More Peanuts – Bernie Another Mouthpiece for Abourezk

March 21, 2016



Obama’s Bridge to Islam -Another step in Islamization. The professor who says that Islamic law is better than Western codes is appointed to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

“Ibrahim El-Hibri had made a fortune doing business with Saudi Arabia. His company dominates the manufacture of the anthrax vaccine.” ~Israel national News~

Isn’t that Ibrahim, the same Islamic extremist clown [mentioned in the article Obama’s Bridge to Islam] that James Abourezk claimed as his friend in 1975, that helped to get abourezk’s 2 cousins Nadia & Laurisout Abpurizk, out of Beriut Lebanon?

Yep, That is the same years the 1st U.S diplomat was sent to the Arab States for  Israel & Palestine negotiations, none other than James Abourezk was that 1st and he did so in support of  the Baath Party / PLO, who in the same years hired Russle Means of AIM as an adviser for his staff on Native American concerns. We can thank the Peanut Farmer for securing this stupidity!

That would be James Abourezk who created the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in those same years, who is pushing today to create an avenue for more children to be harvested for ABUSE with guidelines for the new ICWA proposal that is paving the way for Tribes to point the finger at just about any child to claim them as NDN for federal funding.

Keep in mind, that Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk, adopted son (so called lakota) Charlie Abourezk was at the home where Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was beaten, raped and interrogated not long after Leonard Peltier stuck a gun in her mouth calling her a fbi pig informant, executed the morning after the interrogation by Charlie Abourezk’s AIM buddies , that murder decided on that same night by the American Indian Movement leadership and those involved.



A few more notes of Abourezk’s work from yesterday correlating with current events of  Obama & Cuba , May 2015 started off with the Minnesota Orchestra visiting Cuba as a cultural sharing pr campaign.

 1976 – Abourezk trying to set up the cultural sharing with Cuba

1976 January 21, 00:56 (Wednesday)
Margaret P. Grafeld Declassified/Released US Department of State EO Systematic Review 04 MAY 2006


Date: 1976 April 8, 00:00 (Thursday)

Who was the Special Assistant , Russel Means (who upon release from jail, Abourezk hired for his office Native American adviser) , Tom Daschel, or who?

Tom Daschle was handling foreign affairs for then-Senator Abourezk when Gwendolyn Myers, accused of spying for Cuba along with her husband,  was also on the Abourezk payroll and when in 1977 Abourezk took two South Dakota basketball teams to Cuba.” source


April 10, 1977 – “Cuba, says Abourezk, is one place where a U.S. senator can take a vacation without being pestered by flunkies from the American embassy” ~Washington Post~

NOW  ASK: EXACTLY WHAT was the reasoning, for ABOUREZK’S WORKING COG  Sen. Rick Nolan of MN. to follow  up with dialog to Cuba between 1997 -1998  , to include requesting the direct phone number of Fidel Castro’s office.  – The same years if not in error , Nolan Visited Cuba –  LOL!



2012 Center for Western Studies Conference – Wounded Knee 40yrs Later – James Abourezk shows up in defense for the American Indian Movement in place of the people (which included Lakota and Anishinabe Women labled by AIM as White Racist to try and justify such sick actions) that AIM blundered during the WK2 Seige in the early 70’s




Native American activist Clyde Bellecourt speaks to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a forum on race and economic opportunity in Minneapolis Friday, Feb. 12, 2015. (Reuters photo by Jim Young)

Native American activist Clyde Bellecourt speaks to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a forum on race and economic opportunity in Minneapolis Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. (Reuters photo by Jim Young)

Bernie is a mouth piece for shAIM & leonard peltier defense committee (political funding) Clyde Bellecourt initiated the dialog on Native issues and treaties in the twin cities with bernie, and then one of clydes sidekick’s Tara Houska was Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders 2 or so weeks later.

Just prior to Clydes dog and pony show with sanders in the twin cities Tara Houska shored up with Winona LaDuke . A bunch of posers latching on to bernie and bernie latching on to their B.S! for support.

2-12-2016 “Bellecourt demands Sanders promise to follow Indian treaties” – press release by Don Davis who has been the Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau chief since 2001, covering state government and politics

2-24-2016 – indian country today -“Tara Houska,  Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a Democrat, has said he will “work with the Native American community in preserving their heritage, and their way of life” and that he will do “everything” he can to “redress [treaty violations].”
” Earlier this month, Houska was hired as the National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, an environmental justice nonprofit helmed by activist and Native American leader Winona LaDuke.

Anyone remember this recent poser put on? Image above: Oct. 2015 American Indian Protestors Make Point Outside in Minneapolis – Clyde Bellecourt and Tara Houska. article by levie rickert the MOUTHPIECE for blAIM and shAIM at native news online.


Bellecourt and Tara Houska who is now the Green Energy Queen Wino LaDuke’s  National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, hugging up to one of the AIM leaders that Ordered the Execution of not only Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, but many other 1st Nations people as well, thou the murder of Annie is the only execution by AIM against our own that has ever entered the U.S courts.


I was recently asked in regards to that above along with the Presidential Campaign

“Who is the Good Guy?”

Here’s a Rant on that Question

not so sure about trump, as for bernie he is being funded by Soro’s and group, keep in mind Soro’s has been tied to the pockets of the rockerfellers, derothchilds for yrs working toward a one world currency, in his youth Soros worked directly with Adolf Eichmann sending his own jewish people to the death camps and around 2010 or so when questioned by 60 minutes about those acts he said he hand no remorse , it made him feel powerful, he was very influential with the U.S energy policies for Obama which paved the way for himself along with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to garnish almost total control of the railroad systems which places themselves in a position to grab a financial percentage of oil extraction, the oil transport sector has always been a key to controlling the industry, because one can pick as many apples as they want , thou without a means to get them to market, the apples are worthless, thus driving up the cost of consumer price for fuel.

  • soro’s is one of the major funders for moveon .org, 360 .org, occupy .org etc …. using people to follow his agenda’s for creating social chaos and division to serve “their” agenda’s of creating a one world government through a one world currency.

    what most people do not realize is those with soro’s do_not give a flip about the environment, they are the major contributors to environmental degradation under the pretense of being green energy leaders, of course to produce “their own products, such as solar energy, which has little if any gov. regulation for extraction of the rare earth minerals to produce, which makes oil extraction environmental footprint of damage look like cherry pie, the same for the rail car’s and shipping, constant de-regulation of environmental protection to enhance their profits, and on and on and on.

    this is a big part of the on-going climate change dialog being pushed into the public view , to garnish support for their own financial drive which is really trashing the earth, Winona of HtE, Marty and Goldtooth IEN (indigenous environmental network) both receive millions on top of millions from Soro’s to get out and prance around to garnish public support , Goldtooth when questioned how he could accept financial support and serve the agenda like soro’s said, those guys all ways contact us when they need token indians for their cause, and yet those arse wipes take the monies assisting such sicko’s. Nothing like shoring up with and supporting those who created the f9 monkey key’s, eh?

    Soros and boys also staged the Arab Spring that led to the Muslim Brotherhood being put into power positions in Egypt through the support of Obama, the muslim brotherhood is the off crop of the Baath Parth / PLO which in it’s later trends of pan-arabism that transformed into Hamas in palestine and across the region now ISIS.

    Soor’s is also funding black lives matter and other so called activist/human rights groups and an interesting note is again the amount of radical_muslim_extremists that are at the top of those food chains of preaching peace and tolerance standing hand and hand with our own countrymen to create strife with out any intent to create “common ground” for working / social concerns.

    did not take soro’s and the boys to jump on INM either, actually a large part of the initial thrust (media coverage) was promoted and funded by those same working groups who eventually transformed the movement into current day shAIMster world views , ideologies and actions …..

    Hilary Clinton Says US should admit 65,000 Syrian refugees

    Anyone need to say another cog of that Syrian Peddler Son James Abourezk for Hillary?

    Bernie and hillary both are in bed with those clowns, clinton over recent years swang a deal with the soviet union for u.s uranium, something to the nature of 50% of the stocks here to go to russia, right on the heels of that pe`sala sale, that black hills region is currently going back up for uranium mining, extraction is to increase in the upcoming years, where it has laid pretty dormant for extraction over recent years for extraction of uranium.

    that last part uranium is a big key to global control, it’s about energy needs and who has the supplies, green energy is smoke and mirrors for the constant coverup of the advancement of fussion power generation technology, when that technology is released not amount of oil , or solar energy will be needed due to it’s safe and clean means of process’s (of course you and i will be long gone from this physical world by then smile emoticon , man will still be here thou the environment will likely be totally trashed along with much of the other life we shared life with in these modern times ….[note: [Note: We are getting closer to fusion power – feb 2016 – NewYork Post]

    One thing is for certain wherever Islam has placed it’s foot down, people have upto this day had to kneel to their God, and that is also what a big part of this crazyness is about, for “Men” to have their way with Women and Children under the protection of so called good belief systems.

    also note, rare earth minerals, that in the past had not great demand , are today in the forefront of mineral resourse extraction, for supper magnets, recharagable batteries , high tech electronic circutry needs such as military and communications, (and very much needed for green energy products such as solar panels, windmill generators, etc) and very much needed for just about all modern day consumer good production cost reduction, computers, cars, building materials, China controls about 98% of the rare earth extraction and it has just been recently that western companies have jumped on board with gaining a part of that industry market, during the recent afgan war, it was released to the public that afgan has trillions upon trillions of worth of rare earth minerals, and even though the u.s created the infrastructure for access, roads, water, community development during the afgan war, the Soviets and China (more rockefella derothchild cogs like TNK BP / Soviet Union branch of BP, that is BP who grew out of the 1st oil finds in the arab countries, then known as the arab persian oil company

    i.e to say BP grew out of the oceans of oil in iran hand in hand with Standard Oil , will still gain control of those mineral resources …. same o, same o, always has , always will be about resource control and technology advancement …. i.e to say the tribe with the highest technology most always wins ….

    btw: canada is loaded big time with rare earth deposits from coast to coast in the tundra’s, and methane gas deposits (the latest and greatest gas extraction being referenced as natural gas supplies, methane is not natural gas as per chemical component breakdown, thou the extraction and production of it for energy is being called natural gas concepts, and the concepts for extraction includes fracking combined with thermal stimulation to break the gas free from the permafrost), this is another reason for the canadian gov. getting on board with china for energy needs).
    Am thinking Trump wants to take financial control of China/Asia’s industrial production, which is a good thing in ways because he does not seem to be tied to the rockefella, derothchilds, etc ….
    i.e to say if trumps working team takes control of industrial production, people can have all the mineral resources in the world, thou those resources are not worth spit unless the demand for production of consumer products calls for those resources AND those who control production, buys the resources for production output to meet demand supplies.

