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Spirituality is not found by mentors who are murderers, liars, thieves & rapists!

June 23, 2016

“The hijacking of Lakota spirituality by AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, has continued before & since the true Ceremonial-Traditional Lakota Elders & others who knew the truth crossed over to the otherside camp, has been allowed to run rampent by academia, the media, & Hollyweird without any substantial evidence or proof of AIM or ALHs claims of true core Traditional Lakota values, their right to do so, or the false explanation of Native self-determination.

One must understand Lakota protocols to understand the hypocrisy of what has happened to people truly seeking acurate & real Lakota spirituality. As an authentic Lakota Spiritual Leader you cannot lie, cheat, steal, let alone murder & rape, & then become a Traditional Lakota Spiritual Leader.” ~ Looking Back Woman – Suzanne Dupree ~

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Recently I have had numerous interviews, events, speaking engagements by the American Indian Movement (AIM) sent to me to keep me aware of the propaganda activities that are occuring to offset the bad press of the recent conviction & sentencing to life in prison of John Boy Graham Patton in the murder of beloved Anna Mae Aquash in 1975 on the orders of AIM hiarchy leadership.

The hijacking of Lakota spirituality by AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, has continued before & since the true Ceremonial-Traditional Lakota Elders & others who knew the truth crossed over to the otherside camp, has been allowed to run rampent by academia, the media, & Hollyweird without any substancial evidence or proof of AIM or ALHs claims of true core Traditional Lakota values, their right to do so, or the false explaination of Native self-determination.

One must understand Lakota protocols to understand the hypocracy of what has happened to people truly seeking acurate &…

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Bemidji 1st City of Terrorist Recruitment Sympathizers on the River

June 8, 2016

June 6, 2016 – went back to rattle the Yoyo’s cage a bit more


Original Source: Citizens not on agenda, time interval 08:50 …. – Information sheets pages 1 to 4 submitted to city council are shown below.



April 18, 2016 City Council meeting:

Original Source: Citizens not on agenda, time interval  06:30 –


 After I was no longer present  – Mayor Address’s Council on my Comments – time interval 19:12 of original source

Nice how the mayor  stated she and the sanford center staff was aware of the world views, ideologies , etc of savage family and support groups ….

At the end of this Youtube: …. “there wasn’t a lot of information there that he gave , that i wasn’t aware of and nate wasn’t aware of , ummm and our staff at Stanford Center, we are all aware of what he mentioned and ummm , you know i just want to say that we didn’t have any dealings with salvage family” ….~ Mayor All Bright ~

Note Also at the beginning of the comments at this meeting i submit Page 1 (Shown Below) to the Council that the City Clerk stated at the May 2, 2016 meeting she never received.

~ In the Star Tribune – April 7th “On Thursday, City Manager Nate Mathews formally directed Bemidji’s Sanford Center to cancel the comic’s Saturday night performance” …. AND …. “City Council Member Reed Olson said Wednesday evening that it had canceled his appearance on the advice of city leaders.”

at the April 18th meeting All Brights says the decision to censor was that of the Sanford Center Staff  –  If All Bright and Olson expect to continue deceiving  community members, they should at least get their deception  in sync. 



May 2, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting

Addressed the Council on the Out Right Lies recorded into the minutes by the City Clerk (video of June 2015 meeting at bottom of this blog entry)



Original Source: The Share Link for the Bemidji Council Video on Demand web page has been removed for this meeting.

Calender of video’s for  council meetings is at{F424EABE-597E-42C9-9BA7-0EB8C7CE7D88}


In regards to the April 18 city council meeting Mayor All Bright said

i just want to say that we didn’t have any dealings with salvage family

Mayor All Bright and Reed Olson  For_Sure_Have_Dealings with those ISIS terrorist recruitment and teaching teams now, whether they want to own it or not.

Opening the door to drive out the local county workers and support groups that refuse to be sympathetic or participants with such sickness ….


Comedy show canceled – April 7th –  Bemidji Pioneer News Link

I think the Bemidji City Council and staff have been working shoulder to shoulder with the community to improve race relations, and this is one of the bumps in the road that we came to, but sometimes we need to have bumps in the road to have a greater understanding and acceptance of one another,” ~ Mayor All Bright

“a Bump in the Road” is exactly what Hillary said about the 4 Dead Americans and Benghazi”


Que Sera Sera …. Wondering how many good hearted local people “they” will toss to the curb , as was done to mr. sullivan, to enable the sick pedophile , head chopping world views to continue migrating. Supporters of such , like John Percell , Al Franken, and other tin soldiers of that arab peddlers son James Abourezk to continue crapping on those who walk in the light that refuse to walk in the shadows.



