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Cass County Commissioners Meeting Jan. 7th 2020

January 26, 2020
Jan 7 at 6:51 PM
Subject: Cass County Commissioners Meeting Jan. 7th 2020
From: jp wade <>
From Joey P. Wade
To: Cass County Commissioners
Cass County Commissioners, Thank you for time permitted to me today to voice concerns AND deliver information relative examples of how Mutual Agreements of Understanding between Cass County and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibew are violating Cass County Citizens Constitutional and Civil Rights.
At the close of my time allocated as per meeting guidelines for a speaker to present. I requested an additional 2 minutes to review the handouts i brought in, with a request for those handouts to be included in the meeting records.
I was denied an additional 2 minutes. I then requested an understanding why not  , while at the same instance expressing the  extremity of the concerns i voiced to the councils table,
I very well understand rules of order for council meetings and the council chamber, AND it is_not_uncommon for a speaker to receive  additional time such as  2 minutes on request, if the council believes the concerns presented warrant additional time.
The choice to not_allow additional time , citing the council has policy that it follows, was an  absurd reason to_not grant the additional 2 minutes i requested, especially when one considers just one of the concerns i presented, was actions of “conspiracy to commit murder / at least great bodily harm” towards me, that includes connections between tribal members and the leech lake band of ojibwe Chairman Farron Jackson.
I ended all dialog with the council by walking out on the rhetoric that was being delivered to me by the council. That is to say , who in their right mind would stand and listen to any further comments from a council that is not willing to give 2 additional minutes to a  speaker who is presenting such extreme concerns relative to mutual agreements of understanding between Cass County and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibew?
A very interesting rule for the Cass County Commissioners Meetings as noted in the  the Cass County webpage pdf. file – BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING PROCEDURES 2017 – under the heading “Public Participation at Board Meetings “
“Each speaker will be allowed 3 minutes for his/her presentation
unless the time limit is waived by a majority of the Board members
present. “
At today meeting , no other Cass County Board members had input for denial to of my additional time request, the decision was made solely by the Chairman.
Joey P. Wade
eamiled to:
Robert Kangas,
Scott Bruns, (not at meeting)

2016 Presentation to Cass County Commissioners
Mutual Agreements of Understanding & Violation of Citizens Rights


**** Hand  Out 1 Submitted at 2020 Commissioners Meeting ****

Image Text: 

Constitutional and Civil Rights for County Citizens , to include Tribal member’s FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET !!!!Oct. 2016 Cass County-LLBO Hold Joint Meeting

“Judicial and Legal
Representing LLBO at the meeting were Tribal Court Judges Megan Treuer and Paul Day.

Cass County Representatives included
Judges David Harrington and Jana
Austad, Cass County Attorney
Chris Strandlie and Cass County
Probation Director Jim Schneider.


• Tribal Court connectivity has
been confirmed with state systems.

• Tribal Justice Center is scheduled
to be opened in October 2016

• Paul Day, Tribal Court Judge said
When we talk about jurisdiction, we’re talking about who has
authority, and so back in 1978 it was always in court and in
litigation, citing a supreme court precedent or a federal law.

“Today we don’t talk so much about who is in charge.

Now what we are doing is just implementing it.”

Published here —->


**** Hand Out 2  Submitted at Commissioners Meeting ****

Image Text:
one of the primary reasons being, people are_not being held accountable for their criminal actions (criminals not being prosecuted) and as such those criminals continue onward in time committing more crimes. That no_accountability (not prosecuting even when security video is available for crimes) results in no deterrent for consequences of criminal actions.
Just ask Cass County DA, my wife and i have over 6 incident reports , that includes security video and or social media dialog’s. That we have not received any word on from the DA about prosecuting, except verbal statement “i will look into it” in reply to me asking him about people partaking in “conspiracy to commit murder” or at least extreme bodily injury with their conceal to carry permit.
It is absolutely amazing how perverted law enforcement & the judiciary system has become as a result of mutual understanding agreements (MUA’s) between the Cass County departments and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibe’s tribal courts and independent_police_force for_the LLBO Tribal Council.
That LLBO police force, that is_not BIA sanctioned, who’s payroll comes from (as i was informed) Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Gambling operations.
While citizens of Cass County live in fear of those who continue to commit crimes because “they” are protected by those MUA’s.
That is to say citizens of Cass County have had their constitutional and civil rights flushed down down the toilet because of those MUA’s that are tied directly to Gambling Operations.
if interested as to the depth of my understanding about Gambling Operations and it’s social fabric impact, Check my fb postings of the families i was raised with (to include my grandmothers attorney former La. Governor Edwin Edwards) , those working groups that tie directly to the modern day activity of Gambling Operations here in Minnesota. Links below.
I am not talking about the Boy Scouts of America that county decision makers have decided to shore up with …. if you get the drift.

**** Hand Out 3  Submitted at Commissioners Meeting ****

Image Text:

On January 1, 2020, I witnessed a new level of self-loathing, a breakdown of self-respect, a display of no dignity by two Onigum Ojibwe women, who in two minutes shown how spiritually broken their community is, broken by alcohol, drugs, gossip, and sheer hatred as they exposed themselves and publicly urinated knowing there were security cameras and audio on them.

One shouted “Ogitchida” as she squatted and yelled “I am pissing right in front of y’all and you can’t do a damn thing about it”. This is a prime example of a mother, grandmother, native woman who is completely broken from self-abuse of drugs, low self-esteem.

Colonialism did not do this, this is not the by-product of policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically. Nor is this the by-product of generational trauma, this is not a psychological theory which suggests that trauma can be transferred in between generations.

This is two women choosing to devalue themselves, but if they were convinced to do this by someone else, then that person does not respect them as people. They see them as buffoons who will disgrace and throw their spirit to the ground and piss on it.

Truth, you did not hurt us, but you hurt yourself.

Yes, this footage is the representation and offerings of the women of Onigum, Minnesota, proud tribal members of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.


YouTube Video



**** End of Hand Outs to Cass County Commissioners ****.





The 3 handouts depict what my request for an additional 2 minutes was to express. 

  • hand out 1) In Tribal Judge Paul Day’s own words, that supreme court rulings and federal regulations are_not being adhered to.  “we are just doing it” , that doing it is —-> imposing Tribal Laws concepts (foreign law concepts ) onto Cass County Citizens through mutual agreements of understanding working relationships.
  •  .
  • hand out 2) the working agreements with the tribe are leaving Cass County Citizens with a lack of support and protection that is suppose to be guaranteed by civil and constitutional rights, causing people to live in Fear. Note; prosecution examples are listed below, under the heading Other Info of Concern.
  • .
  • hand out 3) tribal members partaking in criminal activity , openly expressing that county citizens can not do anything about their criminal actions. This is because “the criminals” are protected by the Mutual agreements between Cass County and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.



**** Other Info of Concern ****


Up to 12 Incident Reports of criminal activity that the Cass County D.A has not given us a reply about.

This is_not a complete list we have reported over recent months.


Interesting to note only 2 incidents were prosecuted by the D.A resulting in 5 court cases for the 5 individuals involved. Most all criminal acts have security video footage  submitted to the Cass County Sheriff’s office as evidence. 



Cass County Sheriff Dept. Incident #

19004374? –  3-24-19 leech lake tribal police threats at our homes (security video backed up)


19004374b? – 5-31-19 leech lake tribal police threats at our homes (security video backed up with audio)


19013024 – 7-29-19 (prosecuted)  vandalizes and steals security equipment and tools (security video backed up)

  • 1st tribal member plead guilty – during a probation violation hearing for no restitution payments , i mentioned to the  judge that the Cass County D.A was refusing to make the court aware that the probation no-contact order was also violated and we had video to show. Judge advised me to contact D.A office.
  •  2nd tribal member plead not guilty, and during his court scheduling hearing
  • i gave judge awareness that he had broken his conditions of release and the D.A was not making the court aware. Judge advised me to contact D.A office, I mentioned the D.A is not giving support or protection to us, Judge replied paraphrased  “that’s why you get to vote. 
  • for Both court cases, i made the judge aware that the criminal activity was not an independent action, that the criminal activity was part of a coordinated actions between LLBO Tribal Police, Tribal members and Tribal leadership to terrorize me and my wife.
  • MOHAMMED HAMID EL-BASHIR  (aka: Keith Ellison’s Minion from Sudan?) is the public attorney assigned to the 2nd tribal member 


19013689 – 8-7-19 angelo reese adopted foster child of Linda Reese , trespassing and taking photos of security system at our homes.


19013772 – 8-8-19 LLBO conservation vandalizes Security / Wildlife system saying they did so by tribal court order. (security video backed up)


19013772b – 8-8-19  Wife initiates MAARC support (vulnerable adult investigation) for the array of criminal incidents and coordinated actions of Tribal Police, Tribal Leadership and Tribal members working hand in hand to terrorize us. Cass County HHS receives MAARC investigation request  and forwards it to Cass County Detectives.

  • Cass County Detectives dismisses LLBO conservation officer incident of vandalism and also dismiss’s the MAARC investigation.
  • I contacted BIA & FBI and lodged complaint for Tribal Police hand in hand with tribal community members and Tribal leadership terrorizing me and my wife, with a request to investigate giving them examples that spanned 10+ years. Emailed bullet list of examples to Mn. FBI field officer who contacted me
  • .
  • I contacted the FBI because the LL Tribal Police are an independent police force for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, they do not fall under regulation of the U.S dept Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).
  • The LLBO Police dept is_not_sanctioned by the BIA, thus making the complaints a FBI investigative concern.


19013987 – 8-12-19 – fb threats from Linda Reese’s adopted foster child Bethany Reese , who was campaigning on Fb, paraphrased “i have a conceal to carry permit, who wants to come with me to wades home and make sure he never bothers anyone again”. The fb dialog expanded to tribal members volunteering and scheduling dates to come to our homes. (fb screen captures backed up)

  • I later contacted FBI again to make them aware that initial request to them to investigate, has now escalated to actions of “conspiracy to commit murder / at least great bodily harm 


19015276 – 8-29-19 – girls from Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Chairman Farron Jackson house vandalize security system camera’s on BIA road right of way. (security video backed up)


19015396 – 8-31-19 –  community tribal member  assault me at marina (security video backed up)


19015857 – 9-7-19 – (prosecuted) community tribal members vandalize security system (security video backed up).

  • 2 women plead guilty, i made the judge aware during my victim statement that the criminal activity was not an independent action, that the criminal activity was part of a coordinated actions between LLBO Tribal Police, Tribal members and Tribal leadership to terrorize me and my wife
  • male plead not guilty, for his plea hearing date he was not called to face the judge. I was last person in court and when the judge asked me why i was there i questioned why he was not called.
  • A person at the D.A’s desk then said he is on the court calendar , removed a folder form the stack on the desk & called out his name, he then walked into the courtroom with his appointed public attorney Mohammed.
  • MOHAMMED HAMID EL-BASHIR is the tribal members public attorney  (aka: Keith Ellison’s Minion from Sudan?)


19017066 – 9-26-19 –  LLTribal tribal police with LLBO conservation vandalize security system and steals security equipment. (security video backed up)

  • community drug kingpin directing police which camera’s to take down
  • .
  • while reporting the criminal acts to Cass County Sheriff deputy, the officer refused to lodge my complaint saying  , paraphrased “you have to contact the Tribal Police”
  • .
  • The Cass County field deputies have given 100% with trying to protect us, except for this one instance of telling me a complaint would not be filed and to take my complaint to LLBO Tribal Police.
  • .
  • That directive to me,  prompted me again to contact the the BIA, FBI, and Senators of Mn. to give awareness of what was occurring.
  • .
  • LLBO submits letter to my wife who’s home is on a tribal lease (my home is on private property that boarders her tribal lease) , saying she is to be evicted from her lease for conducting criminal activity with security cameras at her home.
  • .
  • The letter also stated that her home is subject to search and inspection at any time by the LLBO and that she must give full access for the tribe to do so.
  • .
  • The last 2 bullet list comments is exactly why my wife and i have had to live in separate homes for  10+ yrs, me on private land, her on her tribal lease, as a protection mechanism against threats from the LLBO terrorizing and harassing us for the last 10+ years.


19017725? – 10-8-19 –  (no incident report created) – LLBO forestry (with Levi Brown of LLBO) attempt to remove security cameras on BIA right of way, and from our homes (security video backed up)

  • Contacted U.S Forestry to give awareness LLBO forestry was trying to make me believe they were the U.S Forestry, and that i was to be charged with cutting tree’s down and that their reason for probing my home (which is on private property) was to take down my security camera’s.


190##### – 11-7-2019  – (no incident report created) – LLBO puts Private Property / no hunting signs on public land, where our security camera’s were located. (security video backed up)

  • the BIA road right of way.


190##### – 11-8-2019 – (did not get incident number) security camera’s on bia right of way stolen (no security video)


190##### – 11-9-2019  – (no incident report created, had Cass County Officer log the event)

  • Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Chairman Farron Jackson at marina area with hunting party in orange, loading high power rifles at boat launch.

after i made Jackson aware of call to Sheriff dept. he left marina area, he returned about 15 minutes later, and picked up a person who ran off of William Jacobson’s private property (property my home resides on) , who was dressed in camouflage instead of orange hunting clothing. (security video backed up)

  • also reported to victim services


190##### – 11-12-2019? – (no incident report) – Met with Cass County Detectives, and mentioned if something was not done, blood was going to be spilled, and it was not  who was going to be me spilling someone else’s blood,

  • County detective lied to me about  MAARC investigation being dismissed, and followed up with, paraphrased “anything you leave on public land, becomes property of the public, he was referring to the camera’s the LLBO Conservation & Tribal Police and tribal members were stealing from us and the vandalism of our security system.
  • .
  • The Cass County Detectives could not or would not tell me what Mn. States Code he was basing his comment on.
  • .
  • a 2nd detective said “it’s the law joey”
  • .
  •  345.75 Abandoned Tangible personal property  I ponder if this statues code is what the detective was basting his comment to me on OR whether his comment was based on a LLBO Tribal Court Law relayed to him through mutual agreements of understanding. 


190##### – 12-11-2020 –  (did not get incident number)  Therisa Guntner foster kids (out of home placement or what ever)  assault / threats in front of our homes (security video and audio backed up with audio)

  • also reported to Cass County HHS Child Services


190##### – 1-2-2020 – (did not get incident number) 2 Community Women,  urinating in front of home on the road, yelling at us in the yard, “i am peeing in front of your house, and there  not a damm thing you can  do about it” (security video backed up with audio)

  • the Cass County DA in the past elected not to prosecute the woman yelling when she and male tribal member tried multiple times to hit me and my wife head on with their car, after they came to our home and were at my front door verbally threatening  us while yelling hate comments
  • .
  • the Cass County DA in the incident reports listed above , also elected not to prosecute that same woman and man for vandalizing our security system. This was done  with the girls from the LLBO Chairman Farron Jackson’s home.



Marina Wildlife Monitoring Fb Site

Many of the Incident Report occurances have

been posted at our FB Wildlife Monitoring Site.





**** Additional Notes of Interest ****






Image Text:

have been watching the stupidity for quite a few years now, the object of that dog and pony show (county & state Mutual Agreements of Understanding with the tribes) , is to implement sharia law concepts into county and state agencies by way of making people believe and support the merging of policies is with “native american traditions”
What most decision makers do_not comprehend, OR for those who do comprehend and just do_not care (sell out pukes) , a better understanding would be to review my publication from 2015.
“Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians”
in my initial post , the tribal court judges mentioned (and “their” working groups) have been for 20+ years working to implement such STUPID SHARIA LAW CONCEPTS into the U.S law enforcement and judicial systems , to include other county and state agencies.
by way of child courts, family courts, juvinile courts (wellness courts) , health and human service mutual agreements , environmental services mutual agreements (ect.) with the tribes,
really sic chit happening here ….
also an indepth review of another 2015 publication for understanding is how the 1st arab american congressional member Abourezk (who’s father was Syrian, who use to call himself the “Syrian Sioux” is,
“Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines”


**** Uncle Eddie ****.
2014 Email to former La. Governor Edwin Edwards


Hello, my name is Joey P. Wade, grandson of Angelina LeJeune – Bergeaux, of Evangeline La. , Son of Rita Wade of New Iberia. I need to talk to Mr. Edwin in regards to direction and assistance relative to assaults being made on my life by those of the working group of former S. Dakota senator James Abourezk who use to head of the U.S indian affairs back in the day when Mr. Edwin was assisting La. tribal nations to receive federal recognition.

Please msg back contact number so that i can call, or 218 547 #### (currently living in Walker, Mn.)

Merci Becoup
Joey Wade …. family of Membertou and John Archer Lejeune

p.s, to be more specific , assistance needed to ensure the local “court” judiciary system acts on the needs of citizen protection from a local individual with a criminal conviction of terroristic threats.

**** To Be Continued ****

In Closing for the Moment 


For those supporting or sympathizing with the agenda’s and social fabric scripts of James Abourezk –

Eat Crow !!!!



For What it’s Worth …. The result of AIM’s actions & teachings 40 yrs later. Nothing will change as long as people, do_not explore how spiritual bankruptcy continues to grow and migrate as a result of AIM hijacking, twisting, and abusing culture, teachings & ceremonies during “their” initiation of the pan american movement.
Those attributes of 1st nations “today” that has been infused with Islamic beliefs, world views and ideologies since the 70’s to alter_identity.
Now accepted as “Traditional” & conforming to the expectations of Ancestry 
Keep in focus, AIM spread it’s teachings with the blood of innocents on their hands.



For Example:


Bemidji Terrorist Recruitment Sympathizers 




 Addressing the BIA on the New ICWA Regulations

Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system 




It iS what It iS

Own It ….




Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers, Doing What They Do Best

January 22, 2020

The conditioning of  Phil Lane Jr’s Talking Circles & Answering Feathers and his working groups Red Road Teachings – such a pathetic JOKE! 

Jr. has been with the Bahai of Seattle (the Bahai are 3rd largest sect of islam) since the 70’s, posing as a traditional native american healer, while upto today  supporting and promoting radical islamic ideologies & world views.

He invented Talking Circles & Answering Feather rhetoric concepts  and promoted the teachings that were then “contemporary” (as in a new way), that over time has become accepted as “traditional” (the way to be BALONEY) after wide spread usage and acceptance.

Through  the pan-american movement initiated by AIM, jr. and other hand picked grand poo pha spiritual leaders  infused_Islamic_beliefs into 1st Nations Teachings.


In the wake of “Their”  ceremonies and teachings comes Death & Perversion and the statistics of such  affects will continue to escalate and migrate as long as people continue to follow “their”  HogWash and Hot Gas. 

Anyone that does not submit or support such STUPIDITY gets Blundered_into_Submission, as in kneel_on_the_Rug or Die ….
Garbage In Garbage Out ….



“7 killed, 14 tortured in exorcism terror rituals in Panama jungle”

(Press Release appended to bottom of this writing)

Is anything less expected from the influence of Phil Lane Jr. of the Four Winds Foundation, with the Ngobe Bugle in 2016 —->


Youtube Link:







the PUKE Phil Lane Jr. in 2016 with the Ngobe Bugle,
the Press Release  says: —-> “at an improvised “church” at a ranch where a little-known religious sect known as “The New Light of God” was operating.:

From the Baha`is of Seattle —-> “Light of the World”,


Interesting to note that the Seattle Bahai, along with Phil Lane Jr. and the likes through former arab/ameircan senator of S. Dakota , James Abourezk (mr. Oz of AIM) , created and implemented the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

Nothing out of the norm here since the 70’s


Jan. 2020 – Press Release
7 killed, 14 tortured in exorcism terror rituals in Panama jungle

Seven people were killed in a bizarre religious ritual in a jungle community in Panama, in which indigenous residents were rounded up by about 10 lay preachers and tortured, beaten, burned and hacked with machetes to make them “repent their sins,” authorities said Thursday.

Police freed 14 members of the Ngabé Buglé indigenous group who had been tied up and beaten with wooden cudgels and Bibles.

Local prosecutor Rafael Baloyes described a chilling scene found by investigators when they made their way through the jungle-clad hills to the remote Ngabé Buglé indigenous community near the Caribbean coast Tuesday.

Alerted by three villagers who escaped and made their way to a local hospital for treatment earlier, police were prepared for something bad, Baloyes said, but were still surprised by what they discovered at an improvised “church” at a ranch where a little-known religious sect known as “The New Light of God” was operating.

“They were performing a ritual inside the structure. In that ritual, there were people being held against their will, being mistreated,” Baloyes said.

“All of these rites were aimed at killing them if they did not repent their sins,” he said. “There was a naked person, a woman,” inside the building, where investigators found machetes, knives and a ritually sacrificed goat, he said.

