More Peanuts – Bernie Another Mouthpiece for Abourezk



Obama’s Bridge to Islam -Another step in Islamization. The professor who says that Islamic law is better than Western codes is appointed to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

“Ibrahim El-Hibri had made a fortune doing business with Saudi Arabia. His company dominates the manufacture of the anthrax vaccine.” ~Israel national News~

Isn’t that Ibrahim, the same Islamic extremist clown [mentioned in the article Obama’s Bridge to Islam] that James Abourezk claimed as his friend in 1975, that helped to get abourezk’s 2 cousins Nadia & Laurisout Abpurizk, out of Beriut Lebanon?

Yep, That is the same years the 1st U.S diplomat was sent to the Arab States for  Israel & Palestine negotiations, none other than James Abourezk was that 1st and he did so in support of  the Baath Party / PLO, who in the same years hired Russle Means of AIM as an adviser for his staff on Native American concerns. We can thank the Peanut Farmer for securing this stupidity!

That would be James Abourezk who created the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in those same years, who is pushing today to create an avenue for more children to be harvested for ABUSE with guidelines for the new ICWA proposal that is paving the way for Tribes to point the finger at just about any child to claim them as NDN for federal funding.

Keep in mind, that Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk, adopted son (so called lakota) Charlie Abourezk was at the home where Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was beaten, raped and interrogated not long after Leonard Peltier stuck a gun in her mouth calling her a fbi pig informant, executed the morning after the interrogation by Charlie Abourezk’s AIM buddies , that murder decided on that same night by the American Indian Movement leadership and those involved.



A few more notes of Abourezk’s work from yesterday correlating with current events of  Obama & Cuba , May 2015 started off with the Minnesota Orchestra visiting Cuba as a cultural sharing pr campaign.

 1976 – Abourezk trying to set up the cultural sharing with Cuba

1976 January 21, 00:56 (Wednesday)
Margaret P. Grafeld Declassified/Released US Department of State EO Systematic Review 04 MAY 2006


Date: 1976 April 8, 00:00 (Thursday)

Who was the Special Assistant , Russel Means (who upon release from jail, Abourezk hired for his office Native American adviser) , Tom Daschel, or who?

Tom Daschle was handling foreign affairs for then-Senator Abourezk when Gwendolyn Myers, accused of spying for Cuba along with her husband,  was also on the Abourezk payroll and when in 1977 Abourezk took two South Dakota basketball teams to Cuba.” source


April 10, 1977 – “Cuba, says Abourezk, is one place where a U.S. senator can take a vacation without being pestered by flunkies from the American embassy” ~Washington Post~

NOW  ASK: EXACTLY WHAT was the reasoning, for ABOUREZK’S WORKING COG  Sen. Rick Nolan of MN. to follow  up with dialog to Cuba between 1997 -1998  , to include requesting the direct phone number of Fidel Castro’s office.  – The same years if not in error , Nolan Visited Cuba –  LOL!



2012 Center for Western Studies Conference – Wounded Knee 40yrs Later – James Abourezk shows up in defense for the American Indian Movement in place of the people (which included Lakota and Anishinabe Women labled by AIM as White Racist to try and justify such sick actions) that AIM blundered during the WK2 Seige in the early 70’s




Native American activist Clyde Bellecourt speaks to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a forum on race and economic opportunity in Minneapolis Friday, Feb. 12, 2015. (Reuters photo by Jim Young)

Native American activist Clyde Bellecourt speaks to U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a forum on race and economic opportunity in Minneapolis Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. (Reuters photo by Jim Young)

Bernie is a mouth piece for shAIM & leonard peltier defense committee (political funding) Clyde Bellecourt initiated the dialog on Native issues and treaties in the twin cities with bernie, and then one of clydes sidekick’s Tara Houska was Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders 2 or so weeks later.

Just prior to Clydes dog and pony show with sanders in the twin cities Tara Houska shored up with Winona LaDuke . A bunch of posers latching on to bernie and bernie latching on to their B.S! for support.

2-12-2016 “Bellecourt demands Sanders promise to follow Indian treaties” – press release by Don Davis who has been the Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau chief since 2001, covering state government and politics

2-24-2016 – indian country today -“Tara Houska,  Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a Democrat, has said he will “work with the Native American community in preserving their heritage, and their way of life” and that he will do “everything” he can to “redress [treaty violations].”
” Earlier this month, Houska was hired as the National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, an environmental justice nonprofit helmed by activist and Native American leader Winona LaDuke.

Anyone remember this recent poser put on? Image above: Oct. 2015 American Indian Protestors Make Point Outside in Minneapolis – Clyde Bellecourt and Tara Houska. article by levie rickert the MOUTHPIECE for blAIM and shAIM at native news online.


