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July 29, 2012

Food for thought …. continued ….

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Some of my blogs get linked around the net and are either favorably received or not-seems as though many comments regarding differing opinions are expressed elsewhere-I don’t have a problem with that, but sometimes after being notified of such I feel compelled to address them in some manner here.

I find it interesting that comments related to The Sacred Land focus on the issues of meth and suicide  while failing to acknowledge or mention that this occurs under the “watch” of “mighty  warriors” and “liberators”.

Or that these mighty warriors and liberators, unlike warriors and the akicita of old, aren’t doing much to address them-I can’t help but wonder how it works that such a title could be given to them -how such a claim is made?

What part of tradition is this supposed to represent other than  the internet version?

What part of tradition is it that allows the…

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July 29, 2012

Food for thought ….

Rezinate's Blog

“Such the big shame this is and we have done nothing to deserve to be treated for this way.”

This above comment made by M+J in The Most Victimized Group In America blog that indigenous women have done nothing to deserve the decline in status and the abuses that followed has haunted me.

I see it as a plaintive cry, an expression of a collective misery given voice, a mourning song sweeping across Indian country-and a great shame heaped upon the nations that is suffocating us one and all.

We speak of the land as the mother who gives life and sustains us-it is the ultimate truth-and among the nations our women are the land-land where seeds are planted, land that nurtures and produces our continuation, and insures that we will remain.

A land that has always been the repository of tradition-and always respected for the gifts it provides.


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July 27, 2012

Rezinate on target again, it is mind boggleing how many people can be so brain dead not to be able to see the root of this inhuman issue

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I don’t play a lot of card games, and of those I do Poker isn’t one them.

But I’m given to understand that sometimes the Joker, or Jokers, are included and introduces an entirely different element to the game-a certain unpredictability, and even tension.

Shape shifters in a sense, capable of wreaking havoc and separating one from their money in short order-their presence and intent is only know when they are turned face up and their intention is declared or exposed. An intent that can be devastating or comical.

Ordinarily a deck of cards comes with two jokers, but the nations have found themselves confronting a stacked deck filled with Jokers-none of them innocent, none of them playing a harmless game.

But then I’ve seen “Genuine Native American” Tarot cards as well.

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Creme da la Creme the illest AIM Suporters

July 26, 2012

Their twisted sick minds, is their own poison

and poison to those who support their rhetoric 🙂 

Over the years I have both witnessed and reviewed some of creations most wicked, sick, sick  people. Without reservations the drippings below align themselves with the same as those sick beings.


Animikee Kwe ,

aka: Miska Migiziikwe ,


Charmaine P. Steele, aka: Charmaine Damato ,


Levi Rickert,


Not a bad Example of their Bent Perverted Minds

at the beginning of this video


Animikee Kwe’s  msg. to Annie Mae’s Daughter

Denise Pictou Maloney

You, lady…dont know or accept the truth, because it don’t fit your- “destroy all that loved my mom,” agenda. To think of the apologies and the egg you have to eat off your face for what you have said and done….you have no remorse for the endless,horrible untruths you speak. If I was your mother and had some way to show you…it dont matter, you care nothing about what your mother’s wishes were….She wanted to be buried at WoundedKnee, for example….she went by the name Anna Mae Aquash…for another ex. you changed all that…because you have the power to do so…NOT because you are following your mother’s last wishes. Go ahead and post my private letters to you….low man, as low as they go. David Price accidently killed your mom, he would have killed her on purpose at a later date, once he got her to sign the false affidavit against her dear friend, Leonard Peltier.(bcuz she saw him as the sniper at Jumping Bull- he is a serial killer and you have enabled him to get away with many murders by your denial of the truth) You can fool lots of people…lots of times…but the truth is out there now and thanks to the Creator of the heavens the earth and of all living things, for that truth. I wish you peace, but that will not happen without your acceptance of the real truth….it’s obvious-yoiur truth-has not brought you peace or closure…simply because it’s ALL LIES. Have a productive day, my dear. “Freedom” Miskakmigiziikwe

3 minutes ago
Miskamigizii Kwe

*she saw him…david price…as the sniper at jumping bull…why’d he only injure the agents? he had to, to get away without them seeing him….why was he so sure Leonard killed them? BCUZ HE SAW Leoanrd there and he really believes Leonard killed them….but the autopsy tells the truth – that nobody wants to accept. You white truth is all about “saving-face” and has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth or justice.

