You are Fooling with a Dead Man’s Corpse

More on “the Past Does Not Matter Today” , “It’s Political” , “Let them Rest” – Women Abused, Butchered, Murdered and thrown into unmarked graves …. and today traditional AIM teachings say

“WE do not talk about such in public, it disturbs the spirits of those who have passed away, stay traditional” ~AIM Indoctrination 101~

Passed Away? – What of Crock of Crap !!!! – They were Murdered! …. SHhhh ….



Hear this, the only spirits in this world or other, that are going to be disturbed, if any are, are those who are responsible for sickness or sympathetic for such and have the Truth shined “at” their Sorry Arse ….

yep, when it comes to the teaching and traditions of people like Dennis Banks who threw his soul away years ago:

You are fooling with a dead man’s corpse and you don’t know what you do” ~Asa~



Compassion is a two way street, given to those who give, Dennis Banks  and the crew, only pretend to give when there is something in it for themselves.

Note Blog Entry – Drums of Blood


Today Dennis Banks says – We Were at War

If that is so, Dennis Banks and friends should be  tried for War Crimes.

May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)

extracted from timeline at:


Growing up on Pine Ridge- Wounded Knee 40yrs later



it is mind boggling how demented some people’s beliefs have become, while they continue to protect assailants and pretend to be advocates for Missing and Murdered Women.

A few interesting notes on “that is in the past” , and “that is political” and “Let them Rest” …. Deleted by the Bemidji Pioneer  of course!

(note Dorla Fairbanks and Tonya Campbell the daughter of Dennis Banks.)
(Bemidji Pioneer fb Deleted Replies)


Joe Wade > do not expect anyone in the loop to call when, Warrent # 04CR152981 DOWNWIND, ROSE NMN , Beltrami County

Joe Wade > “as well as a GoFundMe page” , why should someone step back into the light when people are throwing money at them ????

Dorla Fairbanks > Why are you worried about the warrant? It’s a petty charge nothing for her to run from or hide from. She is missing not hiding. 😈😈

Joe Wade > when one considers Dennis Banks historical profile of consistent lieing and donation con’s , why should anyone “believe” this is actually anything other than another grift script he is so well known for? Might want to do your research on his semi-recent scams with Vern Traversi, the accusations of KKK being carved into his chest, and how Dennis Banks and friends hijacked those initial fund raising monies and made off with the loot after they threw Vern under the Bus and started promoting clemency for Leonard Peltier with that con script. (i’ve had my day of personal dealings with banks back in the late 90’s, i know better these days than to trust anything that comes out of his mouth)

Joe Wade > and the Media palys into such crazyness , LOL!

Kristy White > Typical REDNECK LOSER!! 🏽🏽🏽

Joe Wade > Kristy White Did anyone catch Banks daughters comment at the WCCO fb site about the several murdered women by Dennis Banks AIM?

“Tonia Jean Campbell: Thanks for being so ignorant. The past don’t matter today. Today we are trying to bring our family member home. You give the rest of us a bad name.”


“Tonia Jean Campbell > Yes take note of everything, scream it out loud, nobody cares.”

those replies when she was asked about …. “May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses ”

From fb dialog at:


Note: 2012 Blog – in ref to the reply to Dorla  about Vern Traversie

WCCO FB dialog – Dennis Banks daughter – “No Body Cares”





Grandpa Dennis holding out on support AGAIN eh?

Interesting the 10,000 goal fund raiser page for the Missing Woman, was started off for a Reward Offer (same time Dog the Bounty gave 10k as a reward) , then the Bemidji Pioneer reported it changed to a fund raiser for Operating Expenses, and now the Pioneer is reporting “GoFundMe has also been established to help with expenses for the Missing Woman’s five children.

AND yet with all the negative publications about abuse from the ex-boyfriend and finger pointing at the persons of interest by the Bemdiji Pioneer, not once has there been any reports of Downwind, except how loving a mother she is.

There is MORE to this Dennis Banks of AIM prompted issue than what meets the eye!

