Cass County Environmental dept.



Mr. Goltz is a former Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe cultural preservation employee (LLBO Historical Sites dept.)

for detail source information that supports  the above comments – exaggerated conclusions, myth,  deception and tainting real estate to stop Mr. Ed Robinson’s land development request Where is Two Points.doc


For Example: relative to Mr. Goltz 2008 archeology study that concludes  Two Points as being Sacred Land & Two Points being the Last Stopping point of the Anishinabe Migration

“If the Two Points Property held any significant value of sacredness to Ancestry, the NorthWest Trading Post would have never been allowed to be constructed there.” & “the Anishinabe when 1st arriving in the Leech Lake area prior to the fur trade era,  initially located themselves on islands, such as Bear Island, as a protective measure against the Dakota who controlled the land mass’s, the Two Points / Ottertail Point is not an island and it is only Sacred to those who want to financially exploit identity, beliefs and ancestry for personal gain OR only Sacred to those who have not been told the Truths.

The on slant of Ojibwe into the area approx 100 or so years after the first arrivals of the Ojibwe , were_participants of  Military Conquest and the Fur Trade development era at Leech Lake. NOT participants of what is termed the Anishinabe Migration.


In 2008 the Minnesota Historical Society utilized Goltz archeology conclusions to create a request to the National Registry of Historical Places for the Robinson Two Points Property to be listed as a historical site. (Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program).  This was a second instance of using myth and deception to Taint Mr. Ed. Robinsons Real Estate.
Two Points NR Nomination and Management Plan

Recipient: The Trust for Public Land – National Register of Historic Places nomination preparation and a management plan for the 47-acre Two Points property on Ottertail Peninsula, Leech Lake. Included is a spatial analysis of physical artifacts, researching documentation of the site, creating and annotating maps, taking photos and completing the nomination form with attachments and bibliography.

A cultural resources evaluation revealed that the site is NRHP eligible, and includes several burial sites, a fur trading post, and the 1770s remnant of one the first Ojibwe encampments on what is now the Leech Lake Reservation.


In 2010  LLBO received a $657,329 grant to purchase Two Points


Minnesota Historical Society — Grants 2011 Partnership
11 lead organizations and 13 partner organizations from 8 counties received a total of $1,515,000 in grants.
* The Trust for Public Land and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (Walker) – To preserve through purchase the 47-acre Two Points property on Ottertail Peninsula, Leech Lake, for preservation and management by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, $657,329

The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.



In 2011  LLBO refused a $600,000 land purchase offer from Mr. Ed Robinson.

~Source Pioneer Press


In 2014 LLBO canceled the Grant in March after holding the funds for 3 years and then returned the funds . Source: MHS – Grants – 1 800 657 3773



2 points property title transfers:

Around 1985 – The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe created Reservation Risk Management, an insurance company. This is when Two Points became Reservation Risk Management Property. Finn later placed himself as the primary interest of the reservation created and owned insurance company and in 1993 placed the Two Points property into USA Trust (as indian land) for himself. Finn eventually liquidated the RRM assets after the initial on-slant of federal investigations into financial corruption of that reservation business. ~Source: pdf file page 9 – Senate Hearing for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his senate seat) –


The 2 points property at Otter Tail was eventually taken out of federal trust status for Skipp Finn , approved by the LLBO council and categorized as private fee land. This trust to private land status occurred during LLBO Chairman Pete White’s administration.

In 2004 Finn split the property as per it’s current parcel configuration with the intent for Real Estate Development.

Ojibwe Press May 20 2005 – ”Finn proposed to have the Two Points property (on Leech Lake’s Portage Bay) removed from the Bureau of Indian Affairs trust status in order to place the property in the real estate market.” Source:

In 2006 Finn sold the Two Points Property to non-tribal people. Tribal constituents started public campaigns to Taint the real estate of the non-tribal owners (Daniel Piprude & later Ed Robinson)  with rhetoric of Sacred Land and Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe. Those Tainting tactics are later reiterated in the conclusions of the 2008 archeology study by Mr. Grant Goltz.

During the years of land title transfer,  Tribal Members overwhelmingly opposed the Leech Lake Tribal Council’s attempt to purchase that land from Skipp Finn, and again later opposed a land purchased  from the non-tribal people who held title to the land.

Now the pitch from Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Department of Resource Management, Levi Brown is to utilize the state environmental trust fund (public money), to purchase the property and title the land to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

Mr. Levi Brown was assisted with gaining support for the LCCMR land acquisition request by former Leech Lake DRM environmental employee John Persell (who’s wife is a LLBO member).