    SouthChina Sea also, will be the future’s modern day arab oil reserves, lot of stink of that going on right now not being spoken of, and yes again loads of methane exist there …. note blog on methane in blog entry ….

    AND NOTE: WGS-5 Launched May 2013 – joint ground coverage and communications with Australia defense systems for coverage of the South China Sea.

    My primary concern remains with “identity of the nations” and how those working groups mentioned above could care less and continue to try and alter identity by bringing in other cultural traits and belief systems to change world views , ideologies of future generations to serve those who do not give a squat about the security and well being of nation hood as per our ancestries expectations ….

    “a nation is not totally conquered until it’s people’s beliefs and identity is altered to serve the dominate”

    for example, even the whale has a right to it’s existence in this world and it is part of our responsibility to ensure it’s ability to survive by not trashing it’s home, “they” do_not trash ours.

     rant, rant, rant , and to answer your question, i am not sure if i can define the meaning of good guy , and as such , do not know who the good guys are, thou i do know, i have a right to my own life, without having to, or being expected to kneel at anyone’s feet.

    for good people , maybe think about SpindleTop (birth of the modern day oil industry) vs. IG Farben (1st synthetic oil production) and who gets in what boat ….

    kind of like the Ship , the Virginian Argyle as mentioned below …. (relative to the fur trade and who was putting the screws to their own)

    Not much different when Islam rolled across Hibernia (Spain) when Spain’s own countrymen shored up with Islam to initiate Sharia Law)


    Acadia: 1610-1613 – THE ABENAKI MISSION.

    This mission was chiefly in Maine and Acadia, and on Cape Breton Island. The Abenakis (or Abnakis) were a strong but mild-mannered Algonkin tribe, settled in villages or cantonments; but, like others of their race, in the habit of taking long semi-annual journeys, each winter to hunt, and each summer to fish. We have seen that the French Jesuits, Biard and Massé, were in the field as early as 1611, soon after the establishment of Port Royal; their predecessor being the secular French priest, Fléche, who had been introduced to the country by Poutrincourt, the patentee. Biard and Masse met with many discouragements, chiefly the opposition of Poutrincourt’s son, Biencourt (sometimes called Baron St. Just), who had been left in charge of the colony. Never-the-less the missionaries learned the native language, and made many long journeys of exploration, one of Biard’s trips extending as far as the mouth of the Kennebec. They were later joined by a lay brother, Du Thet, and by Fathers Quentin and Lalemant. Joining the new French colony on Mt. Desert Island, in the .spring of 1613, the establishment was almost immediately destroyed by the Virginian Argyle. In the skirmish, Du Thet was killed…. ~extracted from The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents – Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France – 1610—1791

    Stay Raggedy ….





Under the Last Star

Now Should We Talk , County/State Court Judicial Reform with Sentencing Circle Tribunals that are to include big warm fuzzy hugs from the Assailant to the Victim? ….

The so called attributes of Native American judicial and healing cultural attributes.

Sharia Law Coming Your Way presented as Peace and Tolerance Right ? …. Through the doorway of child and family of the  traditional american court system.

in regards to ICWA mentioned in the writings   Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system , it should be noted if the ICWA regulations go into effect ANY CHILD of Persian decent that holds any degree of “indian” blood CAN BE HARVESTED BY TRIBES as an indian child, thus opening the door, creating avenue’s of need for SHARIA LAW IN TRIBAL COURTS.

Note blog March 2015 –  Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

Anyone Who actually believes the current refugee – immigrant flood into this country  and policies to promote such is  about human rights, must have ROCKS IN THEIR HEAD! –


Get Ready to be Blind Sided !!!!  LOL!



James Abourezk Exposed As Israel/America Hating “Nazi/Muslim” And “Godfather” Of Obama

March 13, 2016

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Source: James Abourezk Exposed As Israel/America Hating “Nazi/Muslim” And “Godfather” Of Obama

Targeting PipeStone for Ownership of 1st Nations Children Indoctrination

March 4, 2016

In ref to LRI’s fb post – The National Council of Native American Church is pushing to stop appropriation of 1st Nations Ceremony through legislation. Great this means the NAC is going to dis-assemble – considering those working groups are some of the biggest cultural appropriators in modern times. Perhaps LastRealIndians will also dis-assemble considering they are in the same pot of B.S Sacred Cow Crap Spiritual Seduction!




**** Note Blog Entry Jan 2015 what this is actually about:
Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines – ” The Making of the Pan American Indian Caliphate – Yep James Abourezk the son of a Syrian Peddler, and his son Charlie, along with AIM, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, LastRelIndians and Russel Means Lakota Republic with Arvol Looking Horse, Faith Spotted Eagle, etc …. are pushing for legislation to set laws , who can or can not conduct ceremony, who or who not can quarry PipeStone, who or who can not carry a medicine bundle , unless the “Chosen” are sanctioned by the Grand Poo-Pah’s of that self declared lame excuse of christian Abourezk and his working groups.”

**** Note Blog Entry Feb. 2014 what this is actually about:
Anoya Does It Not – “POSERS! pushing to be “GateKeepers of PipeStone”

**** Note Blog Entry Oct. 2014 what this is actually about:
Being Played Like Pawns – “So why did Obama end up at Standing Rock instead of the Green Grass (ask Arvol or Mr. Bahi) , then a make a 24 hr stop in the twin cities , one of the core regions of AIM recruitment. One reason is because that FAKE ARVOL, Phil Lane Jr. and friends of LastRealindians and the Lakota Peoples Law Project are pushing to take control of the PipeStone Quarries so that “they” along with government handlers can try to control the Sacred ….”

**** Note Blog Entry Dec. 2014 what this is actually about:
CME Group Comod Cheese – “Would anyone like to talk about those same working groups in the last post who are currently driving to take control of the PipeStone Quarries, through legislation that will make laws to dictate who can or can not hold sacred pipes, who or who can not quarry pipestone, who or who can not conduct native ceremonies …. that is the current drive by those working groups to set the likes of Arvol Looking Horse (Standing Rock is home of Arvol and Chasing his Tail) with his entourage of AIM spiritual cow crap medicine men like Crow Dog to be the GateKeepers of the Sacred by dictatorship through Russel Means Republic of the Lakota self declared leaders of “pan american indian spiritual grand poo pah’s) (which contains no women)

there is much more than what people realize about Obama’s so called strengthening of working relationships with the Nations …. and this i can promise you if the Joker and his working groups are successful …. the Tribal members of the Nations will see carnage as never seen before”


Que Sera Sera ….


It is ABSURD for these clowns to attempt CREATING FEDERAL REGULATION FOR 1ST NATIONS SPIRITUALITY , while at the same instance “THEY STAY SILENT” to protect “their own American Indian Movement brotherhood” PEDOPHILES, the tin soldiers FOR that Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk who works hand and hand with them to this day as noted in “their” collaborated working relationships along with the Lakota Peoples Project for developing and promoting the new ICWA proposed regulations ,



American Indian Movement  Thomas Francis LeBlanc is networked as part of the working group of Sandy WhiteHawk (another James Abourezk Tin Soldier) for “Bring the Children Home”  …. go figure eh?

Promoting Sickness through the Arts

Tom LaBlanc – A case-study of Tom LaBlanc, a peace activist, in pursuit of “Oneness”
By Hiroko Akiba – Spring 2005 – extracted in part: “Creating a world of peace through the arts …. “Art is another key since it provides a way to communicate that often cannot convey with words.” “Do something better in indigenous way.” “Nurture the spirit, in the ‘Dakota’ way of education.

“he beats the drum for spiritual ceremonies, such as wiping off the ceremony. This is a Dakota Indian ceremony to cease the violence and embrace all the life (“No more tears,” 2004). During these ceremonies, he beats the drum for world peace.”

LINO LAKES — Over 100 attendees gathered for the performance of a Native American culture-oriented play at Centennial Middle School on Feb. 19.

The play, “Bring the Children Home,” written and directed by Minneapolis resident Marcie Rendon, includes singing and spirits, and tells the story of a child born into a violent and uncertain world. It portrays the importance of family and the guidance of elders to exhort youth to a beneficial and positive life path. The play embodies allegorical references and fully developed characters with original, fresh language.

The performance was enacted by Raving Natives Productions, a group that Rendon was able to develop by applying for and receiving grant money.

Her [Marcie Rendon] current projects include a short play that has been translated into Ojibwe, a murder mystery, and a piece for the St. Paul History Theater, written with one of Raving Native’s performers Tom LeBlanc, an internationally acclaimed Dakota poet, playwright and songwriter.



Lets Give Ownership of PipeStone and Ceremony through Federal Regulation to those who continue to promote SICKNESS!  To include Bringing the Children Home to the likes of American Indian Movement member Thomas Francis Leblanc and the  working groups of Abourezk.

Quite the Working group of pedophiles eh? , a bit of insight to Tom Leblanc mentioned in the press release for “Bringing Our Children Home” who has NO_REASON OR BUSINESS BEING AROUND CHILDREN,
Video Published on Feb 26, 2016
Tom LaBlanc at ASANDC Neighborhood project
**** 2013
Solicitation -Internet or Computer – Communication describing Sexual Conduct with Child – Enter Case Number Case No. 62-CR-11-2944 @
2013 – Dakota poet Thomas LaBlanc sentenced for Internet solicitation of 15-year-old
**** 2014
Appeals # Case Number: A13-0653
2014 State appellate court reverses St. Paul man’s cybersex conviction
Anyone need to say Go To Man here? – We can thank the Mn. appeals judge for overturning that conviction and releasing that sicko back into the communities as a “honorable person” eh? 
It is interesting to note that Mn. Appeals Court Judge Stauber NEVER served as a judge prior to being appointed in 2008. ~ Source~
“Judge Stauber worked as a solo law practitioner in Duluth from 1977 to 1982. He also worked part-time as a public defender from 1978 to 2006. He was a partner and senior attorney of the law firm Stauber and Lien from 1982 until his appointment to the Court of Appeals. He has also worked as a district court referee, a MnDOT condemnation commissioner, and a Guardian ad Litem.”