Someone should ask All Bright and Olson if they have Death Threats at their doorstep for anything that Ralphie May has done. Since Ralphie May has Death Threats at his doorstep for what All Bright and Olson have done.

 The Mayor , Reed Olson, BSU American Indians Center Anton Treuer & Billy Blackwell jr. , who combined , garnished support from the Sanford Center’s Babe City Rollers , and other community members in concert with the Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper publications  enabled the hanging a Scarlet_Letter_R of RACISM on Ralphie May that resulted in him receiving death threats in the wake of the staged racism accusations, while at the same instance , supporting terrorist recruitment and terrorist world views and ideology teachings.

Bemidji Creating Stronger Working Relationships

A Nifty Foundation to Build Upon eh?

Video Extracts of the Hip Hop Group Cited for the Hate Campaign


John Percel made comments relative to my statements at the April 20 2015 council meeting ,  that some people will never be satisfied and his anishinabe family would be proud.

Percel is absolutely correct, some people will never be satisfied with underhanded low life tactics, and it has become more obvious who his Anishinabe family is connected to …. Que Sera Sera ….



Information sheets submitted to Bemidji City Council on June 6, 2016
Web Video on Demand Council Meeting – Time Interval 8:50 ….

Page 1

Native Hip Hop group that edited Ralphie Mae’s lyrics and produced an audio clip for a CD it released in 2008 2007. The 2008 2007 audio clip used to launch a hate campaign based on Racism Rhetoric. Savage Family also during the Idle No More events published images of his hip hop group with children yielding machetes and long knives calling themselves “Lone Wolves” which went viral across the social media networks that was very much endorsed and supported by media outlets, Tribal and non-tribal militant domestic terrorist groups and sympathizers.

The outcry of good hearted tribal people who voiced opposition to such ill teachings and propaganda were silenced with positive PR coverage for Savage Family’s teachings. Savage Family’s teachings are associated with hip hop producers Rebel Music & Warrior Productions. Below are a few Image captures from Official Video’s for CD releases from Savage Family –


Originally submitted at April 18, 2016 meeting, re-submitted at June 6, 2016 meeting because at the May 2nd council meeting the city clerk said this info sheet was not logged with council minutes for the April 8th meeting because she never received it.


Page 2 to 4 is Additional Information Presented to Council on June 6, 2016

Page 2 – More Video screen captures of hip hop group cited for racism accusations, encouraging pistol whipping priests, encouraging cutting their heads off with lyrics saying to cut the bible in half with machetties, intertwined with Hand Drum and Song.


Timeline of events relative to comedian Ralphie May censorship in Bemidji

April 4, 2016 – The BSU American Indian Resource center announces Music Showcase event for BSU which includes the work from Red Lake’s Rez Rap Records featuring local hip hop artists.

May 5 2016 – Adrianne Chatepah of Oklahoma tweets racist accusations targeting Bemidji Comedy show

April 6 2016 – Indian country news media publishes tweet rant of racist accusations by Chalepah

April 6 2016 – Anton Treuer posted racist accusations on the BSU American Indian Resource center fb site with implications that violence would erupt if the Ralphie May show was allowed to continue. (Basically a call for protesters to assemble)

April 6 2016 – Ralphie May post youtube apology for all affected by the accusations of racism, after he was contacted by Bemidji to cancel his show.

April 7 2016 – Public notified in Bemidji Pioneer that Comedy show was canceled on April 6th.

April 7 2016 – Bemidji Pioneer publishes press release for Sandy WhiteHawk’s 2nd presentation in Bemidji at the Beltrami Co-op. to occur on the heels of the staged racism accusations and censorship to give the non-tribal community healing alternatives for the upcoming trends in health reform that includes Holistic Healing, under the cloak of so called Truth and Reconciliation.


Page 3 – sf3

On May 5, 2016 – The BSU American Indian Resource center starts promoting Rez Rap Records and local hip hop artists for a music event at BSU. The production group and hip hop artists have similar teachings and world views of terrorist recruitment and teachings as that of the group cited for the ralphie may racism accusations. To include implications of slicing peoples throats, executing people combined with Racist lyrics.
For Example a video release titled Hater Hunting Season produced by Rez Rap Records and local hip hop artists that appeared at BSU’s music event includes lyrics extracted in part , such as



1 – “Wake up, it’s time to rise and shine, Better grab your 9, It’s Hater Huntin’ Season, And we’re taggin’ y’all, I bet I put your head on my wall,

2 – “Now at any given time, I could come up from behind,
Punch you in your neck for plottin’ on mine,
Stab you with the mic right through your chest,
Steal your shine, watch you bleed to death,”

3 – When it’s Hater Huntin’ Season, they all die,
2Pac screamin’, last nigga breathin’,
Hatin ass heathens, bout to start bleedin’,
Rez Rap Records and it’s Hater Huntin’ Season,

To fully understand Page 4 , review the June 6  & April 18 youtube video’s above.

