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September 30, 2012

It is an interesting dichotomy directed at those who don’t worship at the AIM/Peltier altar that the supporters will portray themselves as truth and justice seekers but have no interest in those things for Annie, Ray, or the vicitms of AIM’s Reign of Terror at WK2 -AIM’s Resmurs. -Rezinate-

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Just a few a simple questions I would ask as excerpted from a reply I made in another blog and directed at a single individual-now they are directed to one and all.

Some very basic ones that don’t require FOI’s, myth, references  to Nazi’s or Hitler to be answered.

These are questions that only require a bare minimum of common sense and candor to reply to-perhaps that is why they seldom are.

A few examples would be as follows:

Is the taking and ransacking of a community of indigenous people by indigenous people an act of liberation?

Who controlled WK, was it the feds or AIM?

Who is responsible for what occurred within WK2-those who controlled it from within or those on the periphery?

Who took hostages within the community during WK2 and in an attempt to validate doing so referred to them as white people when in fact they…

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September 29, 2012

“Guess what the real Lakota traditional tribal Elders, who were appalled at the exploitation of the Cannunpa, that they tried to stop with this petition, what their concerns were & wishes were did not matter to Vivian High Elk & James Swan…who are backing the fraud…Looking Horse!” -LookingBackWoman-


A meeting was convened by the Sicangu Lakota Grass Roots Oyate on October 21st, 2006, at the Rosebud Casino Conference Room located on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Central South Dakota. Approximately 100 people were in attendance from the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Oyate which included Naca Itahcan Ominiciye, Traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, Treaty councils, Tetuwan Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our chiefs, elders and First Ladies of our Nation.

The highlight of discussion included: Exploitation of Sacred Ceremonies with Wolakota Foundations’ overall coordinator and promoter, Paula Horn-Mullen and her questionable activities.

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

  • DLN meeting on Exploitation-Oct. 21, 2006‏


To NDNAIM,, Mike Adams,, Debra Ross
From:Alfred Bone Shirt (
Sent:October-28-06 7:39:30 AM
To:NDNAIM (; Mike Adams (; (; Debra Ross (


A meeting was convened by the Sicangu Lakota Grass Roots Oyate on October 21st, 2006, at the Rosebud Casino Conference Room located on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Central South Dakota. Approximately 100 people were in attendance from the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Oyate which included Naca Itahcan Ominiciye, Traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, Treaty councils, Tetuwan Sioux Nation Treaty Council, Spiritual leaders and other organizations and lineal descendants of our chiefs, elders and First Ladies of our Nation.

The highlight of discussion included: Exploitation of Sacred Ceremonies with Wolakota Foundations’ overall coordinator and promoter, Paula Horn-Mullen and her questionable activities. Speakers on this issue were:

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A Gay Kingman Pony’s Up with AIM

September 25, 2012


Powder your face , put on your lipstick and Pony UP Boyz!

We are riding over to Borderlands Ranch

Save Pe Sla fb page shut down Sept 25th, check back for updates in blog entry – who will LRI and AIM affiliates kick to the curb next?

A Gay Kingman joins in on a bashing post about Suzanne Dupree. Why is the Executive  Director for the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association who is involved with the purchase of Pe Sla for Rosebud doing on fb partaking in the bashing of a Lakota Women ?

Kingman as a Executive  Director of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association, in respect to her position and those she represents , should give the public an explanation of her comments about  theft and why she try’s to degrade a Lakota Woman.

Is Kingman not being Truthful about people pocketing money, considering she is  joined to Dennis Banks at the hip pocket, it appears Truthfulness is not one of Kingman’s refined qualities.


Posted to Save Pe Sla fb page Sept 2012 a few days before closing

Teri Lynne Angelique   >This is Washito woman, aka Suzanne Dupree. I just now watched her video. Thank god, she is not from my tribe. I hope Scotty raises hell with her for fooling poor people. She is no Cheyenne River.

Teri Lynne Angelique > Come on we native women have Chepa Bellies. I haven’t seen a Skinny Lakota woman. lol

Wanbli Sapa > she is a fake wannabee new ager

A Gay Kingman who is she? does she have a web-site?

James Magaska Swan > She claims to have the real calf pipe…LOL She is a nut case…

Teri Lynne Angelique > A Gay Kingman if you click on her name. Her profile will show up. This woman is an example of the washitos who are claiming to be something to poor individuals for a profit. Our people don’t ask for money to pray for others. Strange if you ask me. Yes, her website will show-up on her facebook. My daughter isn’t fluent in Lakota, and she started laughing at how this woman pronounces our words. She is trying to speak Lakota, but she is saying it all wrong. I hope more of our people get ahold of her site. We have freedom, Freedom also comes with a dollar when a person is profiting off of another with out their permission. I am not an Attorney, but I believe it is called “Infringement use of our tribal identity.”

Teri Lynne Angelique We need to save our culture. Not allow it to be stolen from us.

A Gay Kingman There are so many of these people now. We even had several spring up to try to collect money for Pe’Sla and pocketed the money themselves.

Teri Lynne Angelique This makes me mad. I explained to a man the other night why, he needs to tell me who his family is; if I am going to talk to him via facebook, I also told him the trauma our people endorse. So, when we don’t trust immediately, look at our history.

James Magaska Swan Right on Teri..I see you are from gods country…

James Magaska Swan @ Gay are you coming with us tomarrow for the prayer walk?

Teri Lynne AngeliqueCheyenne Bellecourt Eagleman I have always heard my elders complain about white people who learn how to pray in Lakota, then go off and start lying to other Pityful people out in the world at the same time charging in the Thousands of dollars range. But when I seen this woman, and I clicked on her Youtube site. I am Fluent in Lakota, and English as my second language, this woman cannot speak our language, even my daughter who isn’t fluent but can understand Lakota when I speak to her; knows this woman learned to pronounce our language. If you click on her name, alot of her information will show up. I think she is a white lady from the state of Washington. She sure has Blonde thin hair.

Check here for the Discussion that preceded the post above


A few posts that include typical tactics of AIM mentality trying to divert from the subject  to hide something

  • Sept 9 – Transparency about LRI fund raising – Ruth Homes of LRI kicks off an attack , then sits back and watches the mob verbal abuse.
  • Sept 12 – Transparency about LRI fund raising – Sara Jumping Eagle outright lies and ignores any request for understanding
  • Sept 14 – LRI –  Post about Shutting Down Save Pe Sla fb Site  – next day Save Pe Sla gives notice of closing down. Post replies to LRI include correlation of Exploitation of Spirituality by Borderlands Ranch (Rosebud adopted Linda Kramer) and Ben Rhodd, ex Rosebud Tribe Council Russell Eagle Bear,  and correlation to Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.
  • Sept 15 – Save Pe Sla gives notice of closing it’s fb Site –  replies have interesting correlations to Carla Rae Marshall’s post reply about  her idea for Rosebud Tribe development in Pe Sla.  Post reply about  indiancountry today article that mentions  Rosebud leaders doing ceremony at Pe Sla, Borderlands?). Post reply about Rosebud hijacking Pe Sla from other councils. and Chase not having support from the 7 Councils as his petition stated
  • Sept 15 – Annie Mae Pictou Aquash’s Spirit being desecrated – The most horrid post replies reviewed in the Save Pe Sla fb site, NOT one person from the fb site or LRI comments while their long time fb pr members try to rub Annie Mae’s death location into her daughter’s face, then pray for Annie’s daughter to heal in the say thread of comments.
  • Sept 17 – The hijacking of Lakota Spirituality


“If they are abusing, exploiting or selling anything to do with lakota spirituality in the wrong way, I am against it” -James Swan-


Save Pe Sla Closing Comment

Kyanne Dillabaugh i went and spoke with the elders, with chief red cloud, the council passed a resolution. none of this has ever been up to me alone ___. i first speak with my tiospaye about everything, then we discuss it with other members of our tribe, then we discuss it with our allies from other tribes and then we take it to the elders council. when things are done right. this is a long process and we are lacking basic resources, like gas money, to make these things happen. things move much slower on the plains of lakota territory than they do on facebook. both ways are good. but you don’t see what we do here on the ground where things are happening. you also don’t see the signs we are given along the way that make us believe we are doing the right things. so you have to trust that we have put everything we have into this decision.