Bellecourt and Tara Houska who is now the Green Energy Queen Wino LaDuke’s  National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, hugging up to one of the AIM leaders that Ordered the Execution of not only Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, but many other 1st Nations people as well, thou the murder of Annie is the only execution by AIM against our own that has ever entered the U.S courts.


I was recently asked in regards to that above along with the Presidential Campaign

“Who is the Good Guy?”

Here’s a Rant on that Question

not so sure about trump, as for bernie he is being funded by Soro’s and group, keep in mind Soro’s has been tied to the pockets of the rockerfellers, derothchilds for yrs working toward a one world currency, in his youth Soros worked directly with Adolf Eichmann sending his own jewish people to the death camps and around 2010 or so when questioned by 60 minutes about those acts he said he hand no remorse , it made him feel powerful, he was very influential with the U.S energy policies for Obama which paved the way for himself along with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to garnish almost total control of the railroad systems which places themselves in a position to grab a financial percentage of oil extraction, the oil transport sector has always been a key to controlling the industry, because one can pick as many apples as they want , thou without a means to get them to market, the apples are worthless, thus driving up the cost of consumer price for fuel.

  • soro’s is one of the major funders for moveon .org, 360 .org, occupy .org etc …. using people to follow his agenda’s for creating social chaos and division to serve “their” agenda’s of creating a one world government through a one world currency.

    what most people do not realize is those with soro’s do_not give a flip about the environment, they are the major contributors to environmental degradation under the pretense of being green energy leaders, of course to produce “their own products, such as solar energy, which has little if any gov. regulation for extraction of the rare earth minerals to produce, which makes oil extraction environmental footprint of damage look like cherry pie, the same for the rail car’s and shipping, constant de-regulation of environmental protection to enhance their profits, and on and on and on.

    this is a big part of the on-going climate change dialog being pushed into the public view , to garnish support for their own financial drive which is really trashing the earth, Winona of HtE, Marty and Goldtooth IEN (indigenous environmental network) both receive millions on top of millions from Soro’s to get out and prance around to garnish public support , Goldtooth when questioned how he could accept financial support and serve the agenda like soro’s said, those guys all ways contact us when they need token indians for their cause, and yet those arse wipes take the monies assisting such sicko’s. Nothing like shoring up with and supporting those who created the f9 monkey key’s, eh?

    Soros and boys also staged the Arab Spring that led to the Muslim Brotherhood being put into power positions in Egypt through the support of Obama, the muslim brotherhood is the off crop of the Baath Parth / PLO which in it’s later trends of pan-arabism that transformed into Hamas in palestine and across the region now ISIS.

    Soor’s is also funding black lives matter and other so called activist/human rights groups and an interesting note is again the amount of radical_muslim_extremists that are at the top of those food chains of preaching peace and tolerance standing hand and hand with our own countrymen to create strife with out any intent to create “common ground” for working / social concerns.

    did not take soro’s and the boys to jump on INM either, actually a large part of the initial thrust (media coverage) was promoted and funded by those same working groups who eventually transformed the movement into current day shAIMster world views , ideologies and actions …..

    Hilary Clinton Says US should admit 65,000 Syrian refugees

    Anyone need to say another cog of that Syrian Peddler Son James Abourezk for Hillary?

    Bernie and hillary both are in bed with those clowns, clinton over recent years swang a deal with the soviet union for u.s uranium, something to the nature of 50% of the stocks here to go to russia, right on the heels of that pe`sala sale, that black hills region is currently going back up for uranium mining, extraction is to increase in the upcoming years, where it has laid pretty dormant for extraction over recent years for extraction of uranium.

    that last part uranium is a big key to global control, it’s about energy needs and who has the supplies, green energy is smoke and mirrors for the constant coverup of the advancement of fussion power generation technology, when that technology is released not amount of oil , or solar energy will be needed due to it’s safe and clean means of process’s (of course you and i will be long gone from this physical world by then smile emoticon , man will still be here thou the environment will likely be totally trashed along with much of the other life we shared life with in these modern times ….[note: [Note: We are getting closer to fusion power – feb 2016 – NewYork Post]

    One thing is for certain wherever Islam has placed it’s foot down, people have upto this day had to kneel to their God, and that is also what a big part of this crazyness is about, for “Men” to have their way with Women and Children under the protection of so called good belief systems.

    also note, rare earth minerals, that in the past had not great demand , are today in the forefront of mineral resourse extraction, for supper magnets, recharagable batteries , high tech electronic circutry needs such as military and communications, (and very much needed for green energy products such as solar panels, windmill generators, etc) and very much needed for just about all modern day consumer good production cost reduction, computers, cars, building materials, China controls about 98% of the rare earth extraction and it has just been recently that western companies have jumped on board with gaining a part of that industry market, during the recent afgan war, it was released to the public that afgan has trillions upon trillions of worth of rare earth minerals, and even though the u.s created the infrastructure for access, roads, water, community development during the afgan war, the Soviets and China (more rockefella derothchild cogs like TNK BP / Soviet Union branch of BP, that is BP who grew out of the 1st oil finds in the arab countries, then known as the arab persian oil company

    i.e to say BP grew out of the oceans of oil in iran hand in hand with Standard Oil , will still gain control of those mineral resources …. same o, same o, always has , always will be about resource control and technology advancement …. i.e to say the tribe with the highest technology most always wins ….

