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4 Winds of Bad Gas – The Awakening

February 3, 2013


Four Swindling Swine, The Bear Tribe of  SunBear (Vincent LaDuke) which was picked up and transformed into 4Winds “institution” of bad gas by the likes of Phil Lane Jr. (who holds claim to Crazy Horse’s pipe bundle,  who has no leadership in his ancestry, yet claims to be a hereditary Chief) that has been transformed into new forms of RainBow Warriors, where some are led by 1st nations people,  is migrating into the Idle_No_More movement through obscure symbology, fluffy words of zealots, embedded into net media messages to invoke subliminal seeding for  unsuspecting, uneducated, ignorant prospects,  to capture  “Awakening Minds”.

Not the Soul, since most walking the dog yoyo’s seem to have lost “it” long ago, to some other spiritual pimp, similar to the likes of Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon who both held working relationships with AIM in the 70- early 80′, or the previous mentioned fruitloops. It must be a bummer to be tied to a yoyo master that allows only x amount of forward mobility of growth before tugging the string to have its spinning mindless wonders return to the grasp of control.

A new wave of Grand Poo Pah’s  disguised with more corrupted cultural teachings from so called traditional elders dreams are upgrading their teachings.

Welcome to the retrofit era of New Agers exploiting culture, tradition, song, and spirituality of all Nations, bundled into another chef salad, shake and bake dish of bad medicine that leaves a person empty no matter how much they consume. There must be some truth to this stuff  having power , it seems too often after being exposed, either a bowl movement , the need to toss cookies or hacking and spitting  follows. A full dose of that magical stuff would likely induce all at once.

Nothing out of the norm happening here since the 70’s, especially when one takes a close look at the foundation of such foolishness and realizes it’s mortar, is that of puppets created by the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse , those who most of the followers “believe” are  saviors for humanity and Earth.


The “Indian” Version of the RainBow Warriors

More like a “Mud Turtle” Lodge

I don’t by it, LOL!


Does INM really believe they will change anything while supporting and assisting the distribution of quazi fruitloop brownie’s, and booting those to the side that strive for cultural preservation when they point out Zealots were one of the first forms of Terrorism?

Such cult’s, are based on exploitation, “it” is_not based on “a” Nation, or the beliefs and spirituality of “a” Nation.

INM should be very concerned with the “militant mentality” grabbing a hold of the reigns , because those being supported,  not even knowing , are spiritually  seduced PR foot soldiers of the 4 Horseman’s camp.

“ Everyone is Welcome and We Are All One Now” ,

No Thank You , to the Cults , I don’t do Dope!


Quazi Survival School Teachings – Pine Ridge

What will the new forms of  “Survival” Teachings bring for the future generations?

For last 30 or so years of talking circles, talking sticks, answering feathers put into play and supported by “grant monies” has failed miserably, the good part for grant oppertunist is, the failure provides a high turn around rate for return business because nothing gets fixed.

The statistics show the non-original, non-traditional aspects of teachings, do_not provide a sound foundation for spiritual growth. The quazi whacko whispering feather grant indoctrination programs are just what the government handlers “choose” to continue aspects of the termination policies. The sad part is,  our own fall in line with breaking down spiritual foundations by promoting such garbage because it serves their “personal agenda’s.”

For example: Lakota Harden who to this day raises the 4 Horsemen up as champions of 1st Nations, the so called survival schools she assisted with  utilized the quazi teachings along with others foreign influenced teachings, such as  Prophecies, seems to not_have accomplished much when one considers the statistics below at ground zero. Harding was involved with the American Indian Movement’s (AIM) “We Will Remember” Survival School on the Pine Ridge reservation, which was established out of the 1973 Wounded Knee occupation.

Harden was a speaker at the recent AIM sponsored INM event in Cali. and it is interesting to note on that event’s fb page the quote from an AIMster involved with presentation/organizational aspects for that tshirt and poster selling rally disguised as an INM event.