2 minutes ago
Miskamigizii Kwe

PS…fuck off!


such a proud shAIMster eh?


2 minutes ago
Denise Pictou Maloney

LOL..thank you for this , even more proof or your dementia. You are gonna now school me on what my mothers name was ?? LMAO and that she wanted to be buried in wk? Sure she did before she realized that her own friends and family within AIm would turn on her and then they would dance over her grave for the rest of time patting each other on the back for killing one of their own women. And Lenny boy is no friend of my mothers, confirmed by Robideau.


The Silenced

July 18, 2012

Re-blogged from: Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior , By Denise Pictou Maloney

I would like to commend the inclusion and mention of women murdered by their own family members or friends and the acknowledgement of the silence and fear that paralyzes surviving families from seeking help and healing in the recent article “The Politics of Tragedy: How the Families of victims are Fighting to Remember.” My sister and I lived that life for 28 years. Our mother Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was murdered 36 years ago in 1975 in South Dakota. Initially it was suggested by the American Indian Movement, that the FBI had murdered her, fueling decades of conspiracy theories and deception that left her murder unresolved for almost three decades.

For 28 years our family sat in silent mourning not knowing who to turn to and hoping and praying someone would step forward and tell the truth. In the last 10 years, 4 trials that resulted in two convictions, one guilty plea, one acquittal and the sworn testimony of over 23 witnesses have proven that it was in fact members of the American Indian Movement acting on orders from within the AIM leadership who kidnapped, interrogated, and executed Annie Mae. Throughout the trial process it was discovered that prominent members and the AIM leadership including, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde Bellecourt, Vernon Bellecourt, David Hill and Leonard Peltier, had knowledge, facilitated and or participated in the kidnapping, interrogation and murder of our mother Annie Mae and the subsequent cover up that it was AIM members who took her life and not the FBI as they claimed for 28 years.

Unfortunately our quest for justice is not over yet, though we may have had success in the courtroom, those who ordered my mothers’ execution and support her murderers and are still active in our communities and campaign themselves as champions of native resistance and human rights. My mother was a staunch advocate for human and women’s rights and protested regularly against the government for its mistreatment and colonization of our first nations. For her murder to be addressed with such lies and deceit by the people she considered friends and family was devastating to our family and incredibly demoralizing. Her murderers and their supporters have used  100 years of bad history and the very institution ( FBI) that my mother had died fighting against to hide the fact that they had murdered one of their own women. Our family and nation are so highly offended by this act of cowardice and their continued support of her murderers while they attempt to reinvent themselves as advocates for missing and murdered women.

Our continued efforts to bring my mother  justice in ndn country is representative of the forgotten and silenced victims and families who still struggle on their own to find closure in our communities today. Women are still suffering in our midst silently fearing being ostracized publically for speaking up and denouncing illegal acts that we are told every day is our right to do so. I have been publically called fed, pig, diversionary, hater, assimilated and FBI pawn by those who support my mother’s murderers because we dared to demand unconditional justice for my mother. The silence has to stop, the victims’ families need to be embraced, respected and supported, the deceased need to be honored by unconditional justice. The lateral violence that plagues our communities can no longer be an excuse; but it can be the way out of the darkness, by acknowledging it and demanding unconditional truth and justice with in our own communities no matter what or who it offends. It is the one place we have control of, in our own homes. How can we expect the world to take notice of our nations injustices if we allow them to occur in our own backyards while accusing others of the same atrocities?

My mother never allowed the government to define her, nor did she ever succumb to compromising her integrity for the sake of running with the masses. She believed in truth and unconditional justice and the power we as women held in taking ownership of our destinies in our own communities, by adopting zero tolerance, demanding unconditional justice , bringing action into our communities on the ground level and not allowing the government to dictate when, how and if that was going to happen.

