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The Root of Decriminalizing Child Sex Abuse

by State/County & Tribal Courts


“When we started to look at Minnesota we thought we would find a few bad judges,” said Camille Cooper, co-author of the report and Director of Government Affairs for PROTECT. “Instead we found a complete system-wide failure to hold very dangerous child predators accountable. We were stunned. Minnesota is a dangerous state for an abused child.”
~Link to Source; Protect~


NOTE: Cass County  where i dwell, for criminal sexual conduct, for  victims  under 13yrs of age,  60% no prison time for the convicted  !!!! , for teens victims,  87% no prison time for the convicted !!!!

the report shows for Cass CountyJudge Harrington, David F –

under 13 yr old victim – the convicted gets   —-> 43% Prison …. 57% No Prison

teen victims – the convicted gets —-> 13% Prison …. 87% no prison


Link to Nov. 2016 protects criminal justice reform report,

**** 4.8 Turning Felonies into Misdemeanors; Stays of Imposition 

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission
(MSGC) defines a stay of imposition as follows:

A “stay of imposition” occurs when the court accepts and records a finding or plea of guilty, but does not impose (or pronounce) a prison sentence. If the offender successfully completes the stay, the case is discharged, and the
conviction is deemed a misdemeanor… [emphasis ours]
Minnesota judges grant stays of imposition 30 % of the time

**** 4.9 Probation, Not Prison: Stays of Execution

Minnesota judges also set aside prison time by granting stays of execution, which the MSGC defines as follows:

A “stay of execution” occurs when the court accepts and records a finding or
plea of guilty, and a prison sentence is pronounced, but it is not executed . If
the offender successfully completes the stay, the case is discharged, but the
offender continues to have a record of a felony conviction… [emphasis ours]

Our review of CSC 1-4 crimes by adults against minors found that Minnesota judges grant stays of execution 35 % of the time

**** 4.10 Making Predators Disappear: Stays of Adjudication

Minnesota judges also impose stays of adjudication, where a case is dismissed without any conviction at all once probation is completed. The data reviewed in this report did not indicate how often stays of adjudication are used, however given the state’s heavy reliance on other forms of stays, we believe it is a dangerous practice that should be looked at closely by the

**** 4.11 Racial Disparities (….) hogwash in report clipped

Personal Note: For racial disparities in ndn country, the stats reflected in the report do_not include the overwhelming number of child sex instances being swept under the carpet, which results in skewed data input for analysis

child sex abuse has become a NORM, unspoken about, with positions of community members like so called spiritual advisers, police officers, so called elders, youth advocates ALL turning a blind eye to assaults, AND IN SOME instances those same being active assailants of children

most tribal members will not publicly speak because of FEAR OF BEING BLUNDERED INTO SUBMISSION

Blundered , either physically OR services/support being denied , such as financial support from federal funding programs, for employment positions (such as a health care worker – terminate for speaking up) , housing (clogged sewer your problem – no assistance for speaking up) , medical (funds not available for wheel chair or diabetic shoes – for speaking up) , and yes even education (no tuition available for speaking up)



in short that is to say, if one becomes a squeaky wheel, that one or it’s direct family members are “targeted” , simple as simple gets ….

WITHOUT hesitation, if only 50% of the unreported, or swept under the carpet instances of child sex abuse were to be included in the racial discrimination projections …. the slice of the pie chart for ndn would dominate the visual projection of percentages.

do not worry thou, “we” are healing as “we” take care of these issues on our own” ….

btw: myself, my wife, and still quite a few others are not part of that “we” …. just saying NOTE yard sign at —->

“support of targeting people within the tribal community has now migrated to your local town/county food stores …. SUPER Cute eh?”

Que Sera Sera ….



[beginning of inbox saddle bag msg]

 This collaboration is being pushed throughout the country via the BIA. The same thing that is taking place in MN is taking place at an alarming rate in other states, particularly in states with high Native American populations and reservations.

I emphatically stress that Korey Wahwassuck and John Smith, both judges in the Itasca/Cass County, MN system are highly influential in scripting the policies that are now being implemented to allow criminal sexual predators to go free.

I suggest you download the documents they have sited below. They are so unbelievable elementary and ridiculous that you will begin to understand just how crazy the system is in MN. These same policies are mirrored by Casey Family Services, CASA, The Child Bureau, ACF in DC and many other “Child Welfare” groups. They are advocating that children can be resilient and get over sexual abuse and that it is MORE IMPORTANT that they remain in the contact with the abusers (in many, many cases family) than it is to be protected by the criminal sexual acts. I include an article by another key Native/State Judged (now retired), William A. Thorne, Jr. that site his views on foster care.

