September 17, 2014



Understanding the support from so called 1st nations activists, tribal college instructors and supporters/sympathizers of the American Indian Movement (AIM) , and the B.S categorization by James Abourezk that Palestinians are indigenous to garnish 1st Nations support for his working groups B.S Social Chaos manipulation through “his” homegrown militant terrorist group AIM , one would have to conclude the comment in the image by Thayer, is that of dissatisfaction about those who are arrested for assisting Hamas , that has now splintered into ISIS.

Thayer is another Abourezk puppet, a so called activist who has promoted, supported and assisted the working groups of James Abourezk for_so_many_years , to include support for one of Abourezk’s tin soldiers AIM WardChurchill, who walked away from any federal prosecution for a pipe bomb he set off at Mount Rushmore , who then became the U.S Academia Indian Studies Guru without holding any native ancestry , who in his own words says he taught the WeatherMen how to make pipe bombs, where Bill Ayres of the Weathermen killed innocent policemen and others with pipe bombs who also walked away from federal prosecution for bombing a police station. both men who are part of “Code Pink” , where Code Pink and Abourezk sit an arms length away from Obama as advisers to foreign policy for Israel / Palestine.

Thayer and working groups such as Winona of Honor the Earth, AIM, Eddie Benton Boop of the Three Council Fires, the Lakota Peoples Law Project, LastRealIndians, ProtectheSacred, etc, etc …. have done and continue to do a great job with setting up the future generations of 1st Nations youth to strap pipe bombs to their chests ….

What a Mockery to Ancestry and to All Those who have died for “Our” Freedoms.

As time rolls forward, it will be both SICKENING and Humoring to watch those so called activist groups mentioned  TRY to start Back Peddling their Spiritual Seduction Cow Crap that has assisted support for the creation of this modern day HATE MACHINE that has grown to Maturity …. Such disgusting examples of Native Pride eh?


Sept-2014 news link in Thayers Post

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Rochester, New York, man has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to the Islamic State militant group and attempting to murder U.S. soldiers, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.

Abourzek Law Firm and ALC

August 29, 2014

peddler June 12, 2014
by Suzanne Dupree , “Hakikta Win” – LookingBackWoman


Abourzek Law Firm and ALC

Charlie Abourezk, adpoted son of the Arab Peddlers Son


10 years 7 months, your 10 yr. anniversary of your “psychodrama” with Arlo Looking Cloud has come and gone, and he is still in prison.

Why did you interfere in his pre-trial information?

Why did you protect Bill means and Ellison?

Why did you say you were an exarte trial consultant?

Why were you on the rez. at Bill Means house the night Annie Mae Aquash was brought there?

What did you do or say to Anna Mae, Charles?

What did you say to Arlo when you let him in to Bill Means , house to use the washroom?

Do you think your Dad will protect you now, Charles , when Rensch’s notes are available to the public?

What about the food stamps you were collecting from the rez at the time of Wounded Knee 2.

What about the making of pipe bombs, Code Pink and the Weatherman and AIM’s agenda, Charles?

Did you like their Militant Urban Domestic Terrorism on the rez?

Or did you like what you’ve always liked. Staged events Psychodramas. Where people are taken down and out as “collateral damage.”

Do you like lies psychodrama as the basis for your family, your home, your faux culture?

When is your non-biological peddlers son father going to sell you out as “collateral damage!”

In the Middle East , blood is always thicker than political alliances. You are not blood, and you are a liability.

What are you thinking about Charles?

When are you going to tell the truth?

from: ~Suzanne Dupree , “Hakikta Win” – LookingBackWoman~


August 9, 2014


yes, SOOOOOO many with inflated ego’s , DUPED !!!!!

Originally posted on Rezinate's Blog:

who'll be indicted

The New York Times article on the murder of Annie Mae, an article of the likes not often found in a major national publication, but one whose time has come.

Regrettably comments are now closed, much the same as “ongoing investigations” into the murders AIM committed.

Closed, when the opposite should be true – when every aspect, every approach should be investigated, taken, and emblazoned across the public conciousness.