Denise Pictou Maloney~

Unconditional Truth

July 16, 2012

     Recently there was a comment made that I think needs to be further addressed. The question was asked what we were looking for here, was this group about dismantling AIM, and is this a hate group for AIM? As mentioned before many times this page is about bringing justice for Annie Mae and sharing the truth. The AIM leadership and Leonard Peltier have dismantled themselves, we never told them to take one of their women out and murder herand then blatantly lie about it for 36 years, nor did we suggest they publicly support those murderers and use the excuse “ the government made them do it.” The only people in my experience that have used that excuse have skeletons in their own closets they don’t want exposed, like the murder of Perry Ray Robinson, and others who went missing during WK, or their long term knowledge and involvement in those murders and the subsequent cover ups. This provides an easy out for those feeling guilty that eases their conscience in having not to accept any kind of complicity. Yes her murderers are sitting in prison , after 28 years of silence , but those who ordered and facilitated it are not, and they are still at work spreading lies and deception at every level in ndn country to maintain their lack of complicity, not to mention that the AIM leadership and Peltier both publicly support Annie Maes’ murderers.  IF there is an “infiltrator”, as some claim then we will find that out when  the AIM leadership exposes them, since they seem to have the evidence supporting that.

There have been a lot of assumptions made about my feelings and opinions of the government and I think I need to make a few clarifications. This is not about hate, this is about not compromising my integrity because a group of thugs thought they managed to pull the wool over NDN countries eyes by using 100 years of bad history as their justification for behaving like the oppressors. I marvel that people think that 28 years of lies and manipulations by those who murdered Annie Mae can be explained away by “the government made them do it” I am fully aware of how complicit and how ignorant all human beings can be, BUT because I refuse to allow the government to define me or carry any weight in my moral code or consume me with hate and distrust of them , that they count on I might add, so I will assume they will not do their jobs does not mean I am a hater nor a lover of the government. I expect them to do their jobs here and now and I will be the first one to point out the areas where they are falling short.

My mother told me exactly what the government was about and she also told me about human beings and our responsibility as those human beings. It was human beings who brought my mother justice, and it was human beings who made the choice to betray her and take her life . She never allowed the government to define her, and she never expected much from them either. I live in a different era, I know the control we have as human beings, thanks to my mother and I won’t waste time waiting for a  government that historically doesn’t have a lot to brag about in the resolution department to define my moral code. Is that not something we should all strive to take ownership of ourselves? Is my mother’s justice in holding ALL those responsible for her death accountable to be a waiting game now , waiting for a government that many claim is corrupt anyway , to become moral and lead the way for us? LOL! I am not gonna hold my breath on that one . Shouldn’t we try to expect more from our communities, brothers and sisters if we are to ever overcome this hold the government has on us?

We managed for 10, 000 years before the Europeans came and now we are to just toss in the towel and accept the victim card the government deals us ? Not this women. I refuse to compromise my integrity and expectations by allowing the actions of a historically corrupt and racist government to cloud my moral judgement in recognizing injustices that occur right in our own backyards by accepting them as a consequence of being ndn and not expecting our own family members to  abide to our own traditional moral and ethical laws nor that the government won’t ever do their damn jobs . Likewise I will not use those atrocities and bad history to enable and give excuses for the abuse and violence suffered by our own women to continue in our midst. It may explain how it can occur but does not EVER justify it. How can we expect the government or any entity outside of our communities to take us seriously about the injustices and atrocities we suffered and still suffer if we allow those same atrocities to occur in our own backyards and turn a blind eye? It stops here, and because I chose to stand up and attempt to denounce this behavior and expect the justice we are all told is our birth right does not mean I am ignorant of the injustices occurring in our backyards everyday nor that I am a fed, FBI Pawn, or racist …lol… titles I will remind everyone that were bestowed upon my mother before she was executed for speaking the truth . Murder is murder period and I am highly offended that her supposed AIM friends and family would infer that I am in any way connected to or doing the governments bidding or assume that I will not follow this thru till the full truth is known no matter who gets swept up in the exposure of that truth …,this is what unconditional justice looks like. – Denise Pictou Maloney –


The Facts


Isn’t it a Pity – Isn’t it a Shame

July 15, 2012


Silence is Violence -updated 2-10-2014-

Missing man found dead near Walker
By Pioneer staff reports – Jan 22, 2014

“According to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the body of Leondre Alan Adams was found at about 11:20 a.m Tuesday in Turtle Lake Township in rural Walker.