This man is always quoted and involved in ICWA cases and causes, and redefining the “Best Interest” issue is key to current child welfare policy as well as adjudication in regards to criminal sexual abuse of children.

I also point out that Anita Fineday, another MN Native Judge/Lawyer, who also worked in Leech Lake and White Earth, now works for Casey Family Services and is another key player in establishing current policy.


Should you research any of those noted above, you will see that they are highly decorated with all kinds of awards and plaques and titles of expertise by their peers. No where will you note the damage done to countless children as a result of their ridiculous policy scripts. While you may collect some data on children outside of the reservation system, you will never be able to collect data on Native American children because the data has either not been collected in the first place, or as recently promoted by the BIA, the tribes now hold jurisdiction over the data through the new Data Sovereignty initiatives.

I can provide you plenty of links regarding these initiatives too, and the links between the proponents of these causes are the same as those promoting “child welfare” policy and wellness courts.

Minnesota is a key. Your report is timely. State legislation alone will not solve the problems. Those at the state level have already signed and agreed to detailed MOUs with the tribes to allow sexual assault of children to continue unabated.

This is a money game and all the MOUs ensure that the counties and the state get their share of any dollars granted to the tribes as long as everyone turns a blind eye to the problems and continues to promote policy and new court practices that are culturally sensitive and align with the dictates of the tribes.

If you download the OVW grant application (see paragraph below) you will note that one of the requirements is to have the MOUs in place.

Joint Jurisdiction Courts Manual Just Released
June 9, 2016

Joint Jurisdiction Courts: A Manual for Developing Tribal, Local, State & Federal Justice Collaborations, Jennifer Fahey, JD, MPH, Hon. Korey Wahwassuck, Alison Leof, PhD, Hon. John Smith, Project T.E.A.M., Center for Evidence-Based Policy, Oregon Health & Science University (May 2016). 

This manual is a roadmap for tribal and community leaders who want to develop joint jurisdiction courts or initiatives in their own communities. It is intended to be a guide, articulating the process developed in one Minnesota community and adopted by other jurisdictions, as well as providing information on creating new joint jurisdiction initiatives.  The full manual can be found here.

Supplementary Materials
This manual includes references to supplementary materials which may assist tribes and their partners in establishing and managing joint jurisdiction courts.

Joint Power Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (Links)

  • Leech Lake Tribal Council Resolution on joining Cass County Wellness Court
  • Joint Powers Agreement between the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and the Cass County District Court
  • Interagency Agreement between the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Human Services
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Cass County Probation Department and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court
  • Memorandum of Agreement between the Cass County Attorney and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court Prosecutor 
  • Joint Powers Agreement between the State of Minnesota, the Cass County/Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Wellness Court, and the Cass County Probation Department regarding court staffing
  • Memorandum of Agreement between Cass County, the Minnesota Ninth Judicial District, and the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe regarding the Wellness Court and Juvenile Restorative Justice Program

Program Evaluations

  • 2007 Program Evaluation of the Cass County-Leech Lake Wellness Court
  • 2008 Minnesota Program Evaluation of DWI Courts
  • 2013 Program Evaluation of the Cass County-Leech Lake Wellness Court
  • 2016 Program Evaluation of the Itasca County-Leech Lake Wellness Court

Court Manuals and Program Documents

OVW Grants to Tribes to Exercise
Special Domestic Violence Criminal
Jurisdiction Now Available

December 5, 2016

The Tribal Jurisdiction Program is designed to assist Indian tribes in exercising SDVCJ.  Through this grant program, Indian tribes will receive support and technical assistance for planning, developing and implementing changes in their criminal justice systems necessary to exercise SDVCJ.  The program encourages collaborations among tribal leadership, tribal courts, tribal prosecutors, tribal attorneys, tribal defenders, law enforcement, probation, service providers, and other partners to ensure that non-Indians who commit crimes of domestic violence, dating violence, and violations of protection order.s are held accountable.  The Tribal Jurisdiction Program encourages the coordinated involvement of the entire tribal criminal justice system and victim service providers to incorporate systemic change that ensures victim safety and offender accountability.

