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The Reality of Kaa

January 12, 2014

Banished  Reptilian Impersonating Ancestral Nations, Wandering Inept Lame Klepto Enslaved Servant.

Kaa is a sly snake who is constantly hungry, constantly trying to take something it can not hold, thus staying constantly spiritually empty. 

Kaa uses persuasion and trickery to serve the self. Through  hypnosis it tries to capture the spirit of trusting people. It entangles goodness with deception.

AIM & Cheap Treats 2

January 5, 2014

Click for AIM & Cheap Treats 1

AIM and Cheap Treats 2

Received on 1-3-2014 ,  another Death Threat to Start off the New Year

Return Address:

601 E. Street NW

Washington, DC 20049

Send to Address:

Elivadeth Wade – as in Hell of a Death Wade


So what is it Boyz, you and the government handlers a bit upset again?  Still resorting to you pathetic GI Joe Syndrome acts to try and intimidate people with Cheap Treats, since your Weak Cheap Medicine and Ceremonies are not effective, LOL!

Such a pathetic group of sickness you guys reside with

Yep, tracked and logged with the local authorities …. Guess What, some people will never bow down to your sickness 🙂

A Message to the Sicko’s


In the Spirit ….
Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash  Woman Warrior

What Kind of Bird Does not Fly?



Sick Spirits Feeding on Sick Spirits

January 2, 2014

Round Dance Event Promoters Feeding on One Another

with a Side Dish Serving  of Steak Sauce  Hatred for Society



Sitting back and watching event promoters

and their sick spirits feed on one another. Their

hunger and thirst created by their appropriation

of culture and abuse of the EasternDoorway.

Is anything less expected from such mentality

and corrupted spiritual foundations ?


Dancing, misrepresenting  Song,

as they close out the year 2013.

One can only hope they will make New Years

Resolutions to change for the better.

Thou , Don’t Count on it.

Happy New Year !!!!


Quite saddening and disgusting how the promotion groups enact the tweety bird syndrome trying to secure possession of Elsipogtog as a shoulder patch  for self serving agenda’s and recognition as they slam one another about and pass on teaching of ill behavior for those who partake in their charade.


Disgusting? Such an understatement for what continues to occur, with each passing year, it is getting more and more difficult to define the abuse and disregard to the Nations and Ancestry.

Are People ticked off ?, slightly, what the heck, we “will” bury another youth next month that has been taught to follow the Lemmings.


A Story Board Review

The Last Stupid of 2013

AIM &  INM Minneapolis/St. Paul start Round Dance Promo and sets up fb Event Page

Theme “Solidarity with Elsipogtog”



12-18,19 – 2013

INM Minnesota sets up Round Dance event page

In collaboration with INM Minneapolis/St. Paul , AIM  & Others as per Patricia Shephard of INM-Minnesota

(Event start time set half way through AIM’s event time schedule)





Mall of America sends out Notice to all Event Promoters

Event is Not Allowed

decision partially based on “Solidarity with Elsipogtog”
i.e MOA does not condone “political_protests”

Other/Outside Media Release’s Categorize MikMaqi Nation as Terrorists

i.e a media  release where spokesperson (uncertain who he represented) mentioned the INM event was in solidarity with Elsipogtog and that the MOA would not allow an assembly that supports Terrorist.

That release prompted a huge fb posting dialog with resentments from INM supporters who were upset about the label ” Terrorists”.

Yet, NO_ONE relay’d that Violence & FIRES, to include the burning of RCMP vehicles ,  erupted at Elsipogtog’s peaceful protest  after the arrival of AIM.

Shortly afterwards, LastRealIndians  on their fb site,  Chase Iron Eyes promotes Terrance Nelson …. 

Get it? – WAKE UP  !


October 2013

the after effects of AIM arriving in Elsipogtog

(note Chase fails to mention “shot with rubber bullet after violence erupted”)

aim arrives


Nov 2013

More promotions for hatred and violence
Chase Iron Eyes starts propping up Terrance.


Who Is Terrance Nelson?

(check notes at bottom of this blog)


Note: “The Mikmaqi Nation has made it very clear, Solidarity with AIM or suporters of AIM is Not Welcome or Wanted”

The Mikmaqi DO_NOT shore up with murders of innocents

or supporters of murderers of innocents


These Round Dance promoters  Do_Not_Respect the Nations of the EasternDoorWay’s stance or they would not have tried to promote themselves in such a way,   as in Solidarity with Elsipogtog.