AIM survived as did individuals in it’s so called leadership like Dennis Banks and Russell Means primarily due to the support of a fawning national media and viewer, readership with film clip imagery of cowboys and ndns dancing in their heads.

The onus now more than ever is for the media and this misguided support base to admit the truth and atone for the rez situation they helped to create – an environment where territory has been divided up among…

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Slipping into Darkness while Laughing at the Moon

August 3, 2014

It’s called the 16th annual whereas in Reality it is the 13th , which reminds me of Winter Count, the 13th moon, a time of reflection, a time of review, a time of recording a yearly cycle of events.

Quite ironic how deep the degradation has become for sum, considering the  history that preceded the 1st Annual Onigum PowWow, and the foundation on which that 1st Annual  PowWow was initiated.

For the 13th Moon; Drum , Song and Dance by day, captured in glossies for promotions that are masking  treeline activities of  night , where Ranting, Slamming substance abuse 49’er’s get together and  come to life in  Darkness. Something that would not be tolerated by those who actually hold Deer to ancestry’s expectations.

When people organize events such as POW WOW’s , it is their responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of activities, i.e no alcohol, no drugs, even at night in the treeline where Sum Drum Care “Takers” who demand and are Honored (paid) by day to “perform” , do so in the Dark with the flavor of substance abuse at no charge …. i.e to say this one only costs  the presence of peoples souls.

Yep, a few days prior to the 13th annual , the community buried a young woman who’s life came to an end from substance abuse, ironic that this 13th annual has within it’s  presence, the growth of laughing at the Moon while slamming away at the Drum.

What else is expected when people follow the lead , bastardized teachings and world views handed down to them from “Pigs with LipStick” ….


Lot of Healing going on here eh?

“You can not have one foot in the Sacred, and the other foot in Darkness” ~Suzanne Dupree/LBW~

What will the next cycle of 13 , that is the Winter Count (13th moon) of this craziness bring to the community? …. Expect it to get more Chilling!

A Date with Destiny

July 28, 2014

Screenshot-2014-07-14-12.24IP Visator – Executive Office of the President

armsIP Visator U.S Senate Sergent of Arms – Harry Reid


July 20 2014 – CheckMate:  “A Date with Destiny”

James Abourezks Date with LBW ….!


LBW has always stated when she had the irrefutable evidence of whom in the US Government orchestrated her rape and molestation by Abourezks butt buddy and AIM leader, Russel Means with 18 AIM members in the room (who did nothing to prevent it when LBW was 17yrs old) while AIM was on the Trail of Broken Treaties 1972.


News Alert: * That date has arrived! It is more than clear to anyone who has read the most recent material posted on LBW/Suzanne Dupree’s word press blog ( , with Kenya born Obama’s office capturing from LBW’s website John Trimbach’s AIM Myths (


The Executive Office of the President of the United States, who’s close relation with Abourezk from numerous sources from 2010 show “Code pink” 2002, formed “Oh the Shame of it All”


Far left wing Western activists , Bill Ayres (Weatherman) , Bernadine Dorn, Ward Churchhill (government operative) who negated LBW’s father, Calvin Dupree’s work in academia , outed as an academic fraud, and Abourezk, former S.D Senator, and whom headed the Committee for Indian Affairs during the American Indian Movements reign of terror against authentic traditional Native leaders in the 1970’s to current times, show the over whelming evidence through their actions on the global stage of terrorism and lack of leadership on Ayres/Dorn financed since 1996 pupet Kenya born Obama.


That these treasonous individuals have sided with US enemies against the US and its allies to the point of using psychological warfare against our US soldiers, who received “Pink Slips of their dismissal” , while still on the active duty, in the battle field, and with the defunding and dismantling of our US Armed Forces, With James Abourezk as Obamas advisor to Israel and the Middle East. Obama trying to hide his assets and advisors and major funding sources.


