Action .. Reaction

on 7-14-2014 , LookingBackWoman gets a IP visit   from the Executive Office of the President at her website , hmmm …. i guess that’s what happens when people start showing Obama’s direct affiliation to Hamas through the likes of former Senator James Abourezk, it’s no wonder Attorney General of South Dakota, Brandon Johnson called off the renewed investigation into the Robinson and Aquash murder cases , to continue onward would make the Nixon Saga of WaterGate sound like a Mother Goose bedtime story in comparison to the horrors of what has occurred, what is occurring, and what is to come for the citizens of the U.S with the dynamics of all this mess ….


Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Action .. Reaction

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3 Responses to “Action .. Reaction”

  1. rezinate Says:

    No doubt a visit from the NSA as well, though they’re slick
    enough not to leave a trail.

  2. jpwade Says:

    yep, the site visit log’s has quite a few “unknown ip” before and after that one yoyo who was in such a hurry to click , forgot to put their internet condom on, LOL!

  3. jpwade Says:

    on this blog visits from, Russian Federation, Israel, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Italy , Switzerland have been quite active , expecting more after the latest blog entry “A Date with Destiny” , even took the time to track one very rude comment that i deleted, the ip/email search brought me to the user in a forum about hacking, with discussion about how to upload/update code into a user’s router to by pass router admin log in criteria , Islamic radical nerds at work 🙂

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