Government Protected

American Indian Movement – 1978 – Thomas Leblanc

 tl longest walk


Want to guess who this working group member is posting to on fb with his so called Poetry?

tl fb post1.jpg


Jesus Blessed Him??? ….

tl fb post2.jpg



At ALL COSTS lets bury the fact that many of the people affiliated with receiving Federal Funding TO ADMINISTER the promotion, advancement  and development of the new ICWA regulations, the joint jurisdiction of county and tribal courts (MAU’s), programs to address Violence Against Missing and Murdered Women, programs for Obama’s Gen-I Initive (youth building) , etc ….
Anyone need to say hello Mr. Saturday Night Live Minnesota Senate for Indian Affairs Al Franken along with Tom Daschle and James Abourezk on this?
It would be a good idea to check the “FACTS” in STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS A13-0653 unpublished opinion File No. 62CR112944
U N P U B L I S H E D  O P I N I O N
Appellant challenges his conviction of soliciting a child to engage in explicit sexual electronic communication in violation of Minn. Stat. § 609.352, subd. 2a(2)(2008). Because the circumstantial evidence was insufficient to support appellant’s conviction, we reverse.
Appellant Thomas Francis LaBlanc exchanged sexually explicit internet messages with D.S., a minor born June 23, 1993, from January to August of 2009. D.S., who lived in Missouri, was 15 years old for some of that time. Appellant was in his sixties.
Appellant and D.S. first communicated on the social networking site MySpace, and also used email to engage in explicit cybersex and exchange nude pictures before D.S.’s 16th birthday.
D.S., who never told appellant his exact age, claimed to be 16 on his MySpace profile. D.S. also revealed facts indicating that he was no older than 16: he told appellant that he was in tenth grade, he was not permitted to drive “till 17 or 18,” and he was too young to enter an age-restricted online chat room.
Appellant made several statements indicating that he was concerned about D.S.’s age. Appellant told D.S. “wish u was legal age” in a message in which he asked D.S. to “talk cryptic” because he was concerned that someone might be monitoring his emails.
In two other messages, appellant told D.S. “your underage and im caution” and “the law runs this stuff, so I must respect that, and think, I better be the adult with you and, step back till u r of age.”


Marcie Rendon with Thomas LeBlanc – Jan 2015

Marcie Rendon

Just Great …. Lets have Regulation of 1st Nations Ceremony so that the likes of James Abourezk > LRI > Sandy WhiteHawk > Thomas LeBlanc can have total control of giving the future youth generations proper Cultural Teachings through the Arts with Marcie Rendon , the so called Elders that protect one another for bending the youth over a barrel. 


Sick Silence The Longest Walk for Justice

December 18, 2015

 Native News Online
“I Am Outrageously Angry at This Guy for What He Did” ~Dennis Banks ~

Straight from the mouth of world views and ideologies since the 70’s, that has and continues to alter identity by  blundering people into Silence


image from Drums of Blood

Dec 13, 2015 – “I think we need to expand our theme for this Longest Walk to include violence against Native women, who are being abused because of drugs – and those where no drugs are involved,” commented Banks.

“I told some AIM leaders this morning, ‘This is a wake-up call for us.’ I think it is time we start addressing the violence committed against our Native women. We need more domestic violence treatment centers for our Native women. We need to get our men into men’s societies to learn how to take better care of our Native women. Right in our homes is domestic violence. When it came to us how she died tragically, it hit home,” stated Banks.


The Silence of the Search Team – inbox msg dialog

You and Lissa Yellowbird-Chase aren’t connected on Facebook
Founder at Sahnish Scouts of North Dakota and Administrator at Missing Persons of ND

Conversation started  – Lissa Yellowbird-Chase




11/7 –  Lissa Yellowbird-Chase – I’d like to hear your story regarding Leonard and Dennis

12/15 – Joe Wade – how about you get with either of them for information and go find the remains of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. or those women as reported by Matthew King, that is in your back yard right? ….

as per Dennis’s daughters recent replies on fb, that don’t matter , that was yesterday AND go ahead and scream it out no body cares

“I was floored,” Oswald says. “Banks is not only aware of Robinson’s killing, but where he was buried, and he acknowledges his own role in where to bury the body.” – as noted in the ny times 2014 article ….


“May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI) –

12/15 – Joe Wade – you can continue with those clowns all you want in their agenda’s to black jacket people, it is expected from those who cherish and support sickness…. have at it ….

12/17– Joe Wade – went silent eh? , lets talk about calling for justice, while at the same instance promoting such horrific illness that continues to migrate as a result of such [mentioned below] …. for those who continue to be sympathetic for such sick actions, and supportive of those responsible, you know the drill …. they get part of the returns ….

“40 years ago three individuals went to ceremony for three days to protect themselves for the violent deed they had just performed on one of their own and to hide the truth from the public.” ~Denise Pictou Maloney~

12/17Lissa Yellowbird-ChaseNever silent! I move in a progressive and positive manner and you sound belligerent and angry. Very unproductive if you ask me.

Today – Joe Wade: LOL!, good luck with your new age/contemporary so called traditional values …. ta ta kiddo ….




I move in a progressive and positive manner” ~Lissa Yellowbird-Chase


lissa yellowbird hijab.jpg

A Good Time to Review Blog Entries

Jan 2015 – Abourezk – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

March 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic Indians



Dialog with another LLTC kid Today

Contemporary & Traditional Beliefs

Contemporary – existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time.

Tradition – an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior

LLTC Kid: “Some people practice contemporary teachings, others like myself follow Traditional Teachings.”

Joe: “What does Contemporary mean?”

LLTC Kid: “New Teachings that are acceptable”

Joe: “would that be like, Vincent LaDuke’s 1970-80’s Medicine Wheel & Astrology teachings initiated with the acid dropping, pot smoking hippie communes at an experimental college in Berkley/Davis Calif. where Dennis Banks was a chancellor, Banks who at the same time held working relationships with Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple that resulted in Kool-Aid drinking followers?


Phil Lane Jr. in the 1970’s  Talking Stick , Answering Feather Healing circles based on his Bahai beliefs, an offshoot of Islam. Those teachings he brought into the prison systems turning out medicine man after medicine man bundle carriers upon their release back into the communities.

AND Eddie Benton Banais who during those same era of Contemporary Teachings developed his spiritual foundation at StillWater Prison with Clyde Bellecourt that conjured up his 8th generation prophecies to coincide with his 7 Grandfather teachings?


Larry Aitkin of Leech Lake that added the twists and spins of that mentioned above into the teachings he pillaged from people like Jenny Smith, to escalate himself to  another modern day Grand Poo-Pah man of Spirituality. Administered by the likes of the LLTC institutionalized instructors  ….

All of that today, which is being called Traditional Teachings – (inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior)

LLTC Kid: Turned away &  shut down INTO SILENCE



Contemporary Teachings are better defined as 

CONTEMPT – lack of respect or reverence for something


12/17 – Lissa Yellowbird-Chase – “Never silent! I move in a progressive and positive manner and you sound belligerent and angry. Very unproductive if you ask me.”

Progressive and Positive Manner Influenced by Peace & Tolerance eh?




Spiritual Abuse, It is what it is,  has resulted in too many people passing along  Kool-Aid Teachings,  influenced by AIM Indoctrination.

Jan 2013 – The Old Guard is Alive and Well





Shhh …. by: Denise Pictou Maloney

Mind your Ps and Qs, DO NOT offend
It’s ok they said, they knew not her end
Ignore the hole left in your heart
They did not know their families part

Shhh keep quiet. (She did not matter)
There is a threat on the horizon
More important than life they said is risin
Stay UNITED for help they said is right
Better to build our nations for this fight

Shhh keep quiet (she did not matter)
Forgive the past and forget,
The vicious cycle will have a better bet
Souls scream for justice ignore the past
Push it down until you’re the last

Shhh keep quiet (she did not matter)





AIM Liberated NO ONE Except Themselves

December 15, 2015


National Congress of American Indians charter Members at the Constitutional Convention Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colorado, November 15-18, 1944




LLTC Kid: “AIM did a lot of good for indians”

Joe: “Really? , What did AIM do for the Nations?”

The kid went on to mention most all that which the Leaders of the National Congress of American Indians, which was founded in 1944, accomplished for their 16 years of hard work, that JFK utilized to create his administrations Indian Point 4 Program.

In the midst of the kids rant, a question was posed, “Have you ever heard of, or were you taught  about the National Congress of Ameircan Indians – (NCAI) ?”

LLTC kid Replies: “No”

Joe: “do your own research, and quit robbing those honorable leaders of credit for their accomplishments and handing it to a bunch of  AIM thugs that showed up 10yrs after the JFK – NCAI agreements.

October 28, 1960 – Letter on Indian Affairs from Senator John F. Kennedy to Mr. Oliver La Farge, President, Association of American Indian Affairs

“The program which my administration will support will not write Indian reservations and their population off as not worthy of any help ….

We pledge ourselves vigorously to a program of development of Indian communities, as suggested in the Indian point 4 program.

Specifically, we would-”  …. continue reading  –

Common Ground Working Relationships were finalized with offerings to the U.S government from the NCAI in 1963

March 5, 1963 – President John F. Kennedy welcomes the National Congress of American Indians




Anyone think it is time to start telling the youth and the public , the truth, in place of continuing to of sugar coat the actions of those who hijacked the spirituality of 1st nations , that spirituality which today is the foundation of sickness that continues to migrate and prosper by the way of the bastardized cultural beliefs, worldviews and ideologies put into play since the 70’s , that today is the foundation of so called healing….

Just great eh? Healing and traditional values that are taught which were built on  ill spilt blood of innocents. Remember it was not just Annie Mae, many had to endure the same as her, as they stood fast with expectations of ancestry, in place of complying with sickness.

Published on Dec 14, 2015

by: Annie Mae’s daughter – Denise Pictou Maloney


It is Absolutely Pathetic that Academia continues to brainwash the kids with teachings of sickness that AIM through Ward Churchill implemented , keep in mind AIM conducted a Sundance just after murdering Annie Mae (and the same for others executed by AIM) & to this day, her pipe is still in “their” possession after repeated request from family for it to be returned , to this day still being abused with ceremony

those teachings that were implemented after

Frank Fools Crow’s home was  burned and  kicked to the curb by AIM

and after  Calvin Dupree retired ….



It is mind boggling that so many people continue to be sympathetic to Spiritual Abuse at it’s Finest , especially those within government positions who continue to enable the migration of SICKNESS !

Sad as it is, Today even the NCAI representatives follow the lead of AIM’s Old Guard Mentality

John Trudell, National AIM Leader during the years of Reign of Terror across indian country,  along with the remainder of the shAIMless , can grovel on into eternity searching for his soul that he tossed away years ago.