What Abourezk used in the 1970’s against Indian Country as LBW has stated years ago, is now being used against mainstream Americans, using the Executive Office of the President of the United States to do so, Yes, indeed as Bill Ayres wrote in 1973


“We are everywhere!” As LBW was lead by Spirit in 2009 by reading “Helter Skelter” and connecting the dots between Charles Manson psychological hold on youth to do his bedding, murders in 1969 of Sharon Tate and others ….and his Manson’s plan for “Helter Skelter” and chaos creating the belief that Balcks were responsible for Manson’s serial murders, which Ayres and Dorn endorsed as Weathermen as “Cool Killing”. Those rich establishment pigs lay the trail from Manson to the Executive Office using Rev. Sun Moon’s psychological programming called “the Process” and taught to the CIA and other government agencies and used by Ron L. Hubbard’s Scientology , Jim Jones in Guana, the American Indian Movement and of course Charles Manson, fed to us via Hollyweird and all of you can see and feel the results of the darkness and confusion that has resulted over the last 40 plus years of urban domestic terrorists like Abourezk and Ayres influence thru government and academia of our youth and children , which began with the Manifest Destiny and genocide since contact with 1st Nations people, which went uncheckes over desire of the 1st immigrants greed for $, land and our resources to coming (global destructs) full circle today with wars laid at the feet of descendants of those 1st immigrants.


In all aspects of these actions by Abourezk, one only needs to know where he came from , a Lebanese peddlers son drunk on power and unfetted corruption from the highest office since Nixon to Obama. Marrried to a Syrian after divorcing his 1st wife which has conveniently died in 2012 and his AIM involved adopted son Charlie who was present at Bill Means house the night before Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash was raped and murdered by John Boy Graham at the request of Abourezk via AIM leadership. , and Alex O’Day murdered by Bill Ayres , specifically , a pipe bomb, Abourezk has always been the man behind the curtain in the wonderfully and corrupt land of Oz, the Wizard who has stated “the AIM Boys had Russian riffles at Wounded Knee 1973” , in his own bragging, easily found documents.


The man whom if in his own culture would have no limbs at all, for 1st offense the hand or the thief is cut off, then he has to eat with the same hand he wipes his behind with , a definite deterrent to a thief, but not here in America. We reward evil and darkness with celebrity , fame and fortune, like with pedophiles Banks and Means. It has been clear to all who are spiritual traditionalists like LBW why the staged government event called by the drive by Media, the Siege of Wounded Knee 1973 occurred by the militant domestic terrorists AIM.

The American Indian movement was created as the Trogan Horse against 1st Nations people because despite small pox blankets , starvation, rape of the women and children , we survived and remembered and observed how Hitler used US tactics against 1st Nations people as his blue print of ethnic cleansing of the Jews/WWII


But wait …. One burning question should be asked , why would David Geffin do this to his own people by funding Obama?? , When the Clintons refused to pardon Peltier???


Ask why Harey Arden knew all about Obama and his Presidency in 2007 , 2 yrs before the election results, yet another connection to the fraud Arvol Looking Horse!

Harvey Arden!!!! and that email to My Two Beads Worth , publisher , Jeannie!!!! and his support for Peltier. Aoburezk was in the middle East with the Arab terrorists and the Russians!!!! in the 1960’s in the posed Material and other documents from Abourezk own personal writings, which are rapidly disappearing, like Lois Lerners IRS emails, vis scandals and death of our vets, Bengazi murders of the 4 Americans, No action in Syria , or against Putins recent moves in the Ukraine.


This has been orchestrated by Abourezk and Ayres for over 40yrs. The Destruction of America and American values , Morality, and Constitutional Rights, these pressing issues can no longer be thought of as honey scandals, un obstructed by the Eric Holder Pelosi and Reid, they got theirs and now screw everyone else.


You want to know about the illegal immigrants flooding our southern boarders??? All you have to do Israel LBW/Suzanne Dupree’s WordPress blog covering Leonard ShowDogs apprentices Steve McCollough and Barbara Three Crows Joining the Eagle and the Condor to understand why people with less than $150 dollars a year income have knowledge of Obama’s Open Door Policies.