Anyone who brings out such concerns to these promoters or their support groups , are in most all instances met with,  stop trying to divide us, quit being hateful, quit being a bully , etc ….

i.e to say it is acceptable to abuse those of the EasternDoorWay  and other 1st Nations  , for  the thrust of a “cause” built on deception and self serving agenda’s while at the same instance disrespecting the Nations and Ancestry.


The Non-Native and Native communities, media, and academia, etc. should take a very serious look at what occurred in Elsi as a result of the hatred and violence that entered their peaceful stance in Elsi after AIM showed up in those lands, through the side door of a few un-caring or un-informed people.

One or two shots rang out during the Violence that erupted at Elsipogtog

Considering no fire power was exchanged – People should count their Blessings that AIM was  not successful with generating another Blood_Bath, That the Strength of the Mikmaqi Spiritual Foundation squelched AIM’s ILL Fire.


What people are missing is, those promotion groups disrespected the EasternDoorWay and the Nations there of ,  and look at where the promoters are now, feeding on one another with hatred, while that sickness is creating a  feeding frenzy on others.

Sad as sad can be that people do not see how disrespectful all of this craziness is and how they are being used.

Join in on the Feeding frenzy if you want , that is your choice …….

That is one heck of a Way to Represent!




AIM / INM Minneapolis-St. Paul fb – Cancels Event

INM Minn/St. Paul & AIM Twin Cities Do_Not

understand Solidarity_Is_Not_Wanted from them.



update 1-12-2014

FB Site Name Changed after the 1st of 2014

NOTE: INM Minn./St.Paul Changes it’s site name to

INM Twin Cities,Minnesota

inm tc

Google Search Reflects New Name in

Search Results for Old Name

inm_gtcshAIMsters !!!!

(end of update)



AIM Twin Cities states Cancellation is for Safety

Will not even comment on Brain Dead , LOL!




*** UP Date 1-19-2014, Founding Woman of INM says she was added to event page to help curb Troll activity ***

INM Minnesota – adds INM Founding Women as Host and Admins to its round dance fb event promotion page

Sheepard tries to disassociate herself from being a participant in the abuse of the EasternDoorWay and the Nations there of , with deception and lies


*** UP Date 1-19-2014, Founding Woman of INM says she was added to event page to help curb Troll activity , and has since disassociated herself with that event page as per its current status, i.e it appears Patricia Shephard “used” the founding women. ***

(who, allow craziness as that below as part of their healing event)

Read The Old Guard 


Multiple Instances of posting allowed to maintain presence on event page for garnishing support …. 

Real Promising for a Healing Ceremony eh?



INM Minnesota fb announces Arrest

arrestthe response for my above comment was cute, it was  like breaking open a hornets nest of posers with bad grammar 



AIM Twin Cities-INM Minneapolis-St.Paul


INM Start Feeding on One Another

with a Steak Sauce called Hatred

mike f


 1-2-2014 – AIM’s Calling Card
A Dose of Steak Sauce for Society

The Raw Story Media


Rebecca Larmer in the above photo, AKA Reyna Crow (JRey Crow), does  not hold Tribal Enrollment. She is from Madison, WI. (this has not been 100% confirmed, thou the source holds a high degree of confidence)


Whats on the Menu for Tomorrow?

Donate, Donate, Donate for the Feeding Frenzy !!


The After Effects of AIM in Elsipogtog

lri tire fire

 Tire Fires with Round Dances

Dancing with the Ancestors? , as noted in LRI’s above promo.

ya know the ripple effects of AIM’s influence in Elsipogtog on some of the the INM sheepeople , those who are not grounded in Mikmaqi spirituality , that are so called activists , have been , in recent past, torching piles of tires as they round dance with those fires and plumes of carcinogenic fumes pumping into the atmosphere, while INM founding women sit back and watch , without voicing any disregard for such actions …. real promising eh?

So someone please tell me why these founding women who say they are standing up for Air, Water, the lands , i.e Earth , say NOTHING about protests with round dances that are trashing the Earth, while they say they are protecting the Earth.

“Air emissions from open tire fires have been shown to be more toxic (e.g., mutagenic) than those of a combustor, regardless of the fuel. Open tire fire emissions include “criteria” pollutants, such as particulates, carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur oxides (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They also include “non-criteria” hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), such as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, furans, hydrogen chloride, benzene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); and metals such as arsenic, cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, chromium, and vanadium. Both criteria and HAP emissions from an open tire fire can represent significant acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) health hazards to firefighters and nearby residents.”