Kyanne, says “you also don’t see the signs we are given along the way that make us believe we are doing the right things“,  they must have missed Rosebud going up in flames  after Stanly Crooks and the Tribal Council started a bid proposal dialog  for the auction. Keep in mind Mr. Crooks specialty is Gaming, so were the fires of a natural order or possibly arson to generate funds? Just a thought. Then to beat all , who ended up in the hospital shortly before the auction, the auction  was then canceled and then who died on  the planned auction day. I do not know who is keeping score for these yoyo’s, but someone might want to stop turning a bind eye to some of the signs.


Years back Z was secretary treasurer for the Local Indian Council. Her position came as a surprise since she seldom if ever attended the meetings. She reluctantly accepted and felt obligated because she was nominated, voted in  by the Elders of the community.

It did not take long for Z to recognize and start questioning for an understanding of  irregularities with stipends and as a result, denial and outright lies were placed on the table. Z eventually placed on the table canceled checks for everyone to review, which showed without a doubt the theft, lies and deception of a select council member .

One would think Z would receive support from the remainder of the group for bringing this information to the table , thou in place she was attacked with comments such as “you are being too professional” , “we need to schedule some training courses to enhance your skills” , etc.

Z was eventually cast out of the local Indian council and the Elders that opposed what was occurring, were also pushed out of the door. It was not long after when the Local Indian Council Ponied Up and transformed the community gathering , that was generated by those Elders and Z  into a exploitation powwow enabling the local Indian council to grab more money.


There are basically 3 types of people in this world , good, not so good and downright wicked. Those characters of mentality have no prejudice on age or status position.


check back for updates

Influenced to Live


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September 25, 2012

The more I think about it the more I like the concept of an Occupy AIM movement.

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The more I think about it the more I like the concept of an Occupy AIM movement.

The need and reasons for it share many similarities with the Occupy Wall Street movement-a part of which is to expose the behind the scenes machinations, agenda, and greed-that one perecnter mentality.

Laws that are routinely broken for the “good of the people” while CEOs speak in platitudes and talk about the great good they are doing.

That somehow trickle up economics benefits everyone and as such the outrageous salaries they “earn” are a mere pittance in comparison.

Problem is that much like these Wall Street CEO’s our AIM one percenters have no interest in sharing the wealth-they just want more.

In real time, not the space time continuum AIM apparently exists in, donations intended to go a specific cause generally have to go there -throwing a few sleeping bags or a tent…

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Panhandlers Trying to Wash Away Blood

September 19, 2012


Why did lastrealindians imprint on the global community through their Save Pe Sla fund raising campaign, that the Lakota Nation is so poor and financially incompetent and in dire need of financial assistance?

Anyone connect the dots between, Shakopee Tribe of Minnesota, now deceased Chairman Stanley Crooks (who died on the planned auction date) that had dialog with Rosebud Tribe in early July for auction bid proposals , … to the Indian Land Tenure Foundation of Little Canada, Minn. who is assisting in securing the 9million in funds to title the Reynolds Property? Shakopee is quite the giver with donations and funding, for example in 2010,2011 alone their gaming contributed in excess of 100 million to outside communities in donations and funding. Yes, ILTF is in their list of recipients. Mr. Crooks representing Shakopee accomplished quite a bit during his 20yrs of “business” that assisted in the growth of their gaming operations.

LRI bailed  out of all dialog at the official Save Pe Sla fb page when an understanding of campaign fund raising arose and LRI refused to be transparent even in the most basic form. Since LRI wants to take credit for others efforts and preach from the podium how they saved Pe Sla, they should at least be up front and transparent.

Questions are now up in the air about 1/2 million plus of the 1.6 million used to secure a bid proposal . That 1.6 million which 380,000 (before campaign raising fees) of on-line donations is part of. That bid proposal amount that is suppose to include the unknown amount of direct donations to Rosebud Tribe as an option of the  fund raising, that was meant  for the Lakota “Nation” , not just Rosebud Tribe, even thou it did excluded all other “Nations” with direct ancestral connections to Pe Sla.

Up to this point, the purchase agreement for Rosebud “Tribe” to title the lands ends up being 900k down for a  9million dollar purchase, AND there is no public knowledge how much of the 1.6 million that was used to secure  the bid acceptance proposal was a gift of the global community.

Where did the unknown excess of 900k go, where is it floating around at , that money that was suppose to be for the Lakota “Nation”, that is now lingering around somewhere for the Rosebud “Tribe” to hold Soul ownership of  Sacred Land. The purchase has  not been finalized, nor has methodology of title bee finalized , Vernon Schmidt, executive director of Rosebud’s Tribal Land Enterprise reports the desire to put in a place for people to eat and sleep, wash water facility, tipi’s and buffalo with an educational center.

It would be nice to get a facility there at Pe’ Sla where people could gather, have restrooms, where they could sleep or eat food. That would be warranted,” Schmidt said. “We’d make sure it doesn’t interfere with anything that involves the cultural significance of Pe’ Sla. But I would like to see some type of facility where we could teach classes and have gatherings out of the elements. Maybe run 20 to 50 buffalo, and maybe have tipis set up.”

Currently there are approximately 12 small structures on the Reynolds property, most appear to be hay sheds, View them in Google Maps.

Now that  is an intent by Rosebud Tribe to develop a “Spiritual Educational” center in Pe Sla, with the flavor of a few tipi’s and a herd of Bison? Still waiting to hear how the Pay to Pray Toll gates will be justified. Sounds like Pe Sla is going to be saved at any Means to  create accounts for Banks and AIM Affiliates.

8/23/2012 – Two days before auction Chase Iron Eyes, with Reverend Linda Kramer spoke on  S.Dakota Public radio about Pe Sla. This pretty well answers why they both deleted postings on the LRI and Borderlands fb sites that questioned if fund raising money would be used to purchase other_land for Borderlands Spiritual Ranch indoctrination program.

Wondering how long it will be before  LastRealIndians, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Gay Kingston and others tied to the hip pockets of AIM leadership will ride in and knock Linda Kramer and group off of their horses to take control of Borderlands pay to pray and play Spiritual Education Ranch.

Read, At Borderlands St. Benedict Rules a June, 2003 article in the Rapid City Journal. extract: “The other is called Lakota Benedictine Experience with the Rev. Martin Brokenleg, an Episcopal priest …. Brokenleg is also a Benedictine oblate of Blue Cloud Abbey and a pipe carrier among his Sicangu Lakota people who participates in the sweat lodge and sun dance traditions.”  As such, he’s in a unique position to bring together the two spiritual traditions , Kramer said, and explore the way Lakota and Benedictine spiritual practices may support one another.

Read about the Rule of St. Benedict  at wiki, for example , more than half the chapters describe how to be obedient and humble, and what to do when a member of the community is not. These teachings can easily be correlated to Residential Schooling indoctrination.

