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James Abourzek’s Tin Solders Still Feeding on the Nations

April 24, 2014

You can warn someone when they are standing in an ant pile, and if they elect/choose to stay there, the consequences are the result of their choices.
Que Sera Sera ….


For the last 35 or so years, the youth have been given teachings based on talking sticks (druid/celtic origin) , answering feathers, the web of life, etc…. i.e the “it’s not nice to fool mother nature” b.s crap initiated by the likes of Vincent LaDuke (SunBear) , Phil Lane Jr. (Mr. Bahai`) , Eddie Benton Benais (Mr. Grand Medicine Man) , all who support the likes of those who conduct ceremony with the blood of innocents on their hands such as Crow Dog , Dennis Banks , Clyde Bellecourt, etc ….

Some of those kids end up in the penitentiary after pistol whipping elders while being participants of armed robbery or other horrific assaults such as rape, murder, etc, and then find/re-new their spirituality on a drum while doing time in the pen then unleashed on the Nations with medicine bundles and pipes as Spiritual Guru’s, teaching the youth to follow their lead of Native Pride.

Nothing changed here, get ready for another year of dancing onward into the pits set up by the likes of James Abourzek and his tin soldiers while “they” all call for the release and pardon of that murder of innocents piece of shit Leonard Peltier.

Do_Not expect the Pony Riding NDN’s to address such, they are too busy prancing up and down the XL pipeline dog and pony show using white guilt tactics while they pretend to be concerned about the environment and appropriate culture and identity, to grift more money from good hearted people that trust in the likes of the Mrs. Green Energy Queen.




In yrs past, the Nations would note a childs actions and behavior, and those who showed unique qualities were encouraged and taught throughout their growth what being a person of gifts was about and it took years on top of years of teachings before one was acknowledged and allowed to represent themselves as a Spiritual Leader.

Today, in too many instances, the Nations have their so called gifted people coming out of the lock-ups …. and look where that has gotten the youth to these days, don’t expect anything different for the next generation if this continues.

It Comes From Deep Within


Robert Redford’s Kool-Aid King PosterBoy

kool aid poster boy

People walking with Darkness ….

That’s their Choice



April 23, 2014

Remember, and as the vid at the end of this post says, It Aint Me!

Rezinate's Blog

I do not consider myself as having been born in the USA – I have no patriotic songs to sing other than those of my own people.

I was born on the rez, on ndn land, of a sovereign people within imaginary lines to mark the  boundaries of not only this country but of land “alloted” to us- a people if not physically free then free and sovereign in our hearts.

I didn’t grow up with a phone of any kind, television, dvd player, or computer. No Sunday drives just for the sake of going somewhere, no MacDonalds happy meals, or Saturday matinees at the local  theater.

We didn’t observe the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Founders Day, Lincoln or Washington’s birthday or any other “national holiday”.

We remembered and would not, could not forget.

I grew up with an understanding of who and what I was, where I…

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CBC & Redford – Cowards Backing Cowards

April 9, 2014



Geffen, Redford, Arden to the Nations are just a few of those behind the cigar NDN statue in front of the trading post to extinguish souls. Marketing Peltier’s murdering spiritual SunDance crap with a reward of tobacco from the NDN statue Arvol Looking Horse.

Have a bit of their spiritual tobacco of deception wrapped in the form of a cigar and hop on board , as they continue to appropriate culture with their Red Road teachings, that in reality equates to railroading the nations culture, traditions and beliefs into bottlemless pits of self worth and identity.


To those who believe in and follow those empty shells without souls, get on board of their train ride to concentration camps while you puff and promote the continuance of self genocide.



Robert Redford needs to stay with his lds/morman faith , and stay out of lakota spirituality and traditional beliefs. Redford and holywierd also need to stay out of tribal politics and leave those issues to authenic traditional lakota elders. ~LookingBackWoman 4-6-2014~


May 5th 2009

Harvey Arden sends an open letter to President Obama.

“To this end I would like to ask of you a favor by granting an audience to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe of the Great Lakota Nation, and myself, that we may deliver a message to you.”