The government has always used and abused children and youth, these children, by no fault of their own , but by design carry diseases Americans should be very concerned about, TB, Chicken pox/Shingles, scabies/infantago whooing cough, the very same techniques used against 1st nations people with small pox/TB infected blankets handed out to us after they/ i.e the government killed off our food sources


There are no rules, moral compass to Code Pink members, their agenda is on track! No wonder Obama wanted nothing to do with going to the border and possibly being infected and taking one of those diseases home to Michelle or his children, JZ or Boncee or his chosen people, like those stealing your hard earned tax dollars and controlling your health care, or lack of there of!!!!


To make sure the illegal immigrants infiltrate our very homes, people in drought plaqued California are being offered 6 to 8 thousand per illegal immigrant they house. Desprate things … ask 1st nations people who have survived, and watched the Hollyweird Cigar Store 1st Nations phonies and frauds like AIM take everything from them that they held dear.


If you don’t toe the Obama Abourezk line you are set up by the IRS, Dept of Ecology, EPA or other government controlled agencies to be discredited, or to appear crazy …. So how are you doing Phil Lane Jr?? , Faith Spotted Eagle?? , Delora??, your Bahi faith , head office in Halfa Isreal!!!

You are all so much of this fraud, obstruction, corruption and cronyism, as Abourezk and Ayres and you will be held accountable to your father , my father and your Ancestors, the guardians and the Thunder Beings who created the te Hincala Cannumpa Kin to be used as a Peacemaker between Nations.


No wonder 25 million Russian assigned the petition to free Peltier , Abourezk’s connection to AIM and Russia dating all the way back to the 1960’s , 1970’s to current times, with Abourezk as Obama’s advisor to Israel and the Middle East thre is no deterrent to our enemies


The very same reason why AIM had a free hand in the murder and mayhem in Indian Country , you have the fox in the hen house with nothing that will stop the obvious outcome of the fox being there.


So , James Abourezk, you and I have a date with Destiny, you Obama and Ayres along with Ward Churchill have know for years this day was on the horizon.


If you ever watched the “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” , you know what she did to her abuser. And, the serial murders of Women using the scripture to orchestrate their mutilations and rapes from father to son, including the regular rape of daughter and sister.

Once the evidence is clear and over whelming, the hunter becomes the hunted by the women they abused and murdered. This is for all those expendable innocent victims our government set up for ethnic cleansings and abuse.


Set your phone, tablets, laptops and electronics down and focus on the reality at hand. Only united will we be able to survive what has been carefully planned and implemented to destroy us, our children, and our country. And, remember the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin shall prevail and be used against the darkness and evil that permeates every aspect of our lives.


The solution via the Cannunpa?/ for the DarkHorse of the Apocolys Abourezk, Ayres and their likes??? If you really want to stop terrorism, cut the head off the snake. Demand all news agencies to report the news, not the scripted talking points ….. Look at your children and grand children’s faces, protect their future at all costs, do not wait for someone else to do it for you.


Code Pink Board members and affiliates should be tried for treason and hung on the White House Lawn for all to see, including the puppet and his helpers


But remember one thing, the wizard is mine and I shall make the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo look like a choirs girl and I shall not have to use any violence at all, only the wizards cowardice and guilt.


The guilty always betray themselves with their sense of entitlement and arrogance. In the film the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo only had to hunt the hunter for him to destroy himself. The difference between she and I , I have no piercing , tattoos or bad hair and I am not AC/DC and This is Reality. , not a scripted fantasy however, the outcome will be the same, destruction of evil and their agenda.


Now, let all focus on what is important, there is not much time before school stars and our children are exposed to the infected and you realize Obama Care is just part of the Dark Horse’s Agenda.

Focus on the real enemies, they are already tracking every move, in our homes, cars, phones and children’s education. There is no where to hide or to be safe, stand up and fight !!!!

[transferred to digital format from hand writing on paper by Choupique, July 27,2014
archieved at and numerous fb sites and , with permission from LBW/Suzanne Dupree]



Setting Up Avenues to Shelter ISIS in Our BackYards

Russell Means, Dennis Banks, James Abourezk, Clyde Bellecourt – 2012

Just before the Vern Travasie b.s kkk carving script where LastRealIndians was birthed, that was followed up with LRI’s Save the Black Hills global fund raising scam to secure a financial foundation for the re-branding of AIM to Last Real Indians

Get It?

