Gelu’lk Nutawti


But what is denied actually does exist and
eventually comes to the surface, just as
any truth will eventually surface
despite acts to hide it.

Joy Harjo



For Those of you Still at  Bear Point

The Sabine Pass will always be in Heart

>>>> La Tortue – Ishak’s Heart <<<<

Sunrise People – Not ManEaters! 

Laisse le vent souffler, J’en ai déjà vu avant

(let the storm winds blow, i have seen it before)


Hey LaTortue —>

I Choose the Light & Curse the Dark

Que Sera Sera



~ Being Human ~

~ A Person of Nations ~

~ It Ain’t Easy Being Me ~

“Seriously – with every breath, “It’s” easy ,  a natural thing”


“I walk with Creation. I may be disheartened and I may yell out in rage but that is to let out the stuff that could lead me to unleash that darkness that is in all of us.” ~Zhaawinoogequay~



June 24, 1610 – Interesting to note

Marguerite Membertou  the daughter of Leader Anli -Maopeltoog /Henry Membertou and Marie Abenaki  —->  Marie Abenaki’s  father was Leader Barthelemi “Anaraoui” MITEOUAMIGOU/Abenaki Algonquin of Trios Rivers —-> 

All are  “People of the Dawn” – “People of the Eastern DoorWay”







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