Extracted from the Borderlands News Letter Dec, 2010: A Board member, Ben Rhodd, responded to prayer four years ago and has held a Sun Dance every June to, among other things, pray for the protection of this prairie. (note bottom of this blog under heading “other crazyness”)

In a South Dakota PBS  interview that included Chase Iron Eyes, Linda Kramer states her ranch is in the “Heart of Pe Sla”. If this is not Heart Cancer, I do not know what is.



Yes, get ready for the next episode of the unfolding of the “Great Unfathomed Mystery Playground” , the upcoming World Healing Center , where people will blindly pay to pray and be preyed upon by the  snab and grab scripts of  blAIM mentality, while those so called last real Indians  “Do_NOTHING” for  Justice of murdered innocents such as Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson Jr., the several corpses reported by Mathew King, Frank Fools Crows interpreter and other unspoken about’s.


It all ties back to  the  Blood of Innocents, the killing of Wolf


~Divine Intervention~

Around 1660 a Jesuit priest wrote “we staked Wolf (a Mohegan) and burned him alive.” …. “We have very rarely seen the burning of an irquois without feeling sure that he was on the path to paradise without seeing him pass through the feiry punishment” …. after baptizing him, “a marvel to see a wolf changed at one stroke into a lamb, and enter into the fold of Christ”

Then Came DeSmit

During President Grant’s administration the government decided to assign different religions to specific reservations in an effort to civilize the native people.  In 1877 Chief Sinte Gleska (Spotted Tail), leader of the Sicangu Lakota and Chief Red Cloud, leader of the Ogalala, met with President Rutherford B. Hayes and formally requested that the Black Robes come to their lands to educate their people.  Father Jutz and Brother Nunlist finished a large frame building  and dedicated it in 1886. Father Florentine Digmann arrived in 1888.

Then came incidents such as the Lakota leader Spotted Tail being murdered by Crow Dog in 1881 and a year or so later Two Kettle inviting the Jesuit priest Pierre-Jean DeSmet to the rez to teach the Lakota children english. A murder of an innocent man well worth researching, considering the murderer is ancestor of AIM member Leonard Crow Dog that is involved with the murder of  innocents mentioned above during the Wounded Knee occupation of the 70’s.

The historical profile of innocent blood on the hands goes back a long way,  influenced by outside belief systems and excused by those who continue to try and hijack Lakota Spirituality under the disguise of “Saving Sacred Land.”

Those who speak up or request an understanding as to exactly what is occurring become Maa’iingan, i.e a Wolf staked out to be burned.



A Few Random Thoughts on Divine Intervention

Attitude is a reflection of leadership “of” the belief system and governing bodies.

The bible had no definition, explanation for 1st nations people , even the belief by some that 1st nations people could be the lost tribe (13th tribe) of Israel was discarded to categorize people as heathens, daemons, savages, thus there was no shame or wrong with breaking commandments and vows …. resulting in attempts to annihilate for the greed for resources

For a moment the Iriquois were looked upon as, messengers from God, amazing how quick some people forget eh ?

Cartier’s 2nd voyage, 1535 the fleet lay frozen solid at the mouth of the St. Charles River … scurvy broke out …. “out of 110 that we were, not ten were well enough to help the others, a pitiful thing to see” ~Cartier~ …. as many as 25 of them died before learning from the Iriquois that the bark of a white spruce tree boiled in water was a cure for scurvy ….

Cartier proclaimed the Iroquoian cure a God send , a miracle and then claimed the cure  “a discovery”.


The panhandlers   attempt to wash away blood with money, fame , and glory to continue  Divine Intervention

“They” are  Modern Day Spirit Jailers

I see the Blood of an Innocent Child and Everybody is Watching,

What did they say to make you so blind,
to your conscience and reason ?


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Other Crazyness

Rosebud Councilmen voted to unite the 7 councils , did the  7 councils at that time have input to that decision. This was  suppose to have been well established when Chase Iron Eyes stated the Lakota “Nation” Supported the campaign fund raising, which does not seem to be the case.


below extracted from IndianCountryToday

On August 14, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council issued a press release announcing that “in the spirit of religious freedom,” the council will act as the fiscal agent to bid in the Pe’ Sla sacred site auction on August 25.

“Every year, tribes within the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota nation gather to perform ritual and ceremony as a way to ensure the continued well-being of all people. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is among those tribes that send contingents to the site every year, (note: Borderlands? , Kramer is adopted by a Rosebud family)

” Rosebud leaders said in the press release.

“In that spirit, the Rosebud council voted to unite all the Oceti Sakowin—or Seven Council Fires of the Nation—in this struggle to maintain its deeply rooted traditions.

If successful, this will mark one of the first attempts by the Great Sioux Nation to unite in common cause, bid for ownership and share the site for all tribal members to practice their faith.”


Basically , With all the campaign fund raising going to Rosebud,  Pe Sla has been hijacked by Rosebud Council from the other Lakota Councils , and other nations who hold direct ancestry, while those initiating the actions are in bed with the likes of Linda Kramer of Borderlands Ranch through Ben Rhodd’s


Extracted from the Borderlands News Letter Dec, 2010: A Board member, Ben Rhodd, responded to prayer four years ago and has held a Sun Dance every June to, among other things, pray for the protection of this prairie.

Borderlands board member Ben Rhodd of Hill City, a 59-year-old Potawatomi archaeologist, initially got involved with Kramer and Borderlands to promote spiritual awareness and deepening. As their mutual understanding and appreciation for Pe’ Sla and its importance grew, so did their commitment to protecting it. Extracted from rapid city journal , Sept 16 article


Borderlands Board Member & Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors

YouTube Description: CoSM Grails, made from an original piece created by Alex Grey, were poured in molten metal by Black Hills Bronze in Hill City, SD. The ceremony was overseen by veteran foundryman Grant Standard and Lakota elder Ben Rhodd.

Extract from ceremony conducted by Ben Rhodd.

“May these Grails serve the building of Entheon and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Come Build With Me
The Voice of the dawn said.

We have an opportunity to build something extraordinary together
I am the architect of reality, You are my builders
I will work with you when called to solve a problem you cannot.
Ben Rhodes doing a ceremony for the pouring of CoSM Grails”

“Alex had sculpted a grail, a magical cup meant for display or ceremonial use—but it simply had not yet found the perfect bronze birthplace.

The molten metal was poured into the shells—in a special ceremony that included a reading of a poem written by the Greys and read by Lakota spiritual leader Ben Rhodd.”  The birthplace of the Grail’s “Black Hills Bronze

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Grail

Considering the amount of wealth that Alex Grey of Chapel of Sacred Mirrors carries and his affiliation with Ben Rhodd’s who is on the Board of Borderlands Ranch, it would not surprise me to see somewhere down the road concepts such as that by Chapel of the Mirrors pop up in Pe Sla.  It has been suggested by one of Linda Kramer’s fund raising supporters that Pe Sla development could have Earth Homes, One to represent the Morning Star, and others to represent the Seven Sisters. Same car as that below so to speak of , just a different set of fenders.

The Goddess of CoSM over map of CoSM Property

The dimensions of the CoSM property relate to the vesica piscis, the archetypal sacred geometric feminine form. This one by two proportion is that of the adult human and perfectly hosts an imaginal goddess. A temple is a vessel for the soul and intuitively a place of pilgrimage relating to the Divine Feminine. Our very first odyssey in life is as separate sex cells toward the ovum. Our existence depends on the success of that journey to the Great Goddess. A sperm and an egg are the only cells in the body with 23 chromosomes. Every other cell has 46. For life to begin, the sperm must travel far at great peril and probable death to join together in Oneness with the awaiting Goddess. A sacred space calls to those who seek Oneness.  An angel once told me, “The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a womb for the gestation of the awakening human spirit.”  Allyson, the Sacred Feminine in my life, both inspired and named the Sacred Mirrors. The Goddess of CoSM is embedded in this Holy Ground. [excerpt from the soon-to-be released Net of Being, by Alex Grey with Allyson Grey coming November 2012]

Who is CoSM,  Chapel of Sacred Mirrors


December 1st, 2010

Dear Friend of Borderlands!

