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Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation 3

April 19, 2016


More Media Hype – AIM’s Truth and Reconciliation for the fallout

of the Ralphie May Racist Accusation Scam




At the Beltrami Electric Co-op Truth and Reconciliation presentation , another AIM child thug steps up to me and my wife , to try and terrorize us into Silence at the meeting with AIM Sandy WhiteHawk.

After I addressed WhiteHawk about her correlation of 1st Nations to Islam during her presentation, AND her racist comments about not wanting “white people” involved with Truth and Reconciliation as per her comments in a Radio Interview by Make No Bones About It. 

 Security had to be called in for the AIM Thugs threatening actions ….

Go Figure eh?


WhiteHawk correlates Native Americans to the Barbary States

WhiteHawk said “the papal bull of 1495 empty land gave Christians the right to take land from Barbary States and Native Americans. Really?

After the death of Mohammad, Islam swept across N. Africa instating Sharia Law, those countries became known as the Barbary States, where the Ottoman Corsairs / Barbary Pirates staged their attacks on Merchant ships to capture people for the Muslim Slave Trade AND demanding ransom monies for the terrorist acts.

In 711 a.d Islam crossed the straight of Gibraltar and took control of Spain forcing Sharia Law. Shortly after the Islamic fall of Toledo Spain to Christians the 1095 the Papal Bull Terra Nullius (empty land)  was created. Giving Kings and Noblemen the right to claim any non-christan lands. Rightfully so considering those lands were held hostage for about 300 yrs. of Sharia Law.

The Papal Bull of 1493  Inter Cetera (other works) was an extension of the 1st bull, which the north coast of Africa (Barbary States) was subject to.

As Sharia Law fell in Spain , ” Pope Alexander VI issued edicts dated 3 and 4 May 1493. The third superseded the first two. A final edict, Dudum siquidem of 26 September 1493, supplemented the Inter caetera.

* The first bull, Inter Caetera, dated 3 May, recognized Spain’s claim to any discovered lands not already held by a Christian prince, and protected Portugal’s previous rights. Both parties found this too vague.
* The second bull, Eximiae Devotionis, also dated 3 May, granted to the king and queen of Castile and León and their successors the same privileges in the newly discovered land that had been granted to the kings of Portugal in the regions of Africa, and Guinea.
* The third bull, also entitled Inter Caetera, dated 4 May, exhorts the Spanish monarchs to spread the faith west from a line drawn “… one hundred leagues towards the west and south from any of the islands commonly known as the Azores and Cape Verde”. Diffie notes that it has been suggested that this change may have been prompted by the Portuguese ambassador.

People should keep in focus  all this crazyness was initiated as a result of the Muslim Conquest, when Islam started initiating Sharia Law  in 711 a.d. in Spain.

Interesting how WhiteHawk  tries to correlate the plight of Native American and the  injustices to that of the Islamic extremist of the Barbary States eh?


Interesting to note at WhiteHawks last presentation in Bemidji it was mentioned to her, that the Christian Belief System , same as most all other belief systems are good, the problem is “people” who abuse belief systems AND THERE IS A LOT OF THAT OCCURRING WITH ALL.

YET: WhiteHawk in her recent dialog about the Papa Bull’s and finger pointing at Christianity continues to leave out instances by the Vatican , such as;

the 1537 papal bull Sublimis Deus (sublime God)  initiated by Pope Paul III on June 2, 1537, which forbids the enslavement of the indigenous peoples of the Americas (called Indians of the West and the South) and all other people, that was followed up with a decree by  Charles I of Spain in 1530 ,  which the King prohibited the enslavement of Indians

Also Note

April 2015 blog –  Leech Lake Tribal College “Narratives of Identity” –(end of blog)

Where 3 of the 5 primary presenters being Muslim …. Nadia Mohamed, Anthony Adah, Joseph Mbele, speakers for African American Identity as per LLTC promo flyer:

“these initial introductory presentations will revolve around deconstructing stereotypes of Anishinaabeg and African peoples and sharing more real issues of identity.” ~LLTC~


Iroquois Confederacy rhetoric from WhieHawk

At the so called Truth & Reconciliation presentation WhiteHawk went on speaking about her knowledge and spin of the 6Naitons. Interesting to note that WhiteHawk mentioned, the Iroquois  did not have jails (confinement systems for wrong doers)  AND that death for justice served , only occurred for extreme injustices, such when a child was abused.

After mentioning the importance of giving  historically correct and complete information.

I asked WhiteHawk;

Joe: “Who were the 5Nations”
WhiteHawk: “You mean the 6 Nations”
Joe: “No, Who were the 5 Nations”
WhiteHawk: “I don’t know”

Joe: “the original Nations of the Iriquois Confederacy, prior to the 6th being added”

Not long into my next set of comments to WhiteHawk about her twists and spins of her presentation, I was pretty much told to sit down and shut up. , LOL! ….

So Much for Truth and Reconciliation eh?

Amazes me how people believe they can speak of other Nations, without being directly related OR not being taught about the Nations from people within them, which results in many instances, myth, lies and deception being perpetrated which are TOOLS for more TWISTS & SPINS for the Self Serving.


For that syrian peddlers son’s tin soldier offspring that tried to terrorize me into Silence at the Beltrami Electric Co-op Truth and Reconciliation presentation …. as per the rockman ….. “there you go again , you tensing up …. all you gotta do is open your mind along with your eyes” ….



yep, the Shepherd was sitting in the wings taking notes, as per his replies to the Bemidji Pioneer at ….



Replies to Bemidji Pioneer Article: extracted from Bemidji Pioneer social media site:

– By: Shepherd~

“really? , must explain why Whitehawk would not allow the man who pointed out the many discrepancies in her presentation continue to speak. Whitehawk gave her typical one sided narrow minded presentation used to lead people into believing some form of true healing will occur from her so called peace healing and reconciliation. Might want to consider the spiritual abuse Whitehawk and working team has been involved with for years that is one of the primary causes for the dysfunction in our communities, such as violence towards women, child sex abuse, substance abuse,etc.