The rites had been going on since Saturday, and had already resulted in deaths, Baloyes said.

About a mile (2 kilometers) away from the church building, authorities found a freshly dug grave with the corpses of six children and one adult. The dead included five children as young as a year old, their pregnant mother and a 17-year-old female neighbor.

“They searched this family out to hold a ritual and they massacred them, mistreated them, killed practically the whole family,” Baloyes said, adding that one of the suspects in the killing is the grandfather of the children who were slain.

All the victims, and apparently all the suspects, were members of the same indigenous community.

Ricardo Miranda, leader of the Ngabé Buglé semi-autonomous zone known as a Comarca, called the sect “satanic” and said it went against the region’s Christian beliefs.

“We demand the immediate eradication of this Satanic sect, which violates all the practices of spirituality and co-existence in the Holy Scriptures,” Miranda said.

Apparently, the sect is relatively new to the area, and had been operating locally only for about three months.

Things reportedly came to a head Saturday, when one of the church members had a vision.

“One of them said God had given them a message,” Baloyes said. That message apparently boiled down to making everyone repent or die.

The Ngabé Buglé are Panama’s largest indigenous group and suffer from high rates of poverty and illiteracy.

It was not clear what belief or affiliations “The New Light of God” church has. A well-established evangelical church known as Luz del Mundo said in a press statement that it had no ties to the case.

The area is so remote that helicopters had to be used to ferry the injured out to hospitals for treatment. They included at least two pregnant women and some children.

Other Publications about the Puke:Link =

AIM’s Phil Lane Jr. Show Re_Vamped

March 4, 2013

Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers, Doing What They Do Best

January 22, 2020

SandMann & Truth

February 1, 2019

Bemidji 1st City of Terrorist Recruitment Sympathizers on the River

June 8, 2016

Targeting PipeStone for Ownership of 1st Nations Children Indoctrination

March 4, 2016

Sick Silence The Longest Walk for Justice

December 18, 2015

The Continuance of – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation

December 11, 2015

Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor

July 19, 2015

Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth

July 12, 2015



SandMann & Truth

February 1, 2019


Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes

Video by Linwood PC – Published on Feb 1, 2019



2 weeks ago, the mainstream media, politicians, church officials, commentators, & celebrities rushed to judgment to wrongfully condemn, threaten, disparage & vilify Nick Sandmann based solely on a few seconds of an out-of-context video clip. It only takes 15 minutes to learn the truth. Here it is.

. Video above is from Sandmann’s Attorney



Link to the defamation suit for the Wash Post:


Note  it states:

 “In a span of three (3) days in January of this year commencing on January 19, the Post engaged in a modern-day form of McCarthyism


“At all times, Nicholas acted respectfully, responsibly, appropriately, and in a manner consistent with the values instilled upon him by his family and his religious faith.”


Information from Influenced to Death


In ref to McCarthyism mentioned above by Sandmann’s legal council,  note the  2015 writings , towards end of page under the heading, 

“Tribal Leaders and the New McCarthyism

By Scott Kayla Morrison, President of CERF

(Video’s of Scott Kayla included)

which is exactly why i choose not to enroll



Black Group Said They Had a Plan with Native Group 

 Another Epic AIM Crash & Burn



The DC Indigenous Peoples March was created, promoted and conducted by AIM Lakota Peoples Law Project (LPLP), AIM Last Real Indians (LRI) under the cloak name of The Indigenous Peoples Movement.

LPLP & LRI along with their support groups have a long history of creating social unrest and chaos using Racism Accusations for social fabric shock indoctrination that has been very much  promoted by the News Media over the years.  (note other events refered to are listed at the end of this blog)

The Primary Speakers for the DC March were representatives of the Lakota Peoples Law Project, Last Real Indians and the newly elected New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland.


BTW: That is Congresswoman Haaland who excused Pocahontas Elisibeth Warren for her VILE ACTS of Culture and Identity Appropriation.

Yep, that is Mrs. Halland who also Slandered Sandmann and the Catholic Church …. Go Figure eh?



.1-19-2019 – HuffPost Post – “Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) ― one of the first Native American women to be elected to Congress ― said the students displayed “blatant hate” against Phillips.”


Congresswoman Haaland’s should take note and act to  the Ojibwe Cultural Preservation Organization’s fb reply, as noted in the image above —-> Try Living_the_culture ….  by admitting Mr. Phillips was wrong, disrespectful and a disgrace.” 



Deb Haaland’s Voice equates to, a modern day AIM Pie Patrol Member, very much so when one considers she works directly with one of the original AIM Pie Patrol Leaders, Madonna ThunderHawk, who was reported to be with Phillips at the assault on the Immaculate Conception  – Research it !


Anyone who does not believe Haaland is sitting at the table, with former south dakota senator James Abourezk (The Peddlers Son),  breaking bread,  must have Rocks in Their Head !!!!



AIM Nathan Phillips and his group were participating in the DC March Event and then left it to go to the Monument site. 

Note the beginning of the video clip above starts off with as per Nathan Phillips initial press release comments ,

paraphrased “the mob of children” were about to physically attack.

The Video above shows the Native AIM Group and Black Group were working together for the assault on the children and the church.

The video above is from the black supremacist group, i added in text and a few rewind points, the supremacist says when Nathan Phillips arrives and walks up,

the black man says,”look at gad and our plan …. he came to the rescue”, …. “Our elder right there, …. look at him”  

note also the 2 black men in the video also make accusations  “children mocking Phillips” and Phillips soothing the beast / demons , etc ….

those comments made in the video, correlate directly to Nathan Phillips initial statements in the initial press releases –

There was that moment when I realized I’ve put myself between beast and prey,” Phillips told the Free Press. “These young men were beastly and these old black individuals was their prey, and I stood in between them and so they needed their pounds of flesh and they were looking at me for that.”

AND note part of Phillip’s team stops at the supremest and continues to drum while Nathan Phillips moves forward to assault the group of children

the children were excited and dancing along with the arrival of Phillips and shortly there after the crowd of children went almost silent ….

a result of Phillips confronting and  getting in Nick Sandmann’s face ….

at that point the children came to the realization something was not right ….

it was uneasiness and fear that something was not right , that caused the children to go practically silent while Phillips was slamming his drum at Nick Sandman.

NOTE: in the video , as Phillips is passing the black guys, a woman who is with him , puts her face in the camera and says “whats up” , a greeting , and the black guy replied back to her in a polite manner ,

also one of the guys with Phillips stops right in front of the black guys , joins in with them while he use his hand drum

they have some form of a “personal friendship” with the black supremacist guys





Day After Assault at Monument

2 Go Fund Me  Sites Setup, Jan 19, 2019 – 


  • $50,000 goal -Native Veteran Nathan Phillips 
  • $100,000 goal – Nathan Phillips scholarship fund 




Phillips and AIM Assault

the Immaculate Conception 




Phase 2 of the Scripted AIM Assault  – Nathan Phillips dips to another low while abusing culture and identity. Another insult towards the expectations of Ancestry along with insults to  Christianity  by trying to force himself and cogs into DC’s Basilica of Immaculate Conception.

Video below of the Sickness Growing and Migrating  – Difficult to watch without wanting to toss your cookies, and not unexpected in the least for those who live daily dealing with the bastardization of culture and identity by AIM Indoctrination.




Washington D.C., Jan 22, 2019 / 03:58 pm (CNA).- While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group of Native American rights activists reportedly led by Nathan Phillips attempted Jan. 19 to enter Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.

The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during its 5:15 pm Vigil Mass, according to a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass.

“It was really upsetting,” the guard told CNA.

“There were about twenty people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything.”

The guard said the incident was a disappointment during a busy and joyful weekend for the shrine.

“We had hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the country come here to celebrate life, to celebrate each other together. That a protest tried to come inside during Mass was really the worst.”

The guard told CNA the situation was “tense.”

“I’m just really grateful that nothing too bad happened, they were really angry.”



The Day after the monument incident in Halland’s fb post,  note Haaland tries to pitch that hate, disrespect, and intolerance  under this (Trump) administration is the cause of the monument incident.

This directly  correlates to the media narrative that soon followed with attempts to label the MAGA hat as a symbol of hate , equivalent to the KKK hood.


After That

  AIM Extortion 101 Starts Up

Phillips stated  – the DailyMail .uk news – ” Philips said that if Pope Francis were to broker_a_meeting, the he would consider attending”.

The Lakota Peoples Law Project (AIM) . “Mr. Phillips said he wanted to meet with the students and church officials to turn the experience into a “teachable moment.”

pay us to come into your community to teach about 1st nations identity and world views through AIM indoctrination or AIM will continue to harass you.

For people who understand the tactics of AIM and it’s scams, that is AIM Extortion 101




After That

 Let AIM Indoctrinate the Youth

Spiritual Seduction Starts Up



Jan. 26, 2019 – AIM shows up in Covington with Talking Circles for Healing rhetoric.

“The Social Circus Foundation INC and the Ludlow Theatre will present William Underbaggage (translated: carrying a heavy burden) a Lakota Sioux Tribal Leader, who will lead Greater Cincinnati spiritual, educational and government leaders and the general public to join in a “Community Talking Circle” sharing thoughts, words and prayers to demonstrate tolerance in an attempt to gain understanding and begin our healing process.

A Ceremonial Peace Pipe and Healing Round Dance will close the ceremony.

Such an appropriate Theme

“the Social Circus Foundation”

It’s Spiritual Seduction …. Take it for what it’s Worth

People had better take a really close look at what  the children are being told to open their Heart and Spirit up to ….  

Those children who absorb that spiritual seduction shake and bake nonsense, will become not much different that Nathan Phillips and his cogs.

Look at the youth on our reservations , check the scoreboard for suicides, substance abuse, domestic abuse, child sex abuse, kids opening one another up like watermellons on a weekly basis, etc …..  and have people like William Underbagge tell you how much healing is occurring with “the medicine” that has been spoon fed to the kids since the 70’s !!!! 

It takes a certain kind of Stupid for people to continue following this nonsense. Talking Circles were brought onto the Nations by the likes of Phil Lane Jr. , who has been  Bahai since  the 1970’s.

He to this day continues to present himself as a Traditional Lakota Heredity Leader , which is a bunch Baloney!

 “Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians


Introduction of Talking Circles into 1st Nations Teachings occurred in the 70’s by AIM Phil Lane Jr. of  the Seattle Bahai.

Coined as traditional teachings across the reservations and criteria of the  American Indian Studies curriculum set up by AIM Ward Churchill who at the time was the Ameircan Indian Studies Guru for academia.   

Note the  2015 writings; The Bahá’í belief was founded in the 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism. The Shia, or the Shiites, represent the second largest denomination of Islam.  Continue reading at —->


AND Just as Disturbing is that below ! 


cin enquire

(Cincinnati  is across the river from Covington, Ky. )

“Cincinnati Enquirer News – FB site – January 27, 2019 ,
This Ohio high school class has had guest speakers from groups such as the National Socialist Movement, the Weather Underground, and even the Ku Klux Klan.

Why? To learn how to engage respectfully with those of differing opinions.”


Joe Wade > the Weather Underground, are they talking about Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn great group of the Weathermen, who praised Charlie Mansion and team for having breakfast over the MUTALATED body of the the expecting mother Rosemary LaBianca who they murdered?

is that the same as the Weathermen who went around bombing public buildings in protest of the Vietnam War, who recruited Ward ChurchHill, who in later years became a leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) teaching AIM how to make pipe bombs?

That is Ward Churchill who in later years became the U.S Indian studies Guru in Colorodo, who set up the criteria for american indian studies across the nation , that today has produced IDIOTS LIKE NATHAN PHILLIPS of AIM who assaulted the children and catholic church with his AIM indoctrinated world views and ideologies.


YES IT IS the same organization …. SICK!


It surprises me the  “teachable moments” as suggested by the LPLP for the community of Covington , has not yet included AIM members Madona ThunderHawk and Chase Iron Eyes, both of the Lakota Peoples Law Project (LPLP) who organized, promoted and held the Indigenous Day March that Phillips and cogs had partaken in prior to  assailing the children. 

That is the AIM LPLP members  who together hand in hand worked to setup and orchestrate the 2012 Hospital Racism accusations while using and abusing the elder blind man Vern Traversie as noted in the 2012 writings “The Camellia Shows itself in May Color


Keep in Focus

 It was a Spiritual Assault by AIM


Question: Why did Phillips  walk into Sandmanns  personal space, uninvited, and project the AIM song at Nick’s body, spirit and soul ?

Answer: Because Phillips  is a Sleezy Grand Poo Pah GrandsStander that uses and abuses drum, song, and identity of ancestry, a corpse with a demented spirit.

For What It’s Worth  …. it is what it is …. Self Worth that doe not even equates to the value of 2 Broken eggs in the dirt.


that so called elder Nathan Phillips, AIM member, stepped into Nicholas Sandmann personal space and projected drum and song towards that childs body,soul and spirit, uninvited, forced at the child.

A spiritual assault, especially when one understands the vileness of the Ameircan Indian Movement (AIM) Honor Song phillips was singing.

Sandmann stood fast and did_not absorb that sickness that would have caused him to retaliate in some way or form, had Sandmann allowed phillips spiritual assault to enter his heart.

i jumped ship on AIM over 20yrs ago because of it sick hypocrisy and bastardization of spirituality

i live daily with the bastardization of culture and identity from AIM and it’s attack on 1st nations spirituality that started back in the 70’s, that spiritual shift was prompted and embedded into the youth 3 generations back , on up to today , through the 4 horsemen of AIM,

  1. Bash the White Man,
  2. Bash the U.S government,
  3. Bash Christianity, and
  4. promote the actions with accusations of Racism, while being a Racist ….

That is what the AIM Honor Song Represents , aside from it’s more horrific and vile teachings of “it is ok to murder our own women for the cause and brotherhood, as noted in the writings “Remember Annie Mae today; She Walked Her Talk” @ 

every social fabric chaos script of AIM indoctrination includes those 4 horsemen at every event to rally support from people, and the teachings have spread far and wide in these modern times like Pestilence.

Phillips represents AIM, his legal team The Lakota Peoples Law Project represents AIM, whereas many of “us” do_not , because we witness on a daily basis the death AIM and it’s 4 horsemen continues to bring onto family and community of all ….

2016 – AIM 101 indoctrination cast accusations of Racism at the comedian Ralphie May, based on a song by the  hip hop group Savage Family calling for the killing of Ralphie May. AIM LPLP, LRI along with the national media and the Bemidji City Council had Ralphie May’s comedian show censored in Bemidji, Mn. Ralphie May ended up with death threats towards his life shortly there after.

Sound Familiar?

Ralphie May died 18 months later from Health Complications, without a doubt, his health degradation was escalated from stress created by AIM and the Media hype that targeted him.  


How to engage the groups that support AIM and it’s shock indoctrination social chaos scripts —-> Bring the Truth to Their Camp” —->

Video – “bemidji terrorist recruitment sympathisers – june6 2016”



What to Expect from AIM Indoctrination




What to expect from AIM indoctrination on the youth, my comments in 2015 to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in regards to the Indian Child Welfare proposed regulation changes, should give insight as to what will occur by promoting and advancing such teachings —->







With up to 500 Federally Recognized Tribes in the Continental U.S Why has not 1 Leader stood up denouncing the sic actions of AIM Phillips & the News Media ????

The Answer lies within the Bastardized Cultural and Spiritual Teachings initiated in the 70’s by AIM, that are now being passed on to the next generation and being brought onto Main Stream America.




Connect the Dots to Islam

More Insight about AIM, LPLP & LRI

 it IS what it IS


lri homegrown terrorists



Connect the Dots between the AIM Native Group (Last Real Indians & The Lakota Peoples Law Project / LRI & LPLP )  & the Black Supremest group AND ISLAM
the black guys in their video are yelling, paraphrased, “we will nuke america”



In reference to the new Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Regulations

 Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,

“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015)



Hamas opens office in Palestine for Cherokee Nation 

A commercial_office has been opened for the Native American Cherokee tribe in Ramallah, Quds Press reported the Palestinian Authority announcing yesterday.
In a statement, the PA foreign ministry said that it had agreed to open the office in the hope that this would help “strengthen mutual relations between both sides”.
Cherokee_representative_Salam_Amin said that his tribe is planning to strengthen relations with the Palestinian people and carry out development and economic projects.
Speaking to Quds Press, Amin said that Palestine is the first Arab country that has relations with the tribe.

Cherokee_representative_Salam_Amin is —->

experience: “As Vice President of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Amin served as the primary liaison between the US and the 22 countries of Middle East North Africa (MENA)” ….

National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce  is ….

Cherokee Nation and its businesses make an economic impact of more than $2.03 billion annually.

* May 11, 2015 – TULSA, Okla. – Cherokee Nation Businesses’ annual year-end audit shows the tribe’s economic development arm ended fiscal year 2014 with record revenues topping $829 million, more than $48 million ahead of fiscal year 2013.

* 2015 – Oklahoma tribes approach $1B in state gaming fee

Look in my folder for the file names below ,review the congressional legislation for the bill and the articles: –!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

* 2011 hr2362 Turkish Collation and Native Americans Tribe – Indian Tribal Trade and and Development Act1 bill hr 2362

* 2011 turkish-Native American Trade Bill – Turkish Collation

* 2011 turkish-Native American Trade Bill – at indian gaming



Native Amierican Courts:

Precedent for an Islamic Arbitral System

(Sharia Law) 

published in 2007 by- The American Muslim (TAM) 


sharia law

“The process of implementing Muslim family law will not be accomplished overnight. Changes of their type take place very slowly in American society, and our community is far from being prepared for this task.

I pray to Allah the real decisions are made here that can be implemented by those ready to work. However, I strongly urge that consideration be given to political realities and the sensitivities of the American public.

Such a radical change in American law—

allowing Muslims to take control over their family law issues –

must be initiated from the indigenous_Muslim_community here in the United States.

To have it seem that this initiative is originating from overseas or from organizations financed overseas, would create a very negative impression that would likely destroy this effort. ” ~The American Muslim

The Great Pow-Wow: 

American Muslims Come of Age

published by Tam in 2004


In June, 1993, three hundred American Muslims gathered at Dar al Islam in northern New Mexico

The goal of the first North American Muslim Pow-Wow, she said, was to bring together Muslims who are rooted in the soil of North America.

The term ?Pow-Wow? was chosen because this originally Algonquin word referred to the gatherings of the tribes across the Great Plains to strengthen their spiritual power as a great federation of peoples and to make decisions by mutual consultation on shaping their own future.


2007 Pow wow’s start up in Gaza


1st powwow gaza

  InSpire Indoctrination Starts Up in

2010 – for  Jihadist groups

2012 – for Last Real Indians


New issue of magazine offers jihadists terror tips

(CNN) — The second edition of an online al Qaeda magazine has surfaced with frank essays, creatively designed imagery and ominous terror tips such as using a pickup truck as a weapon and shooting up a crowded restaurant in Washington.

The magazine is called “Inspire” and intelligence officials believe that an American citizen named Samir Khan, now living in Yemen, is the driving force behind the publication.


lri inspire

Samir Khan publisher of InSpire 

samir khan


History of AIM Tactics & the News Media


AIM indoctrinations / Scam Tactics & the Media has a very long history.

Cincinnati Ohio -1849 – The Masonic Review publication on page 146 – Lodge 174, Lexington, Ky.

“the city was recently visited by a party of indian Chiefs and warriors”

the men mentioned in that Masonic Review were of the “Martell” Delegation who were doing a march to D.C to request an audience with Congress.

Martell was from Red Lake rez , about 50 north of where i live in Minnesota. The leaders he had with him were of the Lapoint area of Wisconsin, which was all one U.S territory in those days.

The Martell Delegation march to D.C was publicized by many newspapers as noted in the writings at —->…/reconstruct…/

In route the group sought donations and support funds from community members of various towns, the support funds were promised to be returned in the return route from D.C
after the U.S government paid the demands that group was bringing to the congress.

the martell delegation, met with congress, congress gave them something to the tune of 6000 in silver, they left washingotn with all the treasures they collected in route while doing public dance and song sessions as fund raising, wagons full of treasures to include the silver from congress, they took a different route home , martell died not long after that from yellow fever.

the concerns brought to congress involved ojibwe people being transferred from the lapoint / wisconsion area to sandy lake minnesota area reservation and the leaders of the lapoint area were not in favor of the transfer of people.

the following annual rations , that were to be transferred to the sandy lake area in minnesota, for that transfer of people, for the people who did go to sandy lake , were held back by congress.

Some say the monies martell and the so called leaders received was suppose to be for the tribal constituents that moved there, this is one reason congress did not send money / food to sandy lake that following winter.

