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August 29, 2013

To speak in opposition to AIM, to point out the atrocities they have committed is to insure you will be called a “hater” that too is their best-the best they can do in lieu of admitting a truth.

“Liberation will come when the nations are rid of them, their cronies, and their corrupt influence. -Rezinate- “

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Arson, murder, rape ,looting ,coercion, poverty pimping, and intimidation have always been the favored tools of “liberation” for AIM-their weapons of choice, whether they were liberating someone from their life or their property.

When that is a reality an essential ingredient becomes an active “ministry of propaganda”, a  necessity recognized by AIM, one they addressed and have employed for decades.

Lies are spun from the smallest seemingly most innocuous to those of an epic scale, monuments erected in a barren landscape for the faithful to routinely wend their way to in pilgrimage, become programmed, and then go forth like missionaries seeking new converts- a technique Russell Means may have learned when he associated himself with the Unification Church trying to hustle a buck or two.

There is a penchant for people to favor an underdog,  knowing this the AIM leadership and Peltier have spent decades attempting to portray themselves as…

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Where “It” has Gone For Sum

August 20, 2013


History of Oshki-agojin Traditional Gathering


Where “It” is Today for Sum – For Others “it” is Still Secure

Hot Dogs, Circus Tents, Royalty, Princess’s and Braves. Another year passes and what has actually changed aside from record levels of attendance and honorariums paid out while the overall community stats of blundering and abuse continues to soar to new levels based on spiritual pits that are bottomless.

The colonial imperialistic concept of capitalism does not provide a sound foundation for spirituality, thou it does deliver wealth and recognition for those who hold dearly to the wallet motives. For some people culture, tradition and beliefs have been staked to the ground like an elephant. The sad part is, one could remove the ground peg and chain from that elephant of distortions and many of those individuals  would continue “thinking and believing” as they have been conditioned into.

Take it for what it’s worth the  image below is where people were during the initiation stages of revived community gathering. Gatherings based on sharing and giving because that is how we were meant to live with one another building  spiritual unity , not taking advantage of or appropriating culture, tradition and beliefs for the sake of the dollar bill.


Recently read an article that mentioned something to the nature “AIM has brought many a bad habit into culture and tradition” and those habits are very evident in many ways relative to the revival of this community gathering and where it is today, even those who oppose the indoctrination of such bad habits for some reason can not see how their worldviews have been conditioned like the Elephant pegged to the ground.

Hopefully someday more will pull out of that crash and burn dive initiated by the AIM cult, hopefully some day “they” will quit dragging one another over the cliff from following the lead of bastardized teachings and beliefs. I do not think it will be anytime soon thou….

BTW: 2013 was Onigum’s 12th Traditional “PowWow”, not the 15th as it is promoted. It’s simple math, at least have the honor of recognizing the accomplishments and achievements of those before (as ancestry did) , in place of “capitalizing” on others efforts, get it right eh?

Just like AIM, creating Myth to try and distort history with Lies



History of Oshki-agojin Traditional Gathering




What we have here is, modern day Circus Pageant’s

that WILL_NEVER create sound Foundations


blog entry Aug 3, 2414Onigum’s 13th Annual PowWow – Slipping into Darkness While Laughing at the Moon



August 18, 2013

“We are a distinct people with distinct cultures, tradition, and language.

We believe as we do because of what we have been taught, lived, and experienced. There is a recognizable familiarity in these things-and for however long our history is they have sustained us.

To abandon them now or dilute them is to abandon who we are, to silence the inner voice that speaks to us is to silence our history and the very essence of who we have been.

I believe there exists a genetic memory that predisposes our inclinations and abilities,facilitates the acquisition and language and skills germane to us,and produces a sympathetic resonance when we hear the first drum beat, when we mount the first horse, knap the first stone, when our mother sings the first song to us in our language.

Such things are irreplaceable, they define us . ~ Rezinate~”

personal note:with that said, there really is no reason (as a norm) for people to be removing the remains of ancestors from burial for the sake of anthropologists to poke at on a table or under a microscope.

And then add insult to injury “they” identify, categorize and define the sites with foreign language names that have meanings such as venerable; a great deal of respect, esp. because of age, wisdom, or character.

For those poking about to try and “discover” something, Leave “THEM” alone!!!!

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Clovis Point

Archeologists and anthropologists long held that what is referred to Clovis were the first people to inhabit this land, beginning abut 13,000 years ago.

Yet recent discoveries are pushing the date back-sites like McMinnville in Oregon dated at 46,000 years-Old Crow in the Yukon at 25,000 to 40,000 years, and Bluefish Caves in the Yukon at 12,000 to 28,000 years.

I don’t recall where but I either saw a video or read an article by an indigenous person claiming that the nations had been here for at least six million years.

That’s longer than the existence of humankind,and something I personally don’t accept.

Ultimately  it doesn’t matter to me what the time frame is as the reality is we are the first people to inhabit this continent, this hemisphere.

I tend to look at numbers like six million as being influenced by external beliefs-shades of Atlantis and Mu, flying saucers…

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Staff of Power – 1971

August 10, 2013

So Sad that So Many Continue to follow the lead of illness and continue to toss Woman to the side


Archie Lame Deer connecting Calvin Dupree to the Tree of Life, Pine Ridge 1971. The Lakota woman at right carries the Staff of Power.  (photo from Calvin Dupree Collection, posted with permission from Looking Back Woman/Suzanne Dupree.).