All which Whitehawk points the finger of cause at as being white people, Christianity and the big bad u.s government. Yep, that would be the man who was then approached by one of the attendees and threatened, trying to terrorize that person into silence for not following Whitehawks identity altering script of b.s.


paraphrased as per the presentation comments “children were handcuffed along with other atrocities by white Christians resulting in historical/generational trauma that is responsible for the violence and substance abuse in native communities today.

take note below what should also be added to the so called generational trauma embedded in dna to coincide with the finger pointing towards “white christian and government” actions

“Chiefs may ritually kill captives, retain them as slaves or laborers, or give them away to supporters.Bands of Natchez warriors were known to capture a victim, bring him back to the village, strip him naked, scalp him, and then string him up on a sacrificial altar. The victim was then tortured to death with fire, hot nails and irons, and this sometimes for 3 days until he dies.

Some captives were ritually sacrificed to the Sun God, and the Temple dedicated to the Sun God was enclosed in a mud brick wall with sharpened wood spikes that bore the decaying heads of enemies that had been sacrificed.

Infant sacrifice was also common amongst the tribes living along the Gulf Coast to appease a deity, funeral rites, or even to raise one’s social status in the tribe.

Upon the death and funerary of a Great Sun, several infants, young women, slaves, wives, and pipe-bearers were strangled to serve the Sun, or Tattooed Serpent in the spirit world.” (One Church, Without Tribes-Ch. 3-Did G-D Really Give Native Peoples Their Songs, Dance, Traditions, Ceremonies, and Cultures?” pp. 33-36-Mahto Oyuspa).”


“people should be asking WHY does WhiteHawk say the Bull of 1495 gave Christians the right to take land from Native Ameircans and the Barbary States while not mentioning the divisional line of the 1493 Bull Inter Cetera (other works) included all countries and other belief systems east and west of the Cape Verde islands., others such as south american countries, india, china, indonesia, etc ….

(keep in mind: The Barbary states was home of the Muslim Barbary Pirates also known as the Ottoman Corsairs (Islam) who terrorized shipping throughout the medeterain, forcing ransom monies for their terrorist activity in those days, this eventually led to the development of the U.S Marines , which is noted in the popular 1942 song “To the Shores of Tripoli” which was the Tripolian War initiated when the U.S gov. elected to stop paying ransoms a to the Muslim extremist Pirates.

Again ask WHY does WhiteHawk correlate the plight of Native Ameircans to Muslim extremists. The answer to that question will give you an underlying of the foundation of the Truth and Reconciliation agenda, which applies directly to the Obama Administrations Judicial, Health, Early Child Development and Education Reform policies. Think about it.

2 examples current in play , innovative courts, county and state courts Tribunal Sentencing Circles based on so called traditional native american judicial practices (ref. WhiteHawks rhetoric at that presentation about no prisons and death only to crimes against children, suppose to be of the 6nations cultural attributes) in place of traditional u.s court proceedings, Holistic Healing (so called traditional native american healing practices, that is in reality , shake and bake twinkie brainwashing foolishness) as an alternative to formal mental therapy for health services, Both of these services to incorporate teachings such as that from WhiteHawk’s working group along those of the working groups to administer the healing medicine to main stream america, those same teacings and medicine that has totally screwed up identity, world views and ideologies of native youth over the last 40 yrs from “their” teachings filled with myth, lies and deception, which is one reason that young man apporached the speaker that was silenced at the meeting, followed up by that young man trying to terroise him. And people like Whitehawk says the violence in our communities is from general tonal trauma. The Violence is largely based on get inline with the script or be blundered, raped, into silence. It is what it is, NDN country for too many people died a long time ago and we now live in “AIM controlled Territory” supported by the media and directed through a few sick government handlers.”


keep in mind relative to the correlation of Barbary States & Native Ameircans that Sandy WhiteHawk teaches in her presentation to try and create a common plight of so called injustices , while WhiteHawks teachings of truth healing and reconciliation ignores all other countries and belief systems affected by the 1493 PapaBull Inter Cetera (other works) which was an extension of the 1095 1095 the Papal Bull Terra Nullius (empty land) – , which is part of the Bemidji State University Indian Center’s so called racism awareness program

The first Barbary War / The Tripolian War – the Muslim Barbary Pirates / Ottoman Corsairs – ” Capturing merchant ships and enslaving or ransoming their crews provided the Muslim rulers of these nations with wealth and naval power.

The Roman Catholic Trinitarian Order, or order of “Mathurins”, had operated from France for centuries with the special mission of collecting and disbursing funds for the relief and ransom of prisoners of Mediterranean pirates.

**** the Trinitarian Order – “Between the eighth and the fifteenth centuries medieval Europe was in a state of intermittent warfare between the Christian kingdoms of southern Europe and the Muslim polities of North Africa, Southern France, Sicily and portions of Spain. According to James W. Brodman, the threat of capture, whether by pirates or coastal raiders, or during one of the region’s intermittent wars, was a continuous threat to residents of Catalonia, Languedoc, and the other coastal provinces of medieval Christian Europe”





I have often wondered why AIM and it’s b.s sympathizers are soooooo persistent up to today, with trying to solidify such a strong presence at the the Eastern Doorway

(where WhiteHawk started HER Truth and Reconciliation script to coencide with the new ICWA regulation proposals (those new proposals spearheaded by that former senator of S. Dakota the Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk, today an adviser to  Obama)  & also WhiteHawk’s spin of Bringing Our Children Home awareness campaign that ACTUALLY has it’s origins with working groups of the Eastern Doorway.

saying paraphrased; “the best place to start because the Wabanaki of Main are the most eastern nation on this continent, WHILE WHITEHAWK IGNORED ALL NATION TO NATION PROTOCOL by entering those lands without consulting OR being 100 percent transparent to the  Santé Mawiómi .

For had WhiteHawk done so, being 100 percent transparent, giving awareness SHE supports the murderers and affiliates directly involved with the execution of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash (Mikmaq Woman) , WhiteHawk would have been  requested to_not_conduct_ceremony, in the homelands of the People of the Dawn. Not that such a request matters to people such as WhiteHawk.