 Racist, Racist, Racist – Cards Still in Play

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare -It is time to stop blaming the past. Historical racism is only relevant if you want it to be. You can choose to be bigger and better than that. My children of heritage are just as strong, smart, and capable as any other citizen of the United States – and they are NOT perpetual victims, incapable of happiness due to what happened 150 years ago. Shame on anyone who thinks – or teaches – otherwise.

Being proud of roots means being proud of all of ones roots. Most tribal members are less than 50% anishinabe. My husband was of the few left in his generation that were 100% Leech Lake. Very few are today – although I have some nieces that are. We have taught our children that their entire heritage is valid and worth studying. ALL their ancestors – the ones of good character – are worth admiring and emulating – no matter the heritage.

But God is the only entity worthy of high honor.

This is a true rebuttal of racism – to recognize that race is only a data point, not a definition of who a person is. When we allow race to define us, we are embracing and upholding racism.
As Martin Luther King once noted – the content of one’s character is much, much more important than the color of one’s skin.


Tribal Leaders and the New McCarthyism

By Scott Kayla Morrison, President of CERF

I just finished reading Margaret Truman’s Women of Courage. The book profiles women of courage in American history. Margaret Chase Smith was one of the first to stand up to Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the 1950’s. As I was reading about Sen. McCarthy, I couldn’t help but compare his tactics to modern tribal leaders. McCarthy had his Communists. Tribal leaders have their racists. Both raise ugly clouds over those so labeled. Unlike McCarthy, tribal leaders show no sign of being censured by anyone.

McCarthy has been called the “most gifted demagogue ever bred on these shores.” He found a magic wand to focus attention on him during the Cold War era: the word “communist.” He found them everywhere, working in government, holding public office, the film industry. The word brought fear and loathing by the American people, and brought fear to those accused of being communist. Many careers and lives were ruined because of McCarthy.

For five years, he captured the American psyche and held it hostage. He was a hero to most but a villain to a few. During the height of his rein, he “walked, then, with a heavy tread over large parts of the Constitution of the United States, and he cloaked his own gross figure in the sovereignty it asserts and the power it distributes.” said one commentator.

Tribal leaders’ magic wand is the word “racist.” In the era of political correctness, being labeled a racist creates much the same fear in the recipient as being called a “communist” did in the 1950s. Jobs are lost, lawsuits are filed, and businesses are destroyed. Tribal leaders, like Sen. McCarthy, know this. They know the power they wield and, like Sen. McCarthy, wield it very efficiently. Like McCarthy, it is used exclusively for their own benefit. Unlike McCarthy, no one is stepping forward to rein in the power of the tribal leaders. Where is Margaret Chase Smith when you need her?

Tribal leaders use the label “racist” to stop any legislation that would bring accountability to tribal governments or constitutional freedoms to tribal members. The word silences the press that threatens to expose the corruption of tribal administrations. The word snips at criminal indictments of tribal leaders in an effort to cut off any accountability for actions. The word has power, but it has only the power the American people assign to it. It is time we take back the power from the word. Let’s call a spade a spade. We are doing a disservice to tribal members when we allow tribal leaders to sidestep responsibility by using the word “racist.” As long as tribal leaders can use the label “racist” to stop accountability, we are encouraging a culture of corruption in Indian Country.

With Regard and Respect …. Listen !!!!

Scott Kayla Morriosn

(murdered 2 weeks after this speech)

Part 1

Part 2

Anyone Care to Discuss the Current Push for State Counties to receive a bigger cut from State Tax’s on Tribal Gaming Revenue & how  support of such  from the Tribes, is influencing decisions for Mutual Agreements of Understanding?


The Spiritual Movement of Audrey Thayer – The one that Bites

Comment Reply to Blog Entry

jpwade Says: –

Review and note how “Yelling Racism” has been used to evade accountability.

(relative post deleted from the WTC fb site at the same time Audrey Thayer and Al Nygard were invited into the group to speak, i guess they did not care for the direct correlation of Audrey’s Hero’s (AIM tactics) to Audrey’s tactics, or did not care for the correlation to one of the root causes of child sexual abuse and violence at places like Spirit Lake, ND. i.e at reservations that Al Nygard has implemented his programs and refuses to address the blatant causes of abuse epidemic’s, where children are now being murdered, go figure ….

Joe Wade > WTC fb page:
the peoples movement started off with women in the st.paul/minneapolis area addressing peace officer abuse towards 1st nations people, a non-native man joined in with their efforts assisting with collecting arrest reports to show the statistical differences. As that working group moved forward with public awareness of the concerns, momentum was built that started to open up dialog for communications, learning, understanding to create needed change. The peoples movement was eventually hijacked by the likes of Banks, Bellcourt ect. who turned communications into violence and declared AIM as their “own”.

There is no question the peoples movement was needed and it’s initial actions were very positive until those communications turned into violence.

February 20, 1972 , AIM did a march in gorden sd, and used people to generate violence resulting in burning of town buildings, AIM used the race card and past atrocities to try and justify their acts. Was it necessary and excusable for AIM to do so , NO!

March 9, 1972 , AIM ended up in wounded knee 1 yr prior to the wounded knee siege, with russell means borrowing a bus from the school district for a field trip and then using school kids to vandalize the museum and trading post, then Banks later showed up with older guys to vandalize again that resulted in 50+ thousand of artifacts being stolen and the trading post and museum being trashed. AIM again tried to justify their actions based “racism” and past atrocities. Even called the business owners “white racist” when those families included annishinabe ancestry. Was it right or should AIM be excused for their violent acts of stealing , trashing and labeling our own “white racists” , NO!

11-1-1972, AIM conducted a march to the BIA which drew people from all over who had a common interest to invoke change. That march turned into violence when AIM “seiged” the BIA building and ended up burning/stealing records (land and ancestry). AIM used the past atrocities, racist & sympathy cards to try and justify their actions for burning our own history and the government then gave AIM 60 thousand plus to leave, money that was suppose to be used as transportation money for people to return home. Money that has never been accounted for, and AIM escaped accountability and was excused for their actions of violence.

the AIM mentality used people to feed violence, was it necessary or right to burn and pillage our own history records, is that justifiable to do so based distant atrocities, accusations of racism, ect… NO!, yet AIM was excused and never held accountable.

Feb 27 1973 , AIM entered wounded knee where that “violence” again was nourished and fed resulting in innocent people being murdered within the wounded knee encampment , “again” they try to use racism, past atrocities to justify their actions, and people today still excuse them for the “violence” they use to promote hatred that has turned within. Perry Ray Robinson was murdered, Mannequin Man was hung on a cross and tortured on Easter Sunday and never seen again, Buddy Lamont was killed according to family members statements, Leo Wilcox was burned alive at Wounded Knee, etc ….

Federal Agents were murdered, Annie Mae was murdered, numerous other innocents were murdered, children were taught to support AIM or else and those who oppose to this day are still beaten, raped , etc , and the statistics continue to grow …. all this and more built on the foundation of passing blAIM on distant atrocities, accusations of racism and other to feed Violence and Hatred

hate and violence, hate and violence, hate and violence …. excused

“it” is so well embedded in way to many that have been indoctrinated with bastardized teachings of culture and tradition and values of what a human being is suppose to be.

Today in our community is an “old man”,who spent his whole life up to 2 or so yrs ago drinking, druging, sexually abusing women and children (even of his own family) , that is renounded as a “medicine man” , if one is not careful he will walk past your home and throw rusty nails in your yard (an attempt to keep people in fear by throwing bad medicine) , LOL! , its such a pathetic joke how morals and ethics have been compromised and how the continuance of violence and hatred is supported and endorsed by excusing the ill spirits fed by AIM and the people it has used. People actually honor this crap of a blAIMster.

quite amazing how the corporate-government has used our own, how our own can still not comprehend they are being used to further termination policies, controlled beyond any complete comprehension, so “i” will continue to isolate my”self” from all that garbage and continue trying to get people to “think”

Red Lake youth recently murdered one another, in Onigum not even a year past youth again murdered one another by stabbing from the “violence” that has turned within and still people want to throw out generational trauma as a cause for these instances. Trauma as a result of residential schooling which is one AIM’s calling card platforms that has been used and played over and over again since the BIA seige to “excuse” acts of violence is not the reason for the growth of violence within at current time.

As long as history teachings do not include the violence from the AIM mentality and actions, and as long as those violent acts are “excused” and hidden from dialog for those who need healing , nothing will change.

If people do not stop burying the truths in recent history and excusing those who have generated trauma in our current time , ill spirits will continue to consume the souls of children.


Q: What is the difference between the above writings on Racism and the CURRENT Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation rants on Racism?



There is never an excuse that will ever excuse compromising ones morals and ethics period. ~Denise Pictou Maloney~


The Continuance of – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation

December 11, 2015

in ref to blog entry July 12, 2015 Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth

“do not take me for a fool: next i will be hearing your working groups efforts are in no way affiliated with Sandy White Hawk and White Bison org’s morphed teachings from Mr. Bahis (offshoot of islam beliefs) Phil Lane Jr and working groups who all tie back as tin soldiers to that Syrian peddler son James Abourezk (adviser to Obama), Maha Jewied (DOJ) along with Mohamed Shahabuddeen …. Get Real eh?”

Dec. 3rd 2015 – Sandy WhiteHawk Arrives

Truth Healing and Reconciliation at it’s finest , dished out by the continuance of militant domestic terrorist programing , No? – Nothing like kids that are taught to throw out Sick Medicine under the pretense of Prayer eh?

Tonight in Bemidji at the Northwest Minnesota Foundation , Truth Healing and Reconciliation presentation sponsored by MN. Dept of Health – PeaceMaker Resources & Northwest Minnesota Foundation.

Quite interesting, stared down by one thug at the front of the room, to the point i stood up and addressed his confrontation. Guess he did not care for my comments relative “Generational Trauma” …. Upon leaving some young kid at the outside of the doors burps out “what is your problem, i will pray for you”. Replied “save your prayers, i do not want them, do not pray for me.”