Downwind disappeared with a warrant for her arrest  AND “Rose’s criminal record on MN Courts website at She has had 15 charges filed on her since she was 23, including 3 arrests and two convictions for domestic assault. The most recent conviction was in June 2015.”

Anyone Need to say flight from a Child Custody Issue here?


Dennis Banks Missing Woman Search Team


Amazing how the Bemidji Pioneer will use it’s public service of so called journalism to enable these clowns to advertise fundraisers on the plight of a missing woman, it will be interesting to see the future dog and pony show by such a working team while they try to reap financial gains whether the Missing Woman is deceased or not.

Three weeks now, fund raising and preparing for searches while hanging out at the NL Casino Bar with Hotel stays, when the search area is 60 miles away.

At the rate DWA Weston (Beth Timmins the spokes person for the Missing Woman Search Team) and crew is going, expect fund raisers for children Christmas gifts and spring concert fund raisers by DWA’s weekend band.

**** edit add in on 11-15: ****

The day after this blog entry: DWA Weston’s weekend band publishes 1st formal search as a event of her band

11-12-15 –  LOOKING FOR ROSE

Public · Volunteering · Hosted by Phoenix Rises ]
**** end 11-15 edit add in ****

Those who thoroughly understand Dennis Banks and his grifter cons, none of that would be unexpected,  considering Dennis Banks life history of people disappearing from his actions would it be surprising or unexpected for involvement of Banks if the Missing Woman ends up deceased.


For Years!

Dennis, his family and team members for years has called Denise Pictou Maloney (& family of Annie Mae OR any other people seeking justice for missing or murdered family by the hands of Dennis Banks & AIM) FBI informant while she pursued justice for her Mother. The intent, to black jacket her just like Dennis, Peltier, Clyde, Russel and friends did that led up to AIM leadership ordering her Mother’s Execution, that Murder carried out by AIM members.

DWA Weston (Beth Timmins the spokes person for the Missing Woman Search Team) and friends doing the same, OR Wearing Annie Mae like a shoulder patch saying she died for “their cause”, upto this day while she and friends stand in support of the AIM members convicted for murder.

Back during the day of the AIM member trials for the murder of Annie Mae, I jumped ship on the Leech Lake Tribal College with 1 credit to graduate. Reason, I got sick and tired of the instructors such as Elaine Flemming and Ginny Carney saying the same, such as “Denise Maloney and Paul DeMain are working with the  FBI to try and discredit AIM and break it up.”

Am very much aware of “their” Black Jacket Labeling Script from personal experiences, I elected with Honors not to accept a Diploma from Leech Lake Tribal College because those teachings and promotions became part of the schools cultural fabric.

Shortly there after Ginny Carney (a rightful last name for a self declared Cherokee) became president, And Dennis Banks became a Board of Trusties Member…. Shortly thereafter anyone who opposed the teaching of Dennis Banks was pushed out of the door by Carney and Flemming …. Go Figure eh?


Dennis Banks  threw his soul away years ago

“You are Fooling with a Dead Man’s Corpse & You Don’t Know What You Do!”

Such it is, for those who Support his Sickness



Dennis started this missing person campaign saying “this is about all missing people”, what the Media and the public fail to recognize or be concerned about is reports as such:

April 25,2014 – NY Times – “I was floored,” Oswald says. “Banks is not only aware of Robinson’s killing, but where he was buried, and he acknowledges his own role in where to bury the body.”

Missing People Advocates – Just Great eh?

This Missing Person Campaign has Spiritual Abuse and Violence written all over it, to garnish more financial support to spread more through the assistance of the News Media.

“What did they say to make you so blind to your conscience and reason?”



 2012 – A Special Note to me from Native News Online. Publisher levy rickert gets a bit upset when people confront him with Truth & debunks his journalism of myths and deception. eh?




Missing Person Timeline – added in Nov. 15

Oct. 16 – last communications with missing person (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 19 – last seen  (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 25 – approx. date – missing person reported to law (as per NNOline Oct. 27 article)

Oct. 27 – NativeNewsOnline 1st article about missing.