Many of the Ojibwe died of starvation, while their leaders sat back in other area’s with the wealth they collected from the delegation march to D.C scam.

These deaths created unrest with the local sioux and ojibwe of the minnesota region, this is what kicked off the Sioux uprising that ended up with the Mankito hangings of 38 or so men by the orders of Lincoln.

This is the 1st march , social chaos scam i know of that directly correlates to AIM indoctrination, those members of the Martell Delegation are the grandfathers of AIM teachings and it’s Grand Medewiin Medicine Society.

The 7 grandfathers of AIM’s Mediwiin teachings leader is Oshkaabewis , these teachings coincide with AIM’s 7th generation teachings that a prophet will return to cleanse this continent of the “white man” and other baloney rhetoric.  Only after a modern day rebirth of a chosen child will recover the ancient scrolls that were hidden in a cliff buff yrs, and yrs ago. (this is no different that the Bahai teachings that includes the return of a child prophet).

Teachings created by AIM founder and leader Eddie Benton Banis, the  one who calls himself “the Mide Man” that has one of the largest followings of youth today who believe in “their” Garbage of prophecies that invoke and instate supremacy mentality and worldviews

Seventh & Eight Fire Prophecy of B.S!

”It is at this time that the Light-Skinned Race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and Final Fire – an eternal Fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood.

If the Light-Skinned Race makes the wrong choice of roads, then destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back to them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”


AIM Indoctrination, through college academia like Bemidji State University , AIM – anton treur , AIM- billy blackwell jr. and other colleges across minnesot, wisconsion, and indian studies academia. (both of Banais’ Secret Grand Medicine Society.

Note 2014 writings “Shattered –GARBAGE in GARBAGE OUT “ https:// 


That AIM teaching rhetoric also ties directly to When the Condor Meets the Eagle.  This sic teaching states when the condor of the south (spiritual ceremonial bird of prey) , meets up, joins with the eagle of the north (spiritual ceremonial bird of prey) , the “white man” will be annihilated from the lands.

People can sugar_coat that teaching as addressing environmental concerns, like water is life,  or what ever they want , the joint effort to annihilate a select group of people is still embedded in the teachings.

It IS what it IS …. and as …. SICK as SICK GETS !!!!
When the Condor Meets the Eagle

This prophecy gained a strong rebirth during the Obama Admin. AIM Phil Lane Jr., Leonard Crow Dog, Arvol Looking Horse and other grand poo pah 1st nation medicine men of this continent made frequent and many visits to South Ameirca to conduct ceremonies (this would have never occurred without consent of the drug cartel’s of the regions) for the joining of the Condor and the Eagle.

Thus during the Obama admin , there was a rush of immigrants to the U.S borders. This has now escalated to “migrant caravans”.

This  is one of the theme’s of this current AIM social chaos script, as in the accusations children were yelling “Build the Wall”.



Back to that, Martell Delegation March to d.c, it is a template that is used upto this day by AIM and for its Financial Scams and associated shock indoctrination scripts. that in most all cases eventually ends up with indoctrination programs for society coined as “meaningful experiences to heal from”

the masonic review is here —->…

the martell delegation tracked through newspaper articles is here —->…/reconstruct…/

one of the modern day social fabric indoctrination plans for the public is here, my address Bemidji Minnesota city council about the text on the bemidji monument —->



ALL of this is not much different than what is occurring with the CovCath scam, that is being brought onto Main Stream America through the media….

Just outside of our property line is ground zero of the creation of the American Indian Movement, it is where Dennis Banks and friends first started doing their sic ceremonies
after they broke away from the community elders here.

Banks was raised in this community, and at around the age of 20+ or so, he and his cogs started doing drug and alcohol
influenced ceremonies on that property. this was prior to the media promoting AIM with it’s 1970’s protest scams

This is what happens to those who stand up to local commissioners about much of the STUPIDITY being brought onto main stream america —->


 Leech Lake Tribal Court Pukes



In regards to the video above with the tribal policeman, and county commissioner and court mutual agreements of understanding , review the writings at this link —->

connect the associations, know the historical profile OF modern day AIM Indoctrination ….. Que Sera Sera ….




In Closing, James Abourezk – Eat Crow !!!!


Information about the Peddlers Son, who use to call himself the Syran Sioux back in the 70’s is here —->


1970’s -Abourezk – AIM – News Media – Black Ministries Support

Abourezk is known as the Mr. Oz behind the American Indian Movement (AIM).

During the 70’s AIM assaulted Wounded Knee Community and took community members as hostages. The national news media during that siege , supported and promoted the sic actions of AIM with myths, lies and deception.  (same as what it has done to Covington Catholic and the Children)

Hostage interviews of their experiences in those days were not allowed in the media.

Listen to the news media’s actions in those days as recorded by hostages —->

In Tape #3  below , one of the women describes the news being at their community, waiting around for the AIM assault on the community to occur.  The woman also talks about how the news groups DID_NOTHING to make community members aware of what was about to occur.

Tape2 of hostages; at 9 minutes , hostage discusses desecration of Catholic Church, Challis abuse, alter abuse to include urinating , and other sic actions by AIM. Then  the woman discusses the Black Luthern Ministers Reverend Paul Boe  in support of AIM at the Wounded Knee Siege.

Tape3 of hostages; Beginning of Tape discusses support of the news media towards AIM & not giving community members a heads up that AIM was coming to their doorsteps.

Wounded Knee Hostages Reveal Their Story , is here —->


James Abourezk – The Peddlers Son



2012 – Abourezk with his AIM Screwball Founders


James Abourezk is the top advisor for the Lakota Peoples Law Project (AIM) . He is the 1st arab american congressman who founded the ADC, that has now morphed into CAIR , he is a key to the top of Phillip’s the drum slammer’s food chain of Leadership.

That is Abourezk who in the 1970’s when he was a senator of s. dakota, orchestrating the development of American Indian Movement – AIM (up to today) use to call himself the Syrian Sioux, who btw created the avenue and assisted the creation of the Indian gaming act when he was chair of the u.s senate for indian affairs, through his follow up proxies ben nighthorse campbell who later became chair and cog Ada Deer.

his father: Charles Thomas Abourezk, Sr., was born on April 7, 1871, in the village of El Kfeir, of the Ottoman Empire, which then became Syria (League of Nations Mandate) and then Lebanon as an independent nation in 1943 , in this year, the son James was 12yrs old after being birthed in the u.s. in 1931.

the father, immigrated to the u.s just prior to 1911, and became a peddler in s. dakota to local indian communities.

Yes, Law of the Land should be applied to the lot of them , in place of turning a blind eye with cultural sensitive , politically correct b.s and rhetoric that is enabling
continuance of their shock indoctrination social chaos scripts to continue which today includes the assistance from the newly elected congresswoman deb haaland.

note the youtube video on indian gaminng and ada deeer at —->

take notice of my comment replies in that youtube, to gain more understanding about indian gaming’s direct affiliation to the mob.


Other Racist Scams by AIM in this blog


2012 – The Camellia Shows Itself In May Colors – Vern Traversie KKK Carvings Accusations


2016 – Bemidji 1st City of Terrorist Recruitment Sympathizers on the River – Ralphie May Racism Accusations


2016 – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation 3 – “Meaningful Learning Experience”  from the Ralphie May SCAM


AIM Search Results in the blog

Inuenced to Death



2015 – Obama Administration


info links of current events discussed in this blog entry

Feb 2015 – push to remove oversight of tribal health services(non-discretionary – will allow instances such as Spirit Lake Child Services to continue without congressional intervention)


April 2015 – push to alter tribal enrollment criteria  (increasing membership by reducing blood quantum to zero?)


Feb 2015 – push for tribes to farm marijuana July 2015 – push for tribes to allow “recreational use of marijuana”


July 2015 – push to reduce federal tribal recognition criteria – making way for new reservations (landless reservations?)


July 2015 – push to allocate more funding for joint jurisdiction(wellness courts, healing circles & peacemaker con’s)


July 2015 – push to allow tribes to take ownership of children – proposed icwa regulations that create an avenue to harvest children for federal funding opportunities.



Other Documents of Interest

Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


All Files!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q


Blind Justice




2012 Blog Entry – Blind Justice




Feb. 26, 2019 UpDate


The Sickness Grows

Ripple Affects combined with previous Concerns


Congresswoman deb halland excuses warren vile acts of identity and culture appropriation – Vile & Shameful

Now on the heels of Covington Catholic Cortez is saying latino’s / illegal immigrants are native americans ,and she is pushing to get people to register for voting & census classification as native american, which is now considered acceptable and being promoted with campaigns such as
“identify as native american 2020”
especially for the influx illegal immigrants and muslim refugees,

the tribes of the nation will hand out i.d cards in support of such stupidity, it is already being done to coincide with —-> 2015 writings – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians



Oct 2018 
haaland warren

Dec 2018 

halland states in reference to warrens bogus claim of native identity , paraphrased Tribes have the authority to determine who is and who is not a Tribal member,.

This correlates directly to the Cherokee nation statements for the new Indian Child Welfare policies as noted below.

In reference to the new Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Regulations

 Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,

“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015)

haaland warren2



Feb, 2019 – cortez declares Latinos are Native American

haaland warren cortez



Identify as Native American 2020 FB Site


Notice the image is of “When the  Condor Meets the Eagle Prophecy” as mentioned previously in these writings above , under the heading  “AIM indoctrinations / Scam Tactics & the Media has a very long history”


identify native



Welcome to Little Earth Islamic Community

2016 – Twin Cities Minnesota  – Native American Community Little Earth , is now a Somalian / Refugee / illegal alien  Community. It has been over run by illegal immigrants and refugee’s.

It is still being called a Native American Community  by the Media and Academia

Affordable housing in the Twin Cities Little Earth Community has been diverted to illegal immigrants and refugee’s.

Natiave Ameircans are now being pushed into the streets in tent camps as a result of housing shortages because of the influx of illegal immigrants and refugees.

The social problem is being  labeled by the city council and media as a homeless problem.


haaland warren little earth housing


Feb 2019 – Twin Cities Top Terrorist Recruitment in Nation

haaland warren little earth terrorist

The Sickness Grows



Hint to the Sicko’s – People Will_Not Kneel to you



End of Feb. 26, 2019 UpDate



For Those Who Live by the Expectations of Ancestry

This is What Sleezy Nate Represents










The Tainting of Real Estate & Real Estate Extortion

June 24, 2017


A Correlation between Two Points and William Jacobson’s Property

 Two Points Property Land Acquisition, A Historical Profile of the Land & Title Transfer.


Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe created the real estate mess that the Robinson Two Points property is in, and as such, public money (environmental trust money / public money) should_not be utilized to title the property back to the tribe. 

 The Tribe should own up to the real estate mess it created by Tainting_Real_Estate_Projects and clean up that mess with its own tribal funds.


  • Two Points Titled to Reservation Risk Management
  • Two Points then Titled to Skipp Finn as USA (indian) Trust land
  • Skipp Finn is convicted, sentenced to federal prison, and expelled from his Senate Seat for theft of federal funds and other charges. The Federal funds were  earmarked for tribal constituents channeled through the reservation created and owned insurance company Reservation Risk Management
  • Two Points years later was then taken out of USA Trust for Finn with approval by LLBO Tribal Council, and listed as private fee land for Skipp Finn’s intent of a real estate project. Two Points property was is separated into several lots as private fee land
  • Skipp Finn enters partial title ownership with Daniel Piprude and Geneva Properties, then eventually releases all interest in property to Piprude. Finn walks away from property with  a Mint.
  • LLBO Tribal members start public campaigns Tainting Piprudes Real Estate project with Sacred Land and Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe Migration myth, lies and deception
  • Piprude sells Property to Ed Robinson and the LLBO Tribal members including leadership re-initiate public campaigns to Taint Robinsons Real Estate with same rhetoric
  • Grant Goltz, a former LLBO cultural preservation employee conducts spatial analysis/archeology study of the Two Points property and re-iterates “Sacred Land” , Last Stopping Point myths, lies with his phase 1 and phase 2 study conclusions. This act brings real estate development to a complete halt, tainting the real estate more.
  • The Minnesota Historical Society through partnerships utilizes Goltz’s study and Taints the Robinson Two Points Property more with a request to list the Two Points Property as a National Historical Site. (Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program)
  • LLBO receives a $657 thousand dollar grant through the Minnesota Historical Society partnerships, to purchase the Two Points Property. (Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund)
  • Ed Robinson offers Two Points Property to LLBO for $600 thousand, LLBO refuses offer, and returns funds allocated for purchase 3 years later.
  • Levi Brown LLBO environmental dept. submits request to the LCCMR for 1.5 million, to purchase the Two Points Property and Title the land to LLBO. This request approval is based on an outright lie (SchoolCraft) , with support and help from former LLBO environmental employee John Persell (who’s wife is a LLBO member) , who at the time of the request and voting for approval of the LCCMR , was a district 5a  representative for Minnesota House of Representatives, and a member of the LCCMR  Commission
  • In 2016 Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation submits a 7 million dollar request to work hand in hand with LLBO for Fisheries Habitat program at Two Points.


2017 – The acquisition of the 2 Points Property on Leech Lake Otter Tail Point has been approved by the LEGISLATIVE-CITIZEN COMMISSION ON MINNESOTA RESOURCES (LCCMR) to be purchased for 1.5 million dollars, through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund which is funded by state lotto monies, to be titled to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe


Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund

2017 Request for Proposals (RFP)

Project Title: Leech Lake Natural Resource Multi-Benefit Conservation Acquisition (ENRTF ID:174-G)

Total Project Budget: $1,500,000

Proposed Project Time Period for the Funding Requested: 1year july 2017 – June 2018

Project Summary: Acquisition and protection of 45.27 acres, 0.67 miles of shoreline of high quality aquatic and wildlife habitat and the historic meeting place between Henry Schoolcraft and Anishinabe people.

SchoolCraft was Never at Two Points

This comment by Levi Brown in the request for acquisition to the LCCMR committee is a lie and  the LCCMR partially based its decision on that lie. Also, It is obvious there was non-transparency of the historical profile of the property title transfers to the LCCMR Committee.

On July 16th and 17th in 1832, 1st nite encampment was at the Pine Point area in the village of Flatmouth (noted in map FlatMouths House).  The 2nd nite was at label R in the map shown below.image1a.jpg

~ source:




SchoolCrafts map of Leech Lake was created from the assistance of the Ojibwe leader FlatMouth

(pg 258) – “CHAPTER XXVI. – Leech Lake is a large, deep, and very irregularly-shaped body of water. It cannot be less than twenty miles across its extreme points. I requested the chief to draw its outlines, furnishing a sheet of foolscap. He began by tracing a large ellipsis, and then projecting large points and bays, inwardly and outwardly, with seven or eight islands, and that peculiar feature, the, which I apprehend to originate in gigantic springs. The following eccentric figure of the lake is the result.”




SchoolCraft in later years published a follow up to his Summary publication , titled – “Narrative of an Expedition Through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake: The Actual Source of this River : Embracing an Exploratory Trip Through the St. Croix and Burntwood (or Broule) Rivers : in 1832.

In “Narrative” publication SchoolCraft notes Joseph Nicholas Nicolet’s 1836 expidition that isolated errors in Schoolcrafts distance measurements of the crow wing river. SchoolCrafts Narritive Publication was published after Nicolet’s 1836 expedition and SchoolCraft references Nicolet’s field notes to include elevation readings for the two point’s property (1380 feet).

It is interesting to note, nowhere in SchoolCrafts publications does he mention anything about a Ojibwe Village at the “Two Points” feature in  SchoolCraft’s map, nor does Nicolet mention such in his publications. Nicolet known for his extreme detail of mapping traits, does not exaggerate two point features of the OtterTail Point shoreline.

SchoolCraft’s map in cartography contains aspects that are considered “features mapping” , a map of feature points that are  relative to their position in real space, features of high interest are exaggerated such as the shoreline of two points in SchoolCrafts Map. SchoolCrafts published map has no distance scale.

Ojibwe Village in SchoolCrafts Map in Real Space

In SchoolCrafts Map , the inland water body on OtterTail Pt. is west_of Two Points, the  indian village is to the North_North_East of the inland_water_body.


This Image is a clip of Nicolet’s map within a GIS associated application. It is positioned in that application to scale as per Nicolet’s Map 1:1,2000,000

SchoolCrafts Map in this image is stretched (rubber banned)  to have it conform to accurate distance measurements of that application. (SchoolCrafts published map does not note scale)

The 2 maps are offset from the Robinson TwoPoints in the application aerial photography (OtterTail red outline with today’s major inland water body depression polygons filled in with blue).

The Ojibwe Village noted  in SchoolCrafts Map was_not at the Robinson Two Points property location as per a phase 1 and phase 2 archeology study assumptions published by Grant Goltz  in 2008.


The 2008 archeology study was commissioned by Mr. Ed Robinson and its conclusions have been exaggerated with myth and deception by the archeologist Grant E. Goltz to Taint Mr. Ed Robinson’s real estate.

For example:

Robinson Two Points is 6.8 miles as the crow fly’s from Waboose bay described in the phase 2 report. Two Ponts is 7.74 miles from Waboose Bay as per the winding of the shoreline distance.  (note the map above, and excel spreadsheet of distances)

The  3-4 miles referenced in Goltz archeological report is approximately at label ia or ib as noted in the map above. Yet – Goltz places the ojibwe village spoken of by Boutwell, at Robinson Two Points.

Phase 2 Study – page 9 says;

In 1834 the missionary William Boutwell traveled to Leech Lake with the trader William Davenport, who operated a trading post in the Pine Point area. They traveled up the Leech Lake River by canoe and reached the lake at 2:00pm , but the lake was so rough their loaded canoes could not stand the waves. They were obliged to go out of their way and coast a deep bay at the north end of the lake.

[this is a inserted note by me – the bay referenced, at the north of leech lake from the entry point of the leech lake river would be –  Waboose Bay]

“We entered the lake 3 or  4 miles from the bottom of the bay and while our course lay to the left, we were obliged to turn to the right and pole and paddle against the wind and waves till we reached the northwest part of the bay, when it came aft. Late in the day we reached what is called “the old encampment” from the fact that the whole band used formerly to encamp here when the Sioux were near”. …. (Boutwell 1834)


The ia or ib location is also referenced in the National Park Service  Historic American Engineer Record


Screen Capture Source:


Mr. Robinson’s commissioned the archaeology study / spatial analysis of the site (phase 1- 2007 & phase 2 – 2008)  – 2008 Study Summary:

The complete study is available from the Cass County Environmental dept.



Mr. Goltz is a former Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe cultural preservation employee (LLBO Historical Sites dept.)

for detail source information that supports  the above comments – exaggerated conclusions, myth,  deception and tainting real estate to stop Mr. Ed Robinson’s land development request Where is Two Points.doc


For Example: relative to Mr. Goltz 2008 archeology study that concludes  Two Points as being Sacred Land & Two Points being the Last Stopping point of the Anishinabe Migration

“If the Two Points Property held any significant value of sacredness to Ancestry, the NorthWest Trading Post would have never been allowed to be constructed there.” & “the Anishinabe when 1st arriving in the Leech Lake area prior to the fur trade era,  initially located themselves on islands, such as Bear Island, as a protective measure against the Dakota who controlled the land mass’s, the Two Points / Ottertail Point is not an island and it is only Sacred to those who want to financially exploit identity, beliefs and ancestry for personal gain OR only Sacred to those who have not been told the Truths.

The on slant of Ojibwe into the area approx 100 or so years after the first arrivals of the Ojibwe , were_participants of  Military Conquest and the Fur Trade development era at Leech Lake. NOT participants of what is termed the Anishinabe Migration.


In 2008 the Minnesota Historical Society utilized Goltz archeology conclusions to create a request to the National Registry of Historical Places for the Robinson Two Points Property to be listed as a historical site. (Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program).  This was a second instance of using myth and deception to Taint Mr. Ed. Robinsons Real Estate.
Two Points NR Nomination and Management Plan

Recipient: The Trust for Public Land – National Register of Historic Places nomination preparation and a management plan for the 47-acre Two Points property on Ottertail Peninsula, Leech Lake. Included is a spatial analysis of physical artifacts, researching documentation of the site, creating and annotating maps, taking photos and completing the nomination form with attachments and bibliography.

A cultural resources evaluation revealed that the site is NRHP eligible, and includes several burial sites, a fur trading post, and the 1770s remnant of one the first Ojibwe encampments on what is now the Leech Lake Reservation.


In 2010  LLBO received a $657,329 grant to purchase Two Points


Minnesota Historical Society — Grants 2011 Partnership
11 lead organizations and 13 partner organizations from 8 counties received a total of $1,515,000 in grants.
* The Trust for Public Land and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (Walker) – To preserve through purchase the 47-acre Two Points property on Ottertail Peninsula, Leech Lake, for preservation and management by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, $657,329

The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.