Adams was reported as a missing person on Jan. 18. The Leech Lake Tribal Police Department had asked for the public’s help in finding Adams, who was reportedly last seen Dec. 31 in the area of Onigum in Cass County, near Walker.” – Pioneer NewsPaper-


At 22yrs old Adams is categorized by society as a man, thou for some people he was still a child when he died of exposure in an abandoned house. (community talk has it , Adams  was beaten prior to being dropped off in the middle of no where in -30 or so temperatures)

Not expecting much more to come to light on this child’s death and how/who dropped him off at such a distance from his last point of sight, since the norm of thinking for too many when it comes to accountability and responsibility to often is we handle these kind of things within, which only enables the continuance of horrific deaths for the youth.

Batting 1000+ for youth deaths around here for the last 6mths, and it is difficult to recall the last time we had a month,  that a youth from around here did_not die a horrid death. Heart felt ….


2012 Center for Western Studies

Wounded Knee 40 yrs Later Conference

with an “Example” of how AIM operates to condition the Youth, which has profoundly corrupted Culture, Tradition and Beliefs, thus creating an avenue for Self-Genocide


Isn’t it a pity, now, isn’t it a shame
How we break each other’s hearts and cause each other pain
How we take each other’s love, without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back, isn’t it a pity

Some things take so long but how do I explain
Not too many people, can see we’re all the same
And because of all the tears, their eyes can’t hope to see
The beauty that surrounds them, isn’t it a pity

Forgetting to give back, isn’t it a pity

Forgetting to give back, now, isn’t it a pity

Oh, what a pity, what a pity, pity, pity


AIM, the modern day tool of Termination Policies

You took me for everything that i had and kicked me out on my own ….

And another one gone and another one gone and another one bites  the dust ….

You can beat him you can cheat him you can treat him bad and leave him when he’s down ….


HEY KOJB Leech Lake Radio !!!!

Free the so called 1st Nations Hero and Youth Role Model Leonard Peltier — Right ?


Arvol Looking Horse & Lin Da Pimp

July 8, 2012

Arvol  uses a high profile location, to create another Media Hype Campaign  that will generate  social tension and unrest, by trying to put the blunt of  responsibility on Forestry for having to extinguish a  Fire.

After Forestry canceled a special use permit that was issued for a Fire at San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. Arvol accuses Forestry of violating human rights, desecrating sacred land, and continuing over 500 years of genocide, while he uses the youth to exploit ancestry, culture and tradition for recognition and awareness. press release by Brett Ramey here (whoa! press release removed 7-15-2012)

Basically the same AIMster programing is being used to tap into the youth’s frustrations, angers and ignorance with indoctrinating talks of massacres, genocide, government oppression, setting them up to attack like the armored dogs of the  Conquistadors.

video by:  youtube user LinDaPimp


Considering the design of the  fire pit, I can not see any reason for the FS to have made a decision to cancel the special use permit, the design seems to create a very low possibility for fire no matter how dry/arid the area might be. Then again, considering the climate of the 4corners region, timber burns extremely clean. Memories recall  smokeless, red, orange, blue and white flames of fires in my past.  Something is not being told here, and at this point , no one knows who is not telling what.


update: 7-10-2012 – Lies and deception enter the issue

Brett Ramey’s press release is half truth , Shawn Mulford refused the special use permit. The Forestry made exceptions for a closed area to be used. The area Shawn and the gathering group demanded would not be allowed a Fire due to excessive fuels in the area from a previous fire (fuels being charred timber and excess kindling on the ground).