Make way for innovative courts and alternative medicine concepts at the local level, that will include poser advocates, holistic healers, etc ….  who are sympathizers of the Stupidity mentioned in the 1st 3 pages,  in place of supporting those with the world views and ideologies like Mr. Tom Sullivan.

Page 4- Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare – May 9 at 8:54pm


Tom Sullivan has been fired by his superiors in Washington DC for refusing to quit reporting extreme child abuse at Spirit Lake and other reservations.

Had they listened to him – a little 3-yr-old girl from Spirit Lake would for certain be alive today – and who knows how many others.

Quotes from the termination letter they sent him…
“I considered the potential for your rehabilitation and have determined that your continued misconduct, despite warnings and issuances on record, demonstrates a lack of commitment on your part to change your behavior. You demonstrated no remorse for any unacceptable conduct or failure to follow instruction. While the conduct you engaged in was clearly inappropriate to your supervisors and to many others who witnessed the behavior, you failed to acknowledge any fault or recognition of the inappropriateness of your conduct.

“I considered the adequacy and effectiveness of alternative sanctions to deter such conduct in the future, and I believe that efforts short of those decided on herein to correct your conduct have been unsuccessful. You appear to be uncooperative and unwilling to change your conduct in the office. I believe there are no alternative or lesser sanctions that are appropriate under the circumstances.

“Therefore, it is my decision that, in order to promote the efficiency of the service, your employment is terminated effective immediately.”
Read her full letter – as well as past documentation – here….





More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard

Well Don’t Sound so all Fired Surprised !!!!




 Note the comment; Page 1 – during the Idle No More events published images of his hip hop group with children yielding machetes and long knives calling themselves “Lone Wolves”

Jacob 002

. June 2014


Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue has been getting calls about youth allegedly using long knives to hurt animals.


More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard


Oct 2014 – Events leading up to Milky Way getting his Throat Cut. County Assistant DA elects not to prosecute person who had made attempts on my life , that person who has  a past conviction for  “terrorist threats”. The assistant D.A made her her decision without reviewing the recorded statement by the tribal police (the court victim advocate was present when she made me aware of this),  when notified  the tribal report she did review included fabricated statements, and a gross-misrepresentation of “MY” words, the Assistant D.A sated there was nothing she would do.

The cay I recieved notification from the county court that the charges were not to be prosecuted, the individual who made attempts on my life, along with another local community member was seen speeding away from my home, just before my wife and I finding MilkyWay lying in a pool of blood.

That is to say the county court decision based on “politically correct B.S and Culturally Sensitive world views , empowered a person with a conviction of terrorist threats to continue spreading more sickness in our communities.

The same person who told me to stay out of the American Indian Movements business after I questioned at one of our community meetings , Audrey Thayer about her B.S accusations of racism towards Bemidji and Northern Minnesota …. as noted in the blog entry  Dec. 2012 – “The Spiritual Movement of Audrey Thayer – The One Who Bites” …. (all on the heels of Dennis Banks and Onigum community members calling out Racism towards Cass County School and Law Enforcement as noted in that same blog entry of 2013)

mwOct 2014
“my name is MilkyWay, someone came to my home Oct. 22 and stabbed me in the throat (cass county report # 14015727). I am not dead and still holding onto life, a life given to me by creation that some sicko’s have deemed it “their” right to take from me.”
Source: Walker Pilot Independent fb site

More on LongKnives & Lone Wolves in Our BackYard
Feb. 2016 – CASE 0:16-cr-00006-MJD-LIB Document 24 Filed 02/11/16
 Wondering if Douglas Olson is related to Reed Olson Bemidji city councilman  ….
Douglas Olson is the federal public defendant  for Nodin Makwa of red lake who was arrested with weapons to include a sword in his possession after he tried to run over a Beltrami Law Enforcement Officer.

2015 – Beltrami County Sheriff’s deputy hit by suspect’s vehicle after chase
“After the maneuver, Beltrami County Sheriff’s Deputy David Hart was getting out of his car near the intersection of Highway 89 and Aure Road when the suspect’s car struck him, the report stated.