Persell  at the time of Mr. Levi Brown’s acquisition request,  was the  district 5a  representative for Minnesota House of Representatives, and a member of the LCCMR  Commission.


Parcel History from  Cass County Parcel Mapping


28-005-3302Section 5 of 143-29:OTTER TAIL PEN. TWP Sch District115

1/19/2007 WDTRN    Doc # A000522773
1/19/2007WDTRN    Doc # A000522772

7/3/2006ACTRNDoc # A000514910

6/23/2006CDTRNDoc # A000514671

** FINN, HAROLD R (Fee Owner)
1/16/2004 QCDTRN    Doc # A000479448
AND ASR 4-2-2004 (DOC#A482925); 7/15/04 CD-SPL TO 28-005-3303 #A486496; 07-01-05 CD-SPL TO 28-005-3304, 28-005-3305, 28-005-3306, 28005-3307, 28-005-3308, 28-005-3309 & 28-005-3310-DOC#A000500921 

6/10/1993 WDTRN    Doc #


2016 –  Funding Requests for Two Points – $7 Million

Organization:  Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation

Program or Project Title:  Fisheries Habitat Protection on Strategic North Central Minnesota Lakes – Phase III (HA04) – Funds Requested: $6,974,000

In 2016 MNDNR finalized their Fisheries Management Plan for Leech Lake. Using nearshore habitat inventory and muskellunge spawning habitat assessment, area fisheries biologists and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe have identified Two Points in Portage Bay (mesotropic) as a key acquisition to protect spawning areas for walleye and muskellunge.

We seek funds to strategicaly acquire 45.27 acres which include 2 islands of high quality aquatic habitat, wildlife habitat and approximately 0.7 mile of shoreland that would protect the third largest lake in Minnesota. MNDNR internal score on the proposed AMA is extremely high at 36.


The Leech Lake Association’s Lake Management Plan supports protecting these types of lands. The land would be managed like a MNDNR Aquatic Management Area and held in title by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. The parcel will be open to the public for hunting and recreation.


  • The information above was presented June 2017 meetings in part , with a commitment to follow up with this document to:  – (* denotes Part 2 of this document not presented – “Jacobson Real Estate Property Tainting by LLBO Levi Brown”)
  • * Cass County Commissioners meeting (minus Part 2 – Jacobson Property)
  • Turtle Lake TownShip meeting
  • * OtterTail Township meeting (minus Part 2 –  Jacobson Property)
  • * Cass County MN Republicans Legislative RoundUp (panel diverted presentation)
  • Shingobee TownShip Meeting


At the June 10th Hackensack MN Republicans Legislative RoundUp, I was refused to deliver information about the Robinson Two Points Acquisition to the public and the meeting panel.

My presentation was immediately interrupted by the panel and a dialog of the concerns was carried on by district 5a Rep. Matt Bliss and Lindsey Ketchel of the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation for aprox 3 minutes during my time at the mic

Upon completion of “their” dialog;

  • I mentioned to the panel implications of State Trust Funds being used and abused
  • I presented to the panel additional concerns of Mr. Ed Robinson, as per a phone conversation with him Sept. 2016, about developing a Genetics Program for Walleye with the LLBO Fisheries and mentioned to the panel Mr. Robinson’s discontent with the DNR for not supporting such.
  • I mentioned the $7 million grant request for the Fisheries Habitat Proposal by the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation could create an avenue for Mr. Robinson’s Genetics agenda with the LLBO Fisheries.

The concerns were immediately dismissed; the panel suggested I speak with District Rep Mr. Bliss and Mrs Ketchel. The meeting was then closed.

After the meeting I had a brief discussion with Mrs. Ketchel in ref to genetics concerns and also correlation of the two points real estate tainting tactics, to another private property in Cass County (discussion in part 2 of this document – Jacobson Real Estate Property Tainting by LLBO Levi Brown).

Mrs. Ketchel stated to me relative to the 7 million requests for the Fisheries Habitat Protection / Two Points property;

“the tribe just wants the land to be left the F_@%K alone”

 Mrs Ketchel stated the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation was considering purchasing William Jacobson’s property, and stated,  Jacobson will not like our offer considering the amount of money he is asking for his property.