The kid shaking her fist burps again, “i will kick your F@$&$ing AS%^ !

paraphrased in short form; – addressed whitehawk on when do we start the clock of generational trauma, do we start it as per anton trurer’s comment “500 years of misery”, or before that time-frame, since we enslaved, stripped one another of ceremony, language, ect before and after european influence on this continent, at what point do we stop playing the victim and start owning up to some of our own actions in place of pointing the finger at a select government, religion, and group of people. (Whitehawks talk was filled with christian bashing, government bashing, white people rhetoric) , then i asked whitehawk if she had any european ancestry, she replied french, i questioned a recent interview you said did not want white people involved with “truth, healing and reconciliation” , she said she has healed since then , i mentioned you have been on your spiritual journey for 20+ years and you throw out a part of your own ancestry like it is nothing. she tried to deni it, until i mentioned the interview with raven – make no bones about it and stated you must have healed yourself in 6 months then eh?

she was so broken up with that discussion, she flipped through the remainder of her slides reading only 2 or 3, as she flipped through those she did not want to discuss (because her b.s was addressed with my questions and comments) , clyde bellecourts mug showed up, i questioned was that clyde bellecourt, she said yes i know clyde, i replied ‘i am aware” , thats when the thug started staring me down, since he continued to stare at me i stood up, he continued, i took a step forward and addressed him on his act of confrontation, “be careful when you target someone, they might just stand up and address you on doing so” , he questioned “you have a problem” , i expressed to the room “excuse my interruption, but i will not be intimidated by anyone” , What a Joke that show was. Source:


It is good to work with people that are so direct with Truth

as per the inbox msg sent to me below the asterisk (a reply to the Truth Healing and Reconciliation Meeting in Bemidji) , where Dr. Anton Treuer expressed the groups efforts with addressing paintings that include 1st Nations people in gov. buildings, the groups progress with reducing racism by creating public sign language in Ojibwe, that is Treuer and friends that accuse non-tribal communities as being Racist, along with the working groups of Clyde Bellecourt, Sandy WhiteHawk & that Syrian Peddlers son James Abourezk & BJ Jones (advisers of the Lakota Peoples Law Project). That is BJ Jones who is Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge Paul Day’s working buddy, who along with Dr. Anton Treuer sit at the side of the self declared GRAND CHIEF Eddie Benton Banaise and “their” Grand Medicine Society team of the Three Council Fires.

**** inbox message ****

“Little Truth, Zero Reconciliation, Piles of Hate…No Healing

Good for you Joe. You are a true warrior to stand up to this BS
indoctrination machine that continues to spread half truths and utter lies while refusing to address the primary sickness that needs to be addressed before ANY healing can happen.

If I had stood up in that room, I would have added to your comments, “Why don’t we talk about the real sickness? A Sickness that is colorblind and affects people from every walk a life. A sickness called rape, incest and pedophilia…a sickness that CONTINUES TO HARM OUR CHILDREN MORE THAN ANY OTHER TRAUMA out there.


The blame other people game has to quit. This problem can
not be legitimized, no matter how hard you try to make excuses for it.  This is the REAL TRAUMA THE KIDS ARE FACING. And, the problem is not  isolated to indigenous communities, but it certainly is an epidemic  there that no one is willing to confront.

It is not ok to sell your  kids for sex so you have money for drugs and gambling. It is not ok to  make children have sex for your entertainment. It is not ok to have sex with a family member. It is not ok to allow little children to have sex because it makes them calmer or in the words of one Native councilor, “it’s ok, that’s how Indian kids show affection.” It isn’t ok when a mother teaches her underage daughter how to turn tricks. It isn’t ok when the current Leech Lake Human Services Director tells
people to “leave it alone” when they point out her underage niece is turning tricks. It isn’t ok for camp councilors to be told to burn the bloody mattress to cover up the rape of a man on a young boy because the man is related to someone in tribal government, especially when you threaten the child to keep quiet about it. Covering up this truth and continuing to blame these choices on the boarding schools, Christianity and white people is doing nothing to cure the sickness.

Enough of the blame and romantic notion that somehow Native people have some secret, extra special spiritual healing ability. A talking circle and “holistic” indigenous healing methods and sweats won’t solve a damn thing. Especially when after a sweat, the perpetrator heads home to rape again. Let’s just call the sickness out of the dark corners and empower our children to speak out against their abusers INSTEAD of telling them that they are resilient and will get over it just like you did. They won’t get over it. They will only go on to repeat the sickness.

Sandra White Hawk, you are a a self-serving, hate spreading individual that has the words “healing” and “reconciliation” completely twisted. Get over yourself and be thankful for the fact
that you HAD PARENTS, ADOPTIVE PARENTS that provided for you so that you are still alive today. That is more than many of the pitiful children can say that your works and lies are trapping in families that will continue to abuse them and blame it on boarding schools and white men. Quit deflecting the blame and make people own up to their own actions. Then maybe some REAL healing will begin.”

So proud of you for speaking out and standing up for the kids. Feel free to post my comments anywhere it will stir the pot.


And I have plenty more to say about the so called “traditional
adoptions” that Erma and her minions are promoting. Another “false” tradition being spread by the propaganda machine. Just another well- thought out ploy to obtain cash for kids.”



When people are unable to control their dog, because of hatred it carries ….. they should keep their dog on a leash! …. there is a big difference between seeding Protection and seeding Hatred …. just saying


In regards to parting  from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation , Truth Healing and Reconciliation presentation sponsored by MN. Dept of Health – PeaceMaker Resources & Northwest Minnesota Foundation on Dec. 3, 2015.

Nothing like kids that are taught to throw out Sick Medicine under the pretense of Prayer eh?

Not unexpected or out of the norm from those who are mentored with spiritual abuse.



in ref to blog entry July 12, 2015 Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth  regarding Mutual Agreements of Understanding and the Tribal flag raising in county courts.

   bpr Note fb post deleted at

  Bemidji PoliceReport fb page:

Joe Wade: “Wellness Courts and innovative court agenda’s such as the latest and greatest “early release program” that are spearheaded by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (who today is littered with Muslims collaborative support that are writing policy) are creating groups such as PeaceMaker .org to assist with implementing so_called “Native American Judicial Practices” into county courts. Singing songs and waving feathers over people’s heads is going to fix all this so called funding shortage right?

People might want to check the scoreboard for such success of reducing violence and strengthening family structure over the last 20yrs implemented by those same working groups, those agenda’s that are now being brought out of NDN country to main stream america’s doorstep under the pretense of holistic healing.”

The current push for mutual agreements of understanding with tribal courts to garnish federal funding support is a result from Congregational Members that follow Mr. Indian Affairs rep for the state of MN. (Berkley/Holy_Wierd hand picked) Al Franken and Team who are sympathetic to the act of public defenders needs being tossed UNDER the BUS! ….

to FORCE mutual agreements of understanding.


And in ref to blog entry July 2015 – “are you speaking of Linsey McMurrin who with Mark Olsen the pastor , both of the WTC who teamed up with Dennis Banks during “their” accusations towards Walker Mn. WHA school district, Walker town and Sheriffs department SCREAMING and trying to label them as RACIST back in 2012″

Note the dec. 8th 2015  – Walker Pilot Independent fb post about the Working Together Collation (WTC) new Coordinator

“Would Hope Torma be a working buddy of Becky LaPlante, of the Blandin_Foundation as noted in this blog entry?
It has become very evident the Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation group and support team is, and supported by the likes of Kristine Kolar,

Juanta BlackHawk – Wellness in the Woods


in ref to blog Aug. 23, 2015 – Honor the Earth Pedophilia Healers

“Board of Directors for Wellness in the Woods with Wino na’s

cherished and nurtured Medicine Man of White Earth, Mike Dahl

Juanita BlackHawk (top right)

Mike Dahl (bottom left)”

I neglected to mention Sharon Enjady Mitchell of that working group

here is a bit of the latest and greatest relative to promotions and exploitation of Spirit by that working group:

“Exploitation of Spirit at it’s finest …. It is mind boggling just how shallow some people can be and shAIMful how good hearted people such as the founders of Wellness in the Woods are used and abused to spread more sickness.

Just great eh? , promoting those same who honor the murder’s of Annie Mae, those who continue to use Annie Mae as a shoulder patch for promoting “their opportunist agenda’s” under the pretense of healing.

on the note of people moving on, there is a youtube video of Sharon Enjady Mitchell of leech lake rez posted at , , published by Ndigidreams LLC , posted to youtube by Lorna LaGue on Apr 27, 2015.

at time interval Mitchell quotes Annie Mae, along with images of Annie at time interval 2:20, as per Mitchell’s words “to quote one of my favorite women leaders” ….

It should be noted that Mitchell was one to brag about assisting Peltier make his way to canada for safety back in the day. Mitchell also supported Peltier, Arlo Looking Cloud, John Graham, AIM leadership along with AIM up until the day she moved on.

Mitchell knowing all the dynamics of AIM leadership ordering the execution, knowing Peltier shoved a gun in Annie’s mouth, knowing Annie’s pipe still remains with those associated with the murder who refuse to return it, continued to support those idiots.

That webpage Wellness in the Woods, is for support of rural health. Rural health concerns has recently received gobs of state funding here in Mn.

Lorna LaGue of White Earth rez , who posted the youtube video also no different than Mitchell is well aware of all that previously mentioned, and she along with other’s like Juanita BlackHawk (board of director for Wellness in the Woods) are directly supported and promoted by Wellness in the Woods.

“That’s a Political Issue” – A sad day for Nationhood when people start categorizing Murdered and Missing Women as political issues, No?

direct youtube link:


reply from Wellness in the Woods: “The goal of Wellness in the Woods is promote healing throughout and honor a great leader. We hold everyone in unconditional high regard.

Joe Wade > Wellness in the Woods: great lets blunder, rape, murder our women and teach the youth to unconditionally support and follow the path of those responsible and follow the path of those who say they are promoting wellness “We hold everyone in unconditional high regard.” – better check the scoreboard on what has changed within community from such stupidity.

Joe Wade > in closing ….
YouTube Issue reported: Hateful or abusive content > Promotes hatred or violence Timestamp selected: 2:20 – Additional details:

time int 2:20, Sharon Enjady Mitchell says to quote one of my favorite women leaders and incorrectly quotes Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and uses family images to promote Mitchell’s agenda of White Hate.

ref fb post from the daughter of Annie Mae for her mom’s words “The whole country changed with only a handful of raggedly-ass pilgrims …” at

Understanding Annie Mae, one would know if Annie wanted to pin point “White People” she would have done so.

As an example: A Pit Bull and a Poodle are dogs, thou very different in character and behavior.

Annie utilized the word “Pilgrims to categorize influence of Change”



in ref to blog entry July 19, 2015 – Truth and Reconciliation – Pick your Flavor

All to create tribal / non-tribal judiciary, education, health service systems through mutual agreements of understanding with state and county administrations …. under the pretense of 1st nations values, cultural traits and beliefs ….