The suspect, 20-year-old Nodin Makwa, of Red Lake, was taken into custody. Alcohol was detected on his breath, according to the report, and the suspect was reportedly involved in an assault involving weapons on the Reservation and at the time of the pursuit was reportedly armed with a firearm_and_sword.



Douglas Olson  tried to suppress that terrorist sympathizer thug’s comments made during the arrest , saying the guy was coerced into comments during arrest and intoxicated.

Federal Court Refuses to Suppress Statements Made to Red Lake Tribal Police in Federal Prosecution

“24 Motion to Suppress ”
“Nodin Makwa, through his undersigned attorney,Douglas Olson,moves the Court for an order suppressing all statements, admissions and answers made by the defendant to law enforcement in this case.  As grounds for said motion, defendant states:


1. That he was interviewed after he was arrested by the officers in this case.  The statement should be suppressed because it was involuntary due to the coercive nature of the interrogation and the defendant’s intoxication, the statement was not proceeded by a full and complete Miranda warning, and the defendant did not knowingly and intelligently waive his rights to remain silent and counsel before given any such statements, all in violation of the defendant’s Fifth Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States.”
**** UPDATE June 14, 2016****
AND an Interesting Note relative to
GENERATIONAL TRAUMA as presented by Sandy WhiteHawk Con’s and Douglas Olson’s rhetoric of Coercion
June 14, 2016 – “Dr. David McIntyre, who opined that Native Americans are susceptible to coercion during questioning because of cultural differences and “historical trauma.”
Ninth Circuit Rules against Testimony Submitted on Historical Trauma to Show Navajo Defendant was Coerced into Confessing – Link to PDF
No. 15-10223 D.C. No. 3:13-cr-08093-NVW-1

**** END UPDATE June 14, 2016****



Keep on Smiling Bemidji Councilman Reed Olson, as done when you were addressed at the June 6. 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting   about your support and promotion of such STUPIDITY !!!


2015 …. In reference to the new ICWA Regulations

 Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,

“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015).


June 8, 2016


(Cherokee Nation)




Perhaps someone should ask All Bright and Reed Olson along with Percel, Franken, and other tin soldiers of that Arab Peddlers Son James Abourezk , if they have a seat within this latest and greatest venture in developing   stronger working relationships



Review:  March 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

Yep, Anton Treuer & Billy Blackwell jr. are cupboard indians being positioned around a porcelain tee-pe sitting on the shelf of a  few demented government handlers, being used as political support for the continuance of trying to use and abuse those within the nations that refuse to get on their knees to such stupidity,  that is enabling  the continuance of Self-Genocide from within the  Nations….  Government Groomed Poster Boys ….



OTHER: – Bemidji Council Meeting Minute Concerns

May 2nd Bemidji City Council Meeting

Video of the May 2nd council meeting that prompted the email below , sent to the city clerk for the upcoming minutes to be published for the June 6 Bemidji City Council meeting.


Subject: June 6, 2016 Bemidji Council Minutes topics for Joey Wade

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 10:49 PM

“jp wade” <jpwa******>

Mrs. Murphy, Please reply to this email with “received” to verify email delivery to you.

My specific topics discussed at the June 6, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting (Citizens not on Agenda) were:

(1) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching aspects of hip hop group, who’s work was cited for the Ralphie May racist accusations.” , (2) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching  aspects of the working groups that cast the racist accusations”

Please ensure the upcoming minutes to be published for the June.6 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting – Citizens not on Agenda – for Joey Wade, explicitly states:

“Joey Wade gave comments in reference to; (Topic 1) Terrorist recruitment and teaching aspects of hip hop group, who’s work was cited for the Ralphie May racist accusations that prompted censorship of May’s comedy show at the Bemidji Sanford Center. , (Topic 2) “Terrorist recruitment and teaching  aspects of the working groups that cast the racist accusations”. Wade also submitted 4 information sheets  for the topics. For the complete context of comments and concerns presented, reference audio of council meeting time interval 00:8.51 to 00:14:44 minutes in conjunction with the 4 information sheets presented to the council.”



**** Update – June 11, 2016 ****.

 It will be interesting to see if the city council allows the city_clerk_to_DICTATE_to_a_community_member through a DICTATOR MENTALITY what a community members topic of comments to the Bemidji City Council is.


Received reply from city attorney for email sent to city clerk , and gave a reply to the attorney and city manager , carbon copied to all council members.