In 2011  LLBO refused a $600,000 land purchase offer from Mr. Ed Robinson.

~Source Pioneer Press


In 2014 LLBO canceled the Grant in March after holding the funds for 3 years and then returned the funds . Source: MHS – Grants – 1 800 657 3773



2 points property title transfers:

Around 1985 – The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe created Reservation Risk Management, an insurance company. This is when Two Points became Reservation Risk Management Property. Finn later placed himself as the primary interest of the reservation created and owned insurance company and in 1993 placed the Two Points property into USA Trust (as indian land) for himself. Finn eventually liquidated the RRM assets after the initial on-slant of federal investigations into financial corruption of that reservation business. ~Source: pdf file page 9 – Senate Hearing for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his senate seat) –


The 2 points property at Otter Tail was eventually taken out of federal trust status for Skipp Finn , approved by the LLBO council and categorized as private fee land. This trust to private land status occurred during LLBO Chairman Pete White’s administration.

In 2004 Finn split the property as per it’s current parcel configuration with the intent for Real Estate Development.

Ojibwe Press May 20 2005 – ”Finn proposed to have the Two Points property (on Leech Lake’s Portage Bay) removed from the Bureau of Indian Affairs trust status in order to place the property in the real estate market.” Source:

In 2006 Finn sold the Two Points Property to non-tribal people. Tribal constituents started public campaigns to Taint the real estate of the non-tribal owners (Daniel Piprude & later Ed Robinson)  with rhetoric of Sacred Land and Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe. Those Tainting tactics are later reiterated in the conclusions of the 2008 archeology study by Mr. Grant Goltz.

During the years of land title transfer,  Tribal Members overwhelmingly opposed the Leech Lake Tribal Council’s attempt to purchase that land from Skipp Finn, and again later opposed a land purchased  from the non-tribal people who held title to the land.

Now the pitch from Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Department of Resource Management, Levi Brown is to utilize the state environmental trust fund (public money), to purchase the property and title the land to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

Mr. Levi Brown was assisted with gaining support for the LCCMR land acquisition request by former Leech Lake DRM environmental employee John Persell (who’s wife is a LLBO member).

Persell  at the time of Mr. Levi Brown’s acquisition request,  was the  district 5a  representative for Minnesota House of Representatives, and a member of the LCCMR  Commission.


Parcel History from  Cass County Parcel Mapping


28-005-3302Section 5 of 143-29:OTTER TAIL PEN. TWP Sch District115

1/19/2007 WDTRN    Doc # A000522773
1/19/2007WDTRN    Doc # A000522772

7/3/2006ACTRNDoc # A000514910

6/23/2006CDTRNDoc # A000514671

** FINN, HAROLD R (Fee Owner)
1/16/2004 QCDTRN    Doc # A000479448
AND ASR 4-2-2004 (DOC#A482925); 7/15/04 CD-SPL TO 28-005-3303 #A486496; 07-01-05 CD-SPL TO 28-005-3304, 28-005-3305, 28-005-3306, 28005-3307, 28-005-3308, 28-005-3309 & 28-005-3310-DOC#A000500921 

6/10/1993 WDTRN    Doc #


2016 –  Funding Requests for Two Points – $7 Million

Organization:  Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation

Program or Project Title:  Fisheries Habitat Protection on Strategic North Central Minnesota Lakes – Phase III (HA04) – Funds Requested: $6,974,000

In 2016 MNDNR finalized their Fisheries Management Plan for Leech Lake. Using nearshore habitat inventory and muskellunge spawning habitat assessment, area fisheries biologists and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe have identified Two Points in Portage Bay (mesotropic) as a key acquisition to protect spawning areas for walleye and muskellunge.

We seek funds to strategicaly acquire 45.27 acres which include 2 islands of high quality aquatic habitat, wildlife habitat and approximately 0.7 mile of shoreland that would protect the third largest lake in Minnesota. MNDNR internal score on the proposed AMA is extremely high at 36.


The Leech Lake Association’s Lake Management Plan supports protecting these types of lands. The land would be managed like a MNDNR Aquatic Management Area and held in title by the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. The parcel will be open to the public for hunting and recreation.


  • The information above was presented June 2017 meetings in part , with a commitment to follow up with this document to:  – (* denotes Part 2 of this document not presented – “Jacobson Real Estate Property Tainting by LLBO Levi Brown”)
  • * Cass County Commissioners meeting (minus Part 2 – Jacobson Property)
  • Turtle Lake TownShip meeting
  • * OtterTail Township meeting (minus Part 2 –  Jacobson Property)
  • * Cass County MN Republicans Legislative RoundUp (panel diverted presentation)
  • Shingobee TownShip Meeting


At the June 10th Hackensack MN Republicans Legislative RoundUp, I was refused to deliver information about the Robinson Two Points Acquisition to the public and the meeting panel.

My presentation was immediately interrupted by the panel and a dialog of the concerns was carried on by district 5a Rep. Matt Bliss and Lindsey Ketchel of the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation for aprox 3 minutes during my time at the mic

Upon completion of “their” dialog;

  • I mentioned to the panel implications of State Trust Funds being used and abused
  • I presented to the panel additional concerns of Mr. Ed Robinson, as per a phone conversation with him Sept. 2016, about developing a Genetics Program for Walleye with the LLBO Fisheries and mentioned to the panel Mr. Robinson’s discontent with the DNR for not supporting such.
  • I mentioned the $7 million grant request for the Fisheries Habitat Proposal by the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation could create an avenue for Mr. Robinson’s Genetics agenda with the LLBO Fisheries.

The concerns were immediately dismissed; the panel suggested I speak with District Rep Mr. Bliss and Mrs Ketchel. The meeting was then closed.

After the meeting I had a brief discussion with Mrs. Ketchel in ref to genetics concerns and also correlation of the two points real estate tainting tactics, to another private property in Cass County (discussion in part 2 of this document – Jacobson Real Estate Property Tainting by LLBO Levi Brown).

Mrs. Ketchel stated to me relative to the 7 million requests for the Fisheries Habitat Protection / Two Points property;

“the tribe just wants the land to be left the F_@%K alone”

 Mrs Ketchel stated the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation was considering purchasing William Jacobson’s property, and stated,  Jacobson will not like our offer considering the amount of money he is asking for his property.

 In Closing:

The Two Points Acquisition is a Special Interest – Multi-Benefit Agenda

Cloaked as a Conservation Acquisition

[end of part 1 draft]

[beginning of part 2 draft]


The Tainting of William Jacobson’s Real Estate

**** UP DATE Oct 12, 2019 ****

2017 Email correspondence to Jacobson Family, includes 2011 letter to Leech Lake DRM director Bruce Johnson about harassment from his dept. personnel & threats “they” were making towards the Jacobson’s.

Email from Joey Wade to Jacobson

In 2011 head of  the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Dept. of Resource Management (DRM) reviewed the complaint attached below during a meeting we had with him. The threats the LLBO DRM staff workers made towards Mr. William Jacobson  were taken to Levi Brown prior to Mr. Johnson without any success at the threats stopping

Mr. Johnson later sent LLBO surveyors out to the property. Mr. Johnson’s survey workers re-affirmed the Jacobson property line and that neither my AFrame nor Mr. Jacobsons seasonal mobile home at the north end of his property was on tribal land.

Mr. Johnson then later committed to my wife and I that harassment towards us and Mr. Jacobson would not re-occur from his staff  workers.

Of interest, a comment by Sue Jones (mentioned in the letter) during that time of harassment to my wife and I,  that is not included in the letter to Mr. Johnson. The comment is relative to actions by the LLBO such as trashing Mr. Jacobsons mobile home , and Levi Brown stating no land access would be granted for Mr. Jacobson property after it was placed on the real estate market ,  was “I am going to make Mr. Jacobson’s life hell”

2011 letter to bruce johnson leech lake DRM about threats by his staff to us and mr william jacobson

**** END of UP DATE Oct 12, 2019 ****

 Creating Common Ground Working Relationships between Tribal and Non-Tribal Entities; Decisions and Actions that Create Lack of Trust and Speculation of Integrity.

LLBO Environmental dept. Levi Brown – Taint’s Jacobson Real Estate

  • Jacobson Property put up for sale, tax assessed value 1.5 million, listed for sale at .1.2 million dollars.
  • Potential Buyers show high interest
  • One buyer presented offer for north shore development of the property, that buyer had  created map of intent for the north shoreline parcel layout, survey route for developing road , started to schedule soil and archeological survey’s , etc AND offered to assist  Jacobson with developing the remainder of his property. (this agreement was prety much solidified)
  • Then another potential buyer offered Jacobson approximately $900 thousand ($300 thousand below Jacobson’s asking price) with the criteria of   “this is a take it today offer , or leave it”. Jacobson request time to speak with family
  • Jacobson was shortly there after , notified that LLBO Levi Brown refuses to allow land access to the Jacobson property for real estate development and that his property value was diminished because it was then considered water access only
  • Litigation Threats implied on property development by LLBO Taints Jacobson’s Real Estate. This scares off potential buyers and no more interest in purchase is shown  after tainting.
  • Cass County offices contacted about Tainting aspects
  • Jacobson notified Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation is considering an offer to purchase his property
  • Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation confirmed to me , that the foundation was considering a offer to purchase , AND_That Jacobson would not like the offer because it was below his asking price.



The True Meaning of Multi-Benefit

(that Levi Brown’s Two Points Acquisition is partially , suppose to be about )

 For over 50 years , Tribal and non-Tribal, community and non-community people have utilized Mr. Jacobsons land for hunting, gathering, fishing activities, beach activities and other sports activities  such as cross country snow mobile races. Onigum Tribal community members to this day utilize Mr. Jacobson’s land resources for their winter firewood heating needs (not to be con-screwed as traditional/cultural activity  because Mr. Jacobson allowed such to occur) .  To this day the Jacobson family has created a near_zero human footprint on their property.

Jacobson – 1957 Survey


William Jacobson purchased land in 1957 and cut a right of way from Popal Dock in Onigum to his property that is located in the Onigum Marina Area. This right of way to the northern part of his property was about 1.10 miles from Onigum Popal Dock and  included building a small bridge to cross a small canal  that separated land mass’s.



Aerial View of Survey Route of the road Jacobson made



Jacobson Property North Entry


The road initially spanned the northern part of Jacobsons property making a cul-de-sac to return out. Mr. Jacobson then cut a right of way to the southern end of his property for access to the southern portion of his property.

The northern road  exist to this day as it was originally cut, the southern end of his property also still has it’s original right of way access. The southern access to Jacobson’s property  runs across my wife’s Tribal Lease.  Both access points to his property (north and south) have been maintained utilized for over 50 yrs.

Jacobson’s road to the Onigum Marina area in later years were upgraded and utilized to develop tribal and non-tribal lease lots from Onigum Popal Dock to the Onigum Marina area. That initial right of way also enabled the development of the 1970’s Onigum Marina Restaurant, Boat House, Boat dock and camp sites.


Destruction of Jacobson’s Mobile Home and Environmental Mess Created by LLBO on Jacobson’s Property


Approximately 2013, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe went onto the northern section of Jacobson property, flipped Jacobson’s mobile home on  it’s side and towed off the mobile home steel frame, leaving the remains of the mobile  home on the ground.  (photo  of  the environmental mess created)

In recent time Steve Jacobson, put his family land on the real estate market which drew interest for a couple of buyers. Jacobson’s Property tax value is approx 1.5 million, he put his property on the real estate market for 1.2 million (300 thousand less tax value).

One potential buyer offered to Jacobson approximately $900,000 for his property (300 thousand below asking price) The potential buyer presented to Jacobson, this is a take it today offer, or leave it. Jacobson replied he had to consult family members for such a decision.

Shortly there after  Levi Brown of LLBO notified the Real Estate Agent, and made him aware LLBO would not allow land access to Jacobson’s Property for development. Jacobson was then told his property was now considered water access only and his real estate market value was greatly reduced.

There was also another offer to Jacobson to split his property; the offer was for the buyer to develop the north shoreline of Jacobson’s property, with mention to assist Jacobson to parceling out the remainder of his property.

Today, there is approximately a 80 foot of MCT land between the current position of the Onigum Marina Road and Jacobson’s property line (which is the same as the Shingobee – Turtle Lake Township line).


Levi Brown of the LLBO and Real Estate Agent suggested to Jacobson a Land for Land exchange (logged with images and email text) to  provide land access to the Jacobson Property for real estate development.

The exchange was to be approx 130 feet x 33 feet of right of way (noted by double red lines in the image ½ way down Jacobson property line) in exchange for Jacobson’s southern end of property that is separated from the north side of the property by a bog.

The southern portion of Mr. Jacobson’s property is approx 2 acres and it has approx 300 feet of shoreline property on Leech Lake.

The email also said to gain access to the southern portion of Jacobson’s property, a second access right of way would be needed.

email from Real Estate Agent to Jacobson

> The attached picture shows where the road would go in blue, a width of 33 feet by approximately 130 feet long, or however far it is from the blacktop to your property line.


> The outline in red which is highlighted yellow would be the piece you would trade for the road. This is a nice enough piece of woods, but it would take a second road easement to get to it. This is the only option that appealed to the tribe for giving you a permanent road easement, which you need to sell the main parcel.


Approx 2013 – Additional Note of Interest

The Onigum Marina Area, the LLBO through a Forestry Grant for Fire Safety to clear excess fuel on the ground of wooded area’s. LLBO cleared the 1970’s Onigum Marina Camp site area’s ,  and the camping sites wash house area up the road from the marina. LLBO cleared the footprint of 1970’s Marina Development.

LLBO is currently requesting assistance from the Leech Lake Association to dredge the Onigum Marina access canal.

Is this pre-development to re-initiate the Onigum Marina / Harbor? If so, such a development would be of great value to real estate property in the Onigum Marina area, that Levi Brown and real estate affiliates are trying to get “their” hooks into.


Tainting Real Estate & Real Estate Extortion – It is what it is

In the Real Estate Culture of this Area , Jacobson’s Property is now and will remain Tainted with potential litigation from the LLBO towards potential buyers and Mr. Jacobson

This act by LLBO Levi Brown Tainted Mr. Jacobson’s real estate property and development, has scared off potential buyers and  the Jacobson’s have not had any other interest calls for the property – Except that from the Leech Lake WaterShed Foundation

The southern portion of Jacobson’s property potential shows that Levi Brown of LLBO is asking for a potential $3 million in exchange for taking the LLBO Land Lock Taint off of Jacobson’s property.


13+  Million Potential – Real Estate Tainted 

After a few Cass County  offices were contacted  in ref to Mr. Jacobson’s Property being declared water access only , Mr. Jacobson was made aware of a potential offer from Leech Lake watershed foundation to purchase his property.

Projecting a shoreline development from the north side of the lake across from Jacobson’s property (values from Cass County Parcel System) onto Jacobson’s property in the excel spreadsheet.

Column labeled “12 on Jacobson 1” = 12 shoreline lots on northern part of Jacobson property.

Column labeled “4 on Jacobson 2”  is southern part of Jacobson property


This projection is for shoreline properties only, it does not include any parcel space for the interior of Jacobson property that has been tainted.




Access Points to Jacobson’s Property


Jacobson Property South Access – Chair is approx 40 feet from road shoulder



Jacobson Property North Access – TownShip line, which is Jacobson’s property line is at the Front of Car,  approx 80 feet from road shoulder


With the Two Points Property – The LLBO with support of the Cass County Commissioners and area Environmental Foundations, has set the precedence that the LLBO can Taint any real estate development property through myth, lies and deception of cultural sensitivity OR Conservation concerns OR for any reason, such as land locking property / Litigation threats, even if access points have been in place and used uncontested for 50+ years.

But what is denied actually does exist and
eventually comes to the surface, just as
any truth will eventually surface
despite acts to hide it.

~ Joy Harjo ~


 with Regards – June 24th, 1610

“To this day, I stand with support of the 1610 Concordant Wampum”

Joey P. Wade
12th generation family of Anli-Maopeltoog

Aka: Henry Membertou, through his daughter Marguerite


email list:

 Cass County Commissioners , , , , ,

Shingobee Township

Ann Swanson

Peter Opheim

Connie Kaylor

Tim Orton

Nancy Beard

Ron Geiser


Turtle Lake Township

 Lynette Emery

Crystal Freeman

Reno C Wells

Dennis King

Eugene Alderson


OtterTail TownShip

Patti Gramke

Kathryn Lynes

Earl Tiggemann

Frank Alianello

Holly Ash

State reps


state senate

[end of part 2 draft]

part1 and part2 contents above included with Email

sent June 24, 2017 to those of the  email list at end of part 2


> Over the months i have emailed concerns out to numerous state representatives relative to a request to the LCCMR for acquisition of the  “Robinson Two Points Property” in Cass County Minnesota.
> Over the last couple of weeks i presented the same concerns along with another real estate concern that directly correlates to issues of the Robinson Two Points Property, that should be researched and addressed if necessary. These presentations were to the June Cass  County Commissioners meeting, Cass county townships Turtle Lake , OtterTail and Shingobee , also at the June 10th Hackensack Legislative Roundup meeting (panel diverted presentation – detail of instances described in document)
> Cass County Commissioners presentation did not allow for time to present part 2 of this document, OtterTail Township Part 2 was not given as per the councils request,
> The document attached: “The Tainting of Real Estate &  Real Estate Extortion
A Correlation between Two Points and William Jacobson’s Property”
is to provide more detail than that presented verbally or in past emails, since much of the information presented was from memory without source information in most instances, and as such, erroneous information was given in error on my part.
> This document is for awareness of critical concerns, I am not asking for any action to be taken , except that, the information contained within the attached document be researched to validate the contents of the writing AND that all recipients act on irregular and questionable actions contained within the document.
> Regards,
> Joey P. Wade
> June 24, 2017 (CDT)
> Bcc: —->



Not included in part 1 & 2  writings – info also presented at meetings


Archeology Studies / Spatial Analysis


When Robinson titled the two points property a archeology study had to be conducted, as per “sensitive shoreline criteria”,  as i was told.

According to Cass County Environmental dept. a archeological study is dictated when property is split. There was no study conducted when Skipp Finn split the property 1-16-2004. No study was conducted  afterward when the property was titled to Piprude.

At what point did archeological studies become mandatory?

After Sensitive Shoreline criteria was updated?

That criteria which was developed  with the support and assistance of input sessions that included the Leech Lake Association and the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation?

Note: The Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation and the Minnesota Land Trust use a competitive application process to select conservation easements for funding on private lands within Minnesota’s North Central lake region which includes Cass, Crow Wing, Hubbard and Aitkin Counties.


Note: Report generation: 2008, RMB Environmental Laboratories

Click to access leech_lake_p1.pdf

pdf file page 2:  -“The Leech Lake Association and the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation are involved in many aspects of the lake. The Association has participated in lake monitoring and stream inlet/outlet monitoring, shoreline restoration, and is a member of the Association of Cass County Lakes (ACCL)….

This organization consists of member lake associations in Cass County, Minnesota.

We further the goals and purposes of our organization by:

  • actively monitoring and participating, as appropriate, in the functions of townships, state agencies such as the DNR and PCA and Cass County Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustments, advisory committees, and revision and updating processes to the county Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Ordinances as they pertain to lakes, waterways, watersheds, and related areas such as watershed districts and soil and watershed conservation districts.




My wife and  her mother recording free air, transcribing and sending that capture to the Duluth NewsPaper launched the investigation that resulted in the 2nd  time in a 200 yr time frame that a senator was expelled from his Senate Seat.


letter to duluth2

Screen Capture Source: page 173 of 321 pdf file – Hearings for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his Senate Seat – #page=173


two points senate hearing

Screen Capture Source: page 199 of 321 pdf file – Hearings for Skipp Finn’s expulsion from his Senate Seat –



**** update info July 14, 2017 ****



Subdivision 1.
(1) the interest must be at least equal in fair market value, as certified by the commissioner of natural resources, to the interest being replaced;
Subdivision 1.  Commissioner approval.
(a) A recipient of an appropriation from the trust fund who acquires an interest in real property must receive written approval from the commissioner  of natural resources prior to the acquisition, ….



Aug 2016 – DNR appoints Rita Albrecht (Mayor of Bemidji ) as northwest regional director. Albrecht worked for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe as a “economic development specialist” ….




Mayor Rita Albrecht was present at the June 2017 Cass County Commissioners Meeting (noted  presentation part 1) when I presented the Two Points Property Acquisition  concerns

Archive of Sources:!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w


also note as per part 1 of the presentation relative to the last stopping point at Two Points myth and deception

File at:!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q

pg 153 of 344

“At the time when the Ojibways first took possession of Leech Lake and the surrounding country, (….) From this circumstance Goose and Pelican Islands have derived their names. (….)