Oct. 29. – NNOline – Virgil article with full promotions about AIM

Oct. 29 – Dog Bounty offers 10k reward, and announces he will come to MN.

Oct. 29 – 10k Reward Fund raiser page set up by family

Nov. 4 – Fund raiser changed to need of operating costs to search (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

Nov. 10 – Fund raiser changed  to expenses for five children (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

Nov. 12 – DWA Weston (Beth Timmins) – Family spokesperson publishes her 1st promotion for her weekend band.  (turns 1st formal search into a Phoenix Rises Event) – occurs 1 day after this blog entry.

Nov. 14 – 1st Team Search conducted. (as per Bemidji Pioneer)

**** over a week missing before being reported, finger pointing  of abuse by ex-boyfriend starts by Banks  and by media towards persons of interest who are are also reported as being very abusive, fundraisers changed from reward to operating cost needs, to need of children, constant media coverage about how loving the mother is without any reporting at all about her criminal record convictions of violent and  abusive behavior, 1 month of NL Casino gathering at the bar and hotel stays by search team organizers, 1month passes before 1st formal search by missing persons search team …. Just Saying ….

 **** update 11-16- 2015 ****

The Initiation of the Missing Person Campaign for AIM by Native News Online (levy rickert, dennis’s pr minion)

Published Oct. 29th & 31st 2015


What i find most disturbing is people utilizing the plight of missing women along with the media using the plight of a missing woman to serve “their own needs”.

A few updates about the search team, in ref to Dog, every indication shows he has disassociated himself with this missing person issue all together, he announced he would not be coming to MN. to participate in the searches, not a fb follow up on this missing person concern since the 6th, nor on Beth his wife’s fb page which last entry was also on the 6th (whereas both had a pretty good run of posting that coincided with NativeNewsOnline and the local Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper.

Initially numerous news media picked up and ran with the story of Dog and Banks, thou since dog’s release he would not be coming to MN the publications carrying and updating “the missing person has dwindled to practically nill.

It is obvious Dog had an open ear to the potential avenues for he and his wife and their show being used and abused.

AIM inc. Clyde pooped his head into the NL Casino last week, thou from what the local talk is from tribal members sitting back watching, he was not well received at the bar search meetings.

Contacted Bemidji Pioneer Newspaper and made the editor aware of Clyde’s presence in the neighborhood and put in a request to do an interview with him in an upcoming release since that news group was so consistent with promoting Dennis Banks & AIM as a side note in the missing person concerns.

I agree 100% this is not an issue of Banks, AIM, etc …. Thou i do keep in focus, Dennis, his buddy Levi Rickertt (NativeNewsOnline) and the local Bemidji Pioneer NewsPaper consistently pushed such foolishness onto the missing person concern with attempts, for that AIM limelight focus, to migrate across the news media realm AND the backlash for doing so resulted in crash and burn to the attempts to exploit a missing person for “their own” personal gain.


Missing Person Focus

goes from AIM > Dog > Phoenix Rises Event


It is what It is – Trying to promote themselves on the plight of Missing Women 

When will t-shirts, buttons and posters arrive?

Considering  almost a week passed before Dennis Banks created the Media promotions while pointing his finger at a so called abusive boyfriend, I still wonder if this is actually a Missing Person at all AND if not, family member or not, this woman will be deceased by the time Dennis if finished with her, if he needs to protect his own arse.

That is Nature and historical profile of Banks and AIM Poison!

**** end  update ****


**** update 11-19-2015  ****

Leonard Peltier Promo’s Have Arrived

As mentioned earlier in this blog, as per the Bemidji Pioneer fb dialog with Dorla Fairbanks that was deleted by the Pioneer;

Dennis Banks and friends hijacked those initial fund raising monies and made off with the loot after they threw Vern under the Bus and started promoting clemency for Leonard Peltier with that con script.”