“Shameful and Discouraging ….

Good Hearted People being Played like FOOLS!


Better check the clock of moral and ethical degradation that is being enhanced with the latest and greatest cohesive persuasion, holistic healing coming to your doorstep that will result in more civil unrest. Creating cognitive dissonance to generate more frustration and hate.

Today the Julian day number is 2,457,367

the opening timing of piano notes in Chicago’s song are symbolic of change that humanity has witnessed over the decades , some slow , others  fast, spuradic, easy, harsh, happy times of man’s existence ….


Considering the recent changes with the CME group out of Chicago (index of commodity exchange ) , one realizes there are reasons people hold perspectives such as that of – Jesus Just Left Chicago! ~ZZ Top~




There is a big difference between mentors who say

“So gently I offer my hand and ask, Let me find my talk, So I can teach you about me.”

and so_called mentors that continue to shove their hand in your pocket!

J. BlackHawk & S. WhiteHawk are sooooo TRANSPARENT it is ridiculous! – while “they” continue to seed White Hate & Christian Hate under the pretense of 1st nations identity ….

That is just the way AIM indoctrination is.


**** Poetry from a Beautiful Soul ****

**** A Soul worth following the teaching of  ****

I lost my talk
The talk you took away.
When I was a little girl
At Shubenacadie school.

You snatched it away:
I speak like you
I think like you
I create like you
The scrambled ballad, about my word.

Two ways I talk
Both ways I say,
Your way is more powerful.

So gently I offer my hand and ask,
Let me find my talk
So I can teach you about me.

~Rita Joe~

rita z frank

Frank Joe – photo in the background on the hutch glass

Z – discussing where to re-acquaint herself with the waters of the EasternDoorway


Some people ask , why  do we do what we do, short answer , we do so because of our regard to those before us, those of today and those of tomorrow.


 11th and 12th generation of Marguerite Membertou , the daughter of Marie Abenaki-Membertou

Rita – daughter of Angelina LeJeune-Bergeaux & 1st child, Christine –


You are Fooling with a Dead Man’s Corpse

November 11, 2015

More on “the Past Does Not Matter Today” , “It’s Political” , “Let them Rest” – Women Abused, Butchered, Murdered and thrown into unmarked graves …. and today traditional AIM teachings say

“WE do not talk about such in public, it disturbs the spirits of those who have passed away, stay traditional” ~AIM Indoctrination 101~

Passed Away? – What of Crock of Crap !!!! – They were Murdered! …. SHhhh ….



Hear this, the only spirits in this world or other, that are going to be disturbed, if any are, are those who are responsible for sickness or sympathetic for such and have the Truth shined “at” their Sorry Arse ….

yep, when it comes to the teaching and traditions of people like Dennis Banks who threw his soul away years ago:

You are fooling with a dead man’s corpse and you don’t know what you do” ~Asa~



Compassion is a two way street, given to those who give, Dennis Banks  and the crew, only pretend to give when there is something in it for themselves.

Note Blog Entry – Drums of Blood


Today Dennis Banks says – We Were at War

If that is so, Dennis Banks and friends should be  tried for War Crimes.

May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)

extracted from timeline at:


Growing up on Pine Ridge- Wounded Knee 40yrs later



it is mind boggling how demented some people’s beliefs have become, while they continue to protect assailants and pretend to be advocates for Missing and Murdered Women.

A few interesting notes on “that is in the past” , and “that is political” and “Let them Rest” …. Deleted by the Bemidji Pioneer  of course!

(note Dorla Fairbanks and Tonya Campbell the daughter of Dennis Banks.)
(Bemidji Pioneer fb Deleted Replies)


Joe Wade > do not expect anyone in the loop to call when, Warrent # 04CR152981 DOWNWIND, ROSE NMN , Beltrami County

Joe Wade > “as well as a GoFundMe page” , why should someone step back into the light when people are throwing money at them ????

Dorla Fairbanks > Why are you worried about the warrant? It’s a petty charge nothing for her to run from or hide from. She is missing not hiding. 😈😈

Joe Wade > when one considers Dennis Banks historical profile of consistent lieing and donation con’s , why should anyone “believe” this is actually anything other than another grift script he is so well known for? Might want to do your research on his semi-recent scams with Vern Traversi, the accusations of KKK being carved into his chest, and how Dennis Banks and friends hijacked those initial fund raising monies and made off with the loot after they threw Vern under the Bus and started promoting clemency for Leonard Peltier with that con script. (i’ve had my day of personal dealings with banks back in the late 90’s, i know better these days than to trust anything that comes out of his mouth)

Joe Wade > and the Media palys into such crazyness , LOL!

Kristy White > Typical REDNECK LOSER!! 🏽🏽🏽

Joe Wade > Kristy White Did anyone catch Banks daughters comment at the WCCO fb site about the several murdered women by Dennis Banks AIM?

“Tonia Jean Campbell: Thanks for being so ignorant. The past don’t matter today. Today we are trying to bring our family member home. You give the rest of us a bad name.”


“Tonia Jean Campbell > Yes take note of everything, scream it out loud, nobody cares.”

those replies when she was asked about …. “May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses ”

From fb dialog at:


Note: 2012 Blog – in ref to the reply to Dorla  about Vern Traversie

WCCO FB dialog – Dennis Banks daughter – “No Body Cares”





Grandpa Dennis holding out on support AGAIN eh?

Interesting the 10,000 goal fund raiser page for the Missing Woman, was started off for a Reward Offer (same time Dog the Bounty gave 10k as a reward) , then the Bemidji Pioneer reported it changed to a fund raiser for Operating Expenses, and now the Pioneer is reporting “GoFundMe has also been established to help with expenses for the Missing Woman’s five children.

AND yet with all the negative publications about abuse from the ex-boyfriend and finger pointing at the persons of interest by the Bemdiji Pioneer, not once has there been any reports of Downwind, except how loving a mother she is.

There is MORE to this Dennis Banks of AIM prompted issue than what meets the eye!

Downwind disappeared with a warrant for her arrest  AND “Rose’s criminal record on MN Courts website at She has had 15 charges filed on her since she was 23, including 3 arrests and two convictions for domestic assault. The most recent conviction was in June 2015.”

Anyone Need to say flight from a Child Custody Issue here?


Dennis Banks Missing Woman Search Team


Amazing how the Bemidji Pioneer will use it’s public service of so called journalism to enable these clowns to advertise fundraisers on the plight of a missing woman, it will be interesting to see the future dog and pony show by such a working team while they try to reap financial gains whether the Missing Woman is deceased or not.

Three weeks now, fund raising and preparing for searches while hanging out at the NL Casino Bar with Hotel stays, when the search area is 60 miles away.

At the rate DWA Weston (Beth Timmins the spokes person for the Missing Woman Search Team) and crew is going, expect fund raisers for children Christmas gifts and spring concert fund raisers by DWA’s weekend band.

**** edit add in on 11-15: ****

The day after this blog entry: DWA Weston’s weekend band publishes 1st formal search as a event of her band

11-12-15 –  LOOKING FOR ROSE

Public · Volunteering · Hosted by Phoenix Rises ]
**** end 11-15 edit add in ****

Those who thoroughly understand Dennis Banks and his grifter cons, none of that would be unexpected,  considering Dennis Banks life history of people disappearing from his actions would it be surprising or unexpected for involvement of Banks if the Missing Woman ends up deceased.


For Years!

Dennis, his family and team members for years has called Denise Pictou Maloney (& family of Annie Mae OR any other people seeking justice for missing or murdered family by the hands of Dennis Banks & AIM) FBI informant while she pursued justice for her Mother. The intent, to black jacket her just like Dennis, Peltier, Clyde, Russel and friends did that led up to AIM leadership ordering her Mother’s Execution, that Murder carried out by AIM members.

DWA Weston (Beth Timmins the spokes person for the Missing Woman Search Team) and friends doing the same, OR Wearing Annie Mae like a shoulder patch saying she died for “their cause”, upto this day while she and friends stand in support of the AIM members convicted for murder.

Back during the day of the AIM member trials for the murder of Annie Mae, I jumped ship on the Leech Lake Tribal College with 1 credit to graduate. Reason, I got sick and tired of the instructors such as Elaine Flemming and Ginny Carney saying the same, such as “Denise Maloney and Paul DeMain are working with the  FBI to try and discredit AIM and break it up.”

Am very much aware of “their” Black Jacket Labeling Script from personal experiences, I elected with Honors not to accept a Diploma from Leech Lake Tribal College because those teachings and promotions became part of the schools cultural fabric.

Shortly there after Ginny Carney (a rightful last name for a self declared Cherokee) became president, And Dennis Banks became a Board of Trusties Member…. Shortly thereafter anyone who opposed the teaching of Dennis Banks was pushed out of the door by Carney and Flemming …. Go Figure eh?


Dennis Banks  threw his soul away years ago

“You are Fooling with a Dead Man’s Corpse & You Don’t Know What You Do!”

Such it is, for those who Support his Sickness



Dennis started this missing person campaign saying “this is about all missing people”, what the Media and the public fail to recognize or be concerned about is reports as such:

April 25,2014 – NY Times – “I was floored,” Oswald says. “Banks is not only aware of Robinson’s killing, but where he was buried, and he acknowledges his own role in where to bury the body.”

Missing People Advocates – Just Great eh?

This Missing Person Campaign has Spiritual Abuse and Violence written all over it, to garnish more financial support to spread more through the assistance of the News Media.

“What did they say to make you so blind to your conscience and reason?”



 2012 – A Special Note to me from Native News Online. Publisher levy rickert gets a bit upset when people confront him with Truth & debunks his journalism of myths and deception. eh?




Missing Person Timeline – added in Nov. 15

Oct. 16 – last communications with missing person (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 19 – last seen  (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 25 – approx. date – missing person reported to law (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 27 – NativeNewsOnline 1st article about missing.

Oct. 29. – NNOline – Virgil article with full promotions about AIM

Oct. 29 – Dog Bounty offers 10k reward, and announces he will come to MN.

Oct. 29 – 10k Reward Fund raiser page set up by family

Nov. 4 – Fund raiser changed to need of operating costs to search (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

Nov. 10 – Fund raiser changed  to expenses for five children (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

Nov. 12 – DWA Weston (Beth Timmins) – Family spokesperson publishes her 1st promotion for her weekend band.  (turns 1st formal search into a Phoenix Rises Event) – occurs 1 day after this blog entry.