The gathering group was notified well in advance, if a fire was built, Forestry would be forced to extinguish it, if the gathering did not do so on their own. Forestry Reply: What Shawn Mulford did and  what Brett Ramey did not say in the press release

Brett Ramey who wrote the press release, who declares Ioway ancestry (kansas) , who grew up in the cities and farm life in Kansas, who  lived very little if any rez life, who works with youth programs in flagstaff did not give the full facts. He is being used or a participant in the deception.

Still waiting to put faces, names to the “Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council” mentioned in the press release. After numerous requests for who they are, one name pops up so far, Bennett Lyons, Council Member, at a conference for the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program Conference , at the University of Arizona, April 26-27, 2012. (2 months ago)

Bennett Lyons is listed as speaker about Language, Culture, Sacred Sites along with Sherri Mitchell. The conference unofficial transcripts April 27, includes Sherri Mitchell who is the Executive Director for Land & Peace Foundation who does legal representation for Sacred Site Protection and Religious Freedom, giving a speech on behalf of  Bennett.

Bennett Lyons at the Conference 

Bennett Lyons (Native Language): I came to deliver a message from my relatives. We got together and I know we are not given a lot of time and I mentioned that to them and they said, Pray anyway, and nobody can stop me from praying. I will keep on praying while Sherri Mitchell delivers the statement. (Sherri address’s the panel for Bennett)


There is no doubt in my mind the San Francisco Peak incident was staged to exploit culture and spirituality for Media Coverage and now it appears another reason might be for career goals ? Wondering if someone is trying to get in with the circle of S. James Anaya and if Anya himself might cash in on the exploitation.

The more i dig into this, the more humoring it gets because the unfolding of this issue is such a redundant script of AIM mentality and tactics. Very sad too, considering the way culture, a gathering and Fire is being “used”.

The saddest part is,   if the above is valid, relative to exploitation, using one another and culture in these ways, People will say  it is acceptable, because it is for the cause. 

That is to say, it is ok to lie, decieve, use one another, exploit culture and spirituality because it will help aboriginal rights. Just where did those teachings come from, AIM.

Who will pop their head up next?

Conference site:

Speaker List:

Conference unofficial transcripts April 27


Shawn the guy in the video toted off by Forestry, apparently was advised in advance of the consequences prior to even opening up the Fire. Whoever was conducting this activity should have closed that fire before forestry got there, if they knew forestry was coming in to extinguish it, OR if it was not closed, whoever was conducting should have asked forestry for time to do so, before water was sprayed to extinguish.

Not that any of the above matters, because Forestry gave the members  advanced notice not to open up a fire and the members did so anyhow. Before extinguishing the fire, Forestry asked for someone with the gathering group to close it, they refused.

I fail to understand why the responsible person or persons who generated that fire, opened a door and called upon ancestry, would not close the sitting in a formal peaceful manner. Instead those responsible, allowed that occurrence to turn into havoc. That is very disrespectful to everyone involved and any ill movement that might occur is the result of those who are arrogant. People who elect to align themselves with people that conduct in such ways, are assisting with the continuance of creating internal turmoil. The foundation for promoting division, unrest and hatred.

Jeff Osborn the forestry worker, out of respect, was the only person in the youtube audio that apologized  for what was occurring.


Audio of YouTube in Text

starting at time interval 2:00 min;

fs> are you sure you want me to do this? (fs talking to gathering attendants, after Shawn was toted off)
> > No body here wants you to do this
> > it’s your consequences, you are going to pay your consequences

fs> i want you to do this, i really would like for you to put out the fire (forestry talking to gathering member expressing it’s best for him to close the fire)
> > you are going to harm yourself, watch what you are dong

fs> i have to put out the fire,
>> thats your choice, be careful for your family, you be careful, (background voice, comment about wounded knee massacre) , be careful for your children,

fs> (Jeff Olsen) alright, i apologize …. sound of water sprayed into pit

note: pipe is on stone wall of fire pit throughout the whole disruption, not being tended to