    btw: canada is loaded big time with rare earth deposits from coast to coast in the tundra’s, and methane gas deposits (the latest and greatest gas extraction being referenced as natural gas supplies, methane is not natural gas as per chemical component breakdown, thou the extraction and production of it for energy is being called natural gas concepts, and the concepts for extraction includes fracking combined with thermal stimulation to break the gas free from the permafrost), this is another reason for the canadian gov. getting on board with china for energy needs).
    Am thinking Trump wants to take financial control of China/Asia’s industrial production, which is a good thing in ways because he does not seem to be tied to the rockefella, derothchilds, etc ….
    i.e to say if trumps working team takes control of industrial production, people can have all the mineral resources in the world, thou those resources are not worth spit unless the demand for production of consumer products calls for those resources AND those who control production, buys the resources for production output to meet demand supplies.

    SouthChina Sea also, will be the future’s modern day arab oil reserves, lot of stink of that going on right now not being spoken of, and yes again loads of methane exist there …. note blog on methane in blog entry ….

    AND NOTE: WGS-5 Launched May 2013 – joint ground coverage and communications with Australia defense systems for coverage of the South China Sea.

    My primary concern remains with “identity of the nations” and how those working groups mentioned above could care less and continue to try and alter identity by bringing in other cultural traits and belief systems to change world views , ideologies of future generations to serve those who do not give a squat about the security and well being of nation hood as per our ancestries expectations ….

    “a nation is not totally conquered until it’s people’s beliefs and identity is altered to serve the dominate”

    for example, even the whale has a right to it’s existence in this world and it is part of our responsibility to ensure it’s ability to survive by not trashing it’s home, “they” do_not trash ours.

     rant, rant, rant , and to answer your question, i am not sure if i can define the meaning of good guy , and as such , do not know who the good guys are, thou i do know, i have a right to my own life, without having to, or being expected to kneel at anyone’s feet.

    for good people , maybe think about SpindleTop (birth of the modern day oil industry) vs. IG Farben (1st synthetic oil production) and who gets in what boat ….

    kind of like the Ship , the Virginian Argyle as mentioned below …. (relative to the fur trade and who was putting the screws to their own)

    Not much different when Islam rolled across Hibernia (Spain) when Spain’s own countrymen shored up with Islam to initiate Sharia Law)


    Acadia: 1610-1613 – THE ABENAKI MISSION.

    This mission was chiefly in Maine and Acadia, and on Cape Breton Island. The Abenakis (or Abnakis) were a strong but mild-mannered Algonkin tribe, settled in villages or cantonments; but, like others of their race, in the habit of taking long semi-annual journeys, each winter to hunt, and each summer to fish. We have seen that the French Jesuits, Biard and Massé, were in the field as early as 1611, soon after the establishment of Port Royal; their predecessor being the secular French priest, Fléche, who had been introduced to the country by Poutrincourt, the patentee. Biard and Masse met with many discouragements, chiefly the opposition of Poutrincourt’s son, Biencourt (sometimes called Baron St. Just), who had been left in charge of the colony. Never-the-less the missionaries learned the native language, and made many long journeys of exploration, one of Biard’s trips extending as far as the mouth of the Kennebec. They were later joined by a lay brother, Du Thet, and by Fathers Quentin and Lalemant. Joining the new French colony on Mt. Desert Island, in the .spring of 1613, the establishment was almost immediately destroyed by the Virginian Argyle. In the skirmish, Du Thet was killed…. ~extracted from The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents – Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France – 1610—1791

    Stay Raggedy ….





Under the Last Star

Now Should We Talk , County/State Court Judicial Reform with Sentencing Circle Tribunals that are to include big warm fuzzy hugs from the Assailant to the Victim? ….

The so called attributes of Native American judicial and healing cultural attributes.

Sharia Law Coming Your Way presented as Peace and Tolerance Right ? …. Through the doorway of child and family of the  traditional american court system.

in regards to ICWA mentioned in the writings   Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system , it should be noted if the ICWA regulations go into effect ANY CHILD of Persian decent that holds any degree of “indian” blood CAN BE HARVESTED BY TRIBES as an indian child, thus opening the door, creating avenue’s of need for SHARIA LAW IN TRIBAL COURTS.

Note blog March 2015 –  Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

Anyone Who actually believes the current refugee – immigrant flood into this country  and policies to promote such is  about human rights, must have ROCKS IN THEIR HEAD! –


Get Ready to be Blind Sided !!!!  LOL!


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