Since the early 1970’s former senator Arab (Lebanese)-American James Abourezk started comparing the Israel / Palestine conflict to that of Native Americans and the U.S government.

He categorized Palestinians as Indigenous people to garnish support and sympathy for his agenda to create  militant domestic terrorist on this continent.

His social programing script is NOW being played out on Main_Stream Americans with support from the Executive Office of the President. (Obama)

lri homegrown terrorists



What Was Ward ChurchHill with Bernadette Dorn in Gaza For?


Mr. U.S  Academia Indian Studies Guru eh?

Get IT ?

“10-5 prepared to continue its hard-line policies asaiust the U.S. and Israel. ~ The Geneva conference represents nothing more than a “change of venue for technical m i l i t a r y talks” claims Iraqi Undersecretary Shata el- Taqa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taqa and other government and Baath party officials received Sen. James Abourzek. D-S.D., here for discussions of the Middle East conflict.

While this represented the first visit to Baghdad by an elected American official since before the 1967 Arab-Israeli w a r , government and diplomatic sources here said the visit does not represent a softening in the Iraqi position.

Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22
Thursday, January 10, 1974



Take this for what it’s worth, the puppet masters b.s ploys have just been heightened in our back yard to the next level in Ferguson with the New_Black Panther Islamic BrotherHood, their heightened ploy that is being cloaked under the disguise of a racial issue.

“it is not “Afghanistan” or “Islamic jihad” that poses the biggest threat to America but rather “these racist white folks” who are “running” the country.” ~Hashim Nzinga – the leader of the New Black Panther Party~



FB Postings

So just who is in Solidarity with who creating a link between violence and the Sacred (at least for some people).



July 27, 2014


It takes the sickest of the sick to murder an innocent man and then hide his body away for so many years while “they” continue to yell and scream racism for something like a team mascott …. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT PEOPLE …. Like maybe having Perry Ray Robinson returned to his family for proper burial ….

Originally posted on Rezinate's Blog:


A reblog as it appeared October 18, 2012

Well, to begin with I’d like to give a shout out to Silent Bear/ Mark Holtzman for providing an opportunity to segue into “chief of chiefs” Leonard Crow Dog as per SB’s repeated attempts to glamorize the “chief”, though I will be getting back to Peltier.

Everyone is familiar with the murders that took place during the rampage at WK2 as led by Means, Banks, and others under the “spiritual guidance” of Crow Dog.

They’ve toiled long and hard to cover up the truth of it-but as you will see below there’s more to the story than their version in a conversation that took place in 2001:

LCD: You know what? I’m worried. Granddaughter, what I’m worried
is this: Here is Wounded Knee, Got it? ( this while Crow Dog is using a
stick to draw in the dirt) And there’s, somebody’s…

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Action .. Reaction

July 16, 2014


on 7-14-2014 , LookingBackWoman gets a IP visit   from the Executive Office of the President at her website , hmmm …. i guess that’s what happens when people start showing Obama’s direct affiliation to Hamas through the likes of former Senator James Abourezk, it’s no wonder Attorney General of South Dakota, Brandon Johnson called off the renewed investigation into the Robinson and Aquash murder cases , to continue onward would make the Nixon Saga of WaterGate sound like a Mother Goose bedtime story in comparison to the horrors of what has occurred, what is occurring, and what is to come for the citizens of the U.S with the dynamics of all this mess ….


Originally posted on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog:

Action .. Reaction

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“CONNECTIONS” : Article Exerpt 2010 ~ “Oh the shame of it all.”

July 15, 2014


Ward Churchill was right along in this mix of garnishing support from and giving support to Hamas …. that is James Abourezk’s tin soldiers at work with Obama

Originally posted on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog:


Jewish World Review January 15, 2010 / 29 Tevet 5770

Ayres’ wife heads to Middle East with group to collaborate with Hamas

By Caroline B. Glick

Mrs. Bill Ayres and husband | Oh the shame of it all.