>> they will stay close to you, all of you, remember what you did
(background voice,  “we have elders among us”) , this is a violation of our religious, is there a sheriff here? , i want him charged with a violation of our religious act

ALH > Jeff Osborn, you are violating our human rights , right now, as indigenous people to this land. You are desecrating sacred land, you are continuing over 500 years of genocide on people, that’s what you are doing right now, think about that, know that, NO, NO, NO this is you and more ranting

Jeff Osborn tries to reply, the group aggresses him verbally

>>> Time for you to go back across the water, back to Europe, that’s where you belong.

fb – United Word of Indigenous People

fb – Sacred Mountain Defenders


update 7-14-2012 – Who Arvol is Setting up Camp With

Craig J. Johnson: Just for everyone’s information, this was a group of native fundamentalist and NOT a tribe with 1000s of years of continued ceremonial use. The fire was put out because of extream fire danger. Which this group refused to accept even after being told that they could not start a fire in such a heavily fueled area.Friday at 4:30am

Craig J. Johnson: The thing is that many native Nations have performed ceremonies on the mountain in the past few weeks and they respect the increased fire danger, but this group of fundamentalist were the only group that refused to respect the no fire restriction.Friday at 4:56am

Craig J. Johnson: I know who they are because I met with them. I have spoke to many native peoples and tribes and this group is NOT a tribe but rather a group of people who express fundamental ideas. It’s not up to me to judge if their practices are legitimate, but I do know by definition they are a fundalmentalist group. I have been told by tribes that this group is not legitimate and do not practice authentic ceremonies.Friday at 6:13am

Craig J. Johnson: @ Heather, I work with tribes everyday and many of them expressed displeasure of a “Pan-Indian” group performing ceremonies that come across as legitimate. Again, it is not up to me to judge what is legitimate or not but the tribes have told me this is an ongoing problem with the mixing traditional ceremonies and contrived ceremonies and coming across as legitimate. Sounds more like a new age group than a traditional ceremony.
Friday at 6:27am


It is not necessary to “threaten or try to impose fear” through the use of ancestry,  that is  B.S , the act of using ancestry in such a way is abusive and an illness. It is very evident from the way this unfolded and the intent of the comments, that members primary concerns are not for ancestry or all people to be affected by this charade.

To verbally assault Forestry worker Jeff Osborn  serves no purpose except to escalate tension and conflict. It falls right in line with the shAIMster mentality and character. The video shows such a fine example of shAIMster verbal assaults, like a pack of attack dogs, towards people that try to reply to questions posed.


The more I watch this mans actions, the more I wonder! Neat how he positions himself  in the background of a weeping young woman,  who likely does not comprehend the extent of how she is being used.

Who’s Responsible

Whoever opens a Fire, takes on the responsibility to tend it as well as close it. The issue of the fire being place into a position of having to be closed, could have gone 2 directions. The responsible person doing so, or as it turned out, Forestry extinguished.

Out of respect for tradition, culture, ancestry and all parties to be affected, especially  those who are up in arms about the outcome, had the responsible person closed the Fire,  people would not be filled with higher levels of  frustration, anger and hate, that they are projecting towards Forestry, so called “white” /people of European ancestry, outside religions and governments.

If the responsible person had_closed the Fire, people would still be upset, thou not near the degree that people are now because of “it” being forcefully extinguished by outside influences, which leaves it informally, not completely  closed, in peace. Arvol should not have allowed this, that is  his responsibility as a mentor.

In choosing the option of having the Fire forced closed, media attention is escalated turning the occurrence into a hyped up media show for  recognition and awareness. It’s abuse of ancestry and spirituality.

If people are not able to see this  character trait, then they deserve to stay within the grips of  disrespect, abuse and manipulation that will move into future generations  prompting  violence towards others and one another.


update: 7-13-2012 – Keep in Mind

Who’s Original Home Lands are in Focus

I feel pretty confident in saying “if any of the spiritual councils within the 4 mountains were in support of this issue and how it was conducted , they would have spoken up by now.”