 In Closing:

The Two Points Acquisition is a Special Interest – Multi-Benefit Agenda

Cloaked as a Conservation Acquisition

[end of part 1 draft]

[beginning of part 2 draft]


The Tainting of William Jacobson’s Real Estate

**** UP DATE Oct 12, 2019 ****

2017 Email correspondence to Jacobson Family, includes 2011 letter to Leech Lake DRM director Bruce Johnson about harassment from his dept. personnel & threats “they” were making towards the Jacobson’s.

Email from Joey Wade to Jacobson

In 2011 head of  the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Dept. of Resource Management (DRM) reviewed the complaint attached below during a meeting we had with him. The threats the LLBO DRM staff workers made towards Mr. William Jacobson  were taken to Levi Brown prior to Mr. Johnson without any success at the threats stopping

Mr. Johnson later sent LLBO surveyors out to the property. Mr. Johnson’s survey workers re-affirmed the Jacobson property line and that neither my AFrame nor Mr. Jacobsons seasonal mobile home at the north end of his property was on tribal land.

Mr. Johnson then later committed to my wife and I that harassment towards us and Mr. Jacobson would not re-occur from his staff  workers.

Of interest, a comment by Sue Jones (mentioned in the letter) during that time of harassment to my wife and I,  that is not included in the letter to Mr. Johnson. The comment is relative to actions by the LLBO such as trashing Mr. Jacobsons mobile home , and Levi Brown stating no land access would be granted for Mr. Jacobson property after it was placed on the real estate market ,  was “I am going to make Mr. Jacobson’s life hell”

2011 letter to bruce johnson leech lake DRM about threats by his staff to us and mr william jacobson

**** END of UP DATE Oct 12, 2019 ****

 Creating Common Ground Working Relationships between Tribal and Non-Tribal Entities; Decisions and Actions that Create Lack of Trust and Speculation of Integrity.

LLBO Environmental dept. Levi Brown – Taint’s Jacobson Real Estate

  • Jacobson Property put up for sale, tax assessed value 1.5 million, listed for sale at .1.2 million dollars.
  • Potential Buyers show high interest
  • One buyer presented offer for north shore development of the property, that buyer had  created map of intent for the north shoreline parcel layout, survey route for developing road , started to schedule soil and archeological survey’s , etc AND offered to assist  Jacobson with developing the remainder of his property. (this agreement was prety much solidified)
  • Then another potential buyer offered Jacobson approximately $900 thousand ($300 thousand below Jacobson’s asking price) with the criteria of   “this is a take it today offer , or leave it”. Jacobson request time to speak with family
  • Jacobson was shortly there after , notified that LLBO Levi Brown refuses to allow land access to the Jacobson property for real estate development and that his property value was diminished because it was then considered water access only
  • Litigation Threats implied on property development by LLBO Taints Jacobson’s Real Estate. This scares off potential buyers and no more interest in purchase is shown  after tainting.
  • Cass County offices contacted about Tainting aspects
  • Jacobson notified Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation is considering an offer to purchase his property
  • Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation confirmed to me , that the foundation was considering a offer to purchase , AND_That Jacobson would not like the offer because it was below his asking price.



The True Meaning of Multi-Benefit

(that Levi Brown’s Two Points Acquisition is partially , suppose to be about )

 For over 50 years , Tribal and non-Tribal, community and non-community people have utilized Mr. Jacobsons land for hunting, gathering, fishing activities, beach activities and other sports activities  such as cross country snow mobile races. Onigum Tribal community members to this day utilize Mr. Jacobson’s land resources for their winter firewood heating needs (not to be con-screwed as traditional/cultural activity  because Mr. Jacobson allowed such to occur) .  To this day the Jacobson family has created a near_zero human footprint on their property.

Jacobson – 1957 Survey


William Jacobson purchased land in 1957 and cut a right of way from Popal Dock in Onigum to his property that is located in the Onigum Marina Area. This right of way to the northern part of his property was about 1.10 miles from Onigum Popal Dock and  included building a small bridge to cross a small canal  that separated land mass’s.



Aerial View of Survey Route of the road Jacobson made



Jacobson Property North Entry


The road initially spanned the northern part of Jacobsons property making a cul-de-sac to return out. Mr. Jacobson then cut a right of way to the southern end of his property for access to the southern portion of his property.

The northern road  exist to this day as it was originally cut, the southern end of his property also still has it’s original right of way access. The southern access to Jacobson’s property  runs across my wife’s Tribal Lease.  Both access points to his property (north and south) have been maintained utilized for over 50 yrs.