Applications due January 25, 2017

[end of inbox msg]

former Cass County Judge John Smith, who Dayton in 2012 appointed to the mn. appeals and has since been assigned  to serve statewide as Senior Judge from Feb. 3, 2016, to June 30, 2017.
Retired from the Court of Appeals on Feb. 2, 2016.
There is NO_Common_Ground of JUSTICE
for CHILDREN & Other with these CLOWNS !!!!


just a thought ….
Spirit & Soul …. God Bless the Child thats got his own ….



MN Called on to Change Child Pornography Sentencing Practices

Link: AlphaNews Article on Protects Investigation of MN

FB Archive of Comments Relative to this Blog Entry


Rumors now making it into print that the Minnesota legislature will take action

after PROTECT showed the state has decriminalized child sexual exploitation crimes:

“Multiple sources within the legislature say that investigations are being made into the matter, and lawmakers should be announcing plans to address this issue during the upcoming legislative session.”…/

MINNESOTA – A national child protection organization is calling on Minnesota to reevaluate its child pornography sentencing practices. The national pro-child,…|By Julia Erynn

Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard we don’t keep up all too much with off rez, thou on the rez it is absolutely pathetic to the degree of youth counclers sitting around watching porn with the kids. That Below, IS ONE REASON WHY so many instances reported are_not being investigated. On the rez it’s a smorgasbord of abuse all the way up through political levels, just ask al franken who is tribal rep. for the MN. Indian Affairs Committee. Go figure eh?

“Leech Lake Tribal Police officer exchanges porn photos of himself with high school girl, while on the job AND uses police database for profile information of kid. How about an update and awareness on this community concern Star. Court Docket:…

Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard just as sickening is the Bemidji Pioneer and associated news media constantly goes silent about such predictors in our midst, even after multiple notifications and request to give public awareness. Bunch of sicko;s enabling assaults on the kids.
Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage And how the state of Tennessee handed a known trafficked child back to the trafficker from MN because they didn’t want to interfere in tribal matters. MN did nothing. Nothing.

Joe Wade Joe Wade Gerald, it is interesting to note about the Leech Lake Tribal Officer Shannon Larry Northbird and pornographic images of himself with a child is that , the complaint summons does not have a court file number. NOR does Northbirds arrest, charges, court schedule appear in the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database at

the complaint summons has a prosecutor_file # CA 16-526 listed with Stephanie Shook as Special Assistant Cass County Attorney and Judge Jana Austed as the cass county ninth judicial district court.

Stephanie Shook is predominantly a “Public Defense Assistant Attorney” for Aitkin County, SOOOooooo WHY does Cass County utilizing her as a “special assistant cass county attorney” for this case?

Why is this Officers case information not listed in the MN. trial court database?

Why is there no Court File Number? (added court file # 11-CR-162144 to the end of this post after contacting Cass County Court)

Why has Cass County assigned a “special” prosecuting attorney who’s work is normally that of a public defendant in Aitkin County?

Anyone need to say Mutual Agreements of Understanding between the county and tribal courts?

WHERE SO CALLED PEACE OFFICERS are ALLOWED TO PREY ON CHILDREN because they are protected by those who are suppose to be providing JUSTICE FOR ASSAULTED CHILDREN!

EDIT UPDATE – as per phone conversation with Cass County Court just a min. ago, Court Case Number is 11-CR-162144, MN. Court Database displays case info IF SEARCH IS BY CASE NUMBER, No records appear when search criteria input is by name Northbird, Shannon, Larry. go figure

Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage Cass County. What a coincidence

Joe Wade Joe Wade Mandi, interesting to note for case # 11-CR-162144; 12/28/2016 – First Appearance (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Harrington, David) ,

might want to connect dots of asterisk in list below of Harrington’s bio. at the mn. court website.

This Case has former cass county John P Smith written all over it.

That is Smith who Dayton in 2012 appointed to the mn. appeals and has since been assigned as noted on the mn. court website, Smith Bio = “Appointed and assigned to serve statewide as Senior Judge from Feb. 3, 2016, to June 30, 2017.

Retired from the Court of Appeals on Feb. 2, 2016.