At first, while they were yet feeble in numbers, they planted their lodges
on the islands of the lake for greater security against the Dakotas, who for many
years after their evacuation often sent their war parties to its shores to view the
sites of their former villages, and the graves of their fathers, and, if possible, to
shed the blood of those who had forced them from their once loved hunting

**** end of update ****


Notes on

The Last Stopping Point of the Anishinabe

and   Sacred This or That

Speaking with Goltz, he mentioned his source for his conclusions in his archeology report about the last stop of the Anishinabe migration  , is a 1975 publication by Selwyn H. Dewdney. Dwedney is known for his work in “Therapy Art”.

Dewdney sourced a man named Red Sky, who “SOLD”  some birch bark scrolls  to a museum in Calgary.

“Red Sky sold his seven sacred scrolls to the Glenbow-Alberta Institute in Calgary as a means of preserving Midewiwin knowledge and provided Dewdney with an explanation of the pictographs therein.
He places the origin of Midewiwin at La Pointe in the late 18th century and attributes its creation to Ojibwa religious leaders.
He discusses some Christian and other Western influences on Midewiwin ritual and organization, then observes that in the 20th century the high cost of initiation resulted in Midewiwin’s becoming an exclusive and esoteric priesthood which encouraged the formation of an hereditary Ojibwa class system. Today Midewiwin exists but is not flourishing; Red Sky gave up his scrolls because he had no successor.”
Source: American Anthropologist Volume 78, Issue 1, [pg 162]


Red Sky relayed from  memory the so_called Sacred Scrolls he SOLD AND APPENDED HIS OWN ICONS AS THE LAST STOPPING POINT of the so called ANISHINABE MIGRATION that Goltz uses for his archeology conclusions.

Red Sky was from Wauzhushk Onigum (Rat Portage) First Nation (Kenora Indian Reservation) ,  which is where FlatMouth spent part of his life seeking shelter from some of the Ojibwe at Leech Lake that were gunning for him.

red sky scrolls

Cute eh?

This is another MESS worth discussing  …. What ever happened to , offering something to someone with the request of “Please Take Care of this/these” with no other expectations except that proper care will be given? …. In place of Selling it.

“it’s” called Trust, and very obvious that the word Trust as in “Environmental Trust Funds” in parts 1 and 2 of this blog entry is being abused. No?

Anyone who knows even a 1/2 cent worth of ancestries teachings understands Mide originated thousands of years ago and “it came to life” in tune with “Creation Stories” (the Algoquin Language Family has upto 4 creation stories).

These teachings originated during the time that the Anishinabe (who are of the Algoquin Language Family) lived in their original homelands at the “Eastern DoorWay” , today known as the Atlantic Coast, that language and its teachings that have EXPANDED across land mass’s with people  —> NOT MIGRATED


The Midewiin – Grand Medicine Society – Anishinabe Migration Stories – that is spoken of these days and practiced these days  , relayed by the writings of people such as Dwendey, SchoolCraft, William W.  Warren, George Copeway (free mason) etc ….. is the result of diffusion,  separation of original traits,  as a result of other belief system influence on the original AND “Cultural Appropriation” that has resulted in the total collapse of original teachings

In Vogue (pg. 68 below) were Contemporary Teachings in those days (coming to life) that over time of use and acceptance became “Traditional”, that spiraled downward to the ultimate violation of a persons Soul/Spirit,   anything less expected from those who try to walk through life with one foot in the shadows and the other in the light?


The Mide Dwendey says originated in the 18th century …. refers to Mide practices of the area Madeline Island / LaPointe  Wisconsion. Those practices expanded outward to area’s such as N. Minnesota.

Madeline Island / LaPoint  is today – for those who follow and  believe in the “1970’s contemporary Migration Teachings” , that are now today considered “traditional teachings”  , was the last stopping point of the termed Ojibwe Migration.

An interesting note about  FlatMouth and his final days in this world

He asked that Father Francis Pierz be sent for. While awaiting the priest, Flat Mouth had a black cloak made in the form of a priest’s gown. Putting it on, he said, “Now the Great Spirit will see me and know that I love him and the priest, from whom I heartily wished to be baptized.” Soon after, the chief died” 





Source: “History of the Ojibwe People by William Whipple Warren  Minnesota Historical Society, 1885 –

warren in vogue 67



warren in vogue 68

warren in vogue 69



More Diffusion

Do_Not get Me Wrong  in ref to Free Masons , Mr. Jackie a community elder is  32nd degree of the Scottish Rite

One of my fondest Mentors – A True Gentleman

Appropriation – The 1848-49 John Baptiste Martell Delegation – FreeMason

Source: Masonic Voice Review, Volume 4 , J. Ernst., 1849



free mason 146



free mason 147.jpg

free mason 148

Two Points in a Nut Shell


“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People’s beliefs, values and traditions.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”


1970’s Contemporary Teachings that shaped Today’s Traditional Teachings

A Major Shift in 1st Nations Spirituality

it takes approximately 3 generations to totally alter worldviews and ideologies

The migration teachings of people like red sky (contemporary —-> tradition) are most always combined with the prophecies of the 8 fires (conjured also by AIM) , an interesting note is that of the supremacy ideologies as in the 7th fire teachings.
the 7th fire prophecy – initiated in the 1970’s hand in hand with the termed Anishinabe Migration teachings

“In the time of the Seventh Fire New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the Elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders. The task of the New People will not be easy.

“If the New People will remain strong in their quest the Water Drum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice. There will be a rebirth of the Anishinabe Nation and a rekindling of old flames. The Sacred Fire will again be lit.

“It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with then in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”


These teachings have morphed  since the 70’s , in some instances the teachings are now called the 8 prophecies – or whatever 


by Warren (called a half breed – who is Anishinabe)

“The account which the Ojibways give of their first knowledge of the whites, is as follows:”


page 89:
While still living in their large and central town on the Island of La Pointe,a principal and leading Me-da-we priest, whose name was Ma-se-wa-pe-ga (whole ribs), dreamed a dream wherein he beheld spirits in the form of men, but possessing white skins and having their heads covered. They approached him with hands extended and with smiles on their faces. This singular dream he related to the principal men of the Ojibways on the occasion of a grand sacrificial feast to his guardian dream-spirit. He informed them that the white spirits who had thus appeared to him, resided toward the rising sun, and that he would go and search for them. His people tried to dissuade him from undertaking what they termed a foolish journey, but firm in his belief, and strong in his determination, he was occupied a whole year in making preparations for his intended journey.

page 91: “It is related that on the arrival of this party at La Pointe, [p 120] with the fire-water, none dare drink it, thinking it a poison which would immediately cause death. They, however, to test its virtues, made an experimental trial on a very aged woman who—as they reasoned—had but a short time to live at all events, and whose death would be a matter of no account.

The old woman drank it, appeared perfectly happy and in ecstasies, got over the effects of it, and begged for more. On which the men took courage, and drank up the remainder themselves.

From that time, fire-water became the mammon of the Ojibways, and a journey of hundreds of miles to procure a taste of it, was considered but as boy’s play.”


Red Sky’s migration stories and scrolls during  the 70’s were “contemporary teachings” (contemporary as in coming to life, a new way , in vogue, new age teachings) that over time after continued use and wide spread acceptance (those who did not accept were blundered into submission by AIM indoctrination) that eventually became “traditional” , which has resulted in the total loss of original identity markers, world views and ideologies as per the end result of “cultural appropriation”



The Birth of Today’s Traditional Mide occurred at StillWate Prison

In years past, children of unique qualities were selected at early ages of their life to be students of spiritual guidance. During their years of maturity, those who “accepted the responsibility” to be a Spiritual Advisor made a decision on their own to accept or not accept such responsibilities. A very serious choice.

“Starting in the 1970’s people from within the prison systems,  were declared spiritual advisers  , supported through federal funding programs, and released into reservation communities to as termed “liberate 1st Nations people” from the termed “white man” , “Christianity” and “Colonialism”.

Clyde Bellecourt was convicted  and sentence to the adult correctional facility at St. Cloud. On his 25th birthday, he was transferred to Stillwater Prison prison in Stillwater, where he served out the remainder of his sentence.

According to Bellecourt’s first-person account of this time, he was in solitary confinement for a discipline infraction when he heard someone outside his cell singing and calling his name. He looked out the peep-hole into the eyes of Eddie Benton Banai.

… Banai had come to persuade him to help form an Indian cultural group.

In the following weeks, Bellecourt gathered 82 of the 128 Indian inmates then in Stillwater to come to the first meeting of the Indian American Folklore Group.

It became the model for an Indian cultural renaissance within prisons across the country. The Folklore Group met weekly, using History of the Ojibwe Nation by William Whipple Warren as their text, and led by Banai as instructor.

The group was given a drum by an “anonymous” benefactor, the group began having powwows….” source: Shattered Garbage in Garbage Out

In ref to the writings of garbage in , garbage out and the twisted teachings that correlate to the carving of Milky Way Jr, this fb post and it’s comment replies , about Milky Way Sr.

Results of twisted teachings —->

Also Note – Milky Way Sr is also mentioned in this writing —->




Onigum Marina Canal Dredging noted in Leech Lake Association Minutes–_july_18_2016.docx

TRIBAL PROJECTS:  Steve Mortensen mentioned that the Tribe is working with the Leech Lake Area Watershed  Foundation to obtain lake shore acreage on the Two Points area which at one time was a tribal village.   

Steve also mentioned that the entrance to the fishing lagoon on Onigum is silted up and would need to be dredged by the tribe since the property is  all tribal land. 

This lagoon is also the site of the old Shingobee Fishing Pier.


One Last Point

Heart Felt – Welcome to the Truth

 It is very heart felt to sit back and watch working groups twist , spin aspects of my wife Zhanoogikwe (keeper of storms / woman of south winds)  ancestry (she is a direct descendant of FlatMouth) , especially when doing so to smooth over corruption, and benefit people involved with corruption, it is heart felt to sit back and watch the spiritual foundation of identity used as a tool through myth and deception for self serving agenda’s, and just as much heart felt when all of that occurs,  while people ignore what resides within community, that kids and family have to live among.

Multiple aspects and dynamics of Abuse – that is allowed, minimized or marginalized,  while some people rant on about surface water run off and lake water quality.

The Hypocrisy of some Advocates

Here is a Short Glimpse of Our World – managed by Levi Brown



A few Home Sites in Onigum , NOW environmental mess’s that contain 70’s or so older building materials, hazardous materials such as Zink roofing, lead based paints, etc …. That are allowed to decompose and leech into the soil toward water supplies and and run off to the lake with surface rain waters. Stewards of the Environment wanting to protect the Two Points Property eh?

People should_not  talk it,

If they choose not_to  walk it ….

 Doing such is like throwing out

The baby with the wash water ….

Keep in focus ….

One of the Primary Objectives of

Sovereignty ….

Is to Protect the Children

And that includes “their” Environment


Hey LaTortue —-> Que Sera Sera



~ Being Human ~

~ A Person of Nations ~

~ It Ain’t Easy Being Me ~

“Seriously – with every breath, “It’s” easy ,  a natural thing”

“I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us.” ~Zhaawinoogequay~



June 24, 1610

Interesting to note

Marguerite Membertou  the daughter of Leader Anli -Maopeltoog /Henry Membertou and Marie Abenaki  —->  Marie Abenaki’s  father was Leader Barthelemi “Anaraoui” MITEOUAMIGOU/Abenaki Algonquin of Trios Rivers —-> 

All are  “People of the Dawn” – “People of the Eastern DoorWay”


Additional Sources

SchoolCraft Never at Two Points

text (last paragraph)

SchoolCraft Map source:

FlatMouth Drew Leech Lake for Map



Source Documents – Don’t Blink


Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


Index to All Files at upload site!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q







MN State & Tribal Courts – DeCriminalizing Child Sex Abuse – saddle bag inbox msg

January 6, 2017

The Root of Decriminalizing Child Sex Abuse

by State/County & Tribal Courts


“When we started to look at Minnesota we thought we would find a few bad judges,” said Camille Cooper, co-author of the report and Director of Government Affairs for PROTECT. “Instead we found a complete system-wide failure to hold very dangerous child predators accountable. We were stunned. Minnesota is a dangerous state for an abused child.”
~Link to Source; Protect~


NOTE: Cass County  where i dwell, for criminal sexual conduct, for  victims  under 13yrs of age,  60% no prison time for the convicted  !!!! , for teens victims,  87% no prison time for the convicted !!!!

the report shows for Cass CountyJudge Harrington, David F –

under 13 yr old victim – the convicted gets   —-> 43% Prison …. 57% No Prison

teen victims – the convicted gets —-> 13% Prison …. 87% no prison


Link to Nov. 2016 protects criminal justice reform report,

**** 4.8 Turning Felonies into Misdemeanors; Stays of Imposition 

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission
(MSGC) defines a stay of imposition as follows:

A “stay of imposition” occurs when the court accepts and records a finding or plea of guilty, but does not impose (or pronounce) a prison sentence. If the offender successfully completes the stay, the case is discharged, and the
conviction is deemed a misdemeanor… [emphasis ours]
Minnesota judges grant stays of imposition 30 % of the time

**** 4.9 Probation, Not Prison: Stays of Execution

Minnesota judges also set aside prison time by granting stays of execution, which the MSGC defines as follows:

A “stay of execution” occurs when the court accepts and records a finding or
plea of guilty, and a prison sentence is pronounced, but it is not executed . If
the offender successfully completes the stay, the case is discharged, but the
offender continues to have a record of a felony conviction… [emphasis ours]

Our review of CSC 1-4 crimes by adults against minors found that Minnesota judges grant stays of execution 35 % of the time

**** 4.10 Making Predators Disappear: Stays of Adjudication

Minnesota judges also impose stays of adjudication, where a case is dismissed without any conviction at all once probation is completed. The data reviewed in this report did not indicate how often stays of adjudication are used, however given the state’s heavy reliance on other forms of stays, we believe it is a dangerous practice that should be looked at closely by the

**** 4.11 Racial Disparities (….) hogwash in report clipped

Personal Note: For racial disparities in ndn country, the stats reflected in the report do_not include the overwhelming number of child sex instances being swept under the carpet, which results in skewed data input for analysis

child sex abuse has become a NORM, unspoken about, with positions of community members like so called spiritual advisers, police officers, so called elders, youth advocates ALL turning a blind eye to assaults, AND IN SOME instances those same being active assailants of children

most tribal members will not publicly speak because of FEAR OF BEING BLUNDERED INTO SUBMISSION

Blundered , either physically OR services/support being denied , such as financial support from federal funding programs, for employment positions (such as a health care worker – terminate for speaking up) , housing (clogged sewer your problem – no assistance for speaking up) , medical (funds not available for wheel chair or diabetic shoes – for speaking up) , and yes even education (no tuition available for speaking up)



in short that is to say, if one becomes a squeaky wheel, that one or it’s direct family members are “targeted” , simple as simple gets ….

WITHOUT hesitation, if only 50% of the unreported, or swept under the carpet instances of child sex abuse were to be included in the racial discrimination projections …. the slice of the pie chart for ndn would dominate the visual projection of percentages.

do not worry thou, “we” are healing as “we” take care of these issues on our own” ….

btw: myself, my wife, and still quite a few others are not part of that “we” …. just saying NOTE yard sign at —->

“support of targeting people within the tribal community has now migrated to your local town/county food stores …. SUPER Cute eh?”

Que Sera Sera ….



[beginning of inbox saddle bag msg]

 This collaboration is being pushed throughout the country via the BIA. The same thing that is taking place in MN is taking place at an alarming rate in other states, particularly in states with high Native American populations and reservations.

I emphatically stress that Korey Wahwassuck and John Smith, both judges in the Itasca/Cass County, MN system are highly influential in scripting the policies that are now being implemented to allow criminal sexual predators to go free.

I suggest you download the documents they have sited below. They are so unbelievable elementary and ridiculous that you will begin to understand just how crazy the system is in MN. These same policies are mirrored by Casey Family Services, CASA, The Child Bureau, ACF in DC and many other “Child Welfare” groups. They are advocating that children can be resilient and get over sexual abuse and that it is MORE IMPORTANT that they remain in the contact with the abusers (in many, many cases family) than it is to be protected by the criminal sexual acts. I include an article by another key Native/State Judged (now retired), William A. Thorne, Jr. that site his views on foster care.

This man is always quoted and involved in ICWA cases and causes, and redefining the “Best Interest” issue is key to current child welfare policy as well as adjudication in regards to criminal sexual abuse of children.

I also point out that Anita Fineday, another MN Native Judge/Lawyer, who also worked in Leech Lake and White Earth, now works for Casey Family Services and is another key player in establishing current policy.


Should you research any of those noted above, you will see that they are highly decorated with all kinds of awards and plaques and titles of expertise by their peers. No where will you note the damage done to countless children as a result of their ridiculous policy scripts. While you may collect some data on children outside of the reservation system, you will never be able to collect data on Native American children because the data has either not been collected in the first place, or as recently promoted by the BIA, the tribes now hold jurisdiction over the data through the new Data Sovereignty initiatives.

I can provide you plenty of links regarding these initiatives too, and the links between the proponents of these causes are the same as those promoting “child welfare” policy and wellness courts.

Minnesota is a key. Your report is timely. State legislation alone will not solve the problems. Those at the state level have already signed and agreed to detailed MOUs with the tribes to allow sexual assault of children to continue unabated.

This is a money game and all the MOUs ensure that the counties and the state get their share of any dollars granted to the tribes as long as everyone turns a blind eye to the problems and continues to promote policy and new court practices that are culturally sensitive and align with the dictates of the tribes.

If you download the OVW grant application (see paragraph below) you will note that one of the requirements is to have the MOUs in place.

Joint Jurisdiction Courts Manual Just Released
June 9, 2016

Joint Jurisdiction Courts: A Manual for Developing Tribal, Local, State & Federal Justice Collaborations, Jennifer Fahey, JD, MPH, Hon. Korey Wahwassuck, Alison Leof, PhD, Hon. John Smith, Project T.E.A.M., Center for Evidence-Based Policy, Oregon Health & Science University (May 2016). 

This manual is a roadmap for tribal and community leaders who want to develop joint jurisdiction courts or initiatives in their own communities. It is intended to be a guide, articulating the process developed in one Minnesota community and adopted by other jurisdictions, as well as providing information on creating new joint jurisdiction initiatives.  The full manual can be found here.

Supplementary Materials
This manual includes references to supplementary materials which may assist tribes and their partners in establishing and managing joint jurisdiction courts.

Joint Power Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (Links)

  • Leech Lake Tribal Council Resolution on joining Cass County Wellness Court
  • Joint Powers Agreement between the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and the Cass County District Court
  • Interagency Agreement between the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Human Services
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Cass County Probation Department and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court
  • Memorandum of Agreement between the Cass County Attorney and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court Prosecutor 
  • Joint Powers Agreement between the State of Minnesota, the Cass County/Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Wellness Court, and the Cass County Probation Department regarding court staffing
  • Memorandum of Agreement between Cass County, the Minnesota Ninth Judicial District, and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe regarding the Wellness Court and Juvenile Restorative Justice Program

Program Evaluations

  • 2007 Program Evaluation of the Cass County-Leech Lake Wellness Court
  • 2008 Minnesota Program Evaluation of DWI Courts
  • 2013 Program Evaluation of the Cass County-Leech Lake Wellness Court
  • 2016 Program Evaluation of the Itasca County-Leech Lake Wellness Court

Court Manuals and Program Documents

OVW Grants to Tribes to Exercise
Special Domestic Violence Criminal
Jurisdiction Now Available

December 5, 2016

The Tribal Jurisdiction Program is designed to assist Indian tribes in exercising SDVCJ.  Through this grant program, Indian tribes will receive support and technical assistance for planning, developing and implementing changes in their criminal justice systems necessary to exercise SDVCJ.  The program encourages collaborations among tribal leadership, tribal courts, tribal prosecutors, tribal attorneys, tribal defenders, law enforcement, probation, service providers, and other partners to ensure that non-Indians who commit crimes of domestic violence, dating violence, and violations of protection order.s are held accountable.  The Tribal Jurisdiction Program encourages the coordinated involvement of the entire tribal criminal justice system and victim service providers to incorporate systemic change that ensures victim safety and offender accountability.

Applications due January 25, 2017

[end of inbox msg]

former Cass County Judge John Smith, who Dayton in 2012 appointed to the mn. appeals and has since been assigned  to serve statewide as Senior Judge from Feb. 3, 2016, to June 30, 2017.
Retired from the Court of Appeals on Feb. 2, 2016.
There is NO_Common_Ground of JUSTICE
for CHILDREN & Other with these CLOWNS !!!!


just a thought ….
Spirit & Soul …. God Bless the Child thats got his own ….