The holywierd billionair DreamWorks David Geffen , Cablevision’s RainBow Media SunDanceTV (AMC)RhineStone Cowboy and Arden’s game plan for Obama to  present the murdering thug Peltier as a honorable 1st Nations representative.

Friday, December 04, 2009

PA White/Black Buffalo, Harvey Arden

(extracted in part)
“As I spoke to the crowd, I found myself speaking of a ‘vision’ that was coming on me—just my thought, actually, but quite urgent somehow. I saw President Obama standing in that very spot giving–and receiving–a blessing to & from the 2 sacred buffalo.

I also saw Arvol & Paula beside the President as I saw them in front of the UN a few years back, Arvol in his stunning white regalia, Paula behind him singing so beautifully as Arvol performed an exquisitely moving ceremony with the buffalo skull and c’anumpa.

I saw Hawk standing there, just staying in the background and feeling blissfully aware how privileged he—and all of us—were to be there with the President & the Keeper of White Buffalo Calf Maiden’s c’anumpa…all before a REAL White Buffalo!!

If I were to add one small element to the ‘vision’—it would be David and Hawk praying together, their hostilities healed. This would be the Great
Healing indeed—called for years ago by Arvol.”

complete writing:


**** Disables Reply to their Article



Facts All Agree On

“AIM unloaded 200+ rounds at 200+ yrds with high power weapons at FBI agents, (this includes Peltier), agents were armed with revolvers (kill range of 50yrds), the agents  being wounded laid on the ground when AIM members approached them (this includes Peltier) ,  the agents were shot in  the head at point blank range with a high power weapon, AIM members fled (this includes Peltier)”

A Fact that came to light in Arlo Looking Cloud’s 2004 Trial

Court Testimony of Darlene Nichols in the Trial of Arlo Looking Cloud February 3, 2004 , (ex-wife of Dennis Banks)

[Peltier bragged about murdering an FBI agent.]

Q. Tell the Court as best you remember exactly what he said?

A. Exactly what he said.

Q. Exactly what he said?

A. He said the mo@$@er was begging for his life, but I shot him anyway.

Court Testimony:


Peltier has never owned up to his wrongs

Peltier has never committed to not again commit such acts

Peltier has never offered any kind of restitution for his wrongs

Peltier has never shown any kind of remorse for his wrongs, and many a person in NDN country and beyond has had to suffer the wrath of his illness that continues to spread to this day, while Peltier condones  ill treatment to those who stand up for Justice of the murdered innocents.

No matter how you cut the mustard, Peltier “murdered” , and with that above in mind, that piece of garbage so called 1st Nation Hero can rot where he belongs.


“Bill Ayres wrote correctly in 1973 “We are Everywhere”, and they are…. Obama is testemate to that…and, before Obama leaves office, he will grant Peltier a pardon, already been paid for… and, when that happens…. the real carnage will begin.” ~LookingBackWoman / LBW April 21, 2010~


2007 Obama added to the Team

In 2007 DreamWorks Billionaire David Geffen, a slouch Peltier advocate and admirer, shifted his financial support from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to that of Barack Obama.

Yep, Obama is part of the SundanceTV kid’s working groups pushing for Peltier’s release, as their Holywierd working groups continue to appropriate 1st Nations culture for a cash crop, yep, which includes  Rainbow Media (now AMC) , a subsidiary of Cablevision, the foundation of SunDanceTV)



AIM Chronicles of Corruption – on the web

AIM Chronicles of Corruption  – on FB


TimeLine at a Glance – from AIM Chronicles of Corruption on FB.
Fools Crow conducted an opening prayer before the U.S Senate, he was invited to do so by James Abourzek a S.Dakota senator at the time.

Frank Fools Crow during these days, with full support of the Lakota Nations, was advocating and addressing the US Government to return the Black Hills (Pe`Sla) to the Lakota Nations.