**** here is a bit of Smith’s working relationship with Judge Korey that Gerald Shepphad mentioned in the comment replies at post

, relative to the tribal member Korey that is a judge in itasca county , that opened the avenues for that tribal member who murdered that infant, to evade a life sentence when she declared a mistrial because the assailant star witness was not available to appear for the court.

innovative courts – mutual agreements of understanding between county and tribal courts note: …. “Cass County District Court Judge John P. Smith and Leech Lake Tribal Court Chief Judge Korey Wahwassuck have worked together since 2006 presiding over the post-conviction, post-sentencing Driving While Intoxicated Court in Cass County, Minnesota. They spoke with Center for Court Innovation staff about the innovative, collaborative program.”…/john-p-smith-and-korey…

Judge David Harrington Bio

**** J.D., University of North Dakota Law School, 1992
B.S., Bemidji State University, 1982


**** General Counsel- Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, 1994-2003
**** Defense Counsel- Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Indians, 2000-2003
Private Practice- Walker, MN, 1992-1994
**** Staff Attorney- Leech Lake Criminal and Juvenile Defense Corporation, 1992-1994

Professional Memberships:

Cass County Bar Association
Minnesota State Bar Association
**** State/Tribal Court Association
Federal Bar Association
**** Minnesota American Indian Bar Association

Community Activities:

**** Board Member- Boys and Girls Clubs of America
**** Board Member- Minnesota Land Trust
Board Member- Minnesota Finlandia Health Sports
Ducks Unlimited
Three Island/Movil Maze Recreational Area Advisory
**** Committee- Take a Kid Fishing
North Star Sports Club
Centennial Triathlon
Friends of the Bemidji Public Library
Bemidji Area Cross Country Ski Club
Turtle River Watershed District-Lake Monitor

Joe Wade Joe Wade AND CORRELATE ALL THAT TO UNDakota University where Harrington was schooled. B. J. Jones (adviser to the Lakota Peoples Law Project & lastrealindians along with James Abourezk) who is part of team for innovative courts and ICWA’s new guidelines. Remember Abourezk initiated ICWA , along with his initiation of the U.S Senate of Indian Affairs committee , Arab Discrimination committee , that has now spun off into CAIR , who also setup the foundation for Indian gaming that was solidified when Ben Nighthorse was chair in the following years of the u.s senate for indian affairs …. etc …. who also thou not noted in this bio has a significant history as judge for Leech Lake Band of Ojibew.

BJ Jones

Affiliated Faculty

Director, Tribal Judicial Institute

Mr Jones graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1981 with a B.A. in history, Phi Beta Kappa, and from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1984. Before becoming the Director of the Institute, he was Litigation Director for Dakota Plains Legal Services. Mr Jones has devoted his law practice to serving indigent residents of South and North Dakota Indian reservations and adjoining counties. He has represented clients in federal, state, and tribal courts as well as in administrative hearings. His areas of expertise include federal entitlements, Indian law, domestic relations and health law. Mr Jones is admitted to the state bars of Virginia, South Dakota and North Dakota; the federal bars of the US District Courts for North and South Dakota, the United States Court of Appeals for Eighth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court; and the Rosebud Sioux, Standing Rock Sioux, Oglala Sioux, Flandreau-Santee Sioux, Yankton Sioux, and Spirit Lake Nation tribal bars.

Mr Jones is also the Chief Justice of the Turtle Mountain Tribal Court of Appeals [personal note: also involved with SPIRIT LAKE foster care child sexual abuse placement], a Special Magistrate of the Non-Removable Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Tribal Court, and an alternate judge of the Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal Court. He is a member of the Diversity Committee at the School of Law and has acted as a clinical instructor for the Native American Law Program; he has also taught Indian Law. Mr Jones serves on the North Dakota Supreme Court Committee on Tribal-State Court Affairs, and the ABA Committee on the Unmet Needs of Children. He was an instructor at Sinte Gleska University and Sitting Bull College. Mr Jones publishes and presents in the area of Indian law.

UND University School of Law:

Joe Wade Joe Wade in short, quite interesting that all that mess is involved with a Tribal Police Officer who sends porn of himself to kids eh? AND GOOD TO NOTE the guardians of the child involved took the concerns as advised to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in place of Capt. Ken Washington of LL Tribal Police
Gerald Sheppard Gerald Sheppard Wade, re-check the court complaint summary. On Page 7 there is no X in the space before Warrant or Order of Detention. Which means that Officer is likely in public still playing choke the chicken photo sessions with children. Anything less expected from Mn. so called justice for the children?
Mandi Lumley Sage Mandi Lumley Sage So evidence on his phone, he’s still an officer with kids and that’s safe to the community?