Thirteen years ago today documents were signed to establish the 501c3 organization which gave birth to Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center. In the community of the Center, we have hosted approximately 75 Journey to Adulthood pilgrimage groups; we have designed and hosted several Lakota Benedictine Experiences, GRADY’s Program and adult pilgrimages. This last summer we entered into a project that will create sustainable housing in Lakota communities.

Advocating understandings of Lakota culture and issues to others; advocating strengthening our relationship with the Creation and the Creator in the spirit of “Mitakuye Oyasin” – we are all related; promoting the spiritual development of young people and adults in a remote setting in the Heart of the Black Hills that calls us to open our heart to all of creation especially those in the world most different from us and to respond with a spirit of compassion – this was our focus from the beginning.

Then four years ago a larger advocacy came upon the horizon and we found ourselves financially committing to a portion of this prairie up for sale by a developer and trying to hold off the paving of the road that runs through the middle of this prairie – this sacred site known as the Pes’la – one of five major ceremonial sites on the annual Lakota journey through the Black Hills. Of the five sites. the Pes’la is the only one that is “unprotected” i.e. the other sites are held within Federal or State lands. This may not be ideal but the other sites will never have a housing development placed upon it. (FYI the other sites on the journey are Harney Peak, Inyan Kara, Devil’s Tower and Bear Butte. These names are not the Lakota names (other than Inyan Kara) but are used on current maps.)

Specifically – My family and I purchased the adjacent 120 acres (three 40 acre parcels) under threat of possible subdivision of this acreage into 10 acre ranchettes. This was an investment of nearly $500,000. We felt we had no choice but to immediately purchase the land in an attempt to prevent the further development of the Reynolds Prairie area. The eventual plan was for Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center to purchase this land, however that has not come to fruition.

And then, as a result of the economy downturn, grant monies and other sources became extremely competitive. This has led many funding agencies, institutions, and philanthropic individuals to become highly selective in their criteria stipulations.

But we still have faith that this is what we have been called to do – protect this sacred site from having a housing development upon it – or something worse. And we still need your help. A Board member, Ben Rhodd, responded to prayer four years ago and has held a Sun Dance every June to, among other things, pray for the protection of this prairie. The following is a quote from him regarding the importance of protecting the Pes’la and why we dance.

“The dance and all prayers made here are about our effort to protect the Pes’la, the Center of the Heart of a Land and Nation….the dance is about unity, peace, and justice not only for ourselves (meaning not just Indian people) but for all peoples….. no matter their color or race….. the 377 broken treaties are at the heart of this struggle to pray and protect our own land in our own way.

Martin Luther King said it best in his “I Have a Dream” speech….. in essence he was talking about the Dream of a Nation (America) to rise above its inconsistencies of rhetoric and live the Dream of the men and women who created the verbiage contained in the Preamble, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. We are still within Martin’s speech (so to speak) as the people of this land still have not risen and understood the meaning of Martin’s words.

For us the Sundance on the prairie is taking a stand against the nightmare of Manifest Destiny that allowed for a Nation to be built on this continent but lost its soul in the process. The dance is a reminder that no Nation has the right to disregard the spirituality of another or to repress it. I don’t know if you remember the story that I tell about the Trail of Broken Treaties people in DC when they occupied the BIA building there. When it was done and the Indians left, there was a poster found in one of the closets (appropriately!!) that had a saying on it. It spoke to what Martin Luther King was talking about but with a different take on it. But one phrase that I usually quote is this: “the Indian people are the bones that rattle in the closet of Democracy”. And that goes to the heart of the dance here…. WE are that conscience of this Country and it is a reminder of what it can be instead of what it is…..

This is just one persons prayer (even though guided by Spirit) about why we dance. It isn’t about me though…… it is about what we all must do to ensure freedom (with responsibility) for our common existence, generations, and quality of life.”

Ben Rhodd October, 2010

We write at this time to tell you how grateful we are for your support in the past of our mission here at Borderlands. We have never received any large block of money from an organization – we have been supported by the people who come here and the people who believe in what we are doing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being one of those people.

It is our hope and prayer that you will be able to send us a financial gift at this time to help us continue our work and stretch our resources into another year. We wish you a blessed holiday season – and hope that it brings you in touch with those you love and reminds you of what is important in this life.

Please – make a pledge now and help us save the prairie, and support our mission that we set out 13 years ago to accomplish. Borderlands is a 501 (c) 3, so donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Should you so choose you can learn more about us on and stay in touch at

Please pray for us that we may soon retire the debt on this land – and we will continue to pray for you and all those who support our work. At this season of Thanksgiving we especially thank those who have pledged to continue to support our mission and who have faithfully done so over the last thirteen years….we pray that you will continue to do. If you haven’t supported us in the past, we pray that you will choose to do so now at t his critical point in our history so that we may continue to honor God and the prayers that have been said here for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years by protecting this prairie, the Pes’la.


Linda Kramer
Founding Director
Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center


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September 15, 2012


Kid: Hey mister, I bet  a dollar , I can tell you the date and time where you got those shoes.

Tourist: OK, That’s a bet.

Kid: It’s Sept 18, 2012 , 3am and you got those shoes on Burbon Steet, Nu Awlins, Cha-Ching! , Pay up.

If the tourist refuses the grifters con,  an entourage of the working group crawls out of the wood work and chimes in with insults and intimidating behavior creating a street scene, trying to coax the tourist to dig into his pockets. Consider that , a correlation of the AIM mentality people have been indoctrinated with.

I really dislike grifters , they leave such shadowing marks on the community and culture they present themselves as being representatives of.

It’s obvious the Lastrealindians holds the same mentality as the  Jean Lafitte , bootleg mentality of dockside Nu Awlins. Such a shame to cast shadows over culture and tradition in such ways, while they re-iterate AIM scripts of snab and grab to generate sympathy for their “you owe us mindset.” That is to say, it is acceptable to lie, deceive and cheat for the cause because we are entitled.

Requesting an Understanding of  Fund Raising

at the  Save Pe Sla fb Page, LRI Replies 

Jerimey Morse: According to , the fund raising petition was set up as “flexible” , no funds are returnable , if you don’t reach your goal the fee is 9% , 3% for credit card processing, plus a $25 wire fee for non-U.S. campaigns. Currency exchange fees may also apply.

9267 funders generated 389000 on the counter at closing of the petition, how much will LRI actually receive?

  • > Ruth Robertson-Hopkins , LRI campaign team member:  Joe Wade, I mean, Jerimey…what have you done to protect Pe’Sla? Instead of slamming the efforts of dedicated Native individuals who brought attention to Pe’Sla (many are on this page) and effectively helped prevent Pe’Sla (Reynolds Prairie) from being auctioned off- and managed to raise enough funds as well as work with a coalition of Oceti Sakowin to open up negotiations for its purchase, you should drop your obvious personal vendetta against Chase and step aside. Lies, slander, and defamation solve nothing. You make a lot of accusations, but you offer no proof. That is probably why people don’t take you seriously. I’ve seen your blog posts. I’m assuming you have no full time employment- or how else could you have so much time to obsess over this? I’ve noticed you especially enjoy attacking women. Can I look forward to seeing my words cut and pasted onto your blog now too? Life is too short to spend it stewing in your own inadequacies. Hate and jealousy get you nowhere.
  • > Matt Remle: Ruth, don’t even sweat the bad mouths out there. You all did something beautiful and helped to touch the hearts and minds of many. If people want to talk ish that’s ok, because these people are put into peoples lives to remind us how not to live. Anpetu waste luha yo.
  • > Jerimey Morse:  Ruth, how about answers and a bit of transparency, as soon as the petition closed indiegogo computed the figures for distribution and associated fees for the fund raising, those numbers are already available to LRI , How long will it take for the global community to get answers?