A Lakota and a Miccosoukee (from my understanding) claim rights to conduct a fire on San Francisco Peaks under the definition of “indigenous”. Neither of those people are aboriginal people of the region within the 4 mountains.

‘Aborigine’ comes from the Latin words ‘ab’ meaning from and ‘origine’ meaning beginning or origin. It expresses that Aboriginal people have been there from the beginning of time.

Aboriginal is an adjective and used to describe ‘Aboriginal people’, ‘Aboriginal rights’, etc’

People should really caution the term “indigenous” , it in no way implies “from the beginning” and it has an alternative in it’s definition,

There will come  times, such as this, when interested parties will exploit the vagueness of it’s definition.

* having originated in and being produced, growing,
* living naturally in a particular region or environment

“little grandmother” could be indigenous by definition , if she lives naturally in the environment. Euell Gibbions is indigenous by definition since he lived naturally within the environment.


aboriginal, is fixed, no alternative in definition; being from the beginning of time


The grand pooh-pah of indian ceremony is still at it

Looking Horses plan to hand over our Freedom of Religion to US Govt control… Read More


There are no secrets, there is no magic, there is only common sense -RedRain-

Hopefully someday  people will  recognize

“the one who tries to hide what “it” don’t know to begin with.”


U.S. Forestry Contacts:

M. Earl Stewart Coconino Forest Supervisor
Phone: (928) 527-3600

Corbin Newman Regional Forester
U.S. Forest Service, Southwest Region
333 Broadway SE Albuquerque, NM

Janie Hipp Senior Adviser for Tribal Affairs USDA


Caption for photo above, with perspective of gathering group:

Released by SacredMountain Defenders, a group opposing a recreation project that is being developed on the mountain. Shawn Mulford who organized the gathering and media hype is a member of the SacredMountain Defenders.  Brett Ramey’s who created the press release is also affiliated with that same group. 

Chief Arvol Looking Horse onlooking as a U.S. Forest Service official puts down the ceremonial sacred fire on the Holy San Francisco Peaks, Arizona. The Traditional Cultural Gathering had been previously granted permission by the Forest Service. As the four day ceremony was initiated on July 4, the Forest Service Supervisor threatened the gathered Indigenous spiritual leaders, medicine people, and elders with legal implications if they keep the sacred fire alive.

Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples
Formal Statement
July 6, 2012

“The Creator gave the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations of the People Laws to follow and responsibilities to care for all Creation. These instructions have been passed down from generation to generation from the beginning of Creation. It is the Law that no one can overpower the Creator’s Law, you are a part of Creation, thus if you break the Law, you are destroying yourself.

We speak on behalf of all Creation: the four legged/those that swim/those that crawl/those that fly/those that burrow in the Earth/the plant and tree Nations. This one life system includes the elements of fire, water, earth and air, the living environment of “Mother Earth”.

The Sanctity of the Creator’s Law has been broken. The balance of life has been disrupted. You come into life as a sacred being. If you abuse the sacredness of your life then you affect all Creation. The future of all life is now in jeopardy.

We have now reached the crossroads. As Aboriginal Indigenous People we ask you to work with us to save the future of all Creation.”
The Holy/Sacred Ceremonial Fire unites us as Aboriginal Indigenous Nations of the People on our threatened Holy/Sacred Mountain (San Francisco Peaks) on July 4-7th 2012.

The holy/sacred ceremonial fire renews our connection to all Creation, it carries our prayers and represents all life. When it pertains to our ceremony or ceremonial fire it is imperative for the Forest Service to acknowledge that the Indigenous Peoples are the sole authority on our culture and way of life and any decisions that do not attain our free, prior and informed consent are not consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

A great urgency is in our midst with the wind, water and fire showing it’s power because of the imbalance from over management. As these fires burn, throughout the west and around the world, they are forever disrupting and destroying not only homes of the two-legged, but also many lives and homes of the animal, plant and tree Nations.