Joe Wade Joe Wade called lltribal police today, northbird is no longer an officer, not sure when he was terminated, thou interesting to note the timespan between the investigation timestamp noted in the “complaint” is July 2016 AND the timestamp for the court summary of that “complaint” is Dec 2016, that is 6mths and i have personally seen NorthBird in this community during that timeframe, thou not in uniform or tribal vehicle. Makes sense now why he turned a shade of paleness when we locked eyes.

that’s over 1000 images as reported in the complaint summary, and it is apparent he has not been arrested, and likely not going to be arrested, and likely slapped on the hand.

People want to rant on about, sex trafficing, child sex abuse, suicides, drug/alcohol abuse , opiates addiction birth defects, the total breakdown of family structure, while they holler for more federal funding under the pretense of implementing fix’s to reduce the statistic escalation, while tribal officers stand down when verifiable reliable information is given to them for “charging and arresting” assailants OR those who are suppose to be on their way to recovery through so called wellness courts because to arrest would destroy the pretty pie charts of so called success of the wellness courts and it’s b.s hype of so called hollestic healing that coincides with the courts healing process …. a stinking JOKE! that equates to nothing more than the perpetration of “self genocide” because federal funding AND INTENT OF CONGRESSIONAL ACTS are being USED AND ABUSED.

Northbird’s actions set this young womans path in life directly onto that which he and the tribal police are suppose to be protecting the community constituents from.


Will be interesting to see what avenue is taken that will likely include the Berkley Bean Cooker concepts of so called native healing, so called native american judicial practices to address this issue. While we sit back in the community and watch another mom commit suicide, another child raped, another teen strung out on opiates and sold off to the sex slave, all that to pass on to the next generation …. IN PLACE OF THE REAL DEAL AS PER THE EXPECTATIONS OF ANCESTRY …. which the likes of Northbird shoud count his blessings we are not privileged to do such anymore since “we” surrendered our old ways of justice upon entering treaty agreements, THAT INCLUDED THE U.S GOVERNANCE AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS TO PROTECT US , which is not working worth spit on this one instance …. AGAIN!



Joe Wade Joe Wade Mandi, called a few offices today, only info available is what has been released by the media group pr team that the Bureaue of Criminal Apprehension falls under. Do_not know if an arrest was made or if that tribal officer is detained.

Will be interesting to see how Cass County on upto Judge Smith , “TRYS” to smooth this over, have to keep good working relationships ya know AND “THEIR” b.s concepts of justice reform

Joe Wade Joe Wade other dynamics that come into play for ALL OF THE SECRECY!

2014 – School Resource Officer (SRO) Report

“The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs wishes to acknowledge the overwhelming response to the request for peer reviewers among Minnesota’s SRO community.” (….) “Participation in peer review does not constitute endorsement of the report’s findings or recommendations by the reviewers or their organizations.”

Peer Reviewers includes * Shannon Northbird…/forms…/Documents/SRO%20REPORT.pdf


Cass County Board Meeting Dec. 2016 …. “Cass and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe support increasing the county share of state-collected sales taxes from tribal lands from the current 10 percent.”

Joe WadeJoe Wademore dynamics that point to reasons for SECRECY ….

Oct. 2016 Cass County-LLBO Hold Joint Meeting

“Judicial and Legal
Representing LLBO at the meeting were Tribal Court Judges Megan Treuer and Paul Day.

Cass County Representatives included
Judges David Harrington and Jana
Austad, Cass County Attorney
Chris Strandlie and Cass County
Probation Director Jim Schneider.

• Tribal Court connectivity has
been confirmed with state systems.
• Tribal Justice Center is scheduled
to be opened in October 2016
• Paul Day, Tribal Court Judge said
“When we talk about jurisdiction, we’re talking about who has
authority, and so back in 1978 it was always in court and in
litigation, citing a supreme court precedent or a federal law.

Today we don’t talk so much about who is in charge.

Now what we are doing is just implementing it.

**** WOW! – AND! – AND!
Upcoming goals:
• Include ICWA funding aid in the 2017 Tax bill for those implementing Tribal, State, County agreements. Source for above:

.**** break out of fb dialog, NOTE!