MN Called on to Change Child Pornography Sentencing Practices

Link: AlphaNews Article on Protects Investigation of MN

FB Archive of Comments Relative to this Blog Entry


Rumors now making it into print that the Minnesota legislature will take action

after PROTECT showed the state has decriminalized child sexual exploitation crimes:

“Multiple sources within the legislature say that investigations are being made into the matter, and lawmakers should be announcing plans to address this issue during the upcoming legislative session.”…/

MINNESOTA – A national child protection organization is calling on Minnesota to reevaluate its child pornography sentencing practices. The national pro-child,…|By Julia Erynn

Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard we don’t keep up all too much with off rez, thou on the rez it is absolutely pathetic to the degree of youth counclers sitting around watching porn with the kids. That Below, IS ONE REASON WHY so many instances reported are_not being investigated. On the rez it’s a smorgasbord of abuse all the way up through political levels, just ask al franken who is tribal rep. for the MN. Indian Affairs Committee. Go figure eh?

“Leech Lake Tribal Police officer exchanges porn photos of himself with high school girl, while on the job AND uses police database for profile information of kid. How about an update and awareness on this community concern Star. Court Docket:…

Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard just as sickening is the Bemidji Pioneer and associated news media constantly goes silent about such predictors in our midst, even after multiple notifications and request to give public awareness. Bunch of sicko;s enabling assaults on the kids.
Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage And how the state of Tennessee handed a known trafficked child back to the trafficker from MN because they didn’t want to interfere in tribal matters. MN did nothing. Nothing.

Joe Wade Joe Wade Gerald, it is interesting to note about the Leech Lake Tribal Officer Shannon Larry Northbird and pornographic images of himself with a child is that , the complaint summons does not have a court file number. NOR does Northbirds arrest, charges, court schedule appear in the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database at

the complaint summons has a prosecutor_file # CA 16-526 listed with Stephanie Shook as Special Assistant Cass County Attorney and Judge Jana Austed as the cass county ninth judicial district court.

Stephanie Shook is predominantly a “Public Defense Assistant Attorney” for Aitkin County, SOOOooooo WHY does Cass County utilizing her as a “special assistant cass county attorney” for this case?

Why is this Officers case information not listed in the MN. trial court database?

Why is there no Court File Number? (added court file # 11-CR-162144 to the end of this post after contacting Cass County Court)

Why has Cass County assigned a “special” prosecuting attorney who’s work is normally that of a public defendant in Aitkin County?

Anyone need to say Mutual Agreements of Understanding between the county and tribal courts?

WHERE SO CALLED PEACE OFFICERS are ALLOWED TO PREY ON CHILDREN because they are protected by those who are suppose to be providing JUSTICE FOR ASSAULTED CHILDREN!

EDIT UPDATE – as per phone conversation with Cass County Court just a min. ago, Court Case Number is 11-CR-162144, MN. Court Database displays case info IF SEARCH IS BY CASE NUMBER, No records appear when search criteria input is by name Northbird, Shannon, Larry. go figure

Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage Cass County. What a coincidence

Joe Wade Joe Wade Mandi, interesting to note for case # 11-CR-162144; 12/28/2016 – First Appearance (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Harrington, David) ,

might want to connect dots of asterisk in list below of Harrington’s bio. at the mn. court website.

This Case has former cass county John P Smith written all over it.

That is Smith who Dayton in 2012 appointed to the mn. appeals and has since been assigned as noted on the mn. court website, Smith Bio = “Appointed and assigned to serve statewide as Senior Judge from Feb. 3, 2016, to June 30, 2017.

Retired from the Court of Appeals on Feb. 2, 2016.

**** here is a bit of Smith’s working relationship with Judge Korey that Gerald Shepphad mentioned in the comment replies at post

, relative to the tribal member Korey that is a judge in itasca county , that opened the avenues for that tribal member who murdered that infant, to evade a life sentence when she declared a mistrial because the assailant star witness was not available to appear for the court.

innovative courts – mutual agreements of understanding between county and tribal courts note: …. “Cass County District Court Judge John P. Smith and Leech Lake Tribal Court Chief Judge Korey Wahwassuck have worked together since 2006 presiding over the post-conviction, post-sentencing Driving While Intoxicated Court in Cass County, Minnesota. They spoke with Center for Court Innovation staff about the innovative, collaborative program.”…/john-p-smith-and-korey…

Judge David Harrington Bio

**** J.D., University of North Dakota Law School, 1992
B.S., Bemidji State University, 1982


**** General Counsel- Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, 1994-2003
**** Defense Counsel- Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Indians, 2000-2003
Private Practice- Walker, MN, 1992-1994
**** Staff Attorney- Leech Lake Criminal and Juvenile Defense Corporation, 1992-1994

Professional Memberships:

Cass County Bar Association
Minnesota State Bar Association
**** State/Tribal Court Association
Federal Bar Association
**** Minnesota American Indian Bar Association

Community Activities:

**** Board Member- Boys and Girls Clubs of America
**** Board Member- Minnesota Land Trust
Board Member- Minnesota Finlandia Health Sports
Ducks Unlimited
Three Island/Movil Maze Recreational Area Advisory
**** Committee- Take a Kid Fishing
North Star Sports Club
Centennial Triathlon
Friends of the Bemidji Public Library
Bemidji Area Cross Country Ski Club
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Joe Wade Joe Wade AND CORRELATE ALL THAT TO UNDakota University where Harrington was schooled. B. J. Jones (adviser to the Lakota Peoples Law Project & lastrealindians along with James Abourezk) who is part of team for innovative courts and ICWA’s new guidelines. Remember Abourezk initiated ICWA , along with his initiation of the U.S Senate of Indian Affairs committee , Arab Discrimination committee , that has now spun off into CAIR , who also setup the foundation for Indian gaming that was solidified when Ben Nighthorse was chair in the following years of the u.s senate for indian affairs …. etc …. who also thou not noted in this bio has a significant history as judge for Leech Lake Band of Ojibew.

BJ Jones

Affiliated Faculty

Director, Tribal Judicial Institute

Mr Jones graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1981 with a B.A. in history, Phi Beta Kappa, and from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1984. Before becoming the Director of the Institute, he was Litigation Director for Dakota Plains Legal Services. Mr Jones has devoted his law practice to serving indigent residents of South and North Dakota Indian reservations and adjoining counties. He has represented clients in federal, state, and tribal courts as well as in administrative hearings. His areas of expertise include federal entitlements, Indian law, domestic relations and health law. Mr Jones is admitted to the state bars of Virginia, South Dakota and North Dakota; the federal bars of the US District Courts for North and South Dakota, the United States Court of Appeals for Eighth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court; and the Rosebud Sioux, Standing Rock Sioux, Oglala Sioux, Flandreau-Santee Sioux, Yankton Sioux, and Spirit Lake Nation tribal bars.

Mr Jones is also the Chief Justice of the Turtle Mountain Tribal Court of Appeals [personal note: also involved with SPIRIT LAKE foster care child sexual abuse placement], a Special Magistrate of the Non-Removable Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court, and an alternate judge of the Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal Court. He is a member of the Diversity Committee at the School of Law and has acted as a clinical instructor for the Native American Law Program; he has also taught Indian Law. Mr Jones serves on the North Dakota Supreme Court Committee on Tribal-State Court Affairs, and the ABA Committee on the Unmet Needs of Children. He was an instructor at Sinte Gleska University and Sitting Bull College. Mr Jones publishes and presents in the area of Indian law.

UND University School of Law:

Joe Wade Joe Wade in short, quite interesting that all that mess is involved with a Tribal Police Officer who sends porn of himself to kids eh? AND GOOD TO NOTE the guardians of the child involved took the concerns as advised to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in place of Capt. Ken Washington of LL Tribal Police
Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard Wade, re-check the court complaint summary. On Page 7 there is no X in the space before Warrant or Order of Detention. Which means that Officer is likely in public still playing choke the chicken photo sessions with children. Anything less expected from Mn. so called justice for the children?
Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage So evidence on his phone, he’s still an officer with kids and that’s safe to the community?

Joe Wade Joe Wade called lltribal police today, northbird is no longer an officer, not sure when he was terminated, thou interesting to note the timespan between the investigation timestamp noted in the “complaint” is July 2016 AND the timestamp for the court summary of that “complaint” is Dec 2016, that is 6mths and i have personally seen NorthBird in this community during that timeframe, thou not in uniform or tribal vehicle. Makes sense now why he turned a shade of paleness when we locked eyes.

that’s over 1000 images as reported in the complaint summary, and it is apparent he has not been arrested, and likely not going to be arrested, and likely slapped on the hand.

People want to rant on about, sex trafficing, child sex abuse, suicides, drug/alcohol abuse , opiates addiction birth defects, the total breakdown of family structure, while they holler for more federal funding under the pretense of implementing fix’s to reduce the statistic escalation, while tribal officers stand down when verifiable reliable information is given to them for “charging and arresting” assailants OR those who are suppose to be on their way to recovery through so called wellness courts because to arrest would destroy the pretty pie charts of so called success of the wellness courts and it’s b.s hype of so called hollestic healing that coincides with the courts healing process …. a stinking JOKE! that equates to nothing more than the perpetration of “self genocide” because federal funding AND INTENT OF CONGRESSIONAL ACTS are being USED AND ABUSED.

Northbird’s actions set this young womans path in life directly onto that which he and the tribal police are suppose to be protecting the community constituents from.


Will be interesting to see what avenue is taken that will likely include the Berkley Bean Cooker concepts of so called native healing, so called native american judicial practices to address this issue. While we sit back in the community and watch another mom commit suicide, another child raped, another teen strung out on opiates and sold off to the sex slave, all that to pass on to the next generation …. IN PLACE OF THE REAL DEAL AS PER THE EXPECTATIONS OF ANCESTRY …. which the likes of Northbird shoud count his blessings we are not privileged to do such anymore since “we” surrendered our old ways of justice upon entering treaty agreements, THAT INCLUDED THE U.S GOVERNANCE AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS TO PROTECT US , which is not working worth spit on this one instance …. AGAIN!



Joe Wade Joe Wade Mandi, called a few offices today, only info available is what has been released by the media group pr team that the Bureaue of Criminal Apprehension falls under. Do_not know if an arrest was made or if that tribal officer is detained.

Will be interesting to see how Cass County on upto Judge Smith , “TRYS” to smooth this over, have to keep good working relationships ya know AND “THEIR” b.s concepts of justice reform

Joe Wade Joe Wade other dynamics that come into play for ALL OF THE SECRECY!

2014 – School Resource Officer (SRO) Report

“The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs wishes to acknowledge the overwhelming response to the request for peer reviewers among Minnesota’s SRO community.” (….) “Participation in peer review does not constitute endorsement of the report’s findings or recommendations by the reviewers or their organizations.”

Peer Reviewers includes * Shannon Northbird…/forms…/Documents/SRO%20REPORT.pdf


Cass County Board Meeting Dec. 2016 …. “Cass and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe support increasing the county share of state-collected sales taxes from tribal lands from the current 10 percent.”

Joe WadeJoe Wademore dynamics that point to reasons for SECRECY ….

Oct. 2016 Cass County-LLBO Hold Joint Meeting

“Judicial and Legal
Representing LLBO at the meeting were Tribal Court Judges Megan Treuer and Paul Day.

Cass County Representatives included
Judges David Harrington and Jana
Austad, Cass County Attorney
Chris Strandlie and Cass County
Probation Director Jim Schneider.

• Tribal Court connectivity has
been confirmed with state systems.
• Tribal Justice Center is scheduled
to be opened in October 2016
• Paul Day, Tribal Court Judge said
“When we talk about jurisdiction, we’re talking about who has
authority, and so back in 1978 it was always in court and in
litigation, citing a supreme court precedent or a federal law.

Today we don’t talk so much about who is in charge.

Now what we are doing is just implementing it.

**** WOW! – AND! – AND!
Upcoming goals:
• Include ICWA funding aid in the 2017 Tax bill for those implementing Tribal, State, County agreements. Source for above:

.**** break out of fb dialog, NOTE!

Additional Notes about the  2016 Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Regulation Amendment & as mentioned above , that was not posted in the fb dialog

Upcoming goals:

• Include ICWA funding aid in the 2017 Tax bill for those implementing Tribal, State, County


“The BIA issued ‘new’ ICWA Guidelines today. among many things – it states that there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home. Link:

2015 …. ICWA New Guideline Public Input Sessions …. “As the conversation continued, they further explained that the new BIA Guidelines are worded precisely to support their “Taking Our Children Back Initiative.” The group, who represented a number of tribes, all agreed to this point: “Originally every child in this country was Native, so we should have jurisdiction over every child.”

One chairman continued to talk, stating that all of the tribes from Arkansas through the midwest are working together with Cherokee Nation on this initiative, and Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation, Chrissi Nimmo”

2015 ….
In reference to the new ICWA Regulations –  Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,
“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015) – Link:

Jan 2017 – Human Trafficking through State/County/Tribal Courts

All of this spells human trafficking to Stan.  “When you look at the definition, it’s really just human trafficking,”

Stan said. “To take or steal, and they are stealing this child – against mom’s wishes, against the guardian ad litem’s wishes and against the court’s wishes, that is human trafficking.”


Link: Family fights to keep tribe from taking child –

**** Resume Fb Dialog from above break out

the jurisdiction / court authority mentioned above is to create tribal court “criminal” jurisdiction over tribal and non-tribal people. as per testers and frankens so called “tribal youth and community protection Act.

FANCY EH? a CONGRESSIONAL ACT that is being presented as protection for tribal youth, community and police officers, that in reality will be used to TRY AND BLUNDER PEOPLE INTO SILENCE …. Leech Lake tribal police and courts are already using this “proposed act” to try and drag people into it’s court on BOGUS ACCUSATIONS from tribal police investigations against people who will not submit to “their” Stupidity of NOT_HOLDING_PEOPLE_ACCOUNTABLE for actions of ABUSE.

“Senators Tester (chair for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) and Franken (MN. tribal rep for for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) have introduced legislation to expand tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians for drug related crimes, domestic violence against children, and crimes committed against tribal law enforcement officers. The proposed bill comes on the heels of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which allows Indian tribes to prosecute non-Indians in certain instances.

The bill is titled the “Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act of 2016 and can be read at;



look beyond Mn. Senior Judge John P. Smith , to the upper foodchain of his working groups at county leves ….

check the top of the Dept. of Justice and note Maha Jweied , who after leaving England left Sharia Law in her wake. A Obama appointed Deputy Director for the Dept. of Justice where she oversee’s tribal justice and her background ties back to foster case work in Jordan, prior to ending up working with Mohamed Shahabuddeen.

For anyone who believes or thinks all that above does not apply to the current status of mn. decriminalizing child sex, YOU HAD BETTER LOOK AT WHO IS ENTERING YOUR DOMAIN FROM SIDE DOORS!


Interim Condition for Northbird, Shannon Larry
– Complete booking
– Conditions, other
– Do not leave Minnesota without written court approval
– No contact with victim(s)
– Released on own recognizance
– Remain law-abiding
– No contact with persons under age 18

Omnibus Hearing scheduled for February 13, 2017 (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Harrington, David)

******** interesting eh?

– Complete booking – in ref to this condition, the officer had porn on his cell phone of a school kid, he sent pron of himself to the child, exchanged in sexual dialog while on the job with the child, AND HE WAS NEVER FORMALLY ARRESTED AND BOOKED because he signed a piece of paper and promised to appear in court? ….

~by a County Court Support Service Division website – “If you appear in court, the judge may order you to have your fingerprints and photograph taken. This is usually done when you are summons or ticketed (promise to appear) into court, and were not booked directly into jail. Because you did not go to jail your fingerprints and photograph were never taken for these charges.

You should receive paperwork from the court that will give you the date you have been ordered to have the prints and photo taken.”

**** one should ask, how is the obama admin’s (Valerie Jarrett, eric holder, loretta lynch) judicial reform working for us? nothing like putting criminals back into the community at the drop of a dime such as the drug related arrests that have now been classified as “non-violent”, is child sex abuse now also “non-violent” ?

AND remember obama’s 1st pick for Health and Human Services Secretary was Tom Daschle (for obama’s team for health reform, which includes the current psycho therapy b.s being used to enable child sex abuse and minimize other violent crimes) , who was an assistant to former senator of s. dakota that arab peddlers son , James Abourezk (who sits an arms length away from obama as an adviser for ndn country and israel/palestine policy), who along with Daschle and other office affiliates were caught spying for Cuba yrs back, among the other extended list of underhanded sick actions implemented in those same years by that arab american Abrouzek’s American Indian Movement AND PEOPLE FOLLOW THE LEAD OF SUCH STUPIDITY, NOW BEING BROUGHT OT COUNTY AND STATE LEVELS UNDER THE PRETENSE OF PEACE AND TOLERANCE!


* Conditions, other …. in ref to this condition if not in error, the judge ordered “No_Internet_Activity” the officers council argued Northbird needed net access, the judge then ordered no net activity unless court approved.

* No contact with persons under age 18, in ref to this condition,

note Northbirds fb friends list count went from quite a few hundred 800+ down to 120 on his friends list.

Quite a few children the school resource officer (SRO) removed from his social media friends list eh?

note comments above extracted from Leech Lake Cyber Moccasin fb site:

…. connect the dots ….

Joe Wade Joe Wade Northbird lead attorney retained —-> BLAIR WILLIAM NELSON
“Blair has a great deal of knowledge and experience in defending Native American cases.

Blair worked with the White_Earth_Criminal_and_Juvenile_Defense_Corporation from 1999 to 2004, Leech_Lake_Juvenile_and_Criminal_Defense_Corporation from 2003 to 2006, and is a current member of the Federal Defender C.J.A. Panel.”

ALSO …. Cass County Judge David Harrington Employment
* Staff Attorney – Leech_Lake_Criminal_and_Juvenile_Defense_Corporation, 1992-1994

Careers built on State Funding , to protect pedophiles eh?

anyone care to follow the food chain of working relationships upward past Mn lead judge John Smith to the DOJ Maha Jweied Deputy Director for the Office for Access to Justice at the US Department of Justice where she oversees the office’s tribal justice

2007 Cute eh?

Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic Arbitral system

.sharia law

Search Influenced to Death for “Islamic Arbitral”




July 24, 1610

Still Standing with the Agreements of Membertou


Concordant of 1610 Wampum

as  12th generation family – Hear This —> those who don’t like “it” – You can Eat Crow!





Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


All Files!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q






September 25, 2016


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Some people just command respect due to their character and the way they carry themselves.

One such woman is a grandmother who with a smile on her face told me she remembers carrying me in her arms and singing to me when I was a little one but there’s no way she could do that now.

I replied that as a child I remember having to look up at her and even though I’m taller than she is now I continue to look up at her – and that’s the truth of it.

As fine and good a nations woman as you can run across – grounded in all the right things without an ounce of pretense.

I doubt she knows who Brangelina is and if she did wouldn’t go on the internet professing a broken heart that they’ve split the sheets – if she were to go on the internet and see a Kardashian selfie I believe she would be embarrassed for the poster and find the compulsion unfathomable.

Call that “old school” or what you will but she has a sense of what is important and what is not, and none of that figures into it.

This is a woman who gives and could care less about receiving attention for a good deed understanding that it is the deed that has value and not the attention.

Politically correct? Well you might say so depending on interpretation as she isn’t inclined to maliciousness and cares about the feelings of others, but at the same time will speak her mind believing honesty always trumps deception and will only tolerate a certain amount of foolishness.

I saw her double up her fist and put a man on the ground once for pushing a five or six year old child and saying “get that goddam kid out of the way” – that kid was me.

I may be taller than her now but in her presence I am always looking up, and it is a privilege to do so….

by Rezinate on September 25, 2016:…/25/commanding-respect/


reminds me of Mrs. Rita Joe – time interval 2:10


Leech Lake Tribal Court Pukes

September 18, 2016


A Prelude to the upcoming Blog entry

Leech Lake Tribal Court Barrel of Monkeys




Followers of Sicko Pukes! …. Get It?



1977 Washington Post; – with fat cigars fresh from a recent Cuba trip …. “I hope I get rich off the Arabs – because it sure as hell isn’t going to be the Jews.” ~James Abourezk~

Abourezk is Leech Lake Tribal Court Judges Paul Day and BJ Jones (Jones along with Abourezk is an adviser for the Lakota Peoples Law Project POSERS) working buddy for their Barrel of Monkey B.S –  who now has the newest hand and hand  add-in judge Treuer.