**** “ShoutOut to Sandy WhiteHawk: “Tell your working Buddy Clyde Bellecourt and friends to RETURN Annie Mae’s Chanumpa (pipe) to her family, in place of continuing to use it in “their” SICK Ceremonies” ****

 UpDate ; April 30, 2015 –  Denise Pictou Maloney -” Annie Maes pipe is home” AND “Yes there is a story , that I will not fully share right now. But I will say those who conspired to take her life and keep her truth hidden, also took her pipe and held it hostage for 40 years .” – fb Link

Also Note April 30, 2016 –  “Wabanaki Confederacy Gathering
at Indian Brook – Hosted by Sipe ‘knekatik District War Chief Jim Maloney
and Chief-Rufus Copage & Councillors.


Gary Metallic Sr The Focus and topic will be having our L’nuk, Grand council, District Chiefs, Band councils, assemble and try to settle decades of unresolved issues such as, our peoples distrust of their governments in how they are negotiating with canada and the provinces with our Peace and Friendship Treaties, without our Free, Prior, and Informed Consent, and accountability. While these issues may be painful to bring up, nevertheless it is time we dealt with them in order for our Nation Districts peoples to begin the healing process, they cant be swept under the rug anymore, It should not be seen as Lynch mob gathering seeking revenge, but rather a gathering to seek truth, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Our late Grand Captain Alex Denny also shared this same vision with me and other Keptins of the Grand council back in 2000, where he asked that reform take place within the Grand council to relect that this was our national political government affirmed by our Peace and Friendship Treaties and the Royal Proclamation of 1763. Sadly that request from him was never acted on for reasons unknown to me and others, but at this historic gathering in Sipe’knekatik, we will revive his vision through his writings sent to me back in 2000 of seeing the Grand council acting as our Nation government in the protection of our Peace and Friendship Treaties, and our Homelands, he said in letter of understanding these prophetic words, “Without Leadership and a Traditional form of government, we are a Nation without Hope “.

**** End Update ****

AND have come to realize one reason is,  much new birth comes from there, that AIM , it’s affiliates and sympathizers  hijacks and spins into self serving sick b.s ….

That is to include AIM’s consistent attempts against the Iriquois Confedercy who to this day is suppose to hold there agreements with the Wabanaki Confedercy to protect one another, that agreement secured with the sharing of agreement gifts such as the the Moose Heart and Water Blader ….. I guess too many people have forgotten about this.

At any rate , those cement blocks Jim Maloney (Father of Annie Mae’s Children) is crushing, to me represent the stupidity that continues to try and rob the good birth that arises from the Eastern Doorway.

For Example in the 1960’s at the Eastern DoorWay

 Annie Mae was with the Teaching and Research in Bicultural Education School Project (TRIBES), a program in Bar Harbor, Maine, to teach young American Indians about their history. and founding member of the Boston Indian Council (now the North American Indian Center of Boston)

“The NAICOB began as the Boston Indian Council (BIC)  [at the EasternDoorWay] on October 20, 1970, following meetings in 1969.During this period the Native American population in Boston and other cities was growing rapidly, and urban centers like the BIC arose to provide health care and other services. Founding members of the BIC included writer Mildred Noble,  American Indian psychologist Carolyn Attneave, Canadian activist Anna_Mae_Aquash and the artist Philip Young, both of whom were of the Micmac nation. Shirley Moore Mills, (Mashpee Wampanoag)”


the experimental college at Davis/Berkley Calif. for native cultural teachings, where Vincent LaDuke- SunBear started his Bear Tribe with Bear Children through pot smoking hippie communes that has morphed into modern day rainbow warriors and quazi froot loop holistic healers (new age twinkies) , that gov. facility eventually brought in Dennis Banks as a chancler during Banks days of working relationships with Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple

That expermental College was eventually  named to DQ University, after Deganawidah – Great Peacemaker the founder of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) …..

Sandy WhiteHawk & Affiliates Teachings of so called Truth Reconciliation & Healing …. is partially ,  part of the continuation, of  that “Experimental College”


In Closing Sandy sits at the table with Abourezk, BJ Jones, Sen. Al Franken,Bellecourt, Paul Day (Tribal Judge of Leech Lake) , Anton Treuer of BSU , etc, etc, etc ….

For those who have not caught on to yet


They Must REally Like Eating Crow eh?


Note upcoming – next blog entry – 

WhiteHawks Working Team – Modern day Native American Barbary Pirates

Sandy WhiteHawk,  BSU Indian Studies Anton Treuer, Theft by Savage Family and the Bemidji leadership being USED and ABUSED , to censor comedian Ralphie May’s show in Bemidji.


Video clips from the hip hop group that stole and twisted Comedian Ralphie May’s comedy script , that was used to launch a hate campaign of racism accusations, resulting in Bemidji censoring Ralphie’s comedy show, that was followed up with Sandy WhiteHawk’s 2nd presentation in Bemidji for “THEIR” Truth and Reconciliation Agenda.

AND to think a leader of BSU told me when i gave him awareness,…. “What does that matter?” …. Stupid is Stupid!

Birds of a Feather Flock Together eh?

Below is a info Sheet Submitted to Bemidji City Council at their April 18,2016, to coincide with my concerns to the council for the censorship of Ralphie May’s show in Bemidji and other underlying agenda’s.

Native Hip Hop group that edited Ralphie Mae’s lyrics and produced an audio clip for a  CD it released in. The 2008 2007 audio clip used to launch a hate campaign based on Racism Rhetoric. Savage Family also during the Idle No More events published images of his hip hop group with children yielding machetes and long knives calling themselves “Lone Wolves” (the Obama Administrations News Release Definition for terrorist attackers on U.S Soil) which went viral across the social media networks that was very much endorsed and supported by media outlets, Tribal and non-tribal militant domestic terrorist groups and sympathizers.

The outcry of good hearted tribal people who voiced opposition to such ill teachings and propaganda were silenced with positive PR coverage for Savage Family’s teachings. Savage Family’s teachings are associated with hip hop producers Rebel Music & Warrior Productions. 