Additional Notes about the  2016 Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Regulation Amendment & as mentioned above , that was not posted in the fb dialog

Upcoming goals:

• Include ICWA funding aid in the 2017 Tax bill for those implementing Tribal, State, County


“The BIA issued ‘new’ ICWA Guidelines today. among many things – it states that there is NO “existing Indian family” doctrine, (the family does not need to be connected to the reservation in any way), it doesn’t matter if the child lives on or off the reservation, there is no need for a certain blood quantum, tribal government has total say over whether a child is a member and subject to ICWA, EVERY child custody case MUST be vetted to see if it is ICWA, (because children who are just 1% Native heritage might not look Indian at all – so you have to question EVERY child…just in case they have a drop of heritage), transfer to tribal court from state court can happen anytime a tribe feels like it, if there is any question that a child is Indian – he is to be treated as such until proven otherwise, and the tribe has a right to intervene in a family even if the child is not being removed from the home. Link:

2015 …. ICWA New Guideline Public Input Sessions …. “As the conversation continued, they further explained that the new BIA Guidelines are worded precisely to support their “Taking Our Children Back Initiative.” The group, who represented a number of tribes, all agreed to this point: “Originally every child in this country was Native, so we should have jurisdiction over every child.”

One chairman continued to talk, stating that all of the tribes from Arkansas through the midwest are working together with Cherokee Nation on this initiative, and Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation, Chrissi Nimmo”

2015 ….
In reference to the new ICWA Regulations –  Chrissi Nimmo, Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation stated,
“… we repeatedly explained that… tribes can choose members who don’t have any Indian blood” (Rowley 2015) – Link:

Jan 2017 – Human Trafficking through State/County/Tribal Courts

All of this spells human trafficking to Stan.  “When you look at the definition, it’s really just human trafficking,”

Stan said. “To take or steal, and they are stealing this child – against mom’s wishes, against the guardian ad litem’s wishes and against the court’s wishes, that is human trafficking.”


Link: Family fights to keep tribe from taking child –

**** Resume Fb Dialog from above break out

the jurisdiction / court authority mentioned above is to create tribal court “criminal” jurisdiction over tribal and non-tribal people. as per testers and frankens so called “tribal youth and community protection Act.

FANCY EH? a CONGRESSIONAL ACT that is being presented as protection for tribal youth, community and police officers, that in reality will be used to TRY AND BLUNDER PEOPLE INTO SILENCE …. Leech Lake tribal police and courts are already using this “proposed act” to try and drag people into it’s court on BOGUS ACCUSATIONS from tribal police investigations against people who will not submit to “their” Stupidity of NOT_HOLDING_PEOPLE_ACCOUNTABLE for actions of ABUSE.

“Senators Tester (chair for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) and Franken (MN. tribal rep for for U.S Senate of Indian Affairs) have introduced legislation to expand tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians for drug related crimes, domestic violence against children, and crimes committed against tribal law enforcement officers. The proposed bill comes on the heels of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which allows Indian tribes to prosecute non-Indians in certain instances.

The bill is titled the “Tribal Youth and Community Protection Act of 2016 and can be read at;



look beyond Mn. Senior Judge John P. Smith , to the upper foodchain of his working groups at county leves ….

check the top of the Dept. of Justice and note Maha Jweied , who after leaving England left Sharia Law in her wake. A Obama appointed Deputy Director for the Dept. of Justice where she oversee’s tribal justice and her background ties back to foster case work in Jordan, prior to ending up working with Mohamed Shahabuddeen.

For anyone who believes or thinks all that above does not apply to the current status of mn. decriminalizing child sex, YOU HAD BETTER LOOK AT WHO IS ENTERING YOUR DOMAIN FROM SIDE DOORS!


Interim Condition for Northbird, Shannon Larry
– Complete booking
– Conditions, other
– Do not leave Minnesota without written court approval
– No contact with victim(s)
– Released on own recognizance
– Remain law-abiding
– No contact with persons under age 18

Omnibus Hearing scheduled for February 13, 2017 (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Harrington, David)

******** interesting eh?

– Complete booking – in ref to this condition, the officer had porn on his cell phone of a school kid, he sent pron of himself to the child, exchanged in sexual dialog while on the job with the child, AND HE WAS NEVER FORMALLY ARRESTED AND BOOKED because he signed a piece of paper and promised to appear in court? ….

~by a County Court Support Service Division website – “If you appear in court, the judge may order you to have your fingerprints and photograph taken. This is usually done when you are summons or ticketed (promise to appear) into court, and were not booked directly into jail. Because you did not go to jail your fingerprints and photograph were never taken for these charges.