In the midst of Mom’s fb days upon day of posting about the Missing Woman, Mom inserts a Promo for that AIM tin soldier the team members use to call  “Dumb as Dirt”



Bemidji Community, Bemidji City Council, Bemidji Police, etc;



by these Poser Advocates of Native Lives Matter, who in reality are nothing more than militant urban indians !


Bemidji Pioneer take a HINT!

As per the comments recieved from both Dennis and Matt through  person to person discussions and phone conversations.  On censorship of public fb replies; paraphrased: “We decide what is acceptable for the image of our media outlet”, “we want to create stronger relationship with the tribes” AND banning public from the Bemidji Pioneer fb site: “We decide what is best for everyone” ….

“Eat Crow! with your politically correct, culturally sensitive moo of deception to try and bury Truth”

Dennis Doeden Publisher
Matt Cory Editor

Letter from a woman who today is 80+ and still lives IN FEAR, as per the hand written note at the top of her editorial (which was never sent) because of Her Fear of AIM, that FEAR she carries to this day along with so many other people.

AND NOTE HER WORDS, that applies to YOU.

“but don’t often get the voice of the press to let it be known”



From her archives saved away for over 40yrs in a piano bench, that were posted to the net as per her request.


On the Coat Tail of  Missing Woman Concerns


the News Media Creating  more Avenue’s for AIM Rants of RACIST WHITE PEOPLE !!!!

(AIM’s same script for over 40 years)


Typical AIM indoctrination from Wishelle Banks eh?

@Karen Gartner’s pending post — point taken; to clarify, though, the hostile individual she was addressing has had a decades-long vendetta against our family…

He is a redneck, and a coward who won’t show his face and hides behind his written/online rants — and, frankly, a nutjob who is taking time to harass Rose’s family… that won’t be tolerated!

What IS earnestly appreciated, though — without name-calling — is anyone and everyone with A GOOD HEART, who puts aside personal viewpoints, and offers to help. To all who’ve donated water, food, supplies and their time, no one here is calling them names.

That vitriolic man is insane, and has no place here… HIS vicious focus remains on his fringe opinions — not on finding Rose… Miigwetch.”


Inbox Msg Reply to Wishelle Banks Post


Yep, Wishelle Banks is no different than James Swan of the United Urban Indian Warrior Whatever’s

Another team member of those who support the convicted murderers of Native Women, and the murderers of other innocents buried away to this day in hidden graves, while “they” pretend to be advocates for Missing Women.

What a great team of advocates for

“Missing and Murdered Women  & Native Lives Matter”

(as said before –  AIM’s same script for over 40 years)

**** end update ****


**** updae 11-20-2015 ****


New Person of Interest for Missing Woman – MOI !

(Moi, according to a bunch of half wits)

Dennis Banks daughter and search team’s private messages have caught the ear of a little blue bird who directed me towards “their” Help Find Rose Downwind fb post ….

Of course the daughter and clowns who talk in private as such are unable to say “Who” they are speaking of in public. That request for understanding of “Who” in a public realm was deleted!

Have to say without hesitation, there is not a person i have ever met, who is sympathetic towards Dennis Banks and AIM, that is not a carbon copy of underhanded characteristics of trying to black jacket people.

Help Find Rose Downwind fb post by wishelle banks

Followed up with a inbox message from one of the team members Kip Tassin Monoessy , as per her fb page is, President at American Indian Movement Oklahoma sg, Owner at EEC Planning, LLC; Event, Entertainment, Conference and Event Planner at The Professional Pow Wow Association.

“”My tobacco has been laid down and my moccasins are laced up, ready to kick your ass whenever we cross paths…and we will.” ~ Kip Tassin Monoessy ~

Such Great Advocates for Missing Women eh?

**** end update ****


**** update 11-21-2015 ****

Help Find FB Site changed to Private

Reason as per DWA Weston (Beth Timmins):

“Some !%^# (foul language edited out)  is posting hate messages to the site”

“He is Joe Wade from Onigum”

Link to fb dialog DWA was refering to as Hate messages, as she tries to use the help find missing woman’s fb site as a tool to black jacket people. (fb notes:  Wiselle Banks doc AND Dennis Banks daughter – No Body Cares doc

Disappearance In Line with AIM West 2015 Annual Conference

note: AIM event promo article starts with Missing Women

which leads into twist and turns for Peltier Poster Boy Clemency PR hype


“Standing Elk’s daughter Sue also pointed out the missing and murdered Indigenous women. Currently, AIM confounder Dennis Banks’ granddaughter Rose Downwind of Minnesota is missing.”