Nov. 14 – 1st Team Search conducted. (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

**** over a week missing before being reported, finger pointing  of abuse by ex-boyfriend starts by Banks  and by media towards persons of interest who are are also reported as being very abusive, fundraisers changed from reward to operating cost needs, to need of children, constant media coverage about how loving the mother is without any reporting at all about her criminal record convictions of violent and  abusive behavior, 1 month of NL Casino gathering at the bar and hotel stays by search team organizers, 1month passes before 1st formal search by missing persons search team …. Just Saying ….

 **** update 11-16- 2015 ****

The Initiation of the Missing Person Campaign for AIM by Native News Online (levy rickert, dennis’s pr minion)

Published Oct. 29th & 31st 2015


What i find most disturbing is people utilizing the plight of missing women along with the media using the plight of a missing woman to serve “their own needs”.

A few updates about the search team, in ref to Dog, every indication shows he has disassociated himself with this missing person issue all together, he announced he would not be coming to MN. to participate in the searches, not a fb follow up on this missing person concern since the 6th, nor on Beth his wife’s fb page which last entry was also on the 6th (whereas both had a pretty good run of posting that coincided with NativeNewsOnline and the local Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper.

Initially numerous news media picked up and ran with the story of Dog and Banks, thou since dog’s release he would not be coming to MN the publications carrying and updating “the missing person has dwindled to practically nill.

It is obvious Dog had an open ear to the potential avenues for he and his wife and their show being used and abused.

AIM inc. Clyde pooped his head into the NL Casino last week, thou from what the local talk is from tribal members sitting back watching, he was not well received at the bar search meetings.

Contacted Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper and made the editor aware of Clyde’s presence in the neighborhood and put in a request to do an interview with him in an upcoming release since that news group was so consistent with promoting Dennis Banks & AIM as a side note in the missing person concerns.

I agree 100% this is not an issue of Banks, AIM, etc …. Thou i do keep in focus, Dennis, his buddy Levi Rickertt (NativeNewsOnline) and the local Bemidji Pioneer NewsPaper consistently pushed such foolishness onto the missing person concern with attempts, for that AIM limelight focus, to migrate across the news media realm AND the backlash for doing so resulted in crash and burn to the attempts to exploit a missing person for “their own” personal gain.


Missing Person Focus

goes from AIM > Dog > Phoenix Rises Event


It is what It is – Trying to promote themselves on the plight of Missing Women 

When will t-shirts, buttons and posters arrive?

Considering  almost a week passed before Dennis Banks created the Media promotions while pointing his finger at a so called abusive boyfriend, I still wonder if this is actually a Missing Person at all AND if not, family member or not, this woman will be deceased by the time Dennis if finished with her, if he needs to protect his own arse.

That is Nature and historical profile of Banks and AIM Poison!

**** end  update ****


**** update 11-19-2015  ****

Leonard Peltier Promo’s Have Arrived

As mentioned earlier in this blog, as per the Bemidji Pioneer fb dialog with Dorla Fairbanks that was deleted by the Pioneer;

Dennis Banks and friends hijacked those initial fund raising monies and made off with the loot after they threw Vern under the Bus and started promoting clemency for Leonard Peltier with that con script.”

In the midst of Mom’s fb days upon day of posting about the Missing Woman, Mom inserts a Promo for that AIM tin soldier the team members use to call  “Dumb as Dirt”



Bemidji Community, Bemidji City Council, Bemidji Police, etc;



by these Poser Advocates of Native Lives Matter, who in reality are nothing more than militant urban indians !


Bemidji Pioneer take a HINT!

As per the comments recieved from both Dennis and Matt through  person to person discussions and phone conversations.  On censorship of public fb replies; paraphrased: “We decide what is acceptable for the image of our media outlet”, “we want to create stronger relationship with the tribes” AND banning public from the Bemidji Pioneer fb site: “We decide what is best for everyone” ….

“Eat Crow! with your politically correct, culturally sensitive moo of deception to try and bury Truth”

Dennis Doeden Publisher
Matt Cory Editor

Letter from a woman who today is 80+ and still lives IN FEAR, as per the hand written note at the top of her editorial (which was never sent) because of Her Fear of AIM, that FEAR she carries to this day along with so many other people.

AND NOTE HER WORDS, that applies to YOU.

“but don’t often get the voice of the press to let it be known”



From her archives saved away for over 40yrs in a piano bench, that were posted to the net as per her request.


On the Coat Tail of  Missing Woman Concerns


the News Media Creating  more Avenue’s for AIM Rants of RACIST WHITE PEOPLE !!!!

(AIM’s same script for over 40 years)


Typical AIM indoctrination from Wishelle Banks eh?

@Karen Gartner’s pending post — point taken; to clarify, though, the hostile individual she was addressing has had a decades-long vendetta against our family…

He is a redneck, and a coward who won’t show his face and hides behind his written/online rants — and, frankly, a nutjob who is taking time to harass Rose’s family… that won’t be tolerated!

What IS earnestly appreciated, though — without name-calling — is anyone and everyone with A GOOD HEART, who puts aside personal viewpoints, and offers to help. To all who’ve donated water, food, supplies and their time, no one here is calling them names.

That vitriolic man is insane, and has no place here… HIS vicious focus remains on his fringe opinions — not on finding Rose… Miigwetch.”


Inbox Msg Reply to Wishelle Banks Post


Yep, Wishelle Banks is no different than James Swan of the United Urban Indian Warrior Whatever’s

Another team member of those who support the convicted murderers of Native Women, and the murderers of other innocents buried away to this day in hidden graves, while “they” pretend to be advocates for Missing Women.

What a great team of advocates for

“Missing and Murdered Women  & Native Lives Matter”

(as said before –  AIM’s same script for over 40 years)

**** end update ****


**** updae 11-20-2015 ****


New Person of Interest for Missing Woman – MOI !

(Moi, according to a bunch of half wits)

Dennis Banks daughter and search team’s private messages have caught the ear of a little blue bird who directed me towards “their” Help Find Rose Downwind fb post ….

Of course the daughter and clowns who talk in private as such are unable to say “Who” they are speaking of in public. That request for understanding of “Who” in a public realm was deleted!

Have to say without hesitation, there is not a person i have ever met, who is sympathetic towards Dennis Banks and AIM, that is not a carbon copy of underhanded characteristics of trying to black jacket people.

Help Find Rose Downwind fb post by wishelle banks

Followed up with a inbox message from one of the team members Kip Tassin Monoessy , as per her fb page is, President at American Indian Movement Oklahoma sg, Owner at EEC Planning, LLC; Event, Entertainment, Conference and Event Planner at The Professional Pow Wow Association.

“”My tobacco has been laid down and my moccasins are laced up, ready to kick your ass whenever we cross paths…and we will.” ~ Kip Tassin Monoessy ~

Such Great Advocates for Missing Women eh?

**** end update ****


**** update 11-21-2015 ****

Help Find FB Site changed to Private

Reason as per DWA Weston (Beth Timmins):

“Some !%^# (foul language edited out)  is posting hate messages to the site”

“He is Joe Wade from Onigum”

Link to fb dialog DWA was refering to as Hate messages, as she tries to use the help find missing woman’s fb site as a tool to black jacket people. (fb notes:  Wiselle Banks doc AND Dennis Banks daughter – No Body Cares doc

Disappearance In Line with AIM West 2015 Annual Conference

note: AIM event promo article starts with Missing Women

which leads into twist and turns for Peltier Poster Boy Clemency PR hype


“Standing Elk’s daughter Sue also pointed out the missing and murdered Indigenous women. Currently, AIM confounder Dennis Banks’ granddaughter Rose Downwind of Minnesota is missing.”

Coincidence ? Yea Right –  Brenda Norrell (LOL! – another pr minion for Banks and Team; Link =


**** update 11-22-2015 ****

Another Fundraiser pops up


how many fundraisers are actually out there?

how many fundraiser will there be?

**** end update ****


**** update 11-26-2013****

Parade Float and T-Shirts Arrive

Care to guess why the world views and identity for too many of the youth is all screwed up?



Absolutely Amazing – As of Yet – No New  Search Date Planned

**** end update ****

**** last update for this blog entry 12-12-15  ****

Body of DownWind Recovered

Media is reporting argument over cell phone msg. that woman said she was going to be reported to the law to show the guy had broken court orders of contact. Here we have 2 people with domestic violence convictions, the woman hops in the car and goes to the guy’s home, she ends up at the foot of the stairs bleeding and with no pulse according to the guy , as a result of the struggle over the cell phone.

The Media has never mentioned anything about the ongoing domestic convictions, and consistently portrayed the guy as a thug wife beater.

ANYONE CARE TO GUESS, where the teachings that shaped the world views and ideologies came from, those teachings  that shaped the character and behavior that resulted in the choices and actions leading to the children having such cork screwed parents? 

Two interesting replies at the Bemidji Pioneern noted,

to close this blog entry with

Renee Judkins Oh you can bet thry will convene a grand jury, and it will be 1st degree, …. All this media attention, these men are already tried, and convicted … The media, and this sight have already tainted any jury pool for this area, court is basically just an amenity, … I would want justice, if it were my child, but id also want fairness if one of the suspects were my child .. Supposedly .. Our justice system says we are innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt … I dont think thats how it works, because ive seen otherwise, and i also know domestic violence is the worst, … I just think people need to be reminded … That even though these people are suspect, ., the state has burden of proof … I pray for Roses children, and family .. But i also have said a prayer for the families of these men, they too are someones children, brothers, dads, and have families that are now just as hurt and devastated. Just my opinion …

James Little The way the media has handled this issue has resulted in the responses seen here. The guys are already convicted without people knowing any of the specifics for reason to arrest and charge. Keeping in mind Downwind had two somewhat recent convictions for domestic violence this could still be a self defense killing but that would not justify hiding the body. Is anything less expected from today’s so called professional journalism?

James Little the media has done a great job with sensationalizing this issue, the Bemidji Police has also to a lesser degree done the same within it’s title’s of press releases and not reporting all the facts of public information, next it will be the D.A turn to stand in the spotlight. All in the name of strengthen relationships between native – non-native community for support of mutual agreements of understanding. In short a lot of media hype of a abusive native man throwing him under the bus, while using the plight of a native woman (who’s past history of violence has never been mentioned by any) as a card in the deck for concern. It will be interesting to see how the courts and prosecuter’s will give the same dance in the upcoming trials.

fb dialog


12-11-15 – EXCLUSIVE: Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Details ….from Levi Rickets Rag Media …. Dog the Bounty Hunter Back in the SpotLight

**** end of final update ****

Honor the Earth Pedophilia Healers

August 23, 2015


For years and years, notification after notification, children have reported sexual abuse from so called healers, medicine men, activists, indian study academic guru’s, etc.,  who are continuously allowed to pretend being advocates for preservation of 1st Nations identity, cultural traits and beliefs.