Jacobson’s road to the Onigum Marina area in later years were upgraded and utilized to develop tribal and non-tribal lease lots from Onigum Popal Dock to the Onigum Marina area. That initial right of way also enabled the development of the 1970’s Onigum Marina Restaurant, Boat House, Boat dock and camp sites.


Destruction of Jacobson’s Mobile Home and Environmental Mess Created by LLBO on Jacobson’s Property


Approximately 2013, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe went onto the northern section of Jacobson property, flipped Jacobson’s mobile home on  it’s side and towed off the mobile home steel frame, leaving the remains of the mobile  home on the ground.  (photo  of  the environmental mess created)

In recent time Steve Jacobson, put his family land on the real estate market which drew interest for a couple of buyers. Jacobson’s Property tax value is approx 1.5 million, he put his property on the real estate market for 1.2 million (300 thousand less tax value).

One potential buyer offered to Jacobson approximately $900,000 for his property (300 thousand below asking price) The potential buyer presented to Jacobson, this is a take it today offer, or leave it. Jacobson replied he had to consult family members for such a decision.

Shortly there after  Levi Brown of LLBO notified the Real Estate Agent, and made him aware LLBO would not allow land access to Jacobson’s Property for development. Jacobson was then told his property was now considered water access only and his real estate market value was greatly reduced.

There was also another offer to Jacobson to split his property; the offer was for the buyer to develop the north shoreline of Jacobson’s property, with mention to assist Jacobson to parceling out the remainder of his property.

Today, there is approximately a 80 foot of MCT land between the current position of the Onigum Marina Road and Jacobson’s property line (which is the same as the Shingobee – Turtle Lake Township line).


Levi Brown of the LLBO and Real Estate Agent suggested to Jacobson a Land for Land exchange (logged with images and email text) to  provide land access to the Jacobson Property for real estate development.

The exchange was to be approx 130 feet x 33 feet of right of way (noted by double red lines in the image ½ way down Jacobson property line) in exchange for Jacobson’s southern end of property that is separated from the north side of the property by a bog.

The southern portion of Mr. Jacobson’s property is approx 2 acres and it has approx 300 feet of shoreline property on Leech Lake.

The email also said to gain access to the southern portion of Jacobson’s property, a second access right of way would be needed.

email from Real Estate Agent to Jacobson

> The attached picture shows where the road would go in blue, a width of 33 feet by approximately 130 feet long, or however far it is from the blacktop to your property line.


> The outline in red which is highlighted yellow would be the piece you would trade for the road. This is a nice enough piece of woods, but it would take a second road easement to get to it. This is the only option that appealed to the tribe for giving you a permanent road easement, which you need to sell the main parcel.


Approx 2013 – Additional Note of Interest

The Onigum Marina Area, the LLBO through a Forestry Grant for Fire Safety to clear excess fuel on the ground of wooded area’s. LLBO cleared the 1970’s Onigum Marina Camp site area’s ,  and the camping sites wash house area up the road from the marina. LLBO cleared the footprint of 1970’s Marina Development.

LLBO is currently requesting assistance from the Leech Lake Association to dredge the Onigum Marina access canal.

Is this pre-development to re-initiate the Onigum Marina / Harbor? If so, such a development would be of great value to real estate property in the Onigum Marina area, that Levi Brown and real estate affiliates are trying to get “their” hooks into.


Tainting Real Estate & Real Estate Extortion – It is what it is

In the Real Estate Culture of this Area , Jacobson’s Property is now and will remain Tainted with potential litigation from the LLBO towards potential buyers and Mr. Jacobson

This act by LLBO Levi Brown Tainted Mr. Jacobson’s real estate property and development, has scared off potential buyers and  the Jacobson’s have not had any other interest calls for the property – Except that from the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation

The southern portion of Jacobson’s property potential shows that Levi Brown of LLBO is asking for a potential $3 million in exchange for taking the LLBO Land Lock Taint off of Jacobson’s property.


13+  Million Potential – Real Estate Tainted 

After a few Cass County  offices were contacted  in ref to Mr. Jacobson’s Property being declared water access only , Mr. Jacobson was made aware of a potential offer from Leech Lake watershed foundation to purchase his property.

Projecting a shoreline development from the north side of the lake across from Jacobson’s property (values from Cass County Parcel System) onto Jacobson’s property in the excel spreadsheet.

Column labeled “12 on Jacobson 1” = 12 shoreline lots on northern part of Jacobson property.