“I have a DJ Badd Ass willing to come and set up equipment if needed and some more performers from other walks of life with a positive message thing is do we have the ok for sound equipment with the permit already in place had to ask it is important that we have the Idle No More in the way it is suppose to be not just at events

(Note: hold your cookies, for this next comment)

we need that attitude change from the aggressive masculine violence and selfishness to the femine of love compassion and healing nurturing the community

I have done damage but i come in a good way this attitude will allow us to untie and solidify all diversity I been listening to the winds and it has this message flying from all 4 directions telling me to do something”

we need to expand beyond Indian Country im willing to turn over a new leaf hopefully a maple 1 we can all have one breath one voice one people one nation walk in beauty hau -Frankie Rivera-


With the “Survival Schools” , Not giving the truth to the youth of  WK2, and not making the youth aware  the so called spiritual teachings dished out were derived from the likes of the 4 Horsemen’s puppets, such as the 4 winds of bad gas, is partially responsible for;

2009 – “The teenage suicide rate on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 150 percent higher than the national average. Children as young as 6 have reportedly attempted to take their own lives. In 2009, the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe declared a suicide state of emergency. The emergency still exists.”


2012 – Spirit Lake the backyard of Leonard Peltier , Molly McDonald, a former tribal court judge, said she saw 20 to 30 child abuse sex cases a year. But many more cases appear to go unreported.

The epidemic’s above would not arise and continue to grow if secure spiritual foundations were being created.


So Today, we have “The Awakening” , new breeds of PR foot soldiers and  new forms of Quazi Teachings. UNLESS Nations return to their youth, the “individual” teachings, beliefs and spirituality of  the “individual” Nations, expect the stats to continue rising and the “Silence” that is embedded from such teachings will never prompt any form of Justice for  missing and murdered WaterDrums.


To continue these types of charades on the youth is no different than teaching them to fly with self serving Vultures



On another note Baby Bowling Ball Brains is likely to crash and burn, LOL!


The Beginning of Bad Gas

Apparently SunBear missed out on the teaching of the Medicine Wheel as per the Nations of origin. go figure, the more books sold, the more visions arose.

Excerpt from his book: the Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology – Sun Bear, the teacher who envisioned this Medicine Wheel, (..) this man who moved so many? What made him stand so much taller than the rest of humanity?

Vincent LaDuke  Sun Bear began teaching at the experimental college, and that planted the seed that allowed his true work in life to grow. Sun Bear began to meet with a group of people in Davis whom he encountered through the experimental college, and out of this group came the core of the initial Bear Tribe.

The Bear Tribe is Sun Bear’s vision child, which he had begun to birth when he was five. The birthing continued through subsequent visions. He knew he was to build a tribe of teachers responsible for sharing with other people those lessons of harmony and balance they had succeeded in learning through their own experience.



Note: Comments of this blog entry partially extracted from;

Junk Man’s Dialog with Mummy Wummy 

for example: (hil Lane Jr’s declared sister Wendy Jones, aka Mummy Wummy:  Mummy Wummy tells of witnessing Crazy Horses pipe bundle

and RainBow Warrior post by Kira.



Anyone Know What these guys have in Common?

Phil Lane Jr., Arvol Looking Horse, Rueben George (baby Terrance Nelson)  and Leonard Crow Dog

Another Quartet for GasLand


Is it really about TarSands & Sacred Lands?

Yea Right, LOL!


A Song these Cats have given to the Youth

look what they’ve done to my song, ma.
it’s the only thing that I could do half right, and it’s turnin’ out all wrong, ma.

look what they’ve done to my brain, ma, well, they picked it like a chicken bone and I think that i’m half insane, ma.

I wish I could find a good book to live in, if I could find a real good book ,i’d never have to come out and look at what they’ve done to my song.

if the people are buying tears , I’ll be rich someday, ma
look what they’ve done to my song.