  • Leonard Crow Dog had lobbied Fools Crow to carry what was passed to my Father…stating it should be a full blood, not a half breed (check out AIMs own blood quantum, very little if any 1st Nation blood)……however, it was my Father’s commitment to his people, he was a Professor of Native Studies at the U of Lethbridge, and he had the proper vision to carry the Cannunpa in 1970….and, Fools Crow wanted It off reserve…but still available to him…and my Father always took It to Fools Crow when he needed it. There was a lot of traffic between Alberta and South Dakota during this time….my Father even got beaten up in Sheridan, Wyoming…and was really hurt, because he said it was a couple of the AIM guys he danced with between 1970-1975…..
  • Fools Crow refused Crow Dog, because he did not want the AIM urban militant domestic terrorist faction to control our Spiritual Legacy….he saw the sickness….and he saw the future of what would happen…he did his best to prevent it by conducting those WBCPC & Sun Dances 1970-1975…and passing the “Staff of Power” back to the women, but the men refused to recognize the transfer…..and now AIM are our so-called Spiritual Elders….though AIM is not, for they have the blood of the innocent on their hands, which is against Tetuwan Lakota protocols & teachings! , (Heyoka Magazine 2006 – LookingBackWoman)

FB Discussion:

Archie Lame Deer connecting Calvin Dupree to the Tree of Life, Pine Ridge 1971. The Lakota woman at right carries the Staff of Power.

(photo from Calvin Dupree Collection, posted
with permission from Looking Back Woman/Suzanne Dupree.)Like · · Share · April 24

  • Suzanne Dupree Thank-you Brian for posting this photo for me…!
  • Brian Wilkes I have heard of the “Staff of Power” over the years, but wasn’t sure if it was a figure of speech like “passing the torch”.
  • Suzanne Dupree AIM makes everything into a myth, that they cannot produce, like with the Cannunpa Wakan for instance…
  • Suzanne Dupree It, the Staff is real… is/was really real & in the hands of the woman portraying White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman during FFC’s WBCP Revival Ceremonies 1971 Pine Ridge…, & I apologize for not having the complete series of photos showing this truth about the Pipe published, it should have been, & I know it should be available at this critical time….
  • Suzanne Dupree I have been told, I can no longer depend on others to help or assist me in this endevor, I have to be the sole person to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  • Suzanne Dupree You can see the difference between the tradition Sun Dance skirt the old time Sun Dancers were wearing & the AIM Boyz with their fringed blue skirts instead of the traditional red…the differences are all there in these photos…FFC left them as a guide, & our Legacy of the Cannunpa Wakan before the AIM corruption over took our Sacred ways & became a mockery of all things we hold dear to us.
    To say the least,  Why does Arvol try to trash and degrade Marie Elk Head ? A tad bit of Illness or is that an extreme amount of illness  that Arvol carries??

    Marie Elk Head Fiddler is a Grand daughter of William Elk Head, This is the true original family of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe care takers, Marie and family are working at correcting the current misrepresentation of Arvol Looking Horse, He isn’t a blood family member of the Elk Head family as testified by Marie. He doesn’t possess the White Buffalo Pipe,

    The Looking Horse family never had it, what has occurred is nothing more than a fraud, According to reliable sources there are seven (7) modern day peace pipe in the bundle they have at his place in Green Grass,South Dakota, Marie has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and desires to correct history concerning the true caretakers of the Sacred Cannupa, which are her family, the true descendants of Elk Head, (Read More)


    AIM’s hand Picked Spiritual Leaders


    Unmeasurable Illness

    Mr. Bahai ripple effect of SunBear, i.e Vincent LaDuke 

    Arvol , who seems to have a problem with “Truth”

    “Chief ?? Ruben”, LOL!,

    CrowDog , What a Stinking Joke !!!!


    Reference Blog Entry – The 4 Winds of Bad Gas

    i said, “AIM threw women out the door during the days of the Wounded Knee occupation”
    “There should should be a Woman up here speaking about this instead of me”
    “women do not need Dennis Banks representing them, the Anishinabe women need to take control of their communities back”
    “If the Anishinabe Women elect to follow the lead of Dennis Banks nothing in their communities will change”
    the applause from the community was very strong in regards to those comments,
    so if anyone wants to quote me,
    get it right!


    It’s Time for Din, Din, Boyz!

    Hey ex Senator James Abourezk and #1 Son Charlie, do not believe for a minute your attempts to fly under the radar are successful

     SomeOne please pass on to BJ Jones , I Said to “EAT CROW” ,  with the rest of the Government Handlers! 

     Yep, “We” will eventually Tear Your PlayHouse Down!


August 9, 2013

“Liberty and Justice for All-Free Leonard…. now there’s an oxymoron if ever one is to be heard.” ~Rezinate~

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Liberty and justice_n


Liberty and Justice for All-Free Leonard…. now there’s an oxymoron if ever one is to be heard.

Liberty is the ability to move about unimpeded in the lawful pursuits of one’s daily life.

Justice in the simplest of definitions could be defined as seeking equity when a wrong has been committed. Compensation,  or a balancing of the scales if you will.

In the case of murder victims they can no longer experience liberty or in reality the benefits of  justice.

It is left to their survivors and society as a whole to pursue – and both liberty and justice are moral and ethical standards that define nations and people as individuals.

Liberty, and sometimes life, are surrendered following the commission of a crime-this isn’t a novel concept,but one that has been in place throughout the entirety of human existence.

There are simple questions to be asked, questions…

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