After much time spent on educating the Forest Service on the importance of our role as the Original Caretakers of this Land. We feel great sadness for the Forest Service as they have given the Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council no choice. The choice to violate our own cultural protocols or face legal implications is not consistent with creating a working relationship with Indigenous Peoples. The holy/sacred fire will continue. We refuse to participate in this atrocity; it is up to the Forest Service to determine whether they will disrupt these prayers. We will have no part in this act! Our prayers are to protect the sanctity of the threatened sacred/holy mountain including forgiving those that continue to desecrate life. We are spiritual people and we maintain peace through our ceremonies.

We are united under the Creator’s Law. We are from various Indigenous Nations and are spiritually related. We have been placed on our lands as Aboriginal Indigenous Nations of the People with sacred instructions and responsibilities placed within us by the Creator to follow the Laws of the Creator. Federal agencies use terms like federally recognized and federally unrecognized. We see this as your way of dividing the Indigenous Peoples. We are united under the Creator’s Law, as United Indigenous Nations, to protect and extend Life for all future generations.


Chief, Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
Spiritual Leader
Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations

Bobby C. Billie
Clan Leader and Spiritual Leader
Council of the Original Miccosukee
Simanolee Nation Aboriginal People




The Legacy of Pedophile & Rapist Warriors

July 5, 2012


People need to connect the dots and realize what continues, is a result of the youth being taught to excuse and regard,  the mentality and character of  Pedophile  &  Rapist Warriors



below extracted from: Was the Truth Buried at Wounded Knee

“Dennis Banks started
having a sexual affair with Darlene Nichols, aka Kamook, when she was merely 15 years old (maybe even 14). Dennis banks was 34. Dennis Banks was a slick pedophile hiding within the AIM. They had their first child when she barely turned 17 and shows he was in a sexual relationship with her at 16.
Which establishes he did knowingly abuse his leadership position to commit child sex acts with the very impressionable young females attracted to the American Indian Movement. The long list of females under the age of 18.
He has never been questioned why he continuously violated the trust of the Indian parents to their children’s chastity and virginity. Why hasnt the United States Government done any thing with this fact? Does Dennis Banks have immunity from the united states government?. Even if the victims say, it wasn’t a violation since South Dakota’s statues explicitly state, 16 years of age is the legal age of consent.
Jean Day explains it like this, neither Dennis or Leonard
peltier broke any laws in South Dakota because both jean day and kamook banks gave their consent for sexual relationships with Leonard and Dennis. even if they were both under 16 years of age. Hmmmm?”

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Trivia Question: Who was the 15 year old white girl from Leech Lake Reservation that became pregnant  ?



A heartfelt thank-you to Mr. West

‎”I am a Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota registered at Cheyenne River Agency, at Eagle Butte South Dakota… And, I am very pleased to say in writing this to you…. thank-you very much for writing the truth about my rapist (when I was only 17), American Indian Movement leader, Russell Means.”

At the time of the rape in the fall of 1972, Means was in the middle of his Sun Dance commitment, dancing next to my Father, Professor Calvin Dupree, (U of Lethbridge in Alberta) whom was Sun Dancing from 1970-1975 at Frank Fools Crows Sun Dance arbor, beginning at Pine Ridge in 1970 & finishing at Green Grass in Aug. 1975, with my Lakota adult naming ceremony by my spiritual mentor, Frank Fools Crow…naming me Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin.

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40 Years later the

The Result of  Pedophile  & Rapist Warrior  Teachings




If it moves it has Power

No matter how much anyone tries to cleanse the fact that AIM’s foundation included leadership and member acts of Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, Murder of Innocents, Physical Abuse and Torture, etc …. to both native and non-native people, those actions will remain embedded in it’s legacy, those actions will continue to move within AIM’s teachings of tradition and culture. Influenced to Death from Within.

The movement of those actions are alive and well within AIM especially from those who  continue to conduct and desecrate ceremony. The only way to stop that movement is to stop recognizing and supporting AIM as a positive influence.


One way to inhibit  the ill movement, is for people to dump their AIM indoctrinated World Views and Beliefs  generated by the Old Guard Mentality.



The Old Guard is Alive and Well