Oglala Ceremonial Chief Frank Fools Crow conducted the Revival of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremonies and Sun Dances, 1970 – 1975. Assisted by John Fire Lame Deer.


one year prior to the Wounded Knee occupation, according to hostage recordings

Russel Means arrived at the museum and trading post with a bus borrowed from the local school district, he told the superintendent the usage was for school children going on a field trip. After the children vandalized the museum and trading post and in the process of being run off,one of the school kids told the owners “wait until the big guns get here”

(below is what followed the usage of children to vandalize)

(UPI) – About 400 Indians shouting burn, burn, burn – climaxed a week of protest Thursday night by storming a trading post and museum in Wounded Knee, roughing up operators of the two firms and making off with $50,000 worth of Indian artifacts.
The Indians arrived by bus and car, apparently from nearby Gordon, Neb. where between 600 and 1,000 had been staging a protest over the death there of Raymond Yellow Thunder, an Oglala Sious, at the hands of whites.

July 2, 1972
Ten AIM members are arrested and charged with inciting a riot and assault after disrupting an All-Indian Pow Wow in Flagstaff, Arizona.”

AIM burns Historical Records at BIA, including land right records of family and genealogy records (ancestry family and land records). Money that was to be used for tribal member travel pay to return home to this day is unaccounted for. AIM trys to use Racism to justify their actions

“AIM members arrive in Washington, D.C. in an ill-fated peace protest, known as the Trail of Broken Treaties. A few days later, the group storms the BIA HQ building after a government snafu is interpreted as a double-cross. AIM members destroy priceless artifacts and Indian land deeds. Total damage is estimated at two million dollars. Government negotiators pay AIM leaders $67,000 as travel money to leave the city. No arrests are made. AIM leaders return to South Dakota and declare war on Rapid City businesses.”

AIM starts siege of the Wounded Knee Community.
The siege started with AIM members vandalizing and looting the Museum, Trading Post and Church and shooting up the exterior of residents homes. AIM then entered the homes locked and loaded, and forced 11 unarmed residents into one home declaring them political prisoners. AIM again labeled the Anishinabee women of those families as white racists to try and justify their acts of violence.

The Trading Post and Museum:
* Everything was eventually looted or destroyed
* A Head Dress had the Eagle Feathers ripped out
* Historical items destroyed or stolen
* All other artifacts stolen or destroyed by AIM members
* Personal property and jewelry stolen
* Both buildings were burned to the ground

The Church:
* The priest was tied up and forced to watch AIM members desecrate the church altar,
* urinating in flower vessels
* took the chalice and danced to drum and song throughout the night
* The Church was burned to the ground

Names of those who took the residents hostage:
* Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Carter Camp, Stan Holder
* Two Anishinaabe men related to the residents were guards

James Abourzek and George McGovern arrived at Wounded Knee with two aids from Senator Ted Kennedy.

On the night of the siege Abourzek contacted Russell Means by phone …….. Abourzek also states “AIM relied on the experience of several Vietnam veterans to establish security.” , Source: Abourzek , James G. , Wounded Knee 1973 Series, Papers 1970-1983

Leo Wilcox , tribal councilman found burned in his car not far from Wounded Knee, this murder broke/disabled the quorum of the 20 member tribal council.

4-21- 23 (on or about) – 1973
Perry Ray Robinson Jr. is murdered. After Ray was shot he was transported to the Wounded Knee clinic overseen by Madonna Gilbert ThunderHawk and Lorelie DeCory-Means. Ray was put into a closet where he bled to death and was then buried just outside the village.

Easter Sunday – Cross hanging of a man inside Wounded Knee accused of being an informant.

Richard Two Elk (AIM Security): “Mannequin Man was placed upon the cross, and beaten at the request of AIM/Wounded Knee security [note: Clyde Bellecourt was head of security] as an alleged informant. Known inside AIM discussion circles as “Mannequin Man” as described by Vernon Bellecourt who claimed the man hung and beat on the cross was just that, a Mannequin.

AIM member Buddy LaMont is shot inside of Wounded Knee camp. The US government called for an immediate cease fire to the fire fight that erupted as a result.

Dennis Banks did not respond to the cease fire until approximately 2 hours later. Buddy LaMont laid on the ground dying during that time frame. Buddy LaMont’s daughter claims occupiers told her Buddy was executed by AIM membership.

AIM Burns Homes and Trading Post at Wounded Knee.