Column labeled “4 on Jacobson 2”  is southern part of Jacobson property


This projection is for shoreline properties only, it does not include any parcel space for the interior of Jacobson property that has been tainted.




Access Points to Jacobson’s Property


Jacobson Property South Access – Chair is approx 40 feet from road shoulder



Jacobson Property North Access – TownShip line, which is Jacobson’s property line is at the Front of Car,  approx 80 feet from road shoulder


With the Two Points Property – The LLBO with support of the Cass County Commissioners and area Environmental Foundations, has set the precedence that the LLBO can Taint any real estate development property through myth, lies and deception of cultural sensitivity OR Conservation concerns OR for any reason, such as land locking property / Litigation threats, even if access points have been in place and used uncontested for 50+ years.

But what is denied actually does exist and
eventually comes to the surface, just as
any truth will eventually surface
despite acts to hide it.

~ Joy Harjo ~


 with Regards – June 24th, 1610

“To this day, I stand with support of the 1610 Concordant Wampum”

Joey P. Wade
12th generation family of Anli-Maopeltoog

Aka: Henry Membertou, through his daughter Marguerite


email list:

 Cass County Commissioners , , , , ,

Shingobee Township

Ann Swanson

Peter Opheim

Connie Kaylor

Tim Orton

Nancy Beard

Ron Geiser


Turtle Lake Township

 Lynette Emery

Crystal Freeman

Reno C Wells

Dennis King

Eugene Alderson


OtterTail TownShip

Patti Gramke

Kathryn Lynes

Earl Tiggemann

Frank Alianello

Holly Ash

State reps


state senate

[end of part 2 draft]

part1 and part2 contents above included with Email

sent June 24, 2017 to those of the  email list at end of part 2


> Over the months i have emailed concerns out to numerous state representatives relative to a request to the LCCMR for acquisition of the  “Robinson Two Points Property” in Cass County Minnesota.
> Over the last couple of weeks i presented the same concerns along with another real estate concern that directly correlates to issues of the Robinson Two Points Property, that should be researched and addressed if necessary. These presentations were to the June Cass  County Commissioners meeting, Cass county townships Turtle Lake , OtterTail and Shingobee , also at the June 10th Hackensack Legislative Roundup meeting (panel diverted presentation – detail of instances described in document)
> Cass County Commissioners presentation did not allow for time to present part 2 of this document, OtterTail Township Part 2 was not given as per the councils request,
> The document attached: “The Tainting of Real Estate &  Real Estate Extortion
A Correlation between Two Points and William Jacobson’s Property”
is to provide more detail than that presented verbally or in past emails, since much of the information presented was from memory without source information in most instances, and as such, erroneous information was given in error on my part.
> This document is for awareness of critical concerns, I am not asking for any action to be taken , except that, the information contained within the attached document be researched to validate the contents of the writing AND that all recipients act on irregular and questionable actions contained within the document.
> Regards,
> Joey P. Wade
> June 24, 2017 (CDT)
> Bcc: —->



Not included in part 1 & 2  writings – info also presented at meetings


Archeology Studies / Spatial Analysis


When Robinson titled the two points property a archeology study had to be conducted, as per “sensitive shoreline criteria”,  as i was told.

According to Cass County Environmental dept. a archeological study is dictated when property is split. There was no study conducted when Skipp Finn split the property 1-16-2004. No study was conducted  afterward when the property was titled to Piprude.

At what point did archeological studies become mandatory?

After Sensitive Shoreline criteria was updated?

That criteria which was developed  with the support and assistance of input sessions that included the Leech Lake Association and the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation?

Note: The Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation and the Minnesota Land Trust use a competitive application process to select conservation easements for funding on private lands within Minnesota’s North Central lake region which includes Cass, Crow Wing, Hubbard and Aitkin Counties.


Note: Report generation: 2008, RMB Environmental Laboratories

Click to access leech_lake_p1.pdf

pdf file page 2:  -“The Leech Lake Association and the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation are involved in many aspects of the lake. The Association has participated in lake monitoring and stream inlet/outlet monitoring, shoreline restoration, and is a member of the Association of Cass County Lakes (ACCL)….

This organization consists of member lake associations in Cass County, Minnesota.

We further the goals and purposes of our organization by:

  • actively monitoring and participating, as appropriate, in the functions of townships, state agencies such as the DNR and PCA and Cass County Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, advisory committees, and revision and updating processes to the county Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Ordinances as they pertain to lakes, waterways, watersheds, and related areas such as watershed districts and soil and watershed conservation districts.