Last month 1,300 pro-Palestinian activists from the US and Europe came to the region in the name of peace and social justice to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Led by the self-declared feminist, antiwar group Code Pink, the demonstrators’ plan was to

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June 17, 2014

Get this, just a day or so back,  a blue bird mentioned the MooMowin Man  (Eddie Benton Bani , aka: Betty Benton Boop!) recently went up to the Eastern DoorWay, i.e the lands of the Abernaki/Mikmaqi , imagine that a so called spiritual adviser who today continues to promote and support those responsible for murdering Annie Mae , a Mikmaqi woman and other innocents.

bani russell

He can support and promote those with the blood of innocent woman (and other innocents) on their hands , and in doing so is a direct_participant with assisting “their” sickness to migrate, that is his choice.

Thank goodness those of sound spiritual foundation up that way are well aware of the garbage he continues to try and promote, “it” will_not be accepted by those who remain true to ancestry.




A young kid is coaxed by his older role model to throw a rock at a window, and later the kid owns up to his action. As part of his restitution he is taken to the hardware store to buy a replacement glass pane, putty, even his own tools to repair the damage his action caused. All at his own cost, to include his time to make amends, while the role model stayed tucked away hiding denying any responsibility or accountability. When all was done, at least the kid realized that so called role model was not a person of honor, a mere piece of garbage using people  as tools to spread sickness and destruction.

That kid who owned up and made good for his wrongful action is quite the contrast to a local community youth role model. Yea, he spent time in the pen for raping , then stabbing multiple times to include slashed the throat of a  woman nearly decapitating her , who’s baby boy then had to live on without his mother.  Upon his release from the pen, this so called role model was welcomed back into the community with a grand feast for his return with people saying he paid his debt for his wrongs. Maybe so a debt was paid to the social legal system, thou he never gave any form of restitution to those lives he destroyed from his sick actions. To this day he continues to be a proud member of the brotherhood teaching the youth how to be Anishinabe that live the life  of Mide Teachings.

That above is quite disturbing when one considers the distance some people have drifted away from the teachings and expectations of ancestry. Then,  what else is expected when people build their spiritual foundation on myths , lies and b.s cult indoctrination implemented by AIM, it’s brotherhood and Women who continue to adorn themselves with sickness.

The Birth of AIM’s Mide at StillWater

Clyde Bellecourt was convicted  and sentence to the adult correctional facility at St. Cloud. On his 25th birthday, he was transferred to Stillwater Prison prison in Stillwater, where he served out the remainder of his sentence.

According to Bellecourt’s first-person account of this time, he was in solitary confinement for a discipline infraction when he heard someone outside his cell singing and calling his name. He looked out the peep-hole into the eyes of Eddie Benton Banai.

… Banai had come to persuade him to help form an Indian cultural group.

In the following weeks, Bellecourt gathered 82 of the 128 Indian inmates then in Stillwater to come to the first meeting of the Indian American Folklore Group.

It became the model for an Indian cultural renaissance within prisons across the country. The Folklore Group met weekly, using History of the Ojibwe Nation by William Whipple Warren as their text, and led by Banai as instructor.

The group was given a drum by an “anonymous” benefactor, the group began having powwows….




WHO was the anonymous giver of that drum, which is part of the foundation for all the illness that followed?




There is something real fishy about all this …. for those who say they are ,1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th degree priests and priestesses. GET REAL! …. Today’s “secret_grand medicine society” has it’s roots starting around 1886 from writings by HIS_Story keepers.

Keep in MIND, Mide goes back centuries prior to other belief system influences on this continent , just breath and think about it eh …. “it” does not include putting one above the other to garnish control and reap donations from people, like “it” for some has become these days …. Que Sera Sera , It is what it is as such by the likes who appropriate for themselves …. AIM Poision!


Title: The Mide’wiwin or “Grand Medicine Society” of the Ojibwa
Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the
Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1885-1886,
Author: Walter James Hoffman
“The purpose of the present paper is to give an account of this society and of the The result of personal investigations among the Ojibwa, conducted during the years 1887, 1888 and 1889, are presented in the accompanying paper. The information was obtained from a number of the chief Midē´ priests living at Red Lake and White Earth reservations, as well as from members of the society from other reservations, who visited the last named locality during the three years.”



