Remember Annie Mae today; She Walked Her Talk

amby: Denise Pictou Maloney daughter of Annie Mae

Thirty-nine years ago today Feb. 24th, 1976, the badly decomposed body of a woman was discovered by Rancher Roger Amiotte, while mending fences. On or about Dec.12th, 1975 in the early hours just before dawn broke, the light of a sister who came from the land of the dawn was snuffed out by AIM members. Treated like an animal, she was kidnapped, beaten, raped, interrogated, shot and then callously dumped over a ravine to rot in the badlands. Her name was Annie Mae Pictou Aquash.

Betrayed she laid in the snow and watched the sun rise thinking of her family and beloved land of the dawn as she drifted off into death.

She left behind a legacy of truth and empowerment that many use to this day to see them thru struggles in everyday life but sadly, few know the domestic torture and violence she suffered in her last few days of life. Very few know who Annie Mae was and what she stood for. She was a quiet humble person who loved to laugh yet would not think twice to step between a dueling couple to protect her sisters.

She was a staunch advocate for women’s rights and often spoke the uncomfortable truth within her own group and they silenced her for that. She was betrayed and died a vicious cruel death while “AIM warriors” looked on. To this day those “warriors” including Leonard Peltier continue to hold their tongues and support her murderers publicly. Remember Annie Mae today; she walked her talk.


From Family of Annie Mae



5 Responses to “Remember Annie Mae today; She Walked Her Talk”

  1. Richard Boyden Says:

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    Truth is TRUTH…thank you!

  2. rezinate Says:

    39 years and not a one of the leadership held to account

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  5. SandMann & Truth | Influenced to Death Says:

    […] That is what the AIM Honor Song Represents , aside from it’s more horrific and vile teachings of “it is ok to murder our own women for the cause and brotherhood, as noted in the writings “Remember Annie Mae today; She Walked Her Talk” @ […]

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