My wife and  her mother recording free air, transcribing and sending that capture to the Duluth NewsPaper launched the investigation that resulted in the 2nd  time in a 200 yr time frame that a senator was expelled from his Senate Seat.


letter to duluth2

Screen Capture Source: page 173 of 321 pdf file – Hearings for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his Senate Seat – #page=173


two points senate hearing

Screen Capture Source: page 199 of 321 pdf file – Hearings for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his Senate Seat –



**** update info July 14, 2017 ****



Subdivision 1.
(1) the interest must be at least equal in fair market value, as certified by the commissioner of natural resources, to the interest being replaced;
Subdivision 1.  Commissioner approval.
(a) A recipient of an appropriation from the trust fund who acquires an interest in real property must receive written approval from the commissioner  of natural resources prior to the acquisition, ….



Aug 2016 – DNR appoints Rita Albrecht (Mayor of Bemidji ) as northwest regional director. Albrecht worked for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe as a “economic development specialist” ….




Mayor Rita Albrecht was present at the June 2017 Cass County Commissioners Meeting (noted  presentation part 1) when I presented the Two Points Property Acquisition  concerns

Archive of Sources:!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w


also note as per part 1 of the presentation relative to the last stopping point at Two Points myth and deception

File at:!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q

pg 153 of 344

“At the time when the Ojibways first took possession of Leech Lake and the surrounding country, (….) From this circumstance Goose and Pelican Islands have derived their names. (….)

At first, while they were yet feeble in numbers, they planted their lodges
on the islands of the lake for greater security against the Dakotas, who for many
years after their evacuation often sent their war parties to its shores to view the
sites of their former villages, and the graves of their fathers, and, if possible, to
shed the blood of those who had forced them from their once loved hunting

**** end of update ****


Notes on

The Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe

and   Sacred This or That

Speaking with Goltz, he mentioned his source for his conclusions in his archeology report about the last stop of the Anishinabe migration  , is a 1975 publication by Selwyn H. Dewdney. Dwedney is known for his work in “Therapy Art”.

Dewdney sourced a man named Red Sky, who “SOLD”  some birch bark scrolls  to a museum in Calgary.

“Red Sky sold his seven sacred scrolls to the Glenbow-Alberta Institute in Calgary as a means of preserving Midewiwin knowledge and provided Dewdney with an explanation of the pictographs therein.
He places the origin of Midewiwin at La Pointe in the late 18th century and attributes its creation to Ojibwa religious leaders.
He discusses some Christian and other Western influences on Midewiwin ritual and organization, then observes that in the 20th century the high cost of initiation resulted in Midewiwin’s becoming an exclusive and esoteric priesthood which encouraged the formation of an hereditary Ojibwa class system. Today Midewiwin exists but is not flourishing; Red Sky gave up his scrolls because he had no successor.”
Source: American Anthropologist Volume 78, Issue 1, [pg 162]


Red Sky relayed from  memory the so_called Sacred Scrolls he SOLD AND APPENDED HIS OWN ICONS AS THE LAST STOPPING POINT of the so called ANISHINABE MIGRATION that Goltz uses for his archeology conclusions.

Red Sky was from Wauzhushk Onigum (Rat Portage) First Nation (Kenora Indian Reservation) ,  which is where FlatMouth spent part of his life seeking shelter from some of the Ojibwe at Leech Lake that were gunning for him.

red sky scrolls

Cute eh?

This is another MESS worth discussing  …. What ever happened to , offering something to someone with the request of “Please Take Care of this/these” with no other expectations except that proper care will be given? …. In place of Selling it.

“it’s” called Trust, and very obvious that the word Trust as in “Environmental Trust Funds” in parts 1 and 2 of this blog entry is being abused. No?

Anyone who knows even a 1/2 cent worth of ancestries teachings understands Mide originated thousands of years ago and “it came to life” in tune with “Creation Stories” (the Algoquin Language Family has upto 4 creation stories).

These teachings originated during the time that the Anishinabe (who are of the Algoquin Language Family) lived in their original homelands at the “Eastern DoorWay” , today known as the Atlantic Coast, that language and its teachings that have EXPANDED across land mass’s with people  —> NOT MIGRATED


The Midewiin – Grand Medicine Society – Anishinabe Migration Stories – that is spoken of these days and practiced these days  , relayed by the writings of people such as Dwendey, SchoolCraft, William W.  Warren, George Copeway (free mason) etc ….. is the result of diffusion,  separation of original traits,  as a result of other belief system influence on the original AND “Cultural Appropriation” that has resulted in the total collapse of original teachings

In Vogue (pg. 68 below) were Contemporary Teachings in those days (coming to life) that over time of use and acceptance became “Traditional”, that spiraled downward to the ultimate violation of a persons Soul/Spirit,   anything less expected from those who try to walk through life with one foot in the shadows and the other in the light?