You should receive paperwork from the court that will give you the date you have been ordered to have the prints and photo taken.”

**** one should ask, how is the obama admin’s (Valerie Jarrett, eric holder, loretta lynch) judicial reform working for us? nothing like putting criminals back into the community at the drop of a dime such as the drug related arrests that have now been classified as “non-violent”, is child sex abuse now also “non-violent” ?

AND remember obama’s 1st pick for Health and Human Services Secretary was Tom Daschle (for obama’s team for health reform, which includes the current psycho therapy b.s being used to enable child sex abuse and minimize other violent crimes) , who was an assistant to former senator of s. dakota that arab peddlers son , James Abourezk (who sits an arms length away from obama as an adviser for ndn country and israel/palestine policy), who along with Daschle and other office affiliates were caught spying for Cuba yrs back, among the other extended list of underhanded sick actions implemented in those same years by that arab american Abrouzek’s American Indian Movement AND PEOPLE FOLLOW THE LEAD OF SUCH STUPIDITY, NOW BEING BROUGHT OT COUNTY AND STATE LEVELS UNDER THE PRETENSE OF PEACE AND TOLERANCE!


* Conditions, other …. in ref to this condition if not in error, the judge ordered “No_Internet_Activity” the officers council argued Northbird needed net access, the judge then ordered no net activity unless court approved.

* No contact with persons under age 18, in ref to this condition,

note Northbirds fb friends list count went from quite a few hundred 800+ down to 120 on his friends list.

Quite a few children the school resource officer (SRO) removed from his social media friends list eh?

note comments above extracted from Leech Lake Cyber Moccasin fb site:

…. connect the dots ….

Joe Wade Joe Wade Northbird lead attorney retained —-> BLAIR WILLIAM NELSON
“Blair has a great deal of knowledge and experience in defending Native American cases.

Blair worked with the White_Earth_Criminal_and_Juvenile_Defense_Corporation from 1999 to 2004, Leech_Lake_Juvenile_and_Criminal_Defense_Corporation from 2003 to 2006, and is a current member of the Federal Defender C.J.A. Panel.”

ALSO …. Cass County Judge David Harrington Employment
* Staff Attorney – Leech_Lake_Criminal_and_Juvenile_Defense_Corporation, 1992-1994

Careers built on State Funding , to protect pedophiles eh?

anyone care to follow the food chain of working relationships upward past Mn lead judge John Smith to the DOJ Maha Jweied Deputy Director for the Office for Access to Justice at the US Department of Justice where she oversees the office’s tribal justice

2007 Cute eh?

Native American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic Arbitral system

.sharia law

Search Influenced to Death for “Islamic Arbitral”




July 24, 1610

Still Standing with the Agreements of Membertou


Concordant of 1610 Wampum

as  12th generation family – Hear This —> those who don’t like “it” – You can Eat Crow!





Abourezk Nolan – cuba middle east and islam_communist indoctrination for 1st Nations!EPAmmSwJ!uN1eMdxt-djyASMQTTB_yg

County State Federal – Tribal – Mutual Agreements of Understanding!NDRRxKSa!a_0Uv6eI7rcR-LmgP5uR6w

American Indian Movement (AIM) – Domestic Militant Terrorist!gWY1xTYZ!273ORdMd_WCgyEnfsAegSg

AIM_Newspaper Articles – Chronicals of Corruption!pWgFTIyI!_AXmvo-5Wjzvz6X6YMKhKQ

Ojibwe History!RSAyELYI!2_QL-jADtZmktNRgxOcn9Q


All Files!QOAxEahK!wSnkVDy-7dfCZtGx5ZRr-Q





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    Please contact me. I’m a Wahwassuck victim. Immediately after she ruled on the temp order in my custody case, just after her appointment to the bench by Dayton in Itasca County, I began digging. I began documenting the horrors of others like me. I began comparing reports, identifying others involved, and mapping the connections. I started a blog and dedicated my life to uncovering the bigger picture bc I knew I couldn’t be the only one. The more I exposed, the worse my life got. I’ve lost everything. She has me unconstitutionally gagged with an order that criminalized me within days, offering no opportunity to appeal. Ongoing Criminal charges stacking up since my first arrest in Oct 2016 bc I refuse to back down. I’m on my third public defender and was denied my omnibus and speedy trial. With all that said, I believe it’s quite clear that I know things she doesn’t want discovered. Let’s get em. (not a threat, I mean that in a legal sense)

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