Cleaning Up the After Effects of AIM’s Influence

starAfter a brief couple of weeks of doing such (after AIM was booted out of Elsipogtog by the Mikmaqi Warrior Society) , those of the Mikmaqi Nation who hold sound spiritual foundations, got through to the “activist posers” and made them well aware of the stupidity and disrespect of such actions ….. thus to this day , no more tire fires in Elsipogtog or any other area of the Mikmaqi homelands.



Article at Before It’s News

By: N. Morgan 12-29-2013

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Update 1-11-14

Looks like the  China Doll got a $10 Gift Certificate

All fb posts relative to MOA prior to 1-2-2014 deleted from the Doll’s fb site,  LOL!

Quite amusing the old guard mentality is, when people can not present tangible substance to verify their words or truth, “they just make chit up” , and when the shAIMster mentality gets caught with ill behavior, the think in place of owning up to an error, their wrongs can just be ignored while attempts to smother truths are put into play, to try and evade being held accountable. Time for a reality check people, if you are wondering why some of the youth hold such screwed up morals and ethics. shAIMe , blAIMe, shAIMe, blAIMe is the cycle form the bastardized teaching and beliefs by the likes of China Dolls.

rd deleted

Robert DesJarlait

A China Doll Starts Back Peddling

Preceding the break up of INM groups planned round dance events this China Doll was on the rant with ceremonial rights, Treaty Rights, Racism, then at the launch of the hate campaign between fractions of round dance promoters, the China Doll starts displaying postings of anti-racism about the mall.

Too Funny how this fence post hopper continues to try and soar, Some day will likely  never come for this doll, he is too busy trying to create cabbage patch doll frenzies to escalate himself to someone, yep just another “sore” for teachings, beliefs, tradition and culture.

China Doll, no mater how much you try to delete, remove , purge your actions, there will always be remnants of your fence post hoping mannerism and traits.


Remnants of Robert’s Treaty Right rants, relative to Mall of America not allowing round dance protest events.

(note: all fb posting prior to 1-2-14 relative to Mall of America rants on racism, treaty rights, ceremonial rights deleted from Roberts fb page,  especially “every post” between dec 23 -dec 30 removed)



12-29-2013 – Mall of America Fears?




The China Doll Hops to the Next Fence Post

Robert giving positive promo plugs for Mall of America , a fence post hop from Racist to Not_Racist



Robert and shAIMsters start throwing P. Sheephard Under the Bus

Not unexpected that Robert does not have one post anymore , on his fb site relative to Mall of America prior to Jan. 2,2014. One reason being starting that time frame Robert and friends started discussing how last year’s round dance event was “Saved” by Robert and friends, while at the same instance holding discussion throwing Patricia Sheephard under the bus with statements such as, paraphrased; “All Patricia did was create havoc and try to take over the event.”

Watching nit-wits who abused,  abusing one another

The sad part is, how their ill actions effect so many others

The Latest and Greatest !

Now that Robert and shAIMster friends are trying to get on the up and up with the Mall of America, they are trying to coax Mall of America into allowing a “non-protest” round dance at the Mall.

Likely up’d the ante to a $50 gift certificate too.

The question here is will the Mall of America fall for their grifter actions and newly created SCAM of trying to prop themselves up as representation of the Nations.



A bit further back in time

Falling off of my Stump, LMAO !



Over the years Nut Cases, Basket Cases have come and gone. Today we have the China Doll saying he_believes that INM round dances;

were foretold in the Anishinabe Proficies ????

WHACKO ! – Cultural Appropriation is Vile !

The 7th generation “Prophecy”  was used by AIM 40yrs ago,

Used again, by others like Phil Lane Jr over the last 25 yrs or so

The 7th generation and teachings of Prophecies are being used again

Sun Young Moon, Jim Jones, Jimmy Swagart brainwashing all over this cat, he reminds me of a man who elected to leave his staff in his truck at a  traditional gathering because the gathering committee was not “handing out honorarium’s/money”  for Staffs to be presented

the response to that man rings out for the China Doll

Leave your friend in your truck if you want, that is your choice to share or not to share based on getting money or not.


Stay Tuned for 2020 – The Next Phase of the 7th Generation

Morphed Teachings of “Prophecies” &  Ghost Dance rants

by the likes of China Dolls


In closing , one of the older women of the community said just yesterday, “RoundDances should stay in the Circle”

Not conducted at a whim around parking lots, fountains, monuments or whatever …. In the Circle, as in a formal gathering, not dog and pony showboat events with China Dolls prancing about trying to create recognition for their self serving agenda’s.


*** UP Date 1-19-2014, Founding Woman of INM says she was added to event page to help curb Troll activity , and has since disassociated herself with that event page as per its current status, i.e it appears Patricia Shephard “used” the founding women. ***


****  Onjine ****