The Mide Dwendey says originated in the 18th century …. refers to Mide practices of the area Madeline Island / LaPointe  Wisconsion. Those practices expanded outward to area’s such as N. Minnesota.

Madeline Island / LaPoint  is today – for those who follow and  believe in the “1970’s contemporary Migration Teachings” , that are now today considered “traditional teachings”  , was the last stopping point of the termed Ojibwe Migration.

An interesting note about  FlatMouth and his final days in this world

He asked that Father Francis Pierz be sent for. While awaiting the priest, Flat Mouth had a black cloak made in the form of a priest’s gown. Putting it on, he said, “Now the Great Spirit will see me and know that I love him and the priest, from whom I heartily wished to be baptized.” Soon after, the chief died” 





Source: “History of the Ojibwe People by William Whipple Warren  Minnesota Historical Society, 1885 –

warren in vogue 67



warren in vogue 68

warren in vogue 69



More Diffusion

Do_Not get Me Wrong  in ref to Free Masons , Mr. Jackie a community elder is  32nd degree of the Scottish Rite

One of my fondest Mentors – A True Gentleman

Appropriation – The 1848-49 John Baptiste Martell Delegation – FreeMason

Source: Masonic Voice Review, Volume 4 , J. Ernst., 1849



free mason 146



free mason 147.jpg

free mason 148

Two Points in a Nut Shell


“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People’s beliefs, values and traditions.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”


1970’s Contemporary Teachings that shaped Today’s Traditional Teachings

A Major Shift in 1st Nations Spirituality

it takes approximately 3 generations to totally alter worldviews and ideologies

The migration teachings of people like red sky (contemporary —-> tradition) are most always combined with the prophecies of the 8 fires (conjured also by AIM) , an interesting note is that of the supremacy ideologies as in the 7th fire teachings.
the 7th fire prophecy – initiated in the 1970’s hand in hand with the termed Anishinabe Migration teachings

“In the time of the Seventh Fire New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the Elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders. The task of the New People will not be easy.

“If the New People will remain strong in their quest the Water Drum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice. There will be a rebirth of the Anishinabe Nation and a rekindling of old flames. The Sacred Fire will again be lit.

“It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with then in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”


These teachings have morphed  since the 70’s , in some instances the teachings are now called the 8 prophecies – or whatever 


by Warren (called a half breed – who is Anishinabe)

“The account which the Ojibways give of their first knowledge of the whites, is as follows:”


page 89:
While still living in their large and central town on the Island of La Pointe,a principal and leading Me-da-we priest, whose name was Ma-se-wa-pe-ga (whole ribs), dreamed a dream wherein he beheld spirits in the form of men, but possessing white skins and having their heads covered. They approached him with hands extended and with smiles on their faces. This singular dream he related to the principal men of the Ojibways on the occasion of a grand sacrificial feast to his guardian dream-spirit. He informed them that the white spirits who had thus appeared to him, resided toward the rising sun, and that he would go and search for them. His people tried to dissuade him from undertaking what they termed a foolish journey, but firm in his belief, and strong in his determination, he was occupied a whole year in making preparations for his intended journey.

page 91: “It is related that on the arrival of this party at La Pointe, [p 120] with the fire-water, none dare drink it, thinking it a poison which would immediately cause death. They, however, to test its virtues, made an experimental trial on a very aged woman who—as they reasoned—had but a short time to live at all events, and whose death would be a matter of no account.

The old woman drank it, appeared perfectly happy and in ecstasies, got over the effects of it, and begged for more. On which the men took courage, and drank up the remainder themselves.

From that time, fire-water became the mammon of the Ojibways, and a journey of hundreds of miles to procure a taste of it, was considered but as boy’s play.”


Red Sky’s migration stories and scrolls during  the 70’s were “contemporary teachings” (contemporary as in coming to life, a new way , in vogue, new age teachings) that over time after continued use and wide spread acceptance (those who did not accept were blundered into submission by AIM indoctrination) that eventually became “traditional” , which has resulted in the total loss of original identity markers, world views and ideologies as per the end result of “cultural appropriation”



The Birth of Today’s Traditional Mide occurred at StillWate Prison

In years past, children of unique qualities were selected at early ages of their life to be students of spiritual guidance. During their years of maturity, those who “accepted the responsibility” to be a Spiritual Advisor made a decision on their own to accept or not accept such responsibilities. A very serious choice.