5-5-1973, lay down weapons agreed
5-8-1973 siege ended

Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12″ graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)

Wounded Knee Church Burned to the ground.

Reverend Paul Boe who was at the WK2 Siege refuses to testify about what he witnessed. Rev. Boe of the baptist ministries from minneapolis/st. paul, while inside of wounded knee told the hostages he was there for the underdogs, after they asked him for help (tape2, tape3 of hostage recordings). Boe eventually became a pastor of Westwood Lutheran Church in St. Louis Park, MN, out of which developed his Special Indian Ministry.

The Wounded Knee trial of Russell Means and Dennis Banks opens in Saint Paul. Three months before the trial Judge Fred Nichol hosted Banks in his home to meet the judge’s wife. Banks appoints Judge Nichol’s wife an honorary AIM member.

This information is not made public until after the trial ends.

Oglala spiritual leader Frank Fools Crow’s home burnt to the ground, AIM blames fire on tribal chairman Wilson, saying the arson was an act against traditionalists.

Jeannette Bissonette is shot to death while sitting in a car on property owned by Tribal Chairman Richard Wilson’s brother.
Royer Pfersick is attacked by Leonard Crow Dog at Crow Dog’s home on the Rosebud Reservation.

Throughout the rest of the year, Pine Ridge and the surrounding areas are besieged by shootings, brawls, and murders.

AIM executes Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Anna Mae Pictou Aquash is interrogated by AIM , Leonard Peltier puts gun in Annie’s mouth and calls her a fbi pig informant.

8- 15,16,17-1975
Frank Fools Crow conducts 4th annual Sun Dance and Calf Pipe Revival Ceremony at Green Grass.

Fugitive Dennis Banks, driving a motor home, along with fugitive Leonard Peltier, Ka-Mook Banks, and Anna Mae Aquash, is pulled over by an Oregon State Trooper. (Peltier at this time brags to Kamook and Annie Mae about murdering an FBI Agent)

Anna Mae is put in the back of the Pinto. Theda Clark, Arlo Looking Cloud, and John Graham drive her to the Rosebud Reservation home of Bill Means. Anna Mae is taken to the home of Vine Richard “Dick” and Cleo Marshall in Allen, South Dakota. Dick Marshall, Russell Means’s friend and bodyguard, is given a note that tells him to “take care of this baggage.” Cleo refuses to keep Anna Mae.

(ex-Senator James Abourzek is the father of Charles Abourzek)

Arlo Looking Cloud stated at Marshall’s trial, court documents show that the now South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, & son of James Abourzek, former Senator of South Dakota, Charles Abourzek was at AIM leader, Russell Means brother, Bill Means home the night before Aquash-Pictou was executed

AIM members execute Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, as per the orders of AIM leadership. Jane Doe the unidentified body of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was found on the Pine Ridge Reservation February 24 1976

AIM garnishes support from Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple

Leonard Peltier is convicted on 2 counts of Murder. He is sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the murder of FBI Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams.

James Abourzek making treaties null and void as per Jim Jones

“Most of the reserva– reserves of coal and uranium left in USA are on Indian territory. This is what Senator McGovern is bringing out, and Sen. Amourzek [James Abourzek] is the reason why all of the treaties with Indians have now been made null and void, but even such liberal sell-outs going along with it as Senator [Edward] Kenne– Kennedy. ” ~Jim Jones ~

(Note: is Jones comments relative to Abourzek’s involvement with the 1970’s Ohae Irrigation Project, i.e water, land, resource issues with the Lakota Nations?)

1-??-1986 – In January 1986, Clyde Bellecourt was arrested, along with a group of Indian and non-Indian associates, in possession of an estimated $125,000 worth (5.000 “hits”)of LSD and other “hard” drugs (cocaine).

Charged on eight counts of being a major drug distributor, each compounded by a conspiracy charge, Bellecourt accepted a plea bargain arrangement and confessed, entering a guilty plea to lesser felonies shortly thereafter.

Bellecourt’s public statement about dealing drugs “i did this for the people”

Frank Fools Crow moves on.

