It takes the sickest of the sick to murder an innocent man and then hide his body away for so many years while “they” continue to yell and scream racism for something like a team mascott …. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT PEOPLE …. Like maybe having Perry Ray Robinson returned to his family for proper burial ….

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A reblog as it appeared October 18, 2012

Well, to begin with I’d like to give a shout out to Silent Bear/ Mark Holtzman for providing an opportunity to segue into “chief of chiefs” Leonard Crow Dog as per SB’s repeated attempts to glamorize the “chief”, though I will be getting back to Peltier.

Everyone is familiar with the murders that took place during the rampage at WK2 as led by Means, Banks, and others under the “spiritual guidance” of Crow Dog.

They’ve toiled long and hard to cover up the truth of it-but as you will see below there’s more to the story than their version in a conversation that took place in 2001:

LCD: You know what? I’m worried. Granddaughter, what I’m worried
is this: Here is Wounded Knee, Got it? ( this while Crow Dog is using a
stick to draw in the dirt) And there’s, somebody’s…

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