Yep, community members go silent, tribal health care workers go silent, tribal law enforcement go silent about such abuses while they all continue to put icing on the horrors and project everything is peachy for the lives that have been ruined, for the culture that has been ruined, for the beliefs and traditions that have been ruined, while those same continue to mask such illness prance about saying how their world views and ideologies will help the non-tribal communities to advance with healing.

People like Michael Dahl, Eddie Benton Banais, Leonard Crow Dog, etc. and so called academic grand poo pah’s should have, in many instances, faced judges and the judiciary system for their sexual acts against children, in place of being shifted from this position to that position, in some instances with promotions while their sick actions are passed along to the next generation of followers.

All of those same smucks want to call for federal funding , grant monies to address violence against women, sex trafficking, child abuse, alcoholism and substance abuse, mental illness. Those who speak up against such sickness are blundered, forced out of employment, stripped of services from the tribes, and degraded along with their family members.

It Is what it Is , Hate has No Logic!

Mike Dahl (middle)


Calling Child Sex Abuse a Personal Matter is about as WEAK as calling Acts of Terrorism work space violence. Lets practice the Peace and Tolerance B.S OR GE BLUNDERED !

Not unexpected from people who have had their world views and ideologies altered by the American Indian Movement Old Guard Mentality and fear being blundered as the teachings of AIM dictates when  cash crop icons  are threatened and called out to be accountable and responsible for VIOLENT SICK ACTIONS ….

Wino is just as much an enabler as those who are too weak to voice out sickness for what it is.

How about a peacemaker and sentencing circle to establish bonding between the pedophile sicko’s and the children they have assaulted , just great for addressing the trauma seeded into the child’s soul  ,  eh?

Q: Where does a child turn after community, health services, law enforcement have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to justice for the sickness and hatred witnessed by those children?

A: Alone in a dark corner of their room , trying to figure out why their life is so meaningless to those who are suppose to be protecting them.

Looking for a way out of Life because of the Betrayal !


Board of Directors for Wellness in the Woods with Wino na’s

cherished and nurtured Medicine Man of White Earth, Mike Dahl

Juanita BlackHawk (top right)

Mike Dahl (bottom left)

blackhawk and dahl

Caution to those who try  to hold people accountable and responsible for their actions,  or be the next to be shoved out of the Door, falsely arrested, along with other attempts to blunder you into submission.

These same working groups of so called Spirituality and Healing now want to bring such B.S to the doorstep of U.S Veterans and other non-tribal community needs (main-stream america)  for Mental Illness/Wellness Healing.

**** update: April 2016 ****

BlackHawk replies noted in April 2016 blog ….

Pedophile Protectors for State/County Mental Health

**** end update ****

As mentioned in my previous blog, just ask Al Franken!
blackhawk and franken

Saturday Night Live Comedian AL and Rick Nolan’s push for increase of Veterans Services and Rural Mental Health Services has taken on a new TWIST …. Wellness Groups with WRAP agenda’s that equate to Shake and Bake, Traveling Medicine Men concoction cures that can fix anything from dry spells to toe corns! , under the pretense of,  and coined as “Holistic Healing” , which is the  modern times and trends of cultural appropriation of ancestry’s teachings that have been twisted over the years by the pan ameircan and new age identity altering scripts.

“Our organization is committed to weaving Wellness Recovery Action Planning into the fabric of our system of care, so we can provide alternatives and a holistic framework to support individuals through their journey towards wellness and recovery.” ~Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery – Developer of WRAP~

Seinfeld – Holistic Healer Scene for your Journey, as per the end of the video , to the hospital, nut house or grave, if one does not conform to acceptance of the peace and tolerance programming.



More Shake and Bake to assist the Veterans and non-tribal community


Seriously, the Soldiers of this county that continue to witness the mental anguish from action from their services DO_NOT need such B.S that has been administered to NDN Country since the 70’s.

Especially from those  within the Nations who have Totally Failed the Youth while pursuing their careers of recognition and grandeur at the expense of enabling the total breakdown of family structure in our communities because of their silence.

These posers who claim to be representatives of Ancestry’s Expectations, are  right in line with that Syrian Peddlers Son who re-branded the American Indian Movement by creating LastRealIndians / LR Inspire.


lriGlorifying the Hanging of Priest , just what the youth need for inspiration eh?

If anyone believes Rick Nolan and Al Franken who sit under the umbrella of James Abourezk  are_not_aware of what is happening OR believe those same, are_not_promoting the continuance since the 70’s, of  the same crap onto Native Communities , with the intent to bring such Sick Chit onto Main Stream America ….  Do Your HomeWork !!!!

Wellness in the Woods fb dialog , worth a review


Joe Wade: in closing you say “We do not offer spiritual teachings only connect individuals and communities with resources”

that is such a line of deception, here is one of your promoted events through working groups, you should add to the place matt a UFO object for this shake and bake concoction of new age native teachings with the abalone shell for smudging, asema medicine pouch, and whatever other spices of superstition laid on that matt within that circle of paper plates with fluffy words for seduction.

please re-check your evidence based ethical practice barometer , it is very evident you are a few bars above zero with all this craziness.


Lot of Wellness and Healing Going on  eh?

When You Believe in Things You Don’t Understand, Then You Suffer!

Superstition Ain’t the Way ….

~Superstition – Stevie Wonder~

Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor


How about getting back to the basics by remembering

when spirituality is abused, Illness follows ….


Get Ready for the upcoming Medical Marijuana Twinkies 

to go with the newest crock pot scripts –  to slow cook minds


One thing is certain with cultural appropriators, whether tribal or non , they hang together and  take no prisoners, everyone is game from the child to Vet to the Elder.


WCCO News – What a Crock of Crap Onomatophobia journalists

August 11, 2015

Onomatophobia:  A Fear of words because of their significance.

What is WCCO News Fearful of ????



Banned from WCCO News fb site after,

WCCO Deletes Comment Replies





jw Joe Wade How about if we just toss them off the cliff, or send them down the river face down as ancestry did , I am talking the real deal of 1st Nations judicial practices 🙂

in place of going with the state and county mutual agreements of understanding with Tribal Courts with the intent to bring so_called_traditional native american judiciary practices into state and county courts with Peacemaker TRIBUNALS and holistic Healing CIRCLES. Lets just wave a feather over the sicko’s heads and have everyone sit in circles giving each other hugs eh?

Peace and Tolerance , coming to your doorstep main stream ameirca under the cloak of so called traditional native american values, beliefs and practices created by the pan-ameircn movement initiated in the early 70’s with the american indian movement , during the same years the pan-arab movement in the arab/persian countries was imitated through the Baath Party (PLO) that transformed the world views, ideologies and beliefs into so called peace and tolerance….

Isn’t it just great that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) under the Obama administration has soooo many people at the helm who are of OR WHO_ARE proponents of the Muslim Faith …. Get It?

spearheaded by the same idiot who directed the pan-american indian identity altering scripts through the Ameircan Indian Movement t, who also directed the pan-arab movement , during the same years when he was in the 70’s the 1st u.s diplomat after the days of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War war to enter the israel/palestine concerns, of course in support of the Baath Party ….

Here is a bit on that Syrian Peddlers son today and how his efforts are being propagated by the media ….

My Voice: Is death penalty too costly for taxpayers?
An opinion piece by James Abourezk

jw Joe Wade sustainability my arse! , it’s about shoving peace and tolerance down the throat of main stream america …. just ask Al Franken 🙂


[End of FB Replies Deleted by WCCO]


 Reiterating my comment reply at the Arugus Leader 

to Assborek’s editorial “My Voice”


jw Joe Wade  Hey SCUM BAG, Yes we are still walking around, even with your continued attempts to give us dirt naps …. as said before get the hell out of our camp!!!

Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

“For example, Since the 70’s Abourezk has advocated support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) , Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and developed many working relationships with terrorist icons in the Arab states, the Ukraine, Cuba , etc …. , he was the 1st u.s diplomat to enter negations with Islamic icons since after the days of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War in support of terrorist groups.

In the 70’s Abourezk with his working groups advocated for a terrorist held in Israel to be released, resulting in that person being flown to Jim Jones of the people’s temple, Jim Jones during those days also held working relationships with Dennis Banks and AIM.

It was during these days Abourezk started categorizing Palestine people as “indigenous” in order to garnish support for islamic terrorist icons from 1st Nations people on this continent, to this day Abourezk and working groups continue to promote those of Islamic Ideologies and worldviews as “indigenous people”.

Where is Syrian James Abourezk today in all this mess? , Sitting next to Obama and Valarie Jarret as an adviser for foreign policy, along with Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill working groups, in support to the recreate a Islamic Caliphate (ISIS), while the media and Obama’s gov. handlers push to change the ideology of americans by classifying current islamic attackers in our country today as “mental illness” …..

this country is full of basket cases that actually buy into their b.s script of social manipulation chaos.” ….


With Regard and Respect …. Listen !!!!

Scott Kayla Morriosn

(murdered 2 weeks after this speech)

Part 1

Part 2


Oshki-agojin Gathering

July 26, 2015


The Oshki-agojin Gathering existed for 4 years, organized & conducted souly through volunteer interest and efforts. The Oshki-agon Gathering & Grounds closed it’s fires on what would have been it’s 5th year of activity since the local indian council planned and  initiated it’s 1st PoW Wow to be held next door on the baseball field, on the annual dates of the Oshki-agon Gathering.

“the assertion of imperialism in conjunction with cultural appropriation lays the foundation for cultural genocide. the dominant meanings of another’s society renders the particular perspective of one’s own group invisible, at the same time, that  group is stereotyped , morphed, transformed into something other than it’s origins.

the dominating group’s world views, ideologies and perspective of reality is elevated, sanctioned, and universalized and becomes the norm that the other is obligated to accommodate.


2015-  14th  Onigum Traditional Powwow – Advertised as the 17th


The Big Lemon at the Lemon Aid Stand


Under the Pretense of Healing

Other Local POW WOW Moments this season

* Dishing Out Dollar Bills to the Youth –

* Street Dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson


Money Don’t Let It Fool Ya!