Do people actually believe those such as Eddie Benton Bani , who gained his spiritual foundation in prison along with the likes of Clyde Bellecourt, developed their self declared status such as Grand Chief’s , based on the writings by people like SchoolCraft, Warren and Hoffman.

“Edward Benton-Banai Grand Chief, Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge – Bawdwaywidun, or Edward Benton-Banai, is an Ojibway-Anishinabe of the Fish Clan”


Yep, the working group of one who calls himself “the Mide Man” that has one of the largest followings of youth today who believe in “their” Garbage of prophecies that invoke and instate supremacy mentality and worldviews

Seventh & Eight Fire Prophecy of B.S!

“”It is at this time that the Light-Skinned Race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and Final Fire – an eternal Fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood.

If the Light-Skinned Race makes the wrong choice of roads, then destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back to them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”



Stuck here between laughing and crying on this crazyness ….

As per the video below, so much for the individuality of the Nations and their “distinctive” languages, modes of living, the nations are now all under one grand chief of the MideMan’s b.s cult teachengs, we are all now either the Lakota Anishinabe, Dine` Anishinabe, Ishak Anishinabe , Apache Anishinabe, etc ….  , what a shAIMster joke Betty Benton Boop is


The Dream Child will arrive Very Soon


as a RESULT: in our community the shAIMster gangster Mide followers these days have been targeting female dogs , tortured and sacrificed with their sic ceremonies , creating some of the most profound return negative effects we have seen in yrs around here, “Onjinee …. it returns” , and the community members/elders stay silent about such acts by the kids, while they continue to support such people who generate and promote such vile sickness …. and blAIM everything else under the sun for the escalating level of youth deaths around here from that cloaked violence that people actually think is good medicine.

It really is saddening to sit back and watch , trying to inform, as those who follow continue to jump over the cliff and drag along others they are connected to. It is what it is …. termination of original beliefs , culture, tradition , and “being” human.

Thank goodness there are still those out there that know better, and some of those continue to stand up , alone if necessary in the face of blood poured at their doorsteps with the intent to halt carriers of truth.


As said, Onjinee …. hopefully someday the kids will fully comprehend how “they” are being used by “it”.



Just an example of how cork screwed world views have become, fb dialog from a community , so called elder , 25 likes, all huge AIM supporters and advocates who adorn their teachings to the youth with b.s from “their” rez hero Dennis Banks …..

So sad when a young woman is violently beat to near death and people say, “always glad when the outcome is good news”


Sitting here scratching my head , wondering how people can follow such b.s, and the computer programers slogan that express’s why his computer code is not working correctly arises in thought



In Closing …. Get It?


At what point did so called Spiritual Leaders of the Nations and so called protectors of Honoring the Earth start raising those who murder our own and other innocents to the level of so called champions for the Nations youth to follow the lead of?

Anyone think it’s time to send this piece of trash mentioned below back to the other side of the pond along with his pipe bomb throwing AIM tin soldiers? It’s not as if that is not “their” next step against those who oppose “them”.

“Between his birth in 1931 on South Dakota’s Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation and becoming the great-grandfather of—at last count—11, James Abourzek became the first Arab American elected to the U.S. Senate, authored revolutionary legislation for the flawed policies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and founded the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).”

yep, Abourzek is of Lebanese descent, and i can promise anyone he NEVER had the interest of the Nations while he and his working groups deteriorated treaty rights along with AIM as bull dogs (Today disguising themselves as gangs of Native Pride) to suppress or put down anyone who got in the government handlers way …. Welcome to the Truth .


Shhh ….

June 6, 2014




Mind your Ps and Qs, DO NOT offend
It’s ok they said, they knew not her end
Ignore the hole left in your heart
They did not know their families part
Shhh keep quiet. (She did not matter)
There is a threat on the horizon
More important than life they said is risin
Stay UNITED for help they said is right
Better to build our nations for this fight
Shhh keep quiet (she did not matter)
Forgive the past and forget,
The vicious cycle will have a better bet
Souls scream for justice ignore the past
Push it down until you’re the last
Shhh keep quiet (she did not matter)

by: Denise Pictou Maloney


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