Read complete dialog of LRI Pe Sla Campaign Team member Ruth Hopkins replies with accusations, rhetoric, insults that lead into other members of the site chiming in, 140+  replies    Or  Save Pe Sla fb site

LRI Post about Transparency at Save Pe Sla fb site

Sara Jumping Eagle LRI campaign team member: (…)  We cannot address all name calling or lies that are put out in the Internet. Financial details of the fundraising campaign are readily available on indiegogo website. The policies are straightforward and the amount raised is posted. We appreciate the need for transparency and this is the very reason indiegogo was chosen by our team. Pilamaye!
  • Geri Smith (posted a dialog from Indiegogo fb):  Geri Smith: after a campaign closes , how does the public find out the actual amount of funds available after the indiegogo receives its service fees from the total donated  >>>> Indiegogo: , Hi Geri, That information is the responsibility of the campaigner. They can share that information if they choose to
  • (…)
  • Geri Smith: the “financial_details” are_not readily available on indiegogo website, and one would think a campaign team member would at least be straight forward and give the fund raising total after, overseas transactions, currency exchange rates, currency exchange fee’s, pay pal fee’s , or whatever other fees are deducted from the total donated.
  • Your post is another attempt to not be open with the public, by telling them to go and look for themselves, knowing all necessary information is not at the indiegogo site.
  • How about a little transparency to include the amount donated through the campaign option to donate directly to Rosebud Tribe, and the amount generated at the sept 5 rally
  • Not going to happen is it? , if it does not this campaign fund raising transparency will be no different than the Justice for Vern Rally that lastrealindians conducted.
    • Unique Material: Geri – you are an instigator wherever you go. Why do you sow dissent? Did you even donate? (…)
    • Keya Rainbow Heart: , (…) Humbly suggesting that the ones bringing negative energies are simply ignored … just saying
    • Lizzie Cornish: ,  Good idea, Keya… :0)
    • Geri Smith: , Unique Material, Keya Rainbow Heart, Please try not to flood the board with such rhetoric and finger pointing. if you have comments to offer an understanding , please post.
      Requesting an understanding is not being an instigator or bringing negative energy.  Sara Jumping Eagle , will reply if she believes the people who gave deserve transparency, ignoring such a request and refusal to give an understanding is is no different than turning her back on those who have given.
I bet a dollar , I can tell the date and time where LRI got that campaign money
Why should people not_wonder?
Go on Take the Money and Run

I Know – It’s Shining Down Like Water

September 6, 2012


If people want to fall in line with craziness, that is their choice. From my perspective LRI is being groomed and playing dirty ball, to act as the governor in the video below.

extracted from LRI Sept 3rd Press Release– Last Saturday, at a press conference in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, Lakota leaders of the movement to secure the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla for the Sioux Nation announced that the tribes will purchase the 2000 acres of sacred land in the Black Hills.


“the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla for the Sioux Nation” ~LRI~

To correlate the significance of implementing  terminology, not many years back it became accepted, by some people,  to call a woman  “my b_ch”.  Today  acceptance of categorizing woman with such terminology,  is a norm for too many people, who continue to  use and accept  the degradation. Those who do not conform to such corrupted cultural traits reside on  ostrichized island.

The same will occur with defining Pe Sla  “as a”   Pilgrimage Site, eventually too many people will accept and follow the new definition resulting in Pe Sla becoming a spiritual red light district.

If people do not believe or accept this is a “direct attempt”, to set a path for escalating  current spiritual abuse occurring in Pe Sla, by “programs”  such as that of  “Pilgrimages at Borderlands Ranch”, then they are fools.  There are too many connecting variables in the events below , for it to be anything other than, the initiation for “acceptance” of pay to pray and play toll booths.

After posting correlations between LRI’s petition and Borderlands petition for LRI’s intent to purchase other_land in Pe Sla , Borderlands Ranch removed the pricing comment on their pilgrimage page“Pilgrimage fees begin with a flat fee of $6000 for any number of pilgrims up to 10 persons, for any number of days up to 8 days including arrival and departure days.” . Both Borderlands and LRI refused  reply to inquiries on their fb page, if their was an intent to share fund raising monies for other_lands in Pe Sla, as noted in the events list below. (posts deleted in place of replying)

It is obvious Chase Iron Eyes, who is using the Pe Sla issue as a campaign platform to try and take credit for what Tribal Leadership has been working toward since July and the Rosebud Tribe adopted Lutheran Episcopal priest, Rev. Linda Kramer, who conducts pay to pray  “pilgrimages” based on Lakota, Anglican and Celtic beliefs, both seem to agree that  “silencing their common interests” is necessary.

If the LRI,Borderlands gig does not fly, it will be interesting to see where else LRI’s “pilgrimage” intent will pop its head up at. Time will tell, and do not be surprised if clones of little grandmother are allowed to set up camp as “they” set up Pe Sla to be a world healing center. As said before, it’s like a bad disney movie unfolding.


Pillagers  for , as Defined by LRI

“The Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla  for the Sioux Nation“

Timeline  –  of petition changes and other updates/events

“The Rosebud Tribal Council expressed its wish to work with other tribal concils on the management of the site, if  the site is finalized in Rosebuds favor,” -from Rosebud Tribe press release: Aug 31, 2012-

Initially the fund raising petition was for the “Lakota Nation”. During the final days of the fund raising ,  lastrealindians states the funds will be applied  to Rosebud Tribe’s  earnest money  to secure purchase and “title” for the Rosebud Tribe. One tribe alone does not make up the “Lakota Nation.”


 June 3: Brock Auction Website: date of tracts image uploaded to web server,  Auction made public at least by this day. (note: 3+ months before petition was initiated)

July 11: Rosebud Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community Chairman Stanley R. Crooks have been discussing the matter of buying land at Pe Sla (note: Shakopee in 2010 & 2011 gave to outside of their community 100 million plus in funding and donations. Anyone in NDN country who knew of Mr. Crooks accomplishments understands , the Pe Sla purchase was a done deal as soon as he got involved.)

Aug 1: LRI fb page:  post about  Rosebud and Shakopee working together for Pe Sla.

Aug 9: LRI fb page: 1st post of fund raising petition to “Save Pe Sla”. (note: 14 days to raise 1 million dollars  for all tribes associated with purchase, presents petition as for the “Lakota Nation” that the tribes supported the effort. The campaign was set up as  “Flexible Funding” , funds are kept  even if the goal is not met, funds are not returnable. There was never an intent to return funds to donators   if a bid for auction was unsuccessful.The petition was presented to purchase auction land for the “Nation”, the goal is not enough to buy one tract of the 5 up for sale. Why start a fund raising campaign knowing the estimated land value to be 6-10 million, aside from Shakopee already involved with Rosebud Tribe for a bid?   The funds are eventually given to Rosebud Tribe as part of earnest money to  secure a purchase agreement for the Rosebud Tirbe to title the land.)