6- 26- 1992
Robert Redford through SunDanceTv releases Incident at Oglala , a film documentary , a one sided glorifying documentation on Leonard Peltier and the murder of FBI agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams.

Redford never retracts the lies presented in his film about the “made up character Mr.X” who Redford presented as being the acutal shooter of the FBI agents. The same for other lies in his SunDanceTV one sided fable.

Bernadine Nichols speaks on conversation inside of wounded knee about killing of a black man.

also in 2001, Crow Dog speaks during an interview about a black man buried at wounded knee, concerned about purchase of property , that discovery of body might occur

Black Hills gold mine ceases all production ( George Hearst took control of the Homestake Mine in 1877 during the Black Hills Gold Rush) and formally shuts down on 6-10-2003. The family of Patty Hearst who was arrested in 1975 and later convicted for terrorist involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army, who was later pardoned by Bill Clinton in Janurary 2001.

“Banks was recorded on a Federal wire in or around 2002 saying that he had Cris Westerman, the brother of Floyd bury him by Wounded Knee Creek after he died in the Wounded Knee Clinic. Robinson’s death is recorded in other testimony and interviews with KaMaook Nichols and Bernie Lafferty who observed conversations by Banks, Carter Camp and David Hill while Ray Robinson lay outside the building across from the clinic .

According to an interview by Serle Chapman with Madonna Gilbert, (Russell&Bill Means sister), and according to Minnie Two Shoes, Gilbert slapped Annie Mae Aquash around at the WNKLDOC legal offices of Atty Bruce Ellison, wanting to know what she (Aquash) knew about Robinson’s death in WK 73. . -Nfic Paul DeMain-”

As anyone who is even vaguely familiar with this blog knows I have stated my belief that an “accommodation” has
been reached at some point with Bank’s and others in the AIM hierarchy that provided immunity from prosecution to them.

AIM member Arlo Looking Cloud is found guilty of aiding and abetting in the first-degree murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.
He is sentenced to life in prison. In 2008, he is rumored to have testified before a grand jury.

Annie Mae Pictou Aquash laid to rest in Sipekne`katik, her homelands at Indian Brook, after years of being detained and not allowing the return by AIM and Peltier’s legal teams.

Friday, December 04, 2009 , PA White/Black Buffalo, Harvey Arden , from Harvey Arden, Author, Publisher , “Have you thought of Leonard Peltier Lately?”

(extracted in part)
“As I spoke to the crowd, I found myself speaking of a ‘vision’ that was coming on me—just my thought, actually, but quite urgent somehow. I saw President Obama standing in that very spot giving–and receiving–a blessing to & from the 2 sacred buffalo.

I also saw Arvol & Paula beside the President as I saw them in front of the UN a few years back, Arvol in his stunning white regalia, Paula behind him singing so beautifully as Arvol performed an exquisitely moving ceremony with the buffalo skull and c’anumpa.

I saw Hawk standing there, just staying in the background and feeling blissfully aware how privileged he—and all of
us—were to be there with the President & the Keeper of White
Buffalo Calf Maiden’s c’anumpa…all before a REAL White Buffalo!!

If I were to add one small element to the ‘vision’—it would be David and Hawk praying together, their hostilities healed. This would be the Great
Healing indeed—called for years ago by Arvol.” ,

“Bill Ayres wrote correctly in 1973 “We are Everywhere”, and they are…. Obama is testemate to that…and, before Obama leaves office, he will grant Peltier a pardon, already been paid for… and, when that happens…. the real carnage will begin.” ~LookingBackWoman / LBW April 21, 2010~

AIM member Thelma Rios at age 65, was charged in state court with one count each of felony murder in relation to kidnapping, and premeditated murder. She pleaded guilty to one count of accessory to kidnapping and was sentenced to five years in prison, which was suspended by Judge John Delaney.

AIM members convicted for the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash. AIM member John Graham sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Annie Mae.

Dennis Banks told AIM member John Trudell that Annie Mae was shot in the head. Banks knew this 2 weeks before discovery of bullet wound during 2nd autopsy March 9, 1976.