REPLY in part , TO Bemidji City Council in regards to the city attorney’s reply to me for my email sent to the city clerk.

In closing please keep in focus, the topics i submitted are NOT “opinion” …. as mentioned by Mr. Felix’s reply to my email sent to the city clerk, where Mr. Felix states “That email related your   opinion” ….   

That is to say,  a community members voice of her/his  topics should not be DICTATED by a DICTATOR Mentality.

**** End of June 11, 2016 Update ****

**** Update June 21, 2016

June 6 Bemidji City Council Minutes

“CITIZENSNOT ON AGENDA• Joey Wade, Onigum, commented on and provided the City Council with a 4-page handout regarding the “Native Hip Hop group which edited Ralphie May’s audio clip”

LMAO !!! – Not Unexpected for Dictator Mentality

.**** End of Update June 21, 2016 ****



This Blog Entry is – The continuance of Blog Entry – Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation 3 –

Anyone need to say Sandy WhiteHawks Barbary Pirates?

also …. A Good Time to Review

March 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians





it was mentioned to the Bemidji City Council 

“now THEY_ARE bringing “IT” into YOUR_Community”

June 2015 – Bemidji City Council Meeting



“in ref. to the text of the bemidji plaques, the content of that text was never made public, prior to the decisions being made, to accept it or not. The dedication date was made before any dispute of that text was even resolved of concerns that were brought to this council. the whole means at the way this text was presented, was very underhanded, it does not reflect the character of our ancestry. ya know, it’s shameful, it’s discouraging”


“if you want to include the historical aspects in the plaques, don’t go with the half truths, go with the whole truths,this is so unbalanced it’s unreal, this is the same tactics that have been played out on the youth generation, after generation, after generation since the 70’s, all it generates from this imbalance is anger, frustration, it seeds hatred.

people are talking about reconciliation and healing, and i will direct this statement toward the woman that was here mrs. belleau you better check the scoreboard of what’s occurring with healing within those communities, where these kids teachings and beliefs have totally collapsed, the identity is totally screwed up from this inbalance, and now they are bringing it into your community,”

For Those Being Used and Abused

You Can_Not Say,  You Were Not Made Aware!

**** June 18 – UPDATE ****

Jun 16, 2016 – Bemidji Pioneer “COURTS: Beltrami County eyes specialty drug court”

“The court would also provide cognitive-behavioral programming”

Anyone need to say Circle of Healing or Truth and Reconciliation scripts here?

I doubt seriously Beltrami County is going with CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapists. Get ready for BEAN COOKER PROGRAMMING as mentioned in the Dec. 2015 blog entry – Link:

“The Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation startup was sponsored by Bemidji Leads, and hosted by the BSU’s American Indian Resource Center.

Becky LaPlante, of the Blandin_Foundation, has been working on a similar effort, the Circle_of_ Healing being carried out by a group from the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area.

The Circle_of_ Healing BRAIN WASHING Team was Initiated in the early 1970’s with the likes of (SunBear) Vincent LaDukes Bear Tribe & Bear Children at an experimental college, Davis University / Berkley, Mr. Bahais Phil Lane jr Four Winds Nature Institute through the Seattle Bahais and other government handler, hand picked so called spiritual leaders, such as Eddie Benton Banais of Three Council Fires & David Courchene of the Turtle Lodge.”


Mountains and Mountains of 1st Nations Cultural Appropriation click to view Circle_of_ Healing Workshops
Those Who Are Affiliated With The VASTNESS OF THIS

**** End of June 18 – UPDATE ****



Influenced to Live – Under The Last Star



I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us. ~Zhaawinoogequay~


How the Duck got Red Eyes -For those catching the drift on all of this ….

 In troublesome times, Winaboozhoo told the ducks, I built a fire, come into my lodge and “we” will make all things good, thou because of the smoke you must keep your eyes closed. As all were standing about in the lodge, one duck peeked and noted Winiboozho was cracking necks and tossing fellow ducks into a huge sack. With , awe and hysteria, the peeking duck yelled out “open your eyes” , “he is breaking our necks killing us”. With that all the ducks opened their eyes which were smoke filled turning them blood red.

This is a reminder today for ducks that follow fires (beliefs) that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors (lies & deception for the self serving) -short version from Z’s mawmaw-

(an interesting note, we have Z’s grandmother on tape telling this teaching, and the Ojibwe language instructor at the tribal college, an elderly man from Rainy River, commented, her words are difficult to decipher because of language shift over time to these modern days)


In the Spirit, Stay Raggedy !


Source Documents:

Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

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