All working together for Obama’s Dept. of Justice reforms such as wellness court & policies for TRIBAL/COUNTY/STATE MUTUAL AGREEMENTS OF UNDERSTANDING to coincide with Obama’s HHS service reform polices  such as  foster care, as in the new ICWA regulation amendments and Alternative Medicine concepts such as Holistic Healing for mental health.

Lets just say,  Stands with the Light is more like Stands with  PUKES !!!

Abourezk is a former senator of s. dakota, that syrian peddlers son who use to call himself the Syrian Sioux who was 1st arab american in congress, who created the Arab Defense Committee and the Indian Child Welfare Act with the assistance of the Seattle Bahai (Link =  Bahai are an outgrowth of Shia the 2nd largest denomination of Islam) , who’s son Charlie was directly involved with the execution of the Mikmaq woman Annie Mae Pictou Aquash by AIM members 1n 1975 as per the orders of AIM.

Abourezk, Mr. Oz of the American Indian Movement , who today is a primary player for current U.S policies towards Indian Country in the U.S, Israel/Palestine, Syria & Jordan, Cuba as he sits an arms length away from Obama.

Today James Abourezk’s team in the Barrel of Monkeys (actions of others to be mentioned in the next blog)  are through the U.S Health and Dept of Justice reform agenda’s,  bringing onto main stream America the same sickness of PUKE WorldViews and Ideologies  those cogs have brought onto 1st Nations Identity since the 70’s with the assistance of Anton Treuer, Judge Truer’s brother. For an example check Blog Entry –

Yep, the pan-ameircan indianism movement created through the American Indian Movement  is no different than the pan-Arabism movement initiated in the 70’s , transforming NDN country into Islamic pan-ameircan Indians for too many people, no different than how the Baath Party (PLO) has transformed the individual identities of the Arab/Persian countries into it’s maturity of today know as ISIS.

Get ready for PUKE INDOCTRINATION for main stream America and it’s county/state decision makers, through Mutual Agreements of Understanding between state and tribal courts categorized as Innovative Courts, Alternative medicine concepts to include “holistic healing” – bogus traditional native American healing concepts that were contemporary (new birth/new age Bahai influenced b.s)  in the 70’s that over time has become a norm and accepted as traditional; note this link – ) for cost savings of over burdened court and mental health cases (to include PUKE INDOCTRINATION FOR the foster care issues associated with the two).

One only need to check the top of the Dept. of Justice food chain and note Maha Jweied another Abourezk cog, who after leaving England left Sharia Law in her wake. A Obama appointed Deputy Director for the Dept. of Justice where she oversee’s tribal justice and her background ties back to foster case work in Jordan, prior to ending up with Mohamed Shahabuddeen for his so called Truth and Reconciliation scripts that have been spun and now being presented to the general public by the likes of SandyWhiteHawk and working teams THROUGH academia like Bemidji State University’s Indian Resource Center Anton Treuer and Billy Blackwell Jr. (Note Link ,  as part of the strengthening  county and tribal working relationships AND offering alternative medicine healing for mental health (B.S AT IT’S FINEST).

Sharia concepts are already being implemented through county and tribal mutual agreements of understanding by way of so called innovative courts , better check the “tribunals” being put into play cloaked as so called native american judicial practices ,

**** September 2014 U.S. Department of Justice & U.S. Department of the Interior Expert Working Group Report: Native American Traditional Justice Practices [PEACEMAKERS] – Maha_Jweied – Access to Justice Initiative – U.S. Department of Justice
“Transferring Practices to Non-Native American Communities Brett Taylor, Deputy Director, Center for Court Innovation Brett Taylor described the Center for Court Innovation’s (the Center) Tribal Justice Exchange, which, in addition to working with tribes to instill problem-solving justice principles into their Tribal justice systems, seeks to identify practices in Tribal courts that could translate to state court systems.While on a site visit to the Navajo Nation to help plan and launch the first community court”
**** Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts – prepared by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute – 2002 The treatment plan is designed to provide the individual with insight, understanding and empowerment so that he/she can begin to make choices that are beneficial to him/her and his/her community. Treatment should provide the individual with an opportunity to:
• Succeed in changing his/her perception of his/her place and goals in the world; • Practice healthy, life-affirming choices
• Evaluate his/her role as trouble-maker vs. PEACE_MAKER; and
• Build a bridge back into the community GROUP PROCESSES Becoming a contributor to the group helps the participant to heal. The group is the place where the individual is asked to PRACTICE PEACE AND TOLERANCE and to “feel” other persons’ feelings.
The group provides an opportunity for the participants to develop a community for themselves. By helping each other regain balance and create positive roles, the participants can establish a sense of value for themselves.”

Community Courts concept from the Center for Court Innovation “Community courts are neighborhood-focused courts that attempt to harness the power of the justice system to address local problems. They strive to engage outside stakeholders such as residents, merchants, churches, and schools in new ways …. ”

Sentencing Circles, PeaceMaker Tribunal concepts are currently being applied to juvenile, family, child foster care courts and the so called traditional native attributes (B.S cloak defining “sharia cognitive behavioral programing” as Native American practices for the sales pitch to the public and unknowing decision makers) such as holistic healing as part of alternative medicine are being put into play for health and human services for issues such as so called mental health and to address veteran’s needs and elder protection , to include applications for the doj probation requirements of monitoring.

Here comes SHARIA LAW concepts into tribal courts that are trying to gain criminal jurisdiction over both tribal and non-tribal members. Those attempts  to implement are through that Barrel of Monkeys extended team like the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) (Berkley Bean Cooked 1st Nation Beliefs and Traditions) , which will include “COMMUNITY LAW” criteria. Otherwise known as so_called NATIVE AMERICN BANISHMENT by way of community restraining orders as outlined in Anishinabe Legal Services Elder Code that is under development by those same idiots of the barrel.

That is to say, if one does not conform to COMMUNITY VALUES, that one can be banished from a community through restraining orders handed down by bogus courts such as the TRIBAL COURTS.   

Check the current act  proposed titled Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act of 2016 , introduced this past year, that will make way for this to occur hand in hand with Anishianbe Legal Services so called Elder’s code banishment criteria. (noted in past blog entry’s – Link for Act  = Paul Day of the Deer Dung Clan & Link for Elder Code  = B. J. Jones Turns LLBO into Kangaroo Court)

REMEMBER – In the 70’s Abourezk with his working groups advocated for a terrorist held in Israel to be released, resulting in that person being flown to  The People’s Temple of Jim Jones. Those same years Dennis Banks held working relationships with Jones.

Note link to Sama– Esmail, who was categorized as  a electronics engineering student ,  no different than the recent modern day clock kid B.S cry for sympathy towards those who support terrorist world views and ideologies. (Jones Town Tape #314) AND ALSO NOTE:

Most of the reserva– reserves of coal and uranium left in USA are on Indian territory. This is what Senator McGovern is bringing out, and Sen. Amourzek [James Abourezk] is the reason why all of the treaties with Indians have now been made null and void, but even such liberal sell-outs going along with it as Senator [Edward] Kenne– Kennedy. ” ~Jim Jones ~

source: JonesTown Tape # 398 , News and commentary (August 29, 1978) ,

It was during these years, Abourezk in support of the Baath Party (PLO), started categorizing Palestinians with Islamic Extremist Ideologies and Worldviews as “indigenous”,  in order to garnish support and promote Islamic Extremist Ideologies and Worldviews THROUGH Native Americans, AS HE CONTINUES TO DO TO THIS DAY FOR HAMAS who he says are “techno-crats”, funny way to endorse and support suicide bombers eh?



image: from the 2012 Center for Western Studies Conference; Abourezk with chit face American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders R.Means, D.Banks, C.Bellecourt



A Bit of BackGround on that Syrian Puke!

“as a lawyer in January 1970 when Abourezk showed up at a Democratic forum in Rapid City to hear Dick Kneip, the Democrats young candidate for governor that year. Abourezk happened to be accompanied by a convicted cattle rustler whose case he’d been appealing – a man he refers to in his memoir as “Billy the Kid.” Abourezk was asked to introduce his guest, and the other lawyers present at the meeting clearly recognized the name.”



Date:1976 January 21, 00:56 (Wednesday)
Canonical ID:1976STATE014294_b
Original Classification: SECRET
Current Classification: UNCLASSIFIED – From:Department of State






The Years OPEC Took Control of  Petroleum

Date: 1975 May 23, 23:11 (Friday)


rant, rant, rant, mind boggling 
more dynamics IN PLAY to garnish support for SICKO PUKES!

For the Dakota Pipeline Protest currently in play, It bewilders me that people are not addressing the land titles transferred by James Abourezk and crew that enabled the development of the “Oahe Dam Irrigation Project” for irrigation to feed grain and cattle projects to create financial gain to those same land thieves, many of which are behind the funding of the pipeline protests …. which ties directly to the Bakken Shale Oil resources today that are also part of those land grabs after AIM burned genealogy and land records at the D.C BIA office in 1972 for Abourezk and cogs, where Russel after his release from prison ended up as a office worker for Abourezk as a 1st nations policy consultant ….

yep, as a result of the Oahe Dam construction the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation lost 150,000 acres, Standing Rock Reservation lost 55,993 acres.” (this does not include land title transfer to the private sector of the land grabbers for the “Oahe Dam Irrigation Project”)

while all stay SILENT ABOUT THAT …. AND …  Tex Hall’s gang …. “2013 – NEW TOWN, N.D. – An oil refinery in Indian Country is a first for America. The Three Affiliated Tribes’ fledgling oil refinery is the keystone in an arch of triumph and prosperity for the people of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara (MHA) Nation, according to the Three Affiliated Tribes Chair Tex Hall.

The MHA signed a contract during the last week of October with Minneapolis-based Park Construction Co. in the latest phase of activity destined to make the Thunder Butte Clean Fuels Refinery on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation the first tribal refinery ever — and the first refinery built on U.S. soil since 1976.

Link to Oahe Irrigation Project upto 2008  …. worth a review

**** OCT 2016 UPDATE ****

A few more modern day notes on Abourezk’s Cog’s AT LEECH LAKE RESERVATION

approx 120 miles to the northeast of the current DAPL Protest which amounts to nothing more than another B.S Donate, Donate, Donate social chaos script that has raised just at 1million dollars by net donations alone, that Pipeline that does not even go through reservation lands is the construction site for the Thunder Butte Refinery at the fort berthold reservation which along with the fracking of over 1000 upcoming wells that will use water from and discharge production process byproducts to lake sakakawea, which feeds downstream to the Oahe Lake where the so called Sacred Stone Camp protest site is.
no_one talking about that thou, why?
Fort Berthold Agency – Approved over 1,700 Oil and Gas leases and distributed over $80,000,000.00 in bonus payments.
We are now into the drilling phase of the Bakken Play and expect approximately 1000 wells to be drilled over the next 10 years.
The environmental effects on the reservation will be substantial. The Agency staff when at full strength is 25 FTEs. This is counting 6 new positions added because of the mineral activity.”
the Fort Berthold refinery broke ground in 2013, called clean fuels refinery because it uses the latest and greatest in refinery techniques (has nothing to do with being clean) ….
OCT. 2012 …. the interior dept. approved Fort Berthold Land Trust Application for New Refinery
Ken Salazar IS THE SCUM that spearheaded the so called Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill restitution for families and the environment …. that in reality SCREWED EVERYONE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN UP OBLIGATIONS ….
“Today’s historic decision is another step forward in the Obama Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy and commitment to strengthen Tribal communities and generate jobs for rural America,” Salazar said. “By working with the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people to place this land into trust status, we are supporting infrastructure that will help bring American oil and gas to market while promoting Tribal economic development and self-determination regarding land and resource use.” ~Ken Salazar~
Fort Bethold Reservation Oil Refinery under Construction about
120 miles to the north of “Sacred Stone Camp” , there are
1000 Fracking Wells Leases Approved and drilling has already begun.
reservation is approx 30 x 40 miles = 1200 square miles (actually less land sq miles when considering surface area of lake)
if wells were bored symmetrically , Fracking Well  spacing would  be at LESS THAN 1 sq. mi. intervals WITH Frack Zones extending 1 to 2 miles out away from well head


Keeping in focus Abourezk sits an arms length away from Obama


Anyone care to talk about the Christmas Tree from Minnesota dog and pony show of 2014, where Obama followed up with a visit to Standing Rock, then made a so called un_expected 24hour layover in Minneapolis, which was again shortly followed up by Obama’s tribal conferences in DC where Gen-I initiative that was initiated for native youth at the Tribal Nations conference  , focusing on indoctrinating the youth to participate more for so called environmental protection actions ….. blah, blah, blah ….. all equates to the ancestry & identity of the nations being used and abused at levels most of the zealots do not even comprehend.


Cannon Ball, ND is the location of the so called Sacred Stone Site for the DAPL protest.


Link to: Sept 2016 – Obama tells standing rock demonstrators “your making your voice heard”


“Gen-I was launched on the heels of the President and First Lady’s visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Nation in North Dakota”

Relative to this Blog issues of concerns ….NOTE Obama’s 2014 Tribal Nations Conference where he announced the Gen-I indoctrination program !!!! 

“Together, we’ve strengthened your sovereignty — giving more power to tribal courts and police, restoring hundreds of thousands of acres of tribal trust lands. We’ve expanded opportunity — permanently reauthorizing the Indian Health Care Improvement Act — speeding up the process for businesses signing leases in Indian Country, … December 2014 – Remarks by the President at the Tribal Nations Conference –


The Future of Fort Bethold Unfolding from Obama and Clinton’s upcoming policies to help 1st Nations
In 1972 Abourezk had AIM Burn Land and Genealogy records at the D.C BIA building to enable transfer of land titles ….  to coincide with as an example, the current Obama economic assistance at Fort Bethold
Fort Bethold 2013 – “A review of tribal and federal records as well as lawsuit documents reveals a dizzying array of lowball, non-competitive deals brokered by numerous companies, often entwined with the tribal council and with individual landholders on the reservation. But at heart the alleged practices are simple: Tribal leaders and outsiders set up companies to buy drilling rights cheap and flip them later for spectacular profits — in one case earning as much as a 200-fold return in just four years. “~source~




The Disgusting Part


Leech Lake Tribal Court Judge Megan Treuer , is currently pushing forward with a so called “Dangerous Dog” citation issued to a Leech Lake Tribal Woman (MY WIFE) by the Tribal Police Captain Ken Washington.  Judge Treuer says the Tribal Court does not have funds for a court appointed attorney to represent a tribal member, while at the same instance telling the woman, “You Will GET a Fair Trial in this Court” and forcing that tribal member into the continuance of trial proceedings without any legal representation at all.

while at the same instance the NON-TRIBAL person William G. Riewer of Walker, Mn. , who the citation was issued in support of, is now DEAD …. AS IN —->  THE TRIBAL ATTORNEY & TRIBAL POLICE HAVE NO WITNESS FOR THE CITATION SERVED BASED ON BOGUS ACCUSATIONS, NOT EVEN A RECORDED STATEMENT FROM THE ACCUSER !!@!!

To Date the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe has sent at least one 18wheeler turck load of firewood, and multiple transport loads of elders and youth among other expenses to the DAPL protest site ….


next blog; “Leech Lake Tribal Court Barrel of Monkeys”
Source Documents:

Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


All Files!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q  




Paul Day of the Deer Dung Clan

July 17, 2016

So now Paul Day (deer dung clan – this is not a joke, it is truth / note: ah-zhow-e-bin-ais ), wants to abuse the tribal courts and the Violence Against Women’s Act / Tribal Law and Order Act for his continued underhanded low life tactics eh? …. not unexpected considering how much other underhanded activity his acts are. Not unexpected either, considering he is of the grand Medewin medicine society created by Clyde Bellecourt and Eddie Benton Banis while they were in StillWater Prison, AIM founding members. Nothing has changed in the last 40yrs, and nothing will change as long as people continue to confide in such idiots!



It is very obvious my comments (in the utube video link above) at the May 7, 2015 BIA public input sessions for the proposed new ICWA regulations DO_NOT coencide with Paul Day’s agenda’s , WHO is a member of the National Indian Child Welfare Association, nomenclature being NICWA, a direct correlation to present themselves as being a mirror of ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Paul Day is trying to USE and ABUSE the Tribal Court with Megan Treuer LLTribal Judge (daughter of past LLTribal Judge Margaret Treuer, sister of Anton Treuer of BSU Indian studies)  and other Congressional Acts, to try and set presidence for the upcoming expansion of Tribal Jurisdiction for Crimes committed by non-tribal members such as that mentioned in my April 15 2016 post at the Walker Independent social media site; “Senators Tester and Franken Introduce Legislation to Expand Tribal Jurisdiction”

“Senators Tester (chair for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) and Franken (MN. tribal rep for  for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) have introduced legislation to expand tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians for drug related crimes, domestic violence against children, and crimes committed against tribal law enforcement officers. The proposed bill comes on the heels of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which allows Indian tribes to prosecute non-Indians in certain instances.

The bill is titled the “Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act of 2016 and can be read at; Jurisdiction Bill_Introduction Version (4-12-2016).pdf

April 15, 2016 Walker Independent fb post:

Paul Day Says the Leech Lake Tribal Court has  jurisdiction over a non-tribal member based on the Tribal Law and Order Act / Violence Against Women Act.

This act of trying to drag a non-tribal member into Leech Lake Tribal Court by Paul Day is a disgusting insult to all those families and victims that have over the years worked so diligently to get these ACTS put into place for higher degree’s of protection.

Leech Lake Tribal Court Restraining Order Request Form

incidents submitted by petitioner (the so called victim)

Respondent made threats to victim as follows:
**** a list of 5 people’s names.

Respondent frightened the victim with threatening behavior as follows:
**** Saying he could take out our village
**** Onigum Community was bull*hit.

Respondent damaged the victim’s property as follows:
**** the bridge on County Rd 13, Walker [note Rosevelt Bridge]

Respondent took pictures of victim without permission as follows:
**** minor children (girls) 8yrs -15yrs or older.

Leech Lake Tribal Court list of reasons on the restraining order that Paul Day listed after evaluating the restraining order request form incidents.

**** followed, pursued or stalked the Petitioner
**** made uninvited visits to the petitioner
**** made threats to the petitioner
**** frightened the petitioner with threatening behavior
**** took pictures of the petitioner without permission of the petitioner
**** Pattern of attending public_events after being notified that respondent’s presence at the events is harassing to petitioner
**** the harassment has had or is intended to have a substantial adverse effect on the petitioners safety , security or privacy.

Note: 2nd to Last Reason for Restraining Order

Pattern of attending public_events after being notified that respondent’s presence at the events is harassing to petitioner ????

Perhaps Paul Day should have added to his list of reasons, “SLAPPED the BLUE COW at the June 6, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting. – Read at this Link




Perhaps Paul Day should have added to his list of reasons, “Shining Light in Sandy WhiteHawk’s face  at the Beltrami Co-Op in April  of 2016 , etc… , etc … etc …  – Read at this Link

Is anything else less expected from the likes of Paul Day and team,  who partake in and practice underhanded low life tactics?


Really???? – ~NICWA~ “The board maintains a spiritual focus and seeks to maintain a high level of integrity and ethics in their execution of NICWA’s governance.”

This Act by Paul Day of the Leech Lake Tribal Court says VOLUMES ABOUT THE INTEGRITY AND ETHICS OF NICWA !!!!


As Stated Before – Eat Crow Paul Day along with your buddy BJ Jones, James Abourezk and all your other low life team players 🙂

Leech Lake Kangaroo Court – Link



Spirituality is not found by mentors who are murderers, liars, thieves & rapists!

June 23, 2016

“The hijacking of Lakota spirituality by AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, has continued before & since the true Ceremonial-Traditional Lakota Elders & others who knew the truth crossed over to the otherside camp, has been allowed to run rampent by academia, the media, & Hollyweird without any substantial evidence or proof of AIM or ALHs claims of true core Traditional Lakota values, their right to do so, or the false explanation of Native self-determination.

One must understand Lakota protocols to understand the hypocrisy of what has happened to people truly seeking acurate & real Lakota spirituality. As an authentic Lakota Spiritual Leader you cannot lie, cheat, steal, let alone murder & rape, & then become a Traditional Lakota Spiritual Leader.” ~ Looking Back Woman – Suzanne Dupree ~

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Recently I have had numerous interviews, events, speaking engagements by the American Indian Movement (AIM) sent to me to keep me aware of the propaganda activities that are occuring to offset the bad press of the recent conviction & sentencing to life in prison of John Boy Graham Patton in the murder of beloved Anna Mae Aquash in 1975 on the orders of AIM hiarchy leadership.

