Paul Day of the Deer Dung Clan

So now Paul Day (deer dung clan – this is not a joke, it is truth / note: ah-zhow-e-bin-ais ), wants to abuse the tribal courts and the Violence Against Women’s Act / Tribal Law and Order Act for his continued underhanded low life tactics eh? …. not unexpected considering how much other underhanded activity his acts are. Not unexpected either, considering he is of the grand Medewin medicine society created by Clyde Bellecourt and Eddie Benton Banis while they were in StillWater Prison, AIM founding members. Nothing has changed in the last 40yrs, and nothing will change as long as people continue to confide in such idiots!



It is very obvious my comments (in the utube video link above) at the May 7, 2015 BIA public input sessions for the proposed new ICWA regulations DO_NOT coencide with Paul Day’s agenda’s , WHO is a member of the National Indian Child Welfare Association, nomenclature being NICWA, a direct correlation to present themselves as being a mirror of ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Paul Day is trying to USE and ABUSE the Tribal Court with Megan Treuer LLTribal Judge (daughter of past LLTribal Judge Margaret Treuer, sister of Anton Treuer of BSU Indian studies)  and other Congressional Acts, to try and set presidence for the upcoming expansion of Tribal Jurisdiction for Crimes committed by non-tribal members such as that mentioned in my April 15 2016 post at the Walker Independent social media site; “Senators Tester and Franken Introduce Legislation to Expand Tribal Jurisdiction”

“Senators Tester (chair for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) and Franken (MN. tribal rep for  for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) have introduced legislation to expand tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians for drug related crimes, domestic violence against children, and crimes committed against tribal law enforcement officers. The proposed bill comes on the heels of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which allows Indian tribes to prosecute non-Indians in certain instances.

The bill is titled the “Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act of 2016 and can be read at; Jurisdiction Bill_Introduction Version (4-12-2016).pdf

April 15, 2016 Walker Independent fb post:

Paul Day Says the Leech Lake Tribal Court has  jurisdiction over a non-tribal member based on the Tribal Law and Order Act / Violence Against Women Act.

This act of trying to drag a non-tribal member into Leech Lake Tribal Court by Paul Day is a disgusting insult to all those families and victims that have over the years worked so diligently to get these ACTS put into place for higher degree’s of protection.

Leech Lake Tribal Court Restraining Order Request Form

incidents submitted by petitioner (the so called victim)

Respondent made threats to victim as follows:
**** a list of 5 people’s names.

Respondent frightened the victim with threatening behavior as follows:
**** Saying he could take out our village
**** Onigum Community was bull*hit.

Respondent damaged the victim’s property as follows:
**** the bridge on County Rd 13, Walker [note Rosevelt Bridge]

Respondent took pictures of victim without permission as follows:
**** minor children (girls) 8yrs -15yrs or older.

Leech Lake Tribal Court list of reasons on the restraining order that Paul Day listed after evaluating the restraining order request form incidents.

**** followed, pursued or stalked the Petitioner
**** made uninvited visits to the petitioner
**** made threats to the petitioner
**** frightened the petitioner with threatening behavior
**** took pictures of the petitioner without permission of the petitioner
**** Pattern of attending public_events after being notified that respondent’s presence at the events is harassing to petitioner
**** the harassment has had or is intended to have a substantial adverse effect on the petitioners safety , security or privacy.

Note: 2nd to Last Reason for Restraining Order

Pattern of attending public_events after being notified that respondent’s presence at the events is harassing to petitioner ????

Perhaps Paul Day should have added to his list of reasons, “SLAPPED the BLUE COW at the June 6, 2016 Bemidji City Council Meeting. – Read at this Link




Perhaps Paul Day should have added to his list of reasons, “Shining Light in Sandy WhiteHawk’s face  at the Beltrami Co-Op in April  of 2016 , etc… , etc … etc …  – Read at this Link

Is anything else less expected from the likes of Paul Day and team,  who partake in and practice underhanded low life tactics?


Really???? – ~NICWA~ “The board maintains a spiritual focus and seeks to maintain a high level of integrity and ethics in their execution of NICWA’s governance.”

This Act by Paul Day of the Leech Lake Tribal Court says VOLUMES ABOUT THE INTEGRITY AND ETHICS OF NICWA !!!!


As Stated Before – Eat Crow Paul Day along with your buddy BJ Jones, James Abourezk and all your other low life team players 🙂

Leech Lake Kangaroo Court – Link



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