Aug 20: petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle:Our main focus continues to be purchasing the Pe’ Sla land that is being auctioned off on August 25, 2012. Our contingency plan at this time, is to put the funds towards purchasing and protecting other_lands that_may also become available” (note: 5 days before auction, LRI allocates the money if not successful with a purchase, to other lands within Pe Sla.  such as  Borderlands Ranch?, who as per their webpage, conducts “Spiritual Pilgrimages“   based on Anglican, Lakota, Celtic teachings intermixed. In other words pay to pray ceremonies that includes SunDances and Sweats. The Lutheran Episcopal is adopted by Rosebud Tribe. Reverand Kramer is conducting a different fund raiser for 120 acres  in Pe Sla)

also note: bottom of page at, Friends of Borderlands (which includes  past pilgrims who are part of  the spiritual community that Borderlands Ranch is building ,  people who gives back yearly, or whenever),  has recently secured a primary portion of the 120 acres, and is waiting for Borderlands Ranch to raise  funds for title.

Aug. 22, petition intent changes: lasrealindians: ” Campaign Team has decided to extend our fundraising deadline in order to raise more funds towards our goal of $1 million dollars. (note: 3 days before auction LRI extendes petition deadline to 12 days beyond Auction date.  to buy other_lands, or grab as much money as possible?)

Aug. 23. South Dakota Public Radio Chase Iron Eyes with Linda Kramer speak about Pe Sal. Chase Iron eyes questioned about creation story and quotes arvol looking horse and follows up on comments about energy that  initial speaker Rosalie Little Thunder’s made about energy emitting from Pe Sla. Chase refers to Pe Sla as “our” land and and Does_Not mention the other Nations that have ancestral connections to Pe Sla. Rosalie Little Thunder says the purchase could open up opportunities for the  Tribe as in singular, not the Lakota Nation. Linda Kramer says her Ranch is right in the Heart of Pe Sla, “inter faith” and because she is an Episcopal priest she holds Episcopal services just as Lakota Ceremonies are held at the ranch. Kramer mentions she purchased the land at development pricing and the reason it’s market value is in the development status is  because one can not make money from ranching. Kramer makes on comments about the “spiritual community” she has been building for 15 yrs. Chase says the Lakota Nation “owns” Pe Sla. Chase speaks about respect from others for Pe Sla. No mention of auction cancellation new release  this same day

(note:  This pretty well answers why they both deleted postings on their fb sites that questioned if fund raising money would be used to purchase other_land such as the 120 acres  Borderlands Spiritual Ranch is trying to title. Pretty sad that no one else’s ancestry is supported by Chase, and that Rosalie speaks of opportunities for the “tribe” not the Lakota Nation.

Aug. 25,  news release:   Mr. Stanley Crooks died day of auction.

Aug. 27?, tribal webpage:  Rosebud Tribe put website on hold , removing lastrealindians contact info and fund raising petition links  (note: Chase promoted use of this page, thou never gave an update when it was put on hold, why? , comment from tribe , “Not sure what LRI is doing” & LRI “should not be changing gears”, Tribe publicly disassociates itself with LRI?)

Aug. 28 IndianCountryToday News, ” In a collective effort of several tribes, an offer was made. (note: 2 days after Mr. Crooks death, the councils did a rush to get an offer out to the Reynolds)

Aug. 28 fb post to LRI & Borderlands Ranch: “questioned LRI will petition money be used for 120 acres of land Borderlands Ranch is fund raising for, questioned Borderlands if offered will they accept money from LRI” (note: both fb sites deleted post with questions, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 28 petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle,  “any funds will go directly towards offsetting costs for tribes that need to continue to benefit Lakota families everyday living needs.” (note: petition money no longer for land within Pe Sla?)

Aug. 29 petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle,  posts a “Clarification” , Changes petition intent back to original. (note: petition intent changes back to original intent, to include other_lands?)

Aug. 29, fb post to LRI: LRI should keep their intent of the petition money collected , to go to all tribes that are involved with the purchase of Pe Sla. Does LRI intend on trying to submit all the money to “one” tribe? (note: post deleted by LRI Aug 31st, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 31, tribal press release Rosebud Tribe Official Press released , progress report “Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association to act as a spokesperson” … “many tribes working together” , The Rosebud Tribal Council expressed its wish to work with other tribal concils on the management of the site, if the site is finalized in Rosebuds favor”(note: GPTC assigned as public voice for the Lakota Nation, LRI continues to present itself as speaking for the “Nation” ,  The funds went to Rosebud Tribe for earnest money to secure a purchase, for Rosebud hold title to the land, one tribe does not constitute the nation. Chase led the global community to believe he was speaking for the “Nation”)

Aug. 31, fb post to LRI:  “questioned if petition money will go to the many tribes mentioned in the tribal press release or strictly to Rosebud” (note: LRI deleted post question, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 31, LRI fb post:“Upcoming Rally, LRI joins with Lakota Peoples Law Project for Rally to save Pe Sla” (note:  more AIM affiliates  pop their heads up, ThunderHawk, Abourezk)

Sept. 3th, LRI press release: LRI uses the clause the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla  for the Sioux Nation“  (note:  Pilgrimage? , as in the definition of Borderlands Ranch “Spiritual Pilgrimages” , the pay to pray house  noted on Aug 20th ?)

Sept. 4 , indiancountry today news release: Iron Eyes described the process by which his organization, Last Real Indians, conducted a fundraising effort to save Pe’ Sla, raising $300,000. This sum was combined with $1.3 million put forth by the Rosebud Sioux tribe, enough to seal the land deal.(note: the petition money 300k is applied as  part of 1.3 million earnest money used to secure a purchase for Rosebud to “titled” the land. One tribe alone is not the “Nation” was the intent of the petition.  LRI’s has consistently stated “for the Lakota Nation”. The reason for Rosebud Tribe receiving the funds for earnest money to secure  title, was because not all tribes were in agreement with the purchase criteria which was suppose to have been established according to Chase saying the tribes supported him, i.e he was representing the Lakota Nation.)

Sept. 5, 8pm petition site: 323,870 raised, 3 days left to end of fund raising. (note: is the fund raising money  “only” for Rosebud to title the land, it sounds like there is a push for “soul ownership” , Rosebud is the Tribe that Adopted Linda Kramer, the Luthern Episcopal Reverend who owns the pay to pray spiritual pilgrimages that includes sweats and sun dances)


 Considering all above, especially aug 20th and sept 3rd, 4th, 5th  entries, the more this unfolds, the more it looks like there is an intent by some people to  to create a pay to pray and play red light district.

** More Deception, New Fund Raising  Put into Play **

LPLP Declairs LRI and themselves as Sioux Leaders & Schedule Celebration Rally leading the global community to believe Pe Sla has been Saved


Sept 1,  petition site: Sara Jumping Eagle, The Oceti Sakowin could not have accomplished this historic feat without everyone around the world supporting their efforts. (note: petition constituted 1/3 of 1 million, for the estimated 6-10 million needed for purchase)

Sept 3 Lakota Peoples Law Project fb page: “Dear friends, breaking news: the tribes have won the purchase of Pe’ Sla! Our event this Wednesday in Rapid City will be a celebration! Please LIKE and SHARE this post to spread the word…And join us Wednesday!” (note: how will the tshirt sales, fund raising monies be accounted for? , Kiss it good bye if it is anything like LRI’s fund raising rally for Vern Traversie)


“Dear supporters! Here is LPLP’s press release announcing the immanent purchase of Pe’ Sla by the Sioux Nation. In it we show a video of Sioux leaders Chase Iron Eyes, Robin Lebeau, Madonna Thunder Hawk, and Phyllis Young making public statements about the land deal at an event we helped organize at the Cheyenne River Pow Wow last Saturday. Please LIKE and SHARE this post!”  (note: Deception of   who Tribal Leaders are, Categorized themselves as Sioux Leadership)

Sept. 3,  LRI fb page:  Sioux Leaders of Pe’ Sla Land Movement in S.D. Announce Deal Between Tribes and Land Owner and Call for Unity Among Reservations; Celebration Rally Planned for Rapid City


reply to  LRI YouTube Press Release:

  • Morwen SandGreat news!! I think over the next few years you may get streams of tourists from around the world, all wanting to pray at Pe Sla.
  • (note: Expect a Pay to Pray Toll Booth , How will it be justified?)