The hijacking of Lakota spirituality by AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, has continued before & since the true Ceremonial-Traditional Lakota Elders & others who knew the truth crossed over to the otherside camp, has been allowed to run rampent by academia, the media, & Hollyweird without any substancial evidence or proof of AIM or ALHs claims of true core Traditional Lakota values, their right to do so, or the false explaination of Native self-determination.

One must understand Lakota protocols to understand the hypocracy of what has happened to people truly seeking acurate &…

View original post 370 more words

Bemidji 1st City of Terrorist Recruitment Sympathizers on the River

June 8, 2016

June 6, 2016 – went back to rattle the Yoyo’s cage a bit more


Original Source: Citizens not on agenda, time interval 08:50 …. – Information sheets pages 1 to 4 submitted to city council are shown below.



April 18, 2016 City Council meeting:

Original Source: Citizens not on agenda, time interval  06:30 –


 After I was no longer present  – Mayor Address’s Council on my Comments – time interval 19:12 of original source

Nice how the mayor  stated she and the sanford center staff was aware of the world views, ideologies , etc of savage family and support groups ….

At the end of this Youtube: …. “there wasn’t a lot of information there that he gave , that i wasn’t aware of and nate wasn’t aware of , ummm and our staff at Stanford Center, we are all aware of what he mentioned and ummm , you know i just want to say that we didn’t have any dealings with salvage family” ….~ Mayor All Bright ~

Note Also at the beginning of the comments at this meeting i submit Page 1 (Shown Below) to the Council that the City Clerk stated at the May 2, 2016 meeting she never received.

~ In the Star Tribune – April 7th “On Thursday, City Manager Nate Mathews formally directed Bemidji’s Sanford Center to cancel the comic’s Saturday night performance” …. AND …. “City Council Member Reed Olson said Wednesday evening that it had canceled his appearance on the advice of city leaders.”

at the April 18th meeting All Brights says the decision to censor was that of the Sanford Center Staff  –  If All Bright and Olson expect to continue deceiving  community members, they should at least get their deception  in sync. 



May 2, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting

Addressed the Council on the Out Right Lies recorded into the minutes by the City Clerk (video of June 2015 meeting at bottom of this blog entry)



Original Source: The Share Link for the Bemidji Council Video on Demand web page has been removed for this meeting.

Calender of video’s for  council meetings is at{F424EABE-597E-42C9-9BA7-0EB8C7CE7D88}


In regards to the April 18 city council meeting Mayor All Bright said

i just want to say that we didn’t have any dealings with salvage family

Mayor All Bright and Reed Olson  For_Sure_Have_Dealings with those ISIS terrorist recruitment and teaching teams now, whether they want to own it or not.

Opening the door to drive out the local county workers and support groups that refuse to be sympathetic or participants with such sickness ….


Comedy show canceled – April 7th –  Bemidji Pioneer News Link

I think the Bemidji City Council and staff have been working shoulder to shoulder with the community to improve race relations, and this is one of the bumps in the road that we came to, but sometimes we need to have bumps in the road to have a greater understanding and acceptance of one another,” ~ Mayor All Bright

“a Bump in the Road” is exactly what Hillary said about the 4 Dead Americans and Benghazi”


Que Sera Sera …. Wondering how many good hearted local people “they” will toss to the curb , as was done to mr. sullivan, to enable the sick pedophile , head chopping world views to continue migrating. Supporters of such , like John Percell , Al Franken, and other tin soldiers of that arab peddlers son James Abourezk to continue crapping on those who walk in the light that refuse to walk in the shadows.



Someone should ask All Bright and Olson if they have Death Threats at their doorstep for anything that Ralphie May has done. Since Ralphie May has Death Threats at his doorstep for what All Bright and Olson have done.

 The Mayor , Reed Olson, BSU American Indians Center Anton Treuer & Billy Blackwell jr. , who combined , garnished support from the Sanford Center’s Babe City Rollers , and other community members in concert with the Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper publications  enabled the hanging a Scarlet_Letter_R of RACISM on Ralphie May that resulted in him receiving death threats in the wake of the staged racism accusations, while at the same instance , supporting terrorist recruitment and terrorist world views and ideology teachings.

Bemidji Creating Stronger Working Relationships

A Nifty Foundation to Build Upon eh?

Video Extracts of the Hip Hop Group Cited for the Hate Campaign


John Percel made comments relative to my statements at the April 20 2015 council meeting ,  that some people will never be satisfied and his anishinabe family would be proud.

Percel is absolutely correct, some people will never be satisfied with underhanded low life tactics, and it has become more obvious who his Anishinabe family is connected to …. Que Sera Sera ….



Information sheets submitted to Bemidji City Council on June 6, 2016
Web Video on Demand Council Meeting – Time Interval 8:50 ….

Page 1

Native Hip Hop group that edited Ralphie Mae’s lyrics and produced an audio clip for a CD it released in 2008 2007. The 2008 2007 audio clip used to launch a hate campaign based on Racism Rhetoric. Savage Family also during the Idle No More events published images of his hip hop group with children yielding machetes and long knives calling themselves “Lone Wolves” which went viral across the social media networks that was very much endorsed and supported by media outlets, Tribal and non-tribal militant domestic terrorist groups and sympathizers.

The outcry of good hearted tribal people who voiced opposition to such ill teachings and propaganda were silenced with positive PR coverage for Savage Family’s teachings. Savage Family’s teachings are associated with hip hop producers Rebel Music & Warrior Productions. Below are a few Image captures from Official Video’s for CD releases from Savage Family –


Originally submitted at April 18, 2016 meeting, re-submitted at June 6, 2016 meeting because at the May 2nd council meeting the city clerk said this info sheet was not logged with council minutes for the April 8th meeting because she never received it.


Page 2 to 4 is Additional Information Presented to Council on June 6, 2016

Page 2 – More Video screen captures of hip hop group cited for racism accusations, encouraging pistol whipping priests, encouraging cutting their heads off with lyrics saying to cut the bible in half with machetties, intertwined with Hand Drum and Song.


Timeline of events relative to comedian Ralphie May censorship in Bemidji

April 4, 2016 – The BSU American Indian Resource center announces Music Showcase event for BSU which includes the work from Red Lake’s Rez Rap Records featuring local hip hop artists.

May 5 2016 – Adrianne Chatepah of Oklahoma tweets racist accusations targeting Bemidji Comedy show

April 6 2016 – Indian country news media publishes tweet rant of racist accusations by Chalepah

April 6 2016 – Anton Treuer posted racist accusations on the BSU American Indian Resource center fb site with implications that violence would erupt if the Ralphie May show was allowed to continue. (Basically a call for protesters to assemble)

April 6 2016 – Ralphie May post youtube apology for all affected by the accusations of racism, after he was contacted by Bemidji to cancel his show.

April 7 2016 – Public notified in Bemidji Pioneer that Comedy show was canceled on April 6th.

April 7 2016 – Bemidji Pioneer publishes press release for Sandy WhiteHawk’s 2nd presentation in Bemidji at the Beltrami Co-op. to occur on the heels of the staged racism accusations and censorship to give the non-tribal community healing alternatives for the upcoming trends in health reform that includes Holistic Healing, under the cloak of so called Truth and Reconciliation.


Page 3 – sf3

On May 5, 2016 – The BSU American Indian Resource center starts promoting Rez Rap Records and local hip hop artists for a music event at BSU. The production group and hip hop artists have similar teachings and world views of terrorist recruitment and teachings as that of the group cited for the ralphie may racism accusations. To include implications of slicing peoples throats, executing people combined with Racist lyrics.
For Example a video release titled Hater Hunting Season produced by Rez Rap Records and local hip hop artists that appeared at BSU’s music event includes lyrics extracted in part , such as



1 – “Wake up, it’s time to rise and shine, Better grab your 9, It’s Hater Huntin’ Season, And we’re taggin’ y’all, I bet I put your head on my wall,

2 – “Now at any given time, I could come up from behind,
Punch you in your neck for plottin’ on mine,
Stab you with the mic right through your chest,
Steal your shine, watch you bleed to death,”

3 – When it’s Hater Huntin’ Season, they all die,
2Pac screamin’, last nigga breathin’,
Hatin ass heathens, bout to start bleedin’,
Rez Rap Records and it’s Hater Huntin’ Season,

To fully understand Page 4 , review the June 6  & April 18 youtube video’s above.

Make way for innovative courts and alternative medicine concepts at the local level, that will include poser advocates, holistic healers, etc ….  who are sympathizers of the Stupidity mentioned in the 1st 3 pages,  in place of supporting those with the world views and ideologies like Mr. Tom Sullivan.

Page 4- Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare – May 9 at 8:54pm


Tom Sullivan has been fired by his superiors in Washington DC for refusing to quit reporting extreme child abuse at Spirit Lake and other reservations.

Had they listened to him – a little 3-yr-old girl from Spirit Lake would for certain be alive today – and who knows how many others.

Quotes from the termination letter they sent him…
“I considered the potential for your rehabilitation and have determined that your continued misconduct, despite warnings and issuances on record, demonstrates a lack of commitment on your part to change your behavior. You demonstrated no remorse for any unacceptable conduct or failure to follow instruction. While the conduct you engaged in was clearly inappropriate to your supervisors and to many others who witnessed the behavior, you failed to acknowledge any fault or recognition of the inappropriateness of your conduct.

“I considered the adequacy and effectiveness of alternative sanctions to deter such conduct in the future, and I believe that efforts short of those decided on herein to correct your conduct have been unsuccessful. You appear to be uncooperative and unwilling to change your conduct in the office. I believe there are no alternative or lesser sanctions that are appropriate under the circumstances.

“Therefore, it is my decision that, in order to promote the efficiency of the service, your employment is terminated effective immediately.”
Read her full letter – as well as past documentation – here….





More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard

Well Don’t Sound so all Fired Surprised !!!!




 Note the comment; Page 1 – during the Idle No More events published images of his hip hop group with children yielding machetes and long knives calling themselves “Lone Wolves”

Jacob 002

. June 2014


Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue has been getting calls about youth allegedly using long knives to hurt animals.


More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard


Oct 2014 – Events leading up to Milky Way getting his Throat Cut. County Assistant DA elects not to prosecute person who had made attempts on my life , that person who has  a past conviction for  “terrorist threats”. The assistant D.A made her her decision without reviewing the recorded statement by the tribal police (the court victim advocate was present when she made me aware of this),  when notified  the tribal report she did review included fabricated statements, and a gross-misrepresentation of “MY” words, the Assistant D.A sated there was nothing she would do.

The cay I recieved notification from the county court that the charges were not to be prosecuted, the individual who made attempts on my life, along with another local community member was seen speeding away from my home, just before my wife and I finding MilkyWay lying in a pool of blood.

That is to say the county court decision based on “politically correct B.S and Culturally Sensitive world views , empowered a person with a conviction of terrorist threats to continue spreading more sickness in our communities.

The same person who told me to stay out of the American Indian Movements business after I questioned at one of our community meetings , Audrey Thayer about her B.S accusations of racism towards Bemidji and Northern Minnesota …. as noted in the blog entry  Dec. 2012 – “The Spiritual Movement of Audrey Thayer – The One Who Bites” …. (all on the heels of Dennis Banks and Onigum community members calling out Racism towards Cass County School and Law Enforcement as noted in that same blog entry of 2013)

mwOct 2014
“my name is MilkyWay, someone came to my home Oct. 22 and stabbed me in the throat (cass county report # 14015727). I am not dead and still holding onto life, a life given to me by creation that some sicko’s have deemed it “their” right to take from me.”
Source: Walker Pilot Independent fb site

More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard
Feb. 2016 – CASE 0:16-cr-00006-MJD-LIB Document 24 Filed 02/11/16
 Wondering if Douglas Olson is related to Reed Olson Bemidji city councilman  ….
Douglas Olson is the federal public defendant  for Nodin Makwa of red lake who was arrested with weapons to include a sword in his possession after he tried to run over a Beltrami Law Enforcement Officer.

2015 – Beltrami County Sheriff’s deputy hit by suspect’s vehicle after chase
“After the maneuver, Beltrami County Sheriff’s Deputy David Hart was getting out of his car near the intersection of Highway 89 and Aure Road when the suspect’s car struck him, the report stated.

The suspect, 20-year-old Nodin Makwa, of Red Lake, was taken into custody. Alcohol was detected on his breath, according to the report, and the suspect was reportedly involved in an assault involving weapons on the Reservation and at the time of the pursuit was reportedly armed with a firearm_and_sword.



Douglas Olson  tried to suppress that terrorist sympathizer thug’s comments made during the arrest , saying the guy was coerced into comments during arrest and intoxicated.

Federal Court Refuses to Suppress Statements Made to Red Lake Tribal Police in Federal Prosecution

“24 Motion to Suppress ”
“Nodin Makwa, through his undersigned attorney,Douglas Olson,moves the Court for an order suppressing all statements, admissions and answers made by the defendant to law enforcement in this case.  As grounds for said motion, defendant states:


1. That he was interviewed after he was arrested by the officers in this case.  The statement should be suppressed because it was involuntary due to the coercive nature of the interrogation and the defendant’s intoxication, the statement was not proceeded by a full and complete Miranda warning, and the defendant did not knowingly and intelligently waive his rights to remain silent and counsel before given any such statements, all in violation of the defendant’s Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States.”
**** UPDATE June 14, 2016****
AND an Interesting Note relative to
GENERATIONAL TRAUMA as presented by Sandy WhiteHawk Con’s and Douglas Olson’s rhetoric of Coercion
June 14, 2016 – “Dr. David McIntyre, who opined that Native Americans are susceptible to coercion during questioning because of cultural differences and “historical trauma.”
Ninth Circuit Rules against Testimony Submitted on Historical Trauma to Show Navajo Defendant was Coerced into Confessing – Link to PDF
No. 15-10223 D.C. No. 3:13-cr-08093-NVW-1

**** END UPDATE June 14, 2016****



Keep on Smiling Bemidji Councilman Reed Olson, as done when you were addressed at the June 6. 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting   about your support and promotion of such STUPIDITY !!!


2015 …. In reference to the new ICWA Regulations

 Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,

“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015).


June 8, 2016


(Cherokee Nation)




Perhaps someone should ask All Bright and Reed Olson along with Percel, Franken, and other tin soldiers of that Arab Peddlers Son James Abourezk , if they have a seat within this latest and greatest venture in developing   stronger working relationships



Review:  March 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

Yep, Anton Treuer & Billy Blackwell jr. are cupboard indians being positioned around a porcelain tee-pe sitting on the shelf of a  few demented government handlers, being used as political support for the continuance of trying to use and abuse those within the nations that refuse to get on their knees to such stupidity,  that is enabling  the continuance of Self-Genocide from within the  Nations….  Government Groomed Poster Boys ….



OTHER: – Bemidji Council Meeting Minute Concerns

May 2nd Bemidji City Council Meeting

Video of the May 2nd council meeting that prompted the email below , sent to the city clerk for the upcoming minutes to be published for the June 6 Bemidji City Council meeting.


Subject: June 6, 2016 Bemidji Council Minutes topics for Joey Wade

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 10:49 PM

“jp wade” <jpwa******>

Mrs. Murphy, Please reply to this email with “received” to verify email delivery to you.

My specific topics discussed at the June 6, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting (Citizens not on Agenda) were:

(1) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching aspects of hip hop group, who’s work was cited for the Ralphie May racist accusations.” , (2) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching  aspects of the working groups that cast the racist accusations”

Please ensure the upcoming minutes to be published for the June.6 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting – Citizens not on Agenda – for Joey Wade, explicitly states:

“Joey Wade gave comments in reference to; (Topic 1) Terrorist recruitment and teaching aspects of hip hop group, who’s work was cited for the Ralphie May racist accusations that prompted censorship of May’s comedy show at the Bemidji Sanford Center. , (Topic 2) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching  aspects of the working groups that cast the racist accusations”. Wade also submitted 4 information sheets  for the topics. For the complete context of comments and concerns presented, reference audio of council meeting time interval 00:8.51 to 00:14:44 minutes in conjunction with the 4 information sheets presented to the council.”



**** Update – June 11, 2016 ****.

 It will be interesting to see if the city council allows the city_clerk_to_DICTATE_to_a_community_member through a DICTATOR MENTALITY what a community members topic of comments to the Bemidji City Council is.


Received reply from city attorney for email sent to city clerk , and gave a reply to the attorney and city manager , carbon copied to all council members.


REPLY in part , TO Bemidji City Council in regards to the city attorney’s reply to me for my email sent to the city clerk.

In closing please keep in focus, the topics i submitted are NOT “opinion” …. as mentioned by Mr. Felix’s reply to my email sent to the city clerk, where Mr. Felix states “That email related your   opinion” ….   

That is to say,  a community members voice of her/his  topics should not be DICTATED by a DICTATOR Mentality.

**** End of June 11, 2016 Update ****

**** Update June 21, 2016

June 6 Bemidji City Council Minutes

“CITIZENSNOT ON AGENDA• Joey Wade, Onigum, commented on and provided the City Council with a 4-page handout regarding the “Native Hip Hop group which edited Ralphie May’s audio clip”

LMAO !!! – Not Unexpected for Dictator Mentality

.**** End of Update June 21, 2016 ****



This Blog Entry is – The continuance of Blog Entry – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation 3 –

Anyone need to say Sandy WhiteHawks Barbary Pirates?

also …. A Good Time to Review

March 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians





it was mentioned to the Bemidji City Council 

“now THEY_ARE bringing “IT” into YOUR_Community”

June 2015 – Bemidji City Council Meeting



“in ref. to the text of the bemidji plaques, the content of that text was never made public, prior to the decisions being made, to accept it or not. The dedication date was made before any dispute of that text was even resolved of concerns that were brought to this council. the whole means at the way this text was presented, was very underhanded, it does not reflect the character of our ancestry. ya know, it’s shameful, it’s discouraging”


“if you want to include the historical aspects in the plaques, don’t go with the half truths, go with the whole truths,this is so unbalanced it’s unreal, this is the same tactics that have been played out on the youth generation, after generation, after generation since the 70’s, all it generates from this imbalance is anger, frustration, it seeds hatred.

people are talking about reconciliation and healing, and i will direct this statement toward the woman that was here mrs. belleau you better check the scoreboard of what’s occurring with healing within those communities, where these kids teachings and beliefs have totally collapsed, the identity is totally screwed up from this inbalance, and now they are bringing it into your community,”

For Those Being Used and Abused

You Can_Not Say,  You Were Not Made Aware!

**** June 18 – UPDATE ****

Jun 16, 2016 – Bemidji Pioneer “COURTS: Beltrami County eyes specialty drug court”

“The court would also provide cognitive-behavioral programming”

Anyone need to say Circle of Healing or Truth and Reconciliation scripts here?

I doubt seriously Beltrami County is going with CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapists. Get ready for BEAN COOKER PROGRAMMING as mentioned in the Dec. 2015 blog entry – Link:

“The Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation startup was sponsored by Bemidji Leads, and hosted by the BSU’s American Indian Resource Center.

Becky LaPlante, of the Blandin_Foundation, has been working on a similar effort, the Circle_of_ Healing being carried out by a group from the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area.

The Circle_of_ Healing BRAIN WASHING Team was Initiated in the early 1970’s with the likes of (SunBear) Vincent LaDukes Bear Tribe & Bear Children at an experimental college, Davis University / Berkley, Mr. Bahais Phil Lane jr Four Winds Nature Institute through the Seattle Bahais and other government handler, hand picked so called spiritual leaders, such as Eddie Benton Banais of Three Council Fires & David Courchene of the Turtle Lodge.”


Mountains and Mountains of 1st Nations Cultural Appropriation click to view Circle_of_ Healing Workshops
Those Who Are Affiliated With The VASTNESS OF THIS

**** End of June 18 – UPDATE ****



Influenced to Live – Under The Last Star



I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us. ~Zhaawinoogequay~


How the Duck got Red Eyes -For those catching the drift on all of this ….

 In troublesome times, Winaboozhoo told the ducks, I built a fire, come into my lodge and “we” will make all things good, thou because of the smoke you must keep your eyes closed. As all were standing about in the lodge, one duck peeked and noted Winiboozho was cracking necks and tossing fellow ducks into a huge sack. With , awe and hysteria, the peeking duck yelled out “open your eyes” , “he is breaking our necks killing us”. With that all the ducks opened their eyes which were smoke filled turning them blood red.

This is a reminder today for ducks that follow fires (beliefs) that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors (lies & deception for the self serving) -short version from Z’s mawmaw-

(an interesting note, we have Z’s grandmother on tape telling this teaching, and the Ojibwe language instructor at the tribal college, an elderly man from Rainy River, commented, her words are difficult to decipher because of language shift over time to these modern days)


In the Spirit, Stay Raggedy !


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