Coincidence ? Yea Right –  Brenda Norrell (LOL! – another pr minion for Banks and Team; Link =


**** update 11-22-2015 ****

Another Fundraiser pops up


how many fundraisers are actually out there?

how many fundraiser will there be?

**** end update ****


**** update 11-26-2013****

Parade Float and T-Shirts Arrive

Care to guess why the world views and identity for too many of the youth is all screwed up?



Absolutely Amazing – As of Yet – No New  Search Date Planned

**** end update ****

**** last update for this blog entry 12-12-15  ****

Body of DownWind Recovered

Media is reporting argument over cell phone msg. that woman said she was going to be reported to the law to show the guy had broken court orders of contact. Here we have 2 people with domestic violence convictions, the woman hops in the car and goes to the guy’s home, she ends up at the foot of the stairs bleeding and with no pulse according to the guy , as a result of the struggle over the cell phone.

The Media has never mentioned anything about the ongoing domestic convictions, and consistently portrayed the guy as a thug wife beater.

ANYONE CARE TO GUESS, where the teachings that shaped the world views and ideologies came from, those teachings  that shaped the character and behavior that resulted in the choices and actions leading to the children having such cork screwed parents? 

Two interesting replies at the Bemidji Pioneern noted,

to close this blog entry with

Renee Judkins Oh you can bet thry will convene a grand jury, and it will be 1st degree, …. All this media attention, these men are already tried, and convicted … The media, and this sight have already tainted any jury pool for this area, court is basically just an amenity, … I would want justice, if it were my child, but id also want fairness if one of the suspects were my child .. Supposedly .. Our justice system says we are innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt … I dont think thats how it works, because ive seen otherwise, and i also know domestic violence is the worst, … I just think people need to be reminded … That even though these people are suspect, ., the state has burden of proof … I pray for Roses children, and family .. But i also have said a prayer for the families of these men, they too are someones children, brothers, dads, and have families that are now just as hurt and devastated. Just my opinion …

James Little The way the media has handled this issue has resulted in the responses seen here. The guys are already convicted without people knowing any of the specifics for reason to arrest and charge. Keeping in mind Downwind had two somewhat recent convictions for domestic violence this could still be a self defense killing but that would not justify hiding the body. Is anything less expected from today’s so called professional journalism?

James Little the media has done a great job with sensationalizing this issue, the Bemidji Police has also to a lesser degree done the same within it’s title’s of press releases and not reporting all the facts of public information, next it will be the D.A turn to stand in the spotlight. All in the name of strengthen relationships between native – non-native community for support of mutual agreements of understanding. In short a lot of media hype of a abusive native man throwing him under the bus, while using the plight of a native woman (who’s past history of violence has never been mentioned by any) as a card in the deck for concern. It will be interesting to see how the courts and prosecuter’s will give the same dance in the upcoming trials.

fb dialog


12-11-15 – EXCLUSIVE: Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Details ….from Levi Rickets Rag Media …. Dog the Bounty Hunter Back in the SpotLight

**** end of final update ****

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  1. Wade Keezer Says:

    Got your back on this, niijii! In it’s sick core it comes down to $$$ for these assholes!

  2. jpwade Says:

    yep, you are one of the few i know of in this area that can see through the mountains and mountains of b.s, and continue stand with justice and truth , in place of being a pawn of those with pretense compassion , merci for all you do Wade ….

  3. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

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    Thinking about you & all the good work you’re doing…got a message from BB yesterday, you probably already know but if not, John Trudell is dying or already dead, Creator’s cleaning house. Take care, always in our thoughts & prayers. Keep up the great work, btw: I’m back…..

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