Sept 4 Borderlands Ranch fb page:  Kieran Conroy:  From the original asking price estimates, even if the Lakota talked them down I suspect fundraising will be very important, not to mention covering taxes/other fees.

Wonder if this might improve the chances of that combined conservation area the Ranch has been working to promote?  (note: Does Borderlands  have designs on the fund raising money)

Sept 5,  LPSG fb page: “a deal has been reached for the sale of Pe’Sla to a group of nine tribal governments.” (note: for a max sale price of 10million , that would be 1.1 million from each tribe, petition funds were at 320,000 which equates to approx 35,500 each of the 9 tribes would not have to shuck out)

Sept. 6,  LRI continues to present themselves, to the global community as spokespersons for the Lakota Nation while assisting Rosebud Reservation only?


Sept 6th; after LRI applied to Rosebud Tribe approximately 3ook for earnest money for Rosebud Tribe to title land, LRI continues push for more Fund Raising stating “the funds collected thus far only provided a seat at the table for negotiations.”

Sept 8th , Fund raising closes: according to , the fund raising petition was set up as “flexible” , no funds are returnable , if you don’t reach your goal the fee is 9% , 3% for credit card processing, plus a $25 wire fee for non-U.S. campaigns. Currency exchange fees may also apply.

9267 funders generated 389000 on the counter at closing of the petition, how much will be available after fees?, How much will actually go to  Rosebud to Title the land.

The above raised does not include the direct donations to Rosebud Tribe that was offered  an alternative option by the fund raising campaign. How much was donated directly to the Tribe? Nor does the above  include Fund Raising at the Sept. 5th Rally.

**** Sept 9, An excellent example of the AIM mentality if someone asks for transparency, expect  accusations and insults and the mob character to show itself.

Sept 9, Pe`Sla Offiial FB page, Ruth Hopkins, Petition Site  Editor/Organizer replies to Transparency Question/understanding of Funds that are to be recieved after fees. (note:  104,613 is mentioned in fees , It seems that amount is grossly miscalculated. Hopefully LRI will correct, Validate how much the fees were , to correct the assumptions for what the available amount will actually be. I doubt the global community will ever receive from LRI any transparency on the final contributions and how the money was applied considering the reply at the above link and since to date, LRI has not been transparent with the Justice for Vern Rally fund raising monies. Interesting Ruth Hopkins says funds are not released unless there is a purchase and fails to mention “Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding campaigns, contributions made by PayPal are sent directly to the campaign owner at the same time that the contribution is made.”  Wondering if the Lakota Nation is suppose to be represented by threats, accusations, 1/2 truths. If the thread gets deleted , it will be a fine example of what the public can expect about transparency.

Change in Campaign fund usage , the funds are not being used as part of the earnest money Rosebud Tribe used for bid acceptance according to press release statements from Rosebud Tribe Chairman

Sept 11, API News ;Tribe’s bid accepted for South Dakota land, ROSEBUD | The owners of nearly 2,000 acres of pristine grassland prairie have accepted a $9 million bid by the Rosebud Sioux, tribe President Cyril Scott told The Associated Press. The Rosebud Sioux already has paid $900,000 as an earnest deposit; the remaining $8.1 million is due in November….. An online campaign to help the tribe buy the land raised nearly $390,000. The campaign ended last weekend. (note: 390,000 is before indiegogo fee’s and other fee’s are applied)

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is looking to see if it can cover the remaining land cost itself, Schmidt said. If not, the cost could be spread among the roughly 20 tribes that make up the Great Sioux Nation,Rosebud secured money for the earnest payment from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation of Little Canada, Minn., and its subsidiary, the Indian Land Capital Co. Foundation President Chris Stainbrook said his organization was contacted by the tribes before the planned auction to see whether they could help them finance a bid.(note: Last week LRI reported 300k was combined with  1.3 million from Rosebud Tribe for an earnest security deposit. the bid acceptance press release today states 900K? The LRI campaign funds are not listed in the api press release as part of the earnest money for purchase. Indian Land Capital Tenure Foundation  is in the list of recipients for Shakopee Gaming donations. Mr. Stanley Crooks who died on the planned day of the auction, while representing Shakopee accomplished quite a bit during his 20yrs of “business” that assisted in the growth of Shakopee’s gaming operations.
Campaign team member LIAR,  Sara Jumping Eagle , wife of Chase Iron Eyes,  refuses a simple request to post the actual amount of funds available from the petition campaign after indeigogo service fees and other fee’s, nor the amount their campaign option offered which was direct deposits to the Tribe, nor the fund raising at the Sept 5 rally, so much for transparency. Why are the campaign funds not being used  or have all the funds been directed to “Rosebud Tribe”?, Sara Jumping Eagle said 1/3 million of the 1.3 earnest money in the Sept 4 press release, was from the campaign funds, and now the Campaign funds are not included in the list for earnest money in the api press release today for bid acceptance?)
Sept 12, LRI fb site ;Debbie White:  Can the donation site be opened back up again? Why not take donations till the closing? (note: yes perhaps LRI should “take” more donations!)
Sept 12, Pe Sla official campaign fb page:  Joseph Camps Highcountry: Maybe LRI could discuss to convert some land near or in Rapid city under the Great Sioux Nations and 1851 Treaty and build a Joint Truist Headquarters for the tribes. Maybe LRI and other organizations can have offices there. Maybe call it an Embassy. ?” (note:  If not in an Embassy needs Ambassadors, would this idea fall under other_lands for campaign monies to use for?)
Get Ready for more fund raising without Transparency , it looks as if the fund raising will start getting shuffled around, hopefully not lost through holes in the floor. What else would one expect from a LIAR ?
Sept 12, Indian Country Today: According to A. Gay Kingman, the executive director of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, the tribes have confidence they will be able to generate the $8.1 million necessary to purchase Pe’ Sla. “I foresee this as an achievement that we can reach,” she says.  “I think they are very confident.” (…) In light of comments made online, some at, questioning the credibility of the money raised by and how the money would be spent, Iron Eyes said the funds will fully go toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla. (….) Kingman also spoke in Iron Eyes’ defense and about the money his organization has raised.(note: interesting how Kingman who is connected to the hip pockets of Dennis Banks  is mentioned as a supporting voice for Chase Iron Eyes to try and give him and lastrealindians credibility, especially when she uses AIM within her  campaigns of advocacy. Mrs. Kingman is another that believes it is alright to excuse and then shore up with people that have the blood of innocents on their hands. It is for the cause you know.
Sept 13,15,16 , Rapid City Journal, Local Newspaper: Here comes the PR campaign for Borderlands Ranch, Churches, future support fund raising campaign for Schools, Institutions etc as next targets for fund raising. The 3 articles published by the Rapid City JournalLocal Newpaper runs articles of spin off of christian demonaitons supporting quest to save Pe Sla while praising Linda Kramer as the great white hope for saving Pe Sla. Which appears to be nothing more than a PR campaign to promote the efforts of Borderlands Ranch that is trying to raise funds to titel 120 acres of Pe Sla and categorize it as “Sacred Land”.
Sept 18, ArgusLeader News ;Local Newspaper Tribe wants to put land into trust. “Counties typically hesitate to see land placed into trust because they don’t want to lose the ability to collect property taxes off of it, the attorney general said. They lose control over zoning issues on trust land, too, and law enforcement is more complex when trust land is next to private property.” (….)
“The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s meeting also should touch on what to do with the land once it is in tribal hands. Schmidt said he envisions a use agreement that gives all tribal people access to the property.“It would be nice to get a facility there at Pe’ Sla where people could gather, have restrooms, where they could sleep or eat food. That would be warranted,” Schmidt said. (….)
” I would like to see some type of facility where we could teach classes and have gatherings out of the elements. Maybe run 20 to 50 buffalo, and maybe have tipis set up.””In 2005, Pennington County received a federal earmark for $9 million to improve an 11.5 miles of gravel road from Deerfield Lake through Pe’ Sla and up to the old mining town of Rochford. County Highway Superintendent Hiene Junge has said improving that road will happen in any scenario.” (note: Rosebud Tribe pushing for complete control of land, which is a good thing to some degree, except that it gives the “tribe” full regulation of “soul ownership”. Seems to be the first step towards a “LastRealIndians Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center”
Linda Kramer pops her head up again
The Reverend Kramer is quite the multi-tasker, on one webpage she aligns with the Lutheran Faith, the next site with the Episcopal Faith, the next site as an adopted Lakota by Rosebud Tribe, on the next site as a Celtic traditionalist , on the next site an advocate to save Pe Sla, quite amazing how she can remember which money tree she is standing under while she continues to build her “spiritual community’ to enable her to purchase and title more of Pe Sla for “her_self” – GeriSmith-