“Starting in the 1970’s people from within the prison systems,  were declared spiritual advisers  , supported through federal funding programs, and released into reservation communities to as termed “liberate 1st Nations people” from the termed “white man” , “Christianity” and “Colonialism”.

Clyde Bellecourt was convicted  and sentence to the adult correctional facility at St. Cloud. On his 25th birthday, he was transferred to Stillwater Prison prison in Stillwater, where he served out the remainder of his sentence.

According to Bellecourt’s first-person account of this time, he was in solitary confinement for a discipline infraction when he heard someone outside his cell singing and calling his name. He looked out the peep-hole into the eyes of Eddie Benton Banai.

… Banai had come to persuade him to help form an Indian cultural group.

In the following weeks, Bellecourt gathered 82 of the 128 Indian inmates then in Stillwater to come to the first meeting of the Indian American Folklore Group.

It became the model for an Indian cultural renaissance within prisons across the country. The Folklore Group met weekly, using History of the Ojibwe Nation by William Whipple Warren as their text, and led by Banai as instructor.

The group was given a drum by an “anonymous” benefactor, the group began having powwows….” source: Shattered Garbage in Garbage Out

In ref to the writings of garbage in , garbage out and the twisted teachings that correlate to the carving of Milky Way Jr, this fb post and it’s comment replies , about Milky Way Sr.

Results of twisted teachings —->

Also Note – Milky Way Sr is also mentioned in this writing —->




Onigum Marina Canal Dredging noted in Leech Lake Association Minutes–_july_18_2016.docx

TRIBAL PROJECTS:  Steve Mortensen mentioned that the Tribe is working with the Leech Lake Area Watershed  Foundation to obtain lake shore acreage on the Two Points area which at one time was a tribal village.   

Steve also mentioned that the entrance to the fishing lagoon on Onigum is silted up and would need to be dredged by the tribe since the property is  all tribal land. 

This lagoon is also the site of the old Shingobee Fishing Pier.


One Last Point

Heart Felt – Welcome to the Truth

 It is very heart felt to sit back and watch working groups twist , spin aspects of my wife Zhanoogikwe (keeper of storms / woman of south winds)  ancestry (she is a direct descendant of FlatMouth) , especially when doing so to smooth over corruption, and benefit people involved with corruption, it is heart felt to sit back and watch the spiritual foundation of identity used as a tool through myth and deception for self serving agenda’s, and just as much heart felt when all of that occurs,  while people ignore what resides within community, that kids and family have to live among.

Multiple aspects and dynamics of Abuse – that is allowed, minimized or marginalized,  while some people rant on about surface water run off and lake water quality.

The Hypocrisy of some Advocates

Here is a Short Glimpse of Our World – managed by Levi Brown



A few Home Sites in Onigum , NOW environmental mess’s that contain 70’s or so older building materials, hazardous materials such as Zink roofing, lead based paints, etc …. That are allowed to decompose and leech into the soil toward water supplies and and run off to the lake with surface rain waters. Stewards of the Environment wanting to protect the Two Points Property eh?

People should_not  talk it,

If they choose not_to  walk it ….

 Doing such is like throwing out

The baby with the wash water ….

Keep in focus ….

One of the Primary Objectives of

Sovereignty ….

Is to Protect the Children

And that includes “their” Environment


Hey LaTortue —-> Que Sera Sera



~ Being Human ~

~ A Person of Nations ~

~ It Ain’t Easy Being Me ~

“Seriously – with every breath, “It’s” easy ,  a natural thing”

“I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us.” ~Zhaawinoogequay~



June 24, 1610

Interesting to note

Marguerite Membertou  the daughter of Leader Anli -Maopeltoog /Henry Membertou and Marie Abenaki  —->  Marie Abenaki’s  father was Leader Barthelemi “Anaraoui” MITEOUAMIGOU/Abenaki Algonquin of Trios Rivers —-> 

All are  “People of the Dawn” – “People of the Eastern DoorWay”


Additional Sources

SchoolCraft Never at Two Points

text (last paragraph)

SchoolCraft Map source:

FlatMouth Drew Leech Lake for Map



Source Documents – Don’t Blink


Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


Index to All Files at upload site!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q







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