Dennis Banks told AIM member Darlene Nichols (Ka-mook) that Jane Doe found was Annie Mae approx 10 days prior to identity release on March 6, 1976 by the FBI.

Thelma Rios AIM member involved with the kidnapping and murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash as ordered by AIM leadership, dies of cancer.

ex-senator James Abourzek appears at the Center for Western Studies Conference (father of Charlie Abourzek of the Lakota Peoples Law Project which also includes Madonna (Gilbert) ThunderHawk, who was head of the clinic at wounded knee where Perry Ray Robinson bled to death in a closet. Abourzek’s son Charlie was also at the home where Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was beaten, raped and interrogated the night before she was executed at dawn the following day.

Abourzek showed up at the CWStudies conference in support of AIM Leadership during the Wounded Knee 40yr conference to try and discredit “Truths” that have arisen over recent years, such as those presented at the conference by Adriene Fritze who was a hostage at age 11, during the wounded knee siege.

Note blog entry:

The birth of LastRealIndians , the Ripple Effects of AIM , emerges after the April 2012 Center for Western Studies Conference on Wounded Knee (40yrs later) , by using the tattered AIM calling card of RACISM for bogus accusations of Vern Traversie being carved in a S.Dakota Hospital. Protests and fundraisers staged by LRI with Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Russell Means. The elder Vern Traversie is eventually kicked to the curb after he is used and abused by the new AIM , i.e LastRealIndians.

Chase Iron Eyes of LastRealIndians is son of June Little, who was a participant of the reign of terror by AIM during the aftermath of the wounded knee siege.

Note blog about Vern Traversie
Note blog about Pe`Sla


LastRealIndians launches global fundraising scam to save Pe`Sla (the BlackHills) , Lakota Peopes Law Project joins scam drive with LastRealIndians toward the end of August 2014 by coordinating additional fund raising con events with LRI to save the BlackHills.

Russell Means AIM leader dies of cancer

ex-senator James Abrouezk’s son Charlie’s “Conflict of Interest” when murderer Arlo Looking Cloud’s sealed court documents are released

“Abourzek was serving as Looking Cloud’s “ex parte trial consultant,” he was also representing three other key persons involved in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. These people owned two of the houses to which Anna Mae Aquash was brought just prior to her murder. More importantly, Looking Cloud placed Abourzek himself at the house of Bill Means.”

1) Conflict of Interest –
2) Conflict of Interest continued –

Denise Pictou Maloney , Daughter of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash talks about her mother’s murder and events that led to AIM being exposed in the ordering and executing Annie Mae, includes discussion on Perry Ray Robinson Jr’s murderers.

Includes discussion about AIM not returning Annie Mae Pictou’s chanupa (pipe) to her family , and that the chanupa to this day is still being used by AIM in ceremonies.


extracted from Idle No More on-line broadcast

Carter Camp AiM leader dies of cancer.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur James Anaya, visits Leonard Peltier in prison and calls for Obama to give clemency to the convicted murderer.

SunDanceTV (Robert Redford) starts its new tv series titled after the 1st Nations spiritual teachings “the Red Road” , about an ex-con drug dealing murder, portrayed as some form of 1st nations hero.

FBI confirms Black activist Perry Ray Robinson Jr. was killed in Wounded Knee 1973 by AIM. FBI documents released are heavily censored

Robert Redford again starts presenting his rhetoric and lies about Leonard Peltier deserving clemency, while referencing his past SunDanceTv documentary released in June 1992. To this day Redford continues to spread his lies and myths such as an interview on this day with

This is the same day of SunDanceTV’s season finally marathon viewing of “the Red Road”. A series titled after one of the 1st Nations most sacred teachings where , an ex-con, drug dealing murderer is portrayed as a role model for the youth.

Peter Matthiessen dies of cancer. The author who portrayed AIM and Peltier as hero’s and spiritual leaders of 1st Nation , a publication of myths and lies for the youth to follow. Matthiessen was also an Editor for Leonard Peltier’s writings.

Source for above timeline

Wounded Knee Incident & AIM – The Truths

AIM Chronicles of Corruption

other blogs/web sources.


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