Who is Madonna (Gilbert) ThunderHawk of the Lakota’s People Project that LRI did their Sept.5 Rally with ?

“Amongst those who attended the clinic at Wounded Knee 1973 when Perry Ray Robinson was brought into the clinic and Madonna Gilbert (Thunder Hawk) saw him pushed into a closet to bleed to death were Dr. Mike Silverstein, Dr. Anne Hirschman, Mary Ann Maul, Owen Craig Luck who came in with Mark Lane on April 13th, 1975.

Two other clinic personal who came and went as well during this period are Dr. Fred Gianola and Fred Basford who leave on the same day (April 27th) that Buddy LaMont’s body is removed from the Knee which is a day or two after Ray Robinson is seen lying outside the house that Dennis Banks occupied. Finally 3 other medics leave on May 4, 1973: Tom Arons, Geraldine Olivia and Patricia Kennu. These names from the WKLDOC transcriptions of FBI/Marshal intercepts, and names my be spelled phonetically. -Nfic Paul DeMain-

see more at Justice for Perry Ray Robinson Jr.  fb about page


Sept 5, 2012 –  LRI & The Lakota Peoples Project Rallies to Save


“The Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla  for the Sioux Nation“

Pe Sla Defined as per LRI’s Sept 3rd Press Release

At what point will they quit using good hearted people?

T-Shirts to Save the Pilgrimage Site

Guardians to Save the Pilgrimage Site

More  Guardians to Save the Pilgrimage Site

woman behind the banner held by the youth is


Expect to see the likes of this at the Pilgrimage Site

Posters to Save the Pilgrimage Site

 Cheyene River Council Woman Robin LeBeau

Speaker  for  Save the Pilgrimage Site


March to Save the Pilgrimage Site

Rally for Pilgrimage Site

Will they ever stop setting people up and using them for their own self serving agenda?


Chase is in bed with AIM up to his ears, and showed his affiliation , support during the recent Justice for Vern Rally and his so called lastrealindians is nothing more than another branding label for AIM , trying to disguise itself with people who hold so called professional positions, it really is a joke for those who can not see how they are being used considering they are suppose to be so well educated. Hopefully someday they will get their minds unbent.

What is the intent for categorizing Pe Sla as a “Pilgrimage Site?

The world can Bank on this, Chase Iron Eyes and affiliates will continue to fund raise to “Save Pe Sla” in any Means possible , while promoting himself as a savior and trying to take credit for the efforts and work of the Tribal Leadership.

To be Very Clear, I Support 100% the guardianship of  Pe`Sla returning to the Nations, that hold ancestral connection and it should be accomplished by those who “Live  the original teachings of the Cannunpa”, not by those who defy the laws by which a person MUST live.

This is Rich !

Sara Jumping Eagle , Petition Site Editor/Organizer , says she created the fund raising petition, She is Married to ChaseIronEye,  she says she is not directly affiliated with LRI and says she knows nothing about AIM

It’s quite funny how Sara consistently uses the terms “we aim” , “our aim” , “the aim is to” , etc. she sounds like a conditioned F9 monkey, thou that terminology is applied to indoctrinated investment brokers on wall street that agree to be a tool for pushing the F9 key at the end of each closing day.


When one steps back and looks at the entire picture of peculiar events that ,  includes quite a bit of deception to the global community and  1st nations.  the view is a redundant  AIM Script being served for  self serving mentalities.

We AIM to Deceive and that’s Acceptable  for the Cause”

Whats down the road? ,  excuses!, such as needed tax monies will be used to provoke acceptance for development, such as something along the line of a historical/heritage museum, along with that will come gaming. The land is already being categorized as a “world healing center” to save Earth and Humanity, and people can already see the pay to pray tool booths to come out of that.

Too bad no one mentioned any of this during the fund raising campaign. Who has the inside knowledge to the degree Pe Sla will be  exploited and who will receive money to buy into the programs? Think about it …. and get ready because here it comes!

Do not Believe for a Moment LRI and Affiliates are  not sucking people in, by using a pretense of  of love and concern

The 70’s will Never be Forgotten


….  read more info on who is affiliated with who ….


Sept 12, Pe Sla official campaign fb page:  Joseph Camps Highcountry: Maybe LRI could discuss to convert some land near or in Rapid city under the Great Sioux Nations and 1851 Treaty and build a Joint Truist Headquarters for the tribes. Maybe LRI and other organizations can have offices there. Maybe call it an Embassy. ?” (note:  If not in error Embassies need Ambassadors, this is getting funnier every day, I sure hope that fund raising money, and future fund raising money does not start falling through holes in the floor. This could very well turn into into a modern day Paint your Wagon saga)

For those not familiar with the movie Paint Your Wagon, it is about Grifters that set up a saloon and “they”  push spilt gold through the cracks in the floor and collect it later from under the building.

Pay Up!


September 6, 2012

Excellent …. “The history of the nations is that they have always “policed” their own communities, there were standards that were adhered to, traditional beliefs played an important roll in this, the focus was directed more to communal well being than the individual.

An understanding that if harmony existed within a community it enhanced the life of one and all. When this sense of community is lacking it then becomes about the individual.

This is a part of AIM’s legacy-they created the foundation for it and now that it is out of control they have little if anything to say about it.”

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While these video links speak to a great sadness and heartache for the nations personally I don’t have much tolerance for things such as these and so that influences the approach I take.

I’m of the opinion that it results from a communal failure first and foremost and that it must be addressed on that level.

The history of the nations is that they have always “policed” their own communities, there were standards that were adhered to, traditional beliefs played an important roll in this, the focus was directed more to communal well being than the individual.

 An understanding that if harmony existed within a community it enhanced the life of one and all. When this sense of community is lacking it then becomes about the individual.

This is a part of AIM’s legacy-they created the…

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