Below are a few Image captures from Official Video’s for CD releases from  Savage Family –

savage family2  savage family

savage family3.jpg . savage family4

savage family6 .savage family7.jpg


June 2015 & April 2016 comments to Bemidji City Council

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Pedophile Protectors for State/County Mental Health

April 4, 2016

More on Obama’s Dream Team for Health Reform

Hint: 1st step for protecting children


in place of sending the child to their room telling them to stay SILENT, leading the THE CHILD TO BELIEVE something is wrong with their spirit/soul.


blackhawk and franken

U.S Senate of Indian Affairs – Senator Al Franken &  Juanita Blackhawk


Below in my msg. box this a.m from Juanita Blackhawk , part of the working team that is littered with pedophile protection agenda’s, who are pushing to harvest more children to be USED and ABUSED through “their” new proposed ICWA regulations, who are being entrusted to assist with setting policy and administration of sickness for the continuance of self-genocide social scripts in play. Those same who holler about sex trafficking, MMW, etc …

yep, tied all the way to the current judge at Spirit Lake and and beyond, the working team of LRI, LPLP and other so called advocates for 1st Nations…. just what the Nations needs for congressional decision making policy, more government handler B.S!

in short, more of the AIM_indoctrinated_sioux_ewe stupidity!



There are hoards of women in this area that continue to “USE” Annie Mae as a shoulder patch, while at the same instance give full public support to the whole lot of the AIM sicko  teachings engrained into the local rez school, rez college, and non-tribal colleges/academia in this area BIG TIME!

The indoctrinated now being put into play to administer what was brought upon NDN country onto main stream america through health reform, judicial reform, early childhood development and education …. “this is what those such as Juanta is actually pissed off about, the light being shined to the public about such sickness …. more and more people are getting up the courage to speak up in place of staying silent for fear of being blundered into submission …. About Time eh?



Juanita Blackhawk is in your contacts
Studied at University of Minnesota
  • Conversation started today
  • Juanita Blackhawk 11:12pm Juanita BlackhawkYou don’t know who I am or what I stand for…You keep up with your BS, stealing family photos off of my page, slandering my name, you will be looking at a lawsuit. You are nothing but a wannabe and an instigator of libelous BS. Cease and desist!

    11:55pmYou accepted Juanita’s request.

  • Joe Wade 9:57am Joe Wade take a hike poser …. and take with you , the return of your own medicine that you dish out ….
  • Juanita Blackhawk 1:46pm Juanita Blackhawk I have nothing to do with Michael Dahl, other than him being my cousin’s son…I know the allegations against him and he knows I have distanced myself from him for those reasons. And as far as Wellness in the Woods, you know nothing about the woman that started that organization or it’s purpose….we are not there just for veterans, but for anyone needing awareness, education about mental illness and wellness. What tribe are you enrolled with? The Wade’s I know are by brother’s relatives and they definately would not condone your slanderous BS.
  • Joe Wade 1:58pm Joe Wade  keep in mind you do_not know of what i am aware of, thanks for re-confirming in your last msg , your knowledge of Dahl’s sexual abuse towards children, and continue to stay silent about others you are aware of as well, enabling the youth to be sexually abused even more ….

    as for my family , “i: am 12th generation family of Membertou through his daughter Marguerite” , who btw were the first to enter an official agreement with the Vatican (concordant of 1610) which included 20 or so other family members ….. not that protocol of nationhood matters to people such as yourself and Sandy WhiteHawk, who constantly abuse and appropriate culture, tradition and beliefs, for your personal agenda’s through a few sick government handlers , while continuing to help sickness migrate …. sooooooo put that in your pipe and smoke it! …. In Closing Stay Out of my prvt fb msg box ….

  • Juanita Blackhawk 2:09pmJuanita Blackhawk

    You stay our of my FB pages, pictures and life….you are nothing but an insitgator of BS…you know nothing about what I have or have not done concerning Michael Dahl and to bring Sandy WhiteHawks name into this…she has nothing to do with WE elections….


    Joe Wade

    take a hike poser …. and take with you , the return of your own medicine that you dish out ….



    in ref to Juanita’s comment “we are not there just for veterans, but for anyone needing awareness, education about mental illness and wellness”

    Note Aug 2015 Blog:Honor the Earth Pedophilia Healers


    Note July 2015 Blog:Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor


    Note Dec 2015 Blog:The Continuance of – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation


    Note April 2016 Blog: Targeting PipeStone for Ownership of 1st Nations Children Indoctrination (secton on Tom LeBlanc)  –


    Additional of Interest from Email

    Harvesting of Children going to new levels. The Counties and State agencies should start putting their foot down with campaigns to stop such stupidity! Enough is Enough! ….

    “I” being a friend speaking on the current push to harvest more, and more, and more ….

    “After speaking at a BIA comments session on the new ICWA Guidelines, I was approached later that evening in the hotel by a group of chairmen from various tribes who also had spoken that day.

    Since we had opposing views, and I am simply an enrolled member of a tribe, not a tribal official, these men attempted to persuade me that my viewpoint on the new guidelines was incorrect. I pretended to have little knowledge and proceeded to ask them many questions.

    They enjoyed the conversation, and when they learned of my background in child psychology and my more than decade-long experience with ICWA as a foster guardian, they proceeded to offer me a job to “help them write the law and practices for a ‘Unified Tribal Children’s Court.'”

    The goal was to create consistency across tribes for fair hearings and legal education. The motive for creating such a court stemmed from their anger over the final SCOTUS ruling in the Baby Veronica case.

    As the conversation continued, they further explained that the new BIA Guidelines are worded precisely to support their “Taking Our Children Back Initiative.” The group, who represented a number of tribes, all agreed to this point: “Originally every child in this country was Native, so we should have jurisdiction over every child.”

    One chairman continued to talk, stating that all of the tribes from Arkansas through the midwest are working together with Cherokee Nation on this initiative, and Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation, Chrissi Nimmo, is taking the lead. They explained that the Cherokee Nation has hired a team of attorneys who have already chosen the first batch of 2,000 adoptions and foster children who have already been placed for permanency.

    They intend to take jurisdiction over them as soon as the guidelines are put in place. He said, “Kids will go to school one day and they won’t have a clue. We are going to pick them up. They will be placed with the families we have standing by for placement. We are taking all of our children back.”

    As I understood it, they plan to strategically pick up hundreds of kids in one day using their jurisdiction card and place them in their tribal homes.

    When I asked for clarification about the “approved” tribal homes, he stated that they are not all tribal, actually many are non-Indian homes that have been licensed with the tribe. The kids they are targeting include those who have been in placement for up to 12 years and have known no other family.

    He continued to explain that once they have taken the kids, the children never have a chance to go back to the families they already know, so it is important that the plan be kept secret until it is implemented. Arrogantly he said, “This is our country and everyone of these kids is ours.”

    The larger plan and intent is to take over the entire child welfare system. One of the other men present was trying to get this man to keep quiet about the details. I continued to seem confused, and I did not disagree with their plan so that I could keep them talking and get more details. I acted as if I was interested in the job offer, so he continued to talk.

    After this encounter, I started to understand what I had heard Chrissi Ross Nimmo speak of earlier that day during the comments session. I heard her address the BIA and explain that the Cherokee Nation is actively recruiting foster and adoptive families to be ready and standing by for when they take back “their” children. I also heard her reference the team of attorneys the Cherokee Nation has on staff to work specifically on this initiative.

    I follow closely as a tribal member and parent the actions which involve my children. Everything they said lines up with the actions taken by the “The Five Civilized Tribes” which consists of a “partnership” that originally began as the Cherokee, Muskogee, Chickasaw, Seminole and Choctaw and now encompasses over 30 tribes. The Five Civilized Tribes are enrolling through descendant lineage and taking government funding and jurisdiction of children. If they succeed, thousands and thousands of lives will be effected.”


Below one of the results of “FEEDING GAMING REVENUE by THE ABUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDING (especially ICWA ABUSE) …. Funding that is suppose to be assisting the preservation of 1st Nations , simple as simple gets …..

Keep in mind, Kevin Washburn was nominated by President Obama to be the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs , who spearheaded the new proposed rules for ICWA , who was prior General Counsel of the National Indian Gaming Commission.  Sally Jewell announced Dec. 2015 shortly after the proposal ICWA regulation hearings closed, that Kevin K. Washburn would step down in jan. 2016. Replaced by Lawrence Roberts who was also General Counsel of the National Indian Gaming Commission.

…. NOTE: …. “7. There is a cultural, spiritual bankruptcy among Indian people today, regardless ofwhere they live. The corruption and violence on reservations today force many Indianpeople to move away from their land. Those who stay live in a violent state of siege, physically and spiritually. We are so far removed form what our Creators intended us to be. We have become soul-less people, the walking dead. We are also dysfunctional people.

First, the spiritual aspect. In the old ways, there was a balance between good and evil. There were ceremonies and societies to protect that delicate balance. With so much Eurotrash interference [Personal_Note by me, Joe; to include trash from within and other as well] , our aboriginal ways have become forgotten and lost. There is no wayto protect the balance. Evil is loose upon the land and no way to keep it in check. This evil feeds upon the corruption within our tribal governments. The federal policy ofnon-interference nurtures this unchecked evil. The evil that would normally be keptunder control is beginning to consume us. The death rate of Native people is staggering.

On small reservations, the obituaries will run on for pages and pages in the tribalnewsletter. These deaths will be from violence, natural causes, alcoholism, and homicide. The evil is eating its young and it is us. Why? We have stopped being human ourselves.
We have no souls. We are low on the food chain so we can consumed without anyinterference by the ancient evil because the ancient ways to keeping balance is gone. ” ~Scott Kayla Morrison~

Full Text with scans of legal doc’s ….

Scott Kayla Morrison years ago, saw this crazyness in route to our doorsteps, AND she was murdered for speaking out.

1. I was born in Ilwaco, Washington, November 26, 1951. Dad, a half-blood Oklahoma Choctaw, had an itchy foot when he was younger. He traveled around a lot working atdifferent jobs until my sister Ramona started to school. She was two years older than me. When she started first grade, we moved back to Daisy, Oklahoma. Dad would occasionally go off to work but the family stayed at home. He was logging when I was born.
2. Oklahoma Choctaw
3. Daisy, Okla. , has been the home of the Billy family since the Trail of Tears. My ancestors
settled a mile and a half from where I grew up. I can show you each home placeof my ancestors since then. My roots are deep in the Daisy soil. I started to school in
a one room school house where my dad and his siblings went to school. Mrs. Robertson
went to school with them. I was related to all but one white family. I was the only one in my grade.
There are several genetic defects in my family. One is enlarged bones in the roof of the mouth. One is a bone in our ear that is supposed to be hollow but is solid. I have both
defects. The enlarged bone made it difficult for me to speak plainly. By the time I started school, the only ones that could understand me were family members. My sisterwould have to translate for me to Mrs. Robertson and the other kids. A school nurse came by once a year to test our ears and eyes. She recommended to Mother and Mrs. Robertson
that I be sent away to a special school because of my speech impediment. Mother resisted.
She didn’t want me to learn to be handicapped. Mrs. Robertson would keep me in recess
to work with me and Mother worked with me at home. I gradually learned to overcomeit, though I stuttered into my twenties. Still today, I cannot say certain sounds but Ihave the vocabulary to use words without those sound groupings to communicate effectively.
No one made fun of me because of how I talked. I was related to everyone in school, except
the white family who had been in Daisy for 3 generations. They all accepted me forwhat I was. The teasing and cruelty that would have been my fate in a school withstrangers was not there at Goss School. In fact, I don’t remember having a speech problem
because I was treated as a normal child. Overcoming the speech problem gave me asense of being able to be and do as any other child.
Learning to read was the turning point of my life. Maybe because of the speech problemor maybe because of my Dad’s drinking, books became my escape. Our little library atschool was a coat closet. By the time I was ready to go to the eighth grade, I had readevery book in our library three times. Because of the speech problem, I think that iswhen I became a writer. The written word requires no effort or sound. I could communicate
through the word that I could not communicate through speech.
By the time I got to law school at a university ranked No. 17th in nation, I had to givemyself credit for even being there among my peers who went to private prep schools when Icame from such a background. Coming from a one-room school, I thought I had done extremely
well for myself to even be admitted, much less excel academically. As an older
student, I could appreciate it.
After high school, I went to college at Ada, Okla., for one semester. My second day atcollege, I met my first husband and the father of my children. We were married for 12
years. When I divorced, I started night classes at a junior college and worked at anursing home during the days. I changed to a legal secretary and decided I wanted to goto law school. After two years at a junior college, I transferred to the University ofOklahoma in the English Department. I completed my undergraduate work in four years andlaw school in three. I graduated school at 38.
4. My first up-close and personal experience with tribal governments was my first job
after law school. I was staff attorney at the East Mississippi Legal Services on theMississippi Choctaw reservation. There were/are no Mississippi Choctaw attorneys so anOklahoma Choctaw is as close as they can get. I was the first Choctaw attorney to workthere. I got crosswise with the government when I took my job seriously and challengedthe practices of the tribal government. More of my experiences will be detailed in mybook, but the upshot is the tribal government tried to kill me. My truck was shot sitting in my driveway at my home on the reservation. It was just a shotgun and it was justmy truck, I rationalized, so stayed another six months. EMLS was kicked off the reservation because they wouldn’t fire me. Chief Phillip Martin told EMLS manager that hecould not guarantee my safety if I came on the reservation. Since almost all of my practice was in tribal court, staying away from the reservation was impossible and still domy job.
The tribal attorney asked the EMLS manager if I would be fired of I was arrested, notconvicted, for a crime. At this point, EMLS manager told me not to go to the reservationalone. But it was too late. That day, Custers troops came for me, only they were wearing Miss. Choctaw tribal police uniforms. Without a warrant or a legal document to bringme to the reservation, the tribal police sent a county sheriff to my home, sent a Miss.
Narcotics Bureau officer to search the homes of my friends in Jackson, broadcast a description of my truck and tag number, and rounded up my friends on the reservation forquestioning my whereabouts. No one knew, but I was on my way back to Daisy, Oklahoma, when all of this was going on. I heard later, the plan was to arrest me for criminaldefamation and I would have committed suicide in tribal jail or shot while escaping. Chief Martin and his saw no other way to get rid of me.
5. When tribal sovereignty can kill me, I can’t support it. That was exactly my thoughtwhen I realized how cavalier Chief Martin was in his attempts to get rid of me. Nothingwould have been done if they had found me and killed me because the tribal police wouldbe heading the investigation. Tribal sovereignty insulated and protects tribal leaders.
This give them the authority and power to do anything they damn well please.
I went to law school to protect and defend tribal sovereignty. I believed all the bullshit
I was taught by Professor Robert Clinton at the University of Iowa. He had written
a textbook on Indian law so he me must know what he was talking about. What he did not
have a clue about was what the theories he was preaching and teaching were doing totribal people on the reservation. He, like other academics who did not have to liveunder tribal governments, someone equated the quantity of tribal leadership to the quality.
More is not better when it comes to Indian leadership. All that is created is more
of less accountability to those governed.
The tribe, as defined by the federal government, is the chief and council, not the tribalmembership. We were merely pawns in a money game. When a chief has the power and authority to kill a person and expect no retribution and federal money is used to facilitate such a murder, something is dreadfully wrong. Yet that is exactly the situation onthe Mississippi Choctaw reservation, and other reservations across the country. There is
no police force without federal dollars, yet the force is only accountability to thechief. Hence, we have a federally funded goon squad at the beck and call of the tribalchief. My experience in Mississippi clearly laid that out. And Professor Clinton and
other NARF Mafia legal scholars were off the scale when I survived. What if I told mystory and the general public began looking behind the façade? What if the general realized
quantity is not quality? That was unacceptable. Moves were made to paint me ablack sheep and an outcast among those who were my peers a year ago.
I was groomed to be a part of the problem. Professor Clinton had contacts to place me ina position where I could go represent tribes and defend this sovereignty that he hadhelped create over the years. I clerked a summer at Native American Rights Fund (NARF)
, the oldest non-profit legal organization to represent tribes. NARF did do good work atone point, but their philosophy become corrupted along the way. The NARF Mafia mentalityis a philosophy of tribes can do no wrong. Tribal sovereignty is upheld at all costseven to a point of sacrificing tribal members. NARF has a policy of not representing
tribal members against tribes. With the per capita income of tribal members being thelowest in the country, they could not afford to pay attorneys, and even if they could,
who would represent them? Most law students were taught like I was, to represent tribes,
the Bureau of Indian Affairs or tribal entities. We were not encouraged to help tribalmembers with our law degrees. After Mississippi, I never looked at Indian law the same way. I was proud of my black sheep reputation. You bet ya. If I have to defend the
power to kill me, I can’t do it, folks but thanks for asking.
6. As an Indian woman who married two non-Indian husbands, I never considered the interracial question when I married the father of my children. Looking back, the land statuswas one reason I married a non-Indian. We were tied to our land. Our extended families lived near us and our customs made incest taboo. If there was a common ancestor five generations back, it was considered incest. Hence, every eligible Choctaw male withinmiles was a cousin and off-limits. My grandmother and great aunts kept methodicalrecords of family because of this taboo. A list of males off-limits were kept and we hadto memorize these names. The safest choice of a husband was a non-Indian.. But this meant my children’s Choctaw blood was diluted by one-half.
With tribes that require a blood quantum for membership this might have become a problem, but not for the Oklahoma Choctaws. We have no blood quantum. Our membership is based onancestry traced back to the Dawes Rolls of the turn of the century. My grandmother was achild when she was enrolled in the mid 1970’s when it became important to be enrolled toreceive federally funded benefits, such as health care.
Now, with much experience under my belt, I look at interracial marriages from only ablood quantum perspective. With the Oklahoma Choctaws, we have members who are 1/4000thChoctaw and now have NBQ (no blood quantum). Now how can these people claim to be Indian?
What part of them is 1/4000th ? How do you even measure it? It is mind -bogglingto me that we would even enroll them. The reason is money. Each member is worth about
$5000 to the tribe in federal aid. And this begins when children are born in IndianHealth Service hospitals to the time they die in the same hospital. With more members
, we get more money, so we have a vested interest to keep swelling our membership withNBQ members. But are we culturally, racially, traditionally Choctaw? I don’t think so.
Tribalism used to mean what you contributed to the community defined your membership.
With only your ability to contribute federal poverty aide money by the very fact that youare walking around breathing, you have no ownership interest in the tribe. We become a
mobile country club with no land base but a membership roll. That is not the definition
of a tribe.
Let’s look at the federal money for a minute. For every dollar allocated by Congress, 89cents goes to support the Bureau of Indian Affairs administration. Of the 11 cents that
finally comes to our tribal headquarters in Durant, Oklahoma, one-half, or 5.5 cents,
supports the tribal administration which is only one percent of the tribal population. T
he 99 percent competes for the remaining 5.5 cents. We have a tribal membership of over110,000. We receive $150 million each year in federal aid. By the time it comes down tome, I receive $.00005 as my share. What can I buy with that? Nothing. And, since I ama dissent I receive nothing. The health care is so bad, I refuse to go to our hospitalbecause I am afraid they will kill me. So what do I benefit from all the federal aid
pumped into our tribe each year? And I am not alone. The majority of out tribal membership
is cut off.
And let’s add another layer to the blood quantum issue. Twenty percent of us are one-
quarter or more. That means 80 percent is less than a quarter blood quantum and the majority of voters. Candidates have to appeal to them to get elected. So the 20 percentof us who are full-blooded or identifiable Choctaws are pushed to the edge of the herd.
Is that what Congress intended when it allocated that $1. No. It was intended to benefit
Indian people, not NBQ Choctaws. Does this cause dissension among the ranks of thetribe? You bet ya. Can we do anything about it? No, not internally because of theelection fraud. Our only hope of having the federal money equally distributed among thetrue Choctaw people is that Congress will regulate that the money be spent on one-quarter or more Indian people. That will allow us access to programs intended to benefit us.
7. There is a cultural, spiritual bankruptcy among Indian people today, regardless ofwhere they live. The corruption and violence on reservations today force many Indianpeople to move away from their land. Those who stay live in a violent state of siege,
physically and spiritually. We are so far removed form what our Creators intended us to
be. We have become soul-less people, the walking dead. We are also dysfunctional people.
First, the spiritual aspect. In the old ways, there was a balance between good and evil.
There were ceremonies and societies to protect that delicate balance. With so much Eurotrash interference, our aboriginal ways have become forgotten and lost. There is no wayto protect the balance. Evil is loose upon the land and no way to keep it in check.
This evil feeds upon the corruption within our tribal governments. The federal policy ofnon-interference nurtures this unchecked evil. The evil that would normally be keptunder control is beginning to consume us. The death rate of Native people is staggering.
On small reservations, the obituaries will run on for pages and pages in the tribalnewsletter. These deaths will be from violence, natural causes, alcoholism, and homicide.
The evil is eating its young and it is us. Why? We have stopped being human ourselves.
We have no souls. We are low on the food chain so we can consumed without anyinterference by the ancient evil because the ancient ways to keeping balance is gone.
Second, the dysfunctional aspect. Reservations behave as a dysfunctional family. The
classic is Oklahoma Choctaws as an incestuous family. Our chief, Hollis Roberts, wasconvicted of sexual assaulting tribal employees who were tribal members. The council
voted to pay his legal fees as a way to resist federal interference in Choctaw sovereignty.
The women employees signed a petition saying what an honorable man Roberts was.
The entire tribal administration structure denied any wrongdoing on his part. It was all
political , according to the party line. Well, this is the same as a father sleepingwith the daughters. The mother denies it is happening and disbelieves the daughters.
The entire family rallies to protect the offender. The Choctaw tribe behaved as an incestuous family in that situation.
Also, the sheer rate of alcoholism in Indian communities has an impact in the tribalpower structure. If an alcoholic is elected chief, the entire governmental structureacts as an alcoholic or addictive organization. Anne Wilson Schaef has done marvelous
work on addictive organizations. When you compare the characteristics of an addictiveorganization to the characteristics of a tribal government, they are the same , as anyrez Indian will tell you. Some characteristics are: confusion, dishonesty, control,
ethical deterioration, crisis orientation and abnormal thinking process.
We see how these characteristics play out, even without knowing whether the tribal leaderis an alcoholic, in how many leaders are in federal prison on corruption charges. Darrel
Chip Wadena is a classic example. He was convicted of money laundering and other chargedof corruption and his defense was sovereign immunity. I am a leader of an Indian tribe therefore, the federal government does not have jurisdiction to prosecute me, he said.
The classic stereotype of bullet proof alcoholic. This can happen when there is dishonesty
and ethical deterioration in tribal leadership. This type of leadership creates anenvironment of confusion, chaos and crisis among the membership.
Indian politics feels like my alcoholic family. Being around Indian politics makes mefeel the very same way as growing up with an alcoholic dad. The conspiracy of denial isthe same. We don’t air our dirty laundry in public mentality insulated an alcoholic family
form public scrutiny. (Or so they think until the alcoholic is arrested for drunkdriving for the 15th time or for beating up his wife in drunken rage.) The same thing issaid about talking about our dysfunctional tribal governments. The fear is that if the public knew that Indian leadership is not any better, and in most cases, far worse thanfederal administration of Indian affairs, we would lose what little administration wehave. All energy is spent covering up our dirty laundry instead of trying to clean it
up. That is typical of an alcoholic family. But you can’t white wash (excuse the pun)
dysfunction forever. It catches up with alcoholic families and tribal governments, the same way it did with Chip Wadena.
Third, federal Indian policy encourages dysfunction. We are sovereign nation and wardsof the federal government at the same time. How is that possible? Two diametrically opposed
ideas co-existing at the same time is not possible yet congress, the courts andtribal leadership act as if it is. Opposing ideas run through virtually all aspects ofIndian law and policy creating a schizophrenia in law and among Indian people. No wonder
our leaders act dysfunctional and we are dysfunctional. The environment created by thelaw dictates we are dysfunctional.
We are given federal aid for poverty programs yet we are also encouraged toward self-sufficiency.
Tribal leaders have a vested interest to keep their members poor to keep thesteady stream of federal aid coming in each year so there is a vested interest in sabotaging
tribal businesses. If they are a success, the federal aid will stop, as Congressis considering with the wealthy casino tribes right now. But the purpose of tribal self-
sufficiency was to get tribes off the welfare roles. Congress has pumped billions intoIndian Country to accomplish that. Tribes have been busy accepting the money then misusing
it or abusing it without creating a successful financial infrastructure. Congresshas pumped billions into Indian Country to raise the poverty level among tribal members.
Both Congress and tribes feel betrayed when either side complains about it. Neither side
bothers to THINK about it and realize the system was set up to fail. There is no way thesystem as is currently exists can work. Yes, it has limped along for quite a few years,
and may continue to limp along but it will never effectively, efficiently work the way iscurrently set up. There must be changes, changes neither Congress nor the tribes want orwilling to accept.
14. This entitled mentality is what drives the above. Indian leaders prey on the collective
white guilt each year when they go to Congress begging for money. We are effective
beggars, and they soften Congress up through the media. Take pity on us mentality.
Or, I think an more accurate description is the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. A parentwill make their child sick in order to get sympathy. This is a recognized illness.
Well, isn’t that what tribes do each year when they beg for more money? They trot outthe elderly, infants, staggering socio-economic statistics so Congress, burdened by collective
white guilt, will give them more money to address these issues. The next year,
Congress doesn’t say what about all the money we gave you last year to alleviate theseproblems? Did you spend it like we wanted you to? Instead , Congress gives more money.
The sympathy received for tribes is the dollar. Tribes have to keep their members in astate if illness to keep receiving sympathy and as in all dysfunctional situations, theyaccept no personal responsibility for creating the situation. Tribes are responsible forkeeping their members sick by misusing or abusing the money Congress allocates, butscreams like a stuck pig if anyone calls them on it.
When I hear that we deserve it because of treaties, I want to ask what article in whattribe? Where is it written we will be a burden on the federal taxpayer forever? Where
is it written that we must remain poor and sick forever? This treaty entitlement is really
a mask for a perpetual welfare state with no personal responsibility on the part ofthe tribe. When we are going to get out pride back and say yea, bad things happened butit is time we stood on our own two feet and pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps? I don’t see that at all. The media falls for the touchy-feely articles of the poor End ofthe Trail silhouette Indian. That is what we have internalized. We should begin puttingthe red circle and slash over the symbol. We are not a beaten, defeated people. We are/can be as smart, educated, savvy as the next if we could get our pride back. We can’t do that as long as we are pawns used by our tribal leaders to get more money. In an article in the April 1998 Harper’s magazine, a Navajo cop was quoted as saying “Congress should stop loving us to death. Don’t send money. Send mortar and steel so we can do it ourselves.” That struck a cord with me because that is exactly what should happen.Stop loving us to death, Congress!
15-19. Personal accountability. With tribal sovereign immunity that absolves tribal administration from all accountability, it is hard to set an example. You can’t very well expect tribal members to be personally accountable for their actions when tribal administrations don’t have to be. And you can say that tribal governments merely mirror largersocietal ill, and I will say so what? If all we have become is a mirror of the mainstream
society, then why are we a tribe with separate lands and separate laws? The purpose
of sovereign immunity is to stop being unique and become just like everyone else,
the sad, sick people who can’t get out of this morass molasses we’re all stuck in , likeflies stuck to fly paper. You can squirm but you can’t get out.
And what would you do if you did get out? You can’t be healthy and happy in thatsituation so you have to leave. When you leave, you leave your family, your land, youreverything. But you can’t stay and be sick, so that brings up more of a dilemma an yousquirm around the goo but you just get more stick. It’s a cycle. You just can’t win.
The government is merely a mirror of what is going on in Indian families. More and
more tribal leaders are going to jail for, oh, pick a corruption crime. Some arguetribal sovereign immunity to get out of criminal accountability. It worked so well to
get out of criminal accountability, why not try it on the criminal side? Luckily, courtsaren’t buying it but it is being argued. A strong people have a strong government withhonorable men as heroes. We have no heroes today.
With no leadership, ethical deterioration through dysfunction, and a legal systemthat encourages such behavior, no wonder we are in a world of hurt. Tribal members cannot
be healthy in this environment. Can’t happen, and we are just nuts to think we canbe healthy in such environment. Until the legal system changes for tribal leaders, wewill continue to be in this mess. When the role models for our kids are tribal leaders
who are not accountable to anyone, including those that elected them, what can we expectfor future generations? I say elected because election fraud is another form of ethicaldeterioration.
We are like most addicts. It’s their fault we are an addict. If the Euro-trash
hadn’t come, we’d be healthy. If the BIA weren’t such jerks, we’d be wealthy. It’s so
easy to look externally for excuses for us being sick. And there may be some valid reasons
to look externally, but we have to get well internally. Blaming will not do anything
but keep us sick. So what if the Euro-trash came? So what if the BIA are jerks?
We can’t change it. Accept. Accommodate. Move on.
Mass media plug into the pity, not realizing that just re-enforces our dysfunctional

behavior. Get over it. Go on. Get well. That’s all I have to say.

Scott Kayla Morrison was eventually murdered by those she stood up against ….. of course logged as a suicide by the local Sheriff Dept hand in  hand with the Tribal Government
Anything More Need to be Said?
dying in ndn country
Also Note:

April 2, 2016 – by Cat ….

“I’m going to be building a page for Thomas Sullivan to deal with the ordeal he’s being put through by the government he works for. As a Whistleblower, especially one reporting felonies committed by other government agents and agencies, he’s supposed to be protected. But instead, he’s being retaliated upon, relentlessly.

His supervisors are among the least qualified in their field, and the head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen has absolutely no qualifications except that she was once a Foster Mother.


[insert note from me Joe: “Marrianne McMullen, Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs  ,  holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from West Virginia University and a master’s in communication from the University of Dayton. Marrianne, originally from Pittsburgh, became a licensed foster parent at the age of 25 and fostered children for 12 years.]

Apparently, that’s good enough to put her in charge of an $82Billion budget, for the agency, in a field, where she has zero education and absolutely no understanding about Children or Families, the laws that are supposed to protect them, or the protocols for dealing with reports.

There are some very huge movements behind the harassment and retaliation against Thomas Sullivan and other Whistle Blowers. Not just the naked political corruption involved, but something even darker brewing behind closed doors.

It is complex and it is horrifying. I will do my best to lay out all the elements and how they are connected together by agency and organization. It’s no longer just about Indian Children, it’s about a well-contrived plot to put literally, all children in danger.

Child trafficking is the most lucrative of all the sins for sale in the Black Market. Those who have profited from Child Porn, Child Trafficking on a very large scale are devising through their government connections, a means to put every child within their grasp, while simultaneously making both impossible and a FELONY to attempt to